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Audio Enabled Security Cameras Information From Lorex
LW2277B Outdoor wireless security camera from Lorex

Lorex Audio Enabled Cameras

Having audio capabilities in your video surveillance system can be an important feature. Whether it is a one-way "listen in" feature or a two-way communication application, the use of audio can enhance the security coverage of your home or business with a greater ability to detect and interpret events.

Expand Your Home Security System

Expand Your Security Coverage

There are many benefits to having audio enabled cameras as part of your business or home security system. Security coverage will extend past your camera's field of view, and can help detect and interpret events (even if they occur off-screen). Lorex offers two types of audio enabled security cameras, both of which can be extremely useful in different ways.

Expand your security system with audio enabled security cameras from Lorex
Hear and Record security audio with listen-in audio

Listen-In Audio

Hears and records audio from your security cameras - great for hearing when the baby cries, or the moment your children get home from school. Be alerted to unusual sounds happening outside your home (or business).

Speak and listen with your 2-way Audio security camera

Two-Way Communication

Enables you to speak and listen with the person on the other end. Perfect for entrances, speaking with employees, or even if baby needs to hear your voice.

Audio Detection Alerts from Lorex audio enabled security cameras

Lorex Audio Enabled Security Cameras

Audio-enabled cameras have generally relied on separate cables to transmit audio and video feeds. Lorex's next-generation wired audio cameras use a single cable that carries video and audio together. Our wired camera systems generally support listen-in functionality only, while wireless camera systems tend to support two-way audio (with the addition of an onboard speaker). Please refer to the chart below:

Lorex 2-Way Audio Cameras

Model Connection Recording
LNC204, LNC104, LNC216, LNC116, LNC226X, LNC234, LNC254 Wireless DVR/NVR not required
LW491, LW491HD
Wireless DVR/NVR not required
BB2415, BB2411 Wireless DVR/NVR not required
Mute function for Lorex Audio Enabled Security Cameras

Mute Function

Upon installation, you will want to determine the audio settings for your security system. In most cases, the mute function will be enabled by default. By disabling mute, you will be able to hear audio from the microphone of your security camera for purposes of adding more information to incidents (voices of store burglars, for example) and you will also enable audio-based alerts.

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Legal issues regarding audio recording

Legality Issues

Using surveillance audio can be restricted or regulated depending on your location, so always verify with local authorities how to properly make use of your audio enabled system without breaking any privacy laws. Audio recording without consent is illegal in certain jurisdictions. FLIR Lorex Inc. assumes no liability for use of its products that does not conform with local laws.