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Security DVR or NVR not Powering Up

Select one of the following scenarios.

DVR or NVR is not receiving power or not powering up

  • Verify that the power adapter cable is plugged into the system and a power outlet. If the system has a power switch, check that the switch is set to the ON position. Some power adapters have two sections that may have been disconnected in the middle.

    Verify power connection
  • Make sure you are using the correct power adapter for the system. If the power adapter does not provide sufficient power for the system, it may prevent the system from powering up or detecting the hard drive. You can check the output of the power adapter on the power adapter label. Systems and monitors generally have high power requirements (2A or greater). Cameras generally have lower power requirements (less than 2A). You can check the Product Specifications on the Downloads tab for your model for the specific power requirements.

    Power adapter label
  • If the system is connected to the outlet via a power bar or surge protector, try connecting the system directly to the outlet.
  • Confirm there is power at the outlet. Connect the power cable to another outlet. Connect another device such as a lamp or phone charger into the outlet. Contact an electrician if there is an issue with a power outlet.
  • If the power adapter has a status LED, make sure it is on when the power adapter is connected to the outlet. If the LED does not turn on, the power adapter is not working. Contact Lorex Technical Support for assistance.

DVR or NVR is rebooting

  • Make sure you are using the correct power adapter for the system. The system may reboot if it is not receiving sufficent power. See above for more details.
  • If you have an ECO system, see this article for details.

Last Updated: 10/18/2013