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Product Compare Tool FAQ

The new Lorex website features a unique Product Compare Tool, which makes it incredibly easy to quickly look up key specs about our products. You can look up the specs for one product, or look at multiple products side by side.

Quick Compare: view quick specs for a product

  1. To quickly find key specs for a single product, start by going to the Store section of the website. Then select a product category. We will choose Security cameras for this example.

    Click Store then select category
  2. Search for the product model number or scroll to the product you are interested in, click the Compare checkbox, then click Compare.

    Check Compare then click Compare
  3. A page appears with the key specifications of the product.

    Spec chart for a wired security camera


Side by side Compare: compare specs for multiple products

  1. To view specs for multiple products side by side, return to the Store section. Then click a category. Continuing our previous example, we will select Security cameras again.
  2. Check the Compare checkbox for each product you want to compare. You can compare up to 5 products at a time.

    Check compare for each product you want to compare
  3. Scroll to the top or bottom of the page, and the Compare toolbar shows you the products you have selected. You can click on a product to remove it, or click Compare to view a side-by-side comparison of the products you have selected.

    Click products to remove or click compare for a comparison of the products selected


Last Updated: 7/4/2012