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LSC015 HD Sport Camera - Frequently Asked Questions

Relevant models / series: LSC015

Q: How do I change the timestamp on the video files?

A: To change the timestamp on the video files, perform the steps below.

  1. Make sure a microSD card (not included) is inserted in the camera.
  2. Connect the mini-USB cable to the camera and connect the other end to your computer. The computer will recognize the camera and automatically install drivers.
  3. Windows: An Autorun window appears. Click Open folder to view files. If Autorun does not appear, open Computer and double-click Removable Disk.

    Mac: Double-click the removable disk folder on the Desktop.

  4. Open Notepad or a similar text editor. Enter the current time in YYYY MM DD HH MM SS format. For example, if the current time is 9:15 AM on June 27, 2014, enter the time as 2014 06 27 09 15 00.

    NOTE: You must enter the time in 24-hour format.
  5. Save the file to the Removable Disk folder (do not save to DCIM or 100VIDEO) with the file name settime.txt.

  6. Disconnect the camera from the computer and record a video. Then reconnect the camera to the computer and check that the time stamp was saved correctly.


Q: What do the colors on the LED mean?

A: See the chart below:

LED Behavior Meaning
Flashing blue and green continually Recording
Flashing blue and green for 5 seconds and then turning off microSD card is full,
microSD is not inserted,
or battery is low
Glowing red Battery is charging.
LED will turn off when battery is full

Last Updated: 6/27/2014