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Pan-tilt baby video cameras with monitor



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From the world's best baby monitor makers comes SWEET PEEP™. Rest assured that this brand new video baby monitor will keep you tuned in to your bundle of joy, no matter where you are in the house. No stork could ever deliver so many picture-perfect features in such a small package! One that is distinctly durable and attractive, we might add. Purchase BB2415-2PK and enjoy all the value-added benefits including bright, crisp vision by day and night.

Model no.: BB2415-2PK

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Pan-Tilt camera

Always have your child in view with the remotely controllable camera.



Sweet Peep cameras

Meet the Sweet Peep™ family!

The LorexBaby Sweet Peep™ series of Video Baby Monitors has the perfect solution to meet your every need. Featuring either a fixed or pan/tilt camera, we guarantee there is a solution just right for you. Please refer to the product specifications to see the exact camera and screen included with each model.

Baby monitor with exceptional battery life

Night Light

The wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into sweet sleep. Think of it as an extra 'security blanket'.

baby monitor with two way audio

Extended Battery Life!3

Go about your day with ease knowing you will always have a reliable pair of eyes and ears in the nursery or playroom. The rechargeable SWEET PEEP™ monitor has the power to go all day and all night, so your family is always in the comfort zone.

additional baby monitor cameras

Rechargeable battery

Classic lullabies have retained their charm over centuries for one simple reason - they work wonders getting a child to sleep! Your baby will doze off in no time with the pre-set lullabies that float through the camera's speaker.

The Sweet Peep includes:

  • 2.4" Portable LCD Monitor... so you can hold your little one comfortably in the palm of your hand. Enjoy bright, crisp vision by day and night.
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision... the clearest black and white picture let's you see every little move they make, even when it's lights out!
  • Digital Zoom... use this super function when all you need is a closer look.
  • Two-Way Talk... while you catch up on emails in the home office, sing your baby to sleep using the monitor's high-sensitivity microphone.
  • Soothing Lullabies... classic pre-set lullabies will rock your baby to sleep in no time.
  • Built-In Nightlight... the wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into a sweet sleep.
  • Crisp Sound... you won't miss a beat when you can tune in to every baby breath.
  • 450 ft Outdoor Wireless Range... this feature ensures that your family is always in the comfort zone.
  • Accommodates up to 4 Cameras... tots, toddlers and tweens. As your family grows, add three additional wireless cameras and keep an eye on everyone.
  • Extended Battery Life... with the power to go all day and all night, you will always have a reliable pair of eyes and ears in the nursery or playroom.


1. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
2. Range up to 450ft/150m outdoor, 150ft/50m indoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
3. Battery life:
BB2411, BB2411T, LB211: Up to 8hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 12 hours in audio only mode.
BB2415, LB215: Up to 6hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 10 hours in audio only mode.










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1 out of 30


Location: West kelowna, BC, canada

I don't have anything but awesome things to say about this monitor. The camera is great, the monitor is easy to use and has lots of great features. It was easy to set up. I will definitely be recommending this monitor to everyone I know.

2 out of 30


Location: charlotte, NC

I have this monitor for 2 weeks and we like this. Very clear image and voice... Overall its very good monitor...

3 out of 30


Location: Colorado

I've had this monitor for a week and I already love it! It has more useful features than the multi camera monitor available in stores that costs more. Set up was easy and the battery life is far superior as well. The only complaint I have is the range. I can hardly walk out my front door which might be 50 feet from the unit. But it works well inside my house so not too much of an issue. overall a great product.

4 out of 30


Location: Colorado

I got this after my older Lorex called it quits. It is amazing. I couldn't have asked for a better monitor. I got the newer version of this exact monitor. The ability to see my kids from an iphone app is really cool! I would recommend this to anyone. Long battery and easy set up.

5 out of 30


Location: Ontario, Canada

I recently purchased this unit after the second baby was born and wanted one video for the toddler and one for the newborn but also one that would be flexible enough that could be modified after they grew up. I have only had it for a few moths but love this unit!! the recording, talk back feature, lullaby feature, and the temperature control is great in our old farmhouse where it can be a concern. The really special feature i never knew i was getting was the motion tracker option which is the best for my toddler who never stops moving. If she runs too fast, it does not keep up but if she is playing in her room and moves around, the camera moves with her. I would recommend this unit so far to other moms.

6 out of 30


Location: Florida

Extremely easy set up for the monitor. Only been using it for two weeks, but it is a huge piece if mind when I can move the camera to see my oldest getting out if bed and moving in her room at night. We have to call for the app set up on the phone because everything we try, doesn't work :( I am excited to be able to see my girls when I'm away... If it works.
So far the battery hasn't lasted more than two hours off the charger... Kinda a negative in my book.

7 out of 30


Location: jIvKUgrsaci

I have purchased and installed many systems in my time, but from a very good performance vs. very easy installation vs. good value basis, this is one excellent little system. A lot of good thought has gone into designing it, and it worked perfectly upon installation. Someone in one review complained of the blurry camera but the cams come with a protective plastic film over the lense This little rig has a nifty little remote that will allow you to select motion record or continious record, and all of the functions this is very cool. The system took me about 15 minutes to get turned on to check the functions of everything, and another 2 or 3 hours to select the position of the cameras at the back and front of the house. Once positioned, all I had to do was to plug them in and turn them on. The only complaint I MIGHT have is, I would like to see the camera power cables a foot or two longer to help with camera placement. I will be extending one cable my self. Perhaps Lorex could sell or include one EXTENTION power cable of about two feet in length. T he audio speaker is not very loud, nor is the alarm. It won't wake you up from a sound sleep, but if you are in your office working, it will let you know that the UPS person is at the door. A main key to this system is how very, very simple it is to set up and install to get good results. Camera to screen (I love the little screen on my night table) range is about 50 to 75 feet. Yeah, we would all love to have a cam to screen range of 300 to 1,000 ft, but that is beyond the ability of most technology right not. This is a good little home/light commercial system. I plan to get another one for my wife's business. I hope this helps.

8 out of 30


Location: Utah

I bought this system so I could see who was as the front and back door because the view is obstructed from the door viewer. I am lovinging it! I just need to figure out how to get the mac # so I can see them remotely.

9 out of 30


Wish I would have gotten this in the beginning with my kid. We got it because we are expecting kid two and started kid one in the big boy bed. Wanted to make sure all was kosher. Works great.

10 out of 30


Location: chicago

technical support custumer service could be better, product is good.

11 out of 30


Location: Willoughby, OH

I given this item a perfect 5 if I would have like a little more play in the zoom capability. I would recommend this for any home. The ability to remotely control the camera and have it triggered by motion or noise keeps the amount of video to a minimum and the wifi capability expands the coverage limited only by your wifi signal.

12 out of 30


This monitor does everything we needed it to. I really love that I am able to talk to my children back. We are glad we decided to go with this one.

13 out of 30


Location: Seattle, WA

This is advertised on Amazon as a baby monitor, but a home security monitor on the Lorex website. It's actually both!

If you're looking for a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) baby monitor with a boatload of features, this is it. With two way audio, room temperature, and an encrypted signal, you're good to go. Another nice feature is the video off button which turns off the screen on the monitor at night so it's not lighting up your room.

If you're looking for a home security monitor, this has you covered too! Although the Skype interface is required, you can remotely view video and listen to audio (check your local laws!) while anywhere in the world you have cellular data service. I tried the iPhone version, so I can't speak for Android performance. This is also expandable to four cameras for front yard or porch, etc.

The only con is the Skype feature. I wish Lorex would just publish their own app for this instead, but I guess it helps with avoiding technical setups.

I would recommend it.

14 out of 30


Location: Richmond, VA

Lorex LW2450 LIVE Video Baby Monitor with Pan/Tilt Wireless Camera is a great all around baby video monitor. It has a lot of feature such as camera that can pan and tilt. It allows 2-way talk so you can hear and talk with the baby/the other side. You can use your iPhone/iPad and android devices to remotely view. It also have a night vision mode to see in the darkness, and temperature sensor to monitor climate in the room. Quality of the LCD isn't the greatest but it is large enough to see activity. Overall great video monitor, and should you need another camera, the system is expandable to 4 cameras. Best of all, it is very easy to set up.

15 out of 30


Location: Atlanta, GA

We babysit our niece often and have been using this Lorex Live baby monitor to keep tabs on her while she is sleeping. The monitor works well and has some nice features. The camera pans 240 degrees and tilts 130 degrees, so you can move around the room (you do this via the 4-way controller, so it's not like it's motion-sensing or anything). The picture is of a solid quality, as long as you are not expecting HD levels.

I liked the two-way audio feature as it allowed us to talk to our niece without walking upstairs. The audio seemed clear and distortion-free. There is also a setting where you can hear audio but have the screen turned off, in order to conserve battery life. It can also be set to play baby music, though you can't plug in your own iPod with your own music.

I really liked the temperature sensor. Our niece likes to sleep in colder temperatures, and the sensor would warn us when it hit a pre-set temperature. This is a feature I have not seen on other baby monitors.

The unit is advertised as having 4.5 hours of monitor time on a single charge, though we got a little bit less than 4 hours.

Overall, I am happy with the performance of this baby camera.

16 out of 30


I already owned a Lorex baby monitor, and loved it. We used this set to expand our other monitor and make it so we can switch between rooms. Now, we have three set up on one device (two pan/tilt and one stationary) and I can't say enough good about this monitor.

It is simple, easy to use, and the picture is great.

If I had to have one complaint, it is that you need to be a little clever with hanging the pan/tilt camera (I put down a piece of packing tape with the edge folded down so I could easily pull it later, then used a good piece of heavy duty velcro..) and that the temperature gauge seems to be 4-6 degrees off on average - which is actually much better then other monitors I've tested.

This is by far, the best monitor we've used (and I've tested 5 or 6). Definitely a great buy.

17 out of 30


This product works as described. The one feature that could be better is the volume level could be made to go higher / louder.

18 out of 30


Location: Alabama

I am so glad I finally purchased this monitoring system. I am caring for my mother who has dementia. I have the camera in her rm & it frees me up to be able to watch her while I do other things around the house & in the yard. I should have purchased it alot sooner. I plan on buying an additional camera for the main house. The freedom to move the camera is great & so is the picture. I would recommend it for anyone else who needs to watch their loved one.

19 out of 30


Location: Calgary, AB

I bought this camera after reading many reviews and comments on baby monitors. I choose Lorex as they are a top company in surveillance and camera monitoring. This camera is amazing. I took it out of the box plugged it in and it worked perfectly! I have not used the recording on the camera yet but if that works I will update to 5 stars. I was completely satisfied with my purchase as soon as I removed it from the box.

20 out of 30


There better ones

"I have Astek monitoring system with two cameras for the almost same price, and it is better. Lorex could not get signal from 45". When connected to the monitor the picture is much darker and very grainy. I am not sure how it works so goood for others. Anyway, I had to return mine, and keeping the older one."


21 out of 30


excellent purchase

"very clear picture, so far no interference with any of our other electronics. Has a good alarm that goes off if any sound is made by your child. Good night viewing capability. Highly recommend this unit. Had purchased a Mobi unit for $99, absolutely worth the extra money to get a Lorex."

22 out of 30


Location: Toronto, ON


"We are thrilled with our Lorex Portable Monitor! It is a pleasure to use and works beautifully. It's so great to be able to watch the baby from another room/floor. The picture and sound quality are excellent. We researched and tried many other systems and were very disappointed in them. The Lorex monitor is far superior to all other video monitor systems. We highly recommend this product!!"



23 out of 30


Location: SF

gd buy

"Picture is good and clear, night vision works well. range is barely enough. but it still beats wires all over the place. overall its a worthy buy better than the others ive tried 2.4mhz is the way to go"

Pros: versatile can hook up to seperate monitor

Cons: price need to get more cameras for less

24 out of 30


Location: Wilson, NC

This is a great monitor!

"This has been a great purchase!

The portable monitor looks nice and has a real solid feel to it. It comes with a base so that keeping it charged is easy. When you take it with you, it even has a little flip out piece of the back so that you can sit it on the counter and it holds itself up like a picture frame. The camera also has a good range of motion so you can put it pretty much anywhere in the room and point it at what you want to see and hear.

What really blew me away though was the night vision. I didn't really understand that these things see in the dark. We get to put the little one down and see absolutely everything even when the room is pitch black. Very cool."

Pros: great rangeclear pictureexcellent sound sensitivitydidn't need to read the manual

25 out of 30


Location: Kansas City, MO

Great product!!! Works well

"I bought this product so we could keep an eye on our toddler foster children after they are put to bed and still have some personal time to ourselves. It works wonderfully, has great night vision, and hooks up easily to the TV for a larger viewing screen. I originally bought 2 because I wanted to have 2 cameras and the ability to have monitors at two locations. Unfortunately, it is not possible to link the cameras with more than one monitoring unit. Therefore, I just paired both cameras with one monitor and put the other unit in storage in case the first one breaks. (Plus, additional cameras cost $150 on the Lorex website anyway). I'll probably buy another set just so I can have a 3rd camera.

We just put the docking stations at different locations around the house and simply plop the monitor into the docking station wherever we are so it stays well charged.

26 out of 30


Location: WA

Best video monitor

"I was skeptical at first as I tried a analog video monitor before but this one is outstanding. It is easy to set up and the picture quality is outstanding. There are 3 walls between the camera and the monitor and I get 5 bar reception."

Pros: excellent picture quality ease of set upgreat range

Cons: if anything price for a 2nd camera



27 out of 30


better than typical baby monitors

"great low light and seems well made. Only used it a few times, but so far it's awesome!"


28 out of 30


Location: COLORADO

Nearly Perfect

"This unit is nearly perfect. Awsome picture and sound. However the battery life is limited to about 3 hours. If you have the cradel charger in your room at night then this will be nearly perfect. We also found that our son talks when he wakes up and doesn't set off the audio alarm. This is an issue we found, but If he cries or talks loud then it will go off and we can hear him. This unit has differnt settings to save on power but we found to hear him if he needs us in the middle of the night to turn off the power saveing mode. This keeps the screen on but even if he moves aroud or coughs we now can hear him. This can be a plus if there is a music devise or noise maker in their room and you don't want to hear it all night. The audio turns off so only if he reaches the audio spec to set it off it will turn on.The specs say that at 80 decibles will set off the auto alarm. The audio is also awsome, just remember the 80 decible spec even when turned down to the most sensitive level. Picture is awsome day and night. Extremely clear and the unit has a large screen. So far so good. We have had this unit since December 1st 2009. Dad of a 15 month old"

Pros: clear picturebig clear screenawsome picture day and nightno wifi issuesprivatesecure

Cons: battery life limitedaudio alarm spec set kinda low but will trigger

29 out of 30


Loved it!!

"My brother and his wife have this baby monitor for their newborn son, & they love it!"

30 out of 30


Location: Toronto, CAN

Wonderful Helper!!

"My sister bought this for our newborn son and it's wonderful!! I can easly keep an eye on him in the dark and hear every noise he makes!"

Pros: clear night visionlooks niceclear sound

Cons: camera+receiver within a foot = noise








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