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What is a Bill of Sale?

The bill of sale is the receipt you received from the retailer when you purchased your product, and contains important information such as the Lorex model number, the store and retailer you purchased from, and the date that the unit was purchased.

Why do we ask for a Bill of Sale?

This proof of purchase is required by our Customer Service team to provide warranty assistance for your unit in the event that you require a repair or replacement.  The proof of purchase lists the date the item was purchased (to show that the item is within the 1 year warranty period). Your receipt could be in the form of a printed receipt from a store, or it could be an email receipt from an authorized online retailer – both are acceptable as proof of purchase. 

We strongly recommend that you would keep copies of your proof or purchase in an easily located area (ie. taped inside your quick start guide) - and a good tip is to photocopy a store-printed receipt as the thermal printing can fade with time or contact with heat, and your purchase details would be lost.

How do I upload my Proof of Purchase to my account?

It is simple to attach your bill of sale to your warranty in the MyLorex account for easy reference. 

  1. Log into your MyLorex account, and select the “Warranties” section.
  2. Click on the button for Activate Warranty
  3. Complete all sections in the registration form
  4. Click on the “Browse” button to select a file from your computer with your receipt in it (you can scan your receipt, or take a digital photo of it as long as all details are clear).  Supported formats include JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG or PDF files. The Maximum file size is 5MB.
    submit file
  5. Click on Save Warranty to add the warranty to your MyLorex account.



Can I add a receipt later?

Yes. Simply go to your MyLorex account, and to the Warranties section.  Click on the green PLUS sign beside your previously registered warranty

Click on Browse from the new window to add a file to your registration:

Once you click on the “Save Bill of Sale” button, the file will be added to your warranty.