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Live Connect Series Baby video camera


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Multi-tasking has become a necessity in today's busy world, not only at work, but at home. Giving you the option to check in at home from your computer or smart phone, the LIVE Connect is a true breakthrough for parents, families, pet-owners, caregivers and anyone else who feels the need to keep an eye on what matters to them most.

Model no.: Live-Connect-Series

Night vision camera

Keep tabs on your sleeping beauty hours after lights-out.

Secure wireless connection

100% digital technology ensures a private and secure signal between the camera and handheld monitor.

Remote monitoring

View video from anywhere in the world using Skype™



baby monitor with night vision

remote monitoring

LIVE Connect is compatible with iPhone™, iPad™, PC and Mac, which makes remote viewing convenient. All you have to do is create a personal Skype account (if you don't already have one), another Skype account for your system and then add your system as your Skype contact. Now log into Skype and simply call your system to watch live video. The included internet gateway is what enables this simple connectivity. It connects to your home router and does not require you to configure your router or leave your computer running. It is designed to provide 24/7 simple connectivity via Skype.

Simply Connected baby video camera.

Comfort your little one with the sound of your voice.

Watch and Listen Remotely On Skype™.

The simplest way to stay aware. The LIVE connect baby video camera enables easy internet monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Simple Setup.

Compact, portable and easy to use. Connecting remotely is as easy as making a Skype™ call.

A Solution for Home and Away.

Use the system at home with the handheld monitor or connect when you are away from home via Skype™ using your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac.*

Video Camera:

  • High resolution image sensor for clear video
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use1
  • Automatic night-vision up to 22ft2
  • Secure, private Digital Wireless video & audio3
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio

Handheld Monitor:

  • Color 2.4” LCD Display
  • Compact design with rechargeable lithium battery for true portability1
  • Snap, store and share pictures and video with microSD™ recording4
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras5

Internet Gateway:

  • Remote viewing via Skype™ compatible devices (PC, Mac, iPhone™ 4S/4/3GS, iPad™)*
  • H.264 video compression for efficient internet streaming
  • Connects easily to your internet router

1. Rechargeable battery life up to 4 hours. Battery pre-installed in the baby video camera. Power adapter included for continuous non-portable use.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
3. Digital Wireless range up to 150ft indoors. Actual range may vary depending on obstructions.
4. microSD™ memory card and SD card adapter included. Resolution limited to 320x240, for viewing on handheld monitor or sharing on social media sites. Audio recording not supported
5. Local viewing on handheld monitor for up to 4 cameras, one camera at a time. Additional cameras sold separately (model: LW2031AC1)

* Internet monitoring via Skype™ requires registration for a free Skype™ account for both gateway and personal account. Remote viewing over the internet requires high speed internet and a router (not included). Mobile charges may apply if accessing through cellular network, check with your local service provider. You cannot simultaneously watch video on handheld monitor and remotely via Skype™ Handheld monitor for local viewing takes priority, however a notification will show you that someone wants to connect remotely. See manual for more details.










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1 out of 23


Location: Santiago, Chile

Very bad product. When I bought this camera I thought that was a great product but I was wrong. To me, the monitor worked only a few times (no more than 15), after that it didn't turn on anymore. I spent about 90 dollars (camera + shipping) and was the worst investment that I've ever done.

2 out of 23


Location: Miami, FL

This product worked well for me up until the monitor stopped being able to take a charge after only six month of use. It took quite a while to get a replacement, and then the new monitor and camera were not reading each other and would not work. It takes a bit for Lorex people to get back in touch with you once you have submitted a complaint. Still have yet to get the troubleshooting instructions from the company. It is a shame because I loved this product prior to this happening.

3 out of 23


Location: California

I've had my baby monitor since Nov'12 and had no problems keeping the cameras online and paired for Skype and the handheld monitor. Now I can only keep the camera online and paired to either Skype or the handheld monitor but not both. I put in a tech support ticket as of June 7th and it's now June 19th and have had no responses. Calling tech support can be very time consuming. The last time I called in it took 30 min. to get 1st line tech support. They couldn't solve the problem and they put me on hold for another 45 min. to get to 2nd line support. I thought by logging into their support website and getting a support ticket I may have gotten a response by now. I would suggest calling in and paying the price of long hold times. The other option is looking at other companies offering the same features.

4 out of 23


Location: Las Cruces, NM

Great product! I love the large screen and easy setup. The picture is really clear even with the night vision. Great sound as well. I use this everyday!

5 out of 23


Location: Michigan

My daughter purchased this in Dec 2011 for friend who was expecting. Turns out the friend received a different baby monitor and my daughter didn't get around to returning it. Now my elderly father-in-law has moved in with us and we need to keep an eye on him from the kitchen while preparing dinner. The camera set up with the hand held monitor was simple and the picture is amazingly clear. The battery in the hand held monitor would not charge up, so we have to use it plugged in, and I could not find information about ordering a replacement battery on the Lorex website. I found Nokia BL-5C Li-Ion Batteries on Amazon, which I've ordered--hope they are the correct replacement product but I am only guessing. The manual has instructions on how to replace the battery but no information on what replacement battery use!
Initially I connected the Gateway device and I could see it on "my network places" on my computer. I followed the instructions and ended up with a controller icon installed on my computer, modeled after the handheld monitor device. The icon was big and blocked my view of other icons on my computer desktop. It was slow to respond when I tried to minimize it, usually taking forever to close down. I think it was "looking" for the camera but wasn't able to connect to it for some reason. Eventually I uninstalled the software, thinking that I would try again. Now I can't see the Gateway device on "my network places."
I called technical support even though it has been more than one year since the date of purchase (although the box had never been opened). I waited in the queue for almost 30 minutes without getting through--it was the Friday evening at the start of Memorial Day weekend, so I will try again after the holiday. Tech support was supposed to be available until 8pm and I had called at 7:30.
In short, a fair amount of frustration. I hold out hope that I've ordered the correct replacement battery and that technical support will be able to help me with the gateway device after the holiday weekend. I wish my daughter had returned this when it turned out her friend didn't need it. Then I wouldn't be dealing with an out-of-warranty product even though it is brand new, just out of the box.

6 out of 23


Location: California

I bought the baby monitor for my elderly parents who are fall risks. I can check in on them and the caregivers whenever there is an issue with their health. The only issue I've had is with the charger that went bad after 6 months and we had to replace it. Also getting Tech Support can be a challenge. I've been on hold for more than 30 minutes and still couldn't get anyone so I gave up.

7 out of 23


Location: Phoenix

Great monitor but when we recieved the monitor the battery never worked so we had to keep it plugged in...But when plugged in it kept us watching baby. Then 7 months later they monitor cord would not keep charge and then the picture started to flicker and now we are trying to get a replacement.

8 out of 23


Location: California

This product is better than the non-skype version as I have owned both because it can handle a greater range than the the other one . Compared to the other baby monitors we saw and used from the traditional baby stores such as Toy R Us and Target this met our needs the best because of:

1. The portability is the best. The screen isn't too big. It can easily fit in your hand and has a battery so it doesn't have to be plugged in.
2. The price is way cheaper especially if you wait for the sale on the Lorex site. By $100s from the Summer brand
3. The skype feature is very convenient now as we have watched our son from our mobile phones when we are out. Which is great for the peace of mind.
4. The ability to view multiple cameras on one screen. This works well when friends or family visit with small children and sleep in different rooms or if you have second child.
5. Travel to countries outside the US which need 220 V is not a problem. The other SUMMER monitor which we had before buying this one short circuited even with a transformer.
6. Hands down no other monitor that we have tried has been able to compete in terms of the range of service. We have 3 level home and we would never get reception in the basement with the other monitors. This wasn't a problem with this monitor.
7. Works well in day and night conditions

The only issues we have run into with the monitor were:
1. The battery dies if you leave the monitor with the battery in it for weeks without charging it. The solution was simple. We remove the battery from the monitor if we are not going to use it for weeks.
2. We broke the usb charging port on the monitor after years of use. This was with the cradle charger because you have to fiddle with it before aligning it correctly (this was with the non-skype version). However, on the new the skype version they don't give a cradle so this problem gets eliminated.
3. This is not really and issue but an observation. The resolution of the screen is not as crisp but it is sufficient for a baby monitor. I say this because the summer monitor did have a clearer resolution. We have not had problems with not knowing what is going on in the room.

9 out of 23


Location: Los Angeles, CA

Skype feature is great

This is the first video monitor system I've used and it works great for me. I use it to check on my dog when I'm out and about - I use Skype on my iPhone so I can see a video feed of my living room anywhere I go. I've not had any of the bad experiences mentioned in the other reviews here, but then again I don't use the handheld video monitor component because I have no need for it. Also I never rely on the battery because I leave the camera plugged in.

It's pretty easy to set up the Skype feature as long as you're tech-savvy. Connecting to the camera via Skype does take a little while (up to 30 seconds) but I've never had a problem doing so. The audio could definitely be improved, it's very tinny. I'm sure there are better systems out there but this one does all I need it to.

10 out of 23


Location: Chicago

Easy. Delivers as Promised

I found this easy to set up and fun to use. I didn't have a router and I didn't set up the two Skype accounts that are needed to view from afar, but I set up the camera and was able to use the handheld device. The picture quality is not pristine, but Lorex delivers as promised. I intend to set up the Skye accounts in the future. Right now the Lorex gives me the security I need when I am at home.

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11 out of 23


Location: Austin, Tx

A few down sides, but good for in-home monitoring.

The camera works out of the box, and this is the biggest plus for this system. The hand held monitor is very clear and the infrared works well. The pictures and videos are a little small, but the quality is fairly good. When this system is connected to our network, we can notice a difference in the speed of our wireless in some devices. It also takes while to connect to the video when you call in remotely via Skype. The battery life of the camera is also very low, around three hours and went dead. I wish they would have focused on the features that do work well and left the wireless camera part out and just made it plug into the wall for power. I think this system is great for in-home use where you can turn on the monitor and keep an eye on a particular area of your home.

12 out of 23


Location: North Canton, Ohio

Meets my expectations, great little monitor system

I ordered this to replace an older model Summer video monitor that had gone kaput. We use it in our twins' bedroom primarily and hung it in the corner of the room to get the best picture. We set up our iPhones and iPad to be able to view remotely and it tested out well, but we don't use that feature often (maybe we will more in the summer months when we are doing yard work outside while they nap). The Skype feature was easy for me to setup, just following the enclosed instructions. The only thing I'd improve is the battery life of the receiver. I find that I have to charge it often, but it's not a huge inconvenience to us. I'm definitely pleased with the purchase and would highly recommend to others!

13 out of 23


Location: New York , United States

Good Tool

This is an ingenious product to monitor many things in your home and business when you are no there. It is important to first open a SKYPE account in order to view the images being recorded on your computer. This is a free service but again you need an account. Many people get the impression that the camera can only be used to monitor a baby alone in their crib or in the care of a babysitter. These two scenarios are not main reason to purchase the Lorex. What do you do when you are on vacation or on a business trip? Many of us worry whether someone may break in and rob us. What about in the event of damage to the home. There could be a flood due to a broken pipe or god forbid a fire. If you had a person who is disabled or elderly this is also perfect to use to monitor and make sure they are not hurt or fallen ill. If you have a pet, a puppy or older dog or even a mischievous dog who loves to just destroy everything in the house, now you can keep an eye on them too.

For the business owner, there are days you may take off or need to run out for a job or errand. There are instances you would like to have peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

What is also an added plus here is the extremely easy setup. Just place the camera where you want them, connect to your computer, sign in to your SKYPE account and you are ready to go. For the iPhone users you have the added convenience of viewing on your phone. This product is so versatile. Well worth the price when compared to just purchasing a hidden camera and rewinding and forwarding the day’s activity every day. With the LOREX you can check what is going on all day, night at any moment.

14 out of 23


Location: Goochland, VA USA

Good for more than monitoring babies

While it is not a full blown security monitoring system by any means, after only a few days of having the Lorex wireless monitor, I already wonder what I did without it. While we don't have a baby in the house, there are plenty of times I needed to be in one part of the house while the kids were in another part of the house. How to keep an eye on them?

Enter the Lorax LW2031 LIVE. It does what I need it to do rather handily. I like it so much, in fact, that I am planning on buying additional cameras, since the system can handle up to 4 cameras.

Installation was simplicity itself. I should include the caveat that I have not yet setup the network portion of the system, because we have very slow internet at home and don't intend to use it much. That meant my setup was as easy as opening the box, plugging things in, and turning them on.

Both the cameras and monitor units are rechargeable. However I have found that the camera will run only about 2 hours before needing a recharge, so using it unplugged may not be not a viable option if you intend to keep the camera in place

The night vision is seamless. I expected the view on the monitor to flare up when lights come on, or to go dark when lights go off, but that has not been my experience. The transition between light and dark is so good; I had to check to make sure there was not really a light in the cabinet. (I want to see if I can see the inside of the fridge when the light turns off, but I suspect the signal would be blocked entirely... ;)

The night vision is clear enough that I can see small items on the floor even after the light is shut off (and then instruct my children to go pick up the toys they left in the den)

The few things I did not like?:

Base - The camera bases were light and small, if you want to use the camera in multiple places, it can flop around and be a bit of a pain.

Battery Indicator - More of a nit, but the battery indicator on the display unit seems backwards, it shows dark for "filled" portion of battery and white for "empty". Not a big problem once you know, but when I, initially turned it on I thought I was almost fully charged. Then the unit kept shutting down. Upon charging it fully I realized that the colors were reversed from the standard arrangement.

Overall it’s a great unit. I may have to look at Lorex for a wireless outdoor unit as well; it is too bad that I could not find an outdoor camera that is compatible with this unit that would be great.

Of course, I realize that is not the intended function of this device, even though some places in the documentation refer to it as a "security" monitor, this is not really a dedicate security system meant to record everything. But, you can take pictures and store them on the included micro SD card, which is also a nice feature.

15 out of 23


Location: Central Florida

I haven't signed up for Skype yet but this monitor suits my needs

I have a daughter whom I have to keep an eye on at all times because she's special needs. However, sometimes I need to be in another room working on a story. I can leave the camera wherever she is in the house and take the video monitor with me and I can glance at the monitor from time to time and make sure she's okay. In addition to seeing her, I can also hear whatever's going on in her room. This gives me peace of mind without having to hop up every few minutes to go check on her. With the Lorex LW2031 I can also eventually be able to check up on her when I'm out of the house, using Skype and an iPhone, neither of which I'm in a hurry to try right now because my work keeps me at home. I'm very pleased with the in-home monitoring.

16 out of 23


Location: Hanover, NH USA

Cool beans

Having not read the product description carefully enough, we thought this was basically just a camera for use in Skype calls, but its way cooler than that.

Basically, you can set the camera up and then monitor the scene it's capturing either through the hand held device or through Skype over your PC.

Set-up was mildly complicated--you have to establish a new Skype account--but the 9 year old figured out how to work everything and is enjoying his new spy-cam. It seems an ideal system for parents who need to monitor kids remotely.

17 out of 23


Location: Wesley Chapel, FL


I set this up in no time at all...very responsive and easy to husband is buying me the iPhone to go with it:)

18 out of 23


Wow, so great!

I've been wanting something like this for a long time to monitor my mother, who has Alzheimer's, when she is here with me. I take care of her several days a week and I need to make sure she is all right when she is not in the same room with me. I was a little concerned that this might be difficult to set up, but it was simple. They pack a step-by-step set of instructions with it, and you just go down through the steps and set it up. I'm not using the Skype at all; it's not needed just to view something in another room in your house. I have the camera set up and turned on at one end of the house while I am in the other, and I keep the handheld monitor with me. When Mom goes to the other end of the house, I turn on the handheld monitor and I can watch to be sure she has not fallen or wandered outside. If you wanted to monitor a pet while you were at work, you could use the Skype to watch remotely and see what your pet is getting into.

The handheld monitor has a set of three buttons down the left side and three down the right side. The top button on the right turns it on. It's actually the right hand side of a long bar-like button. Then the same button turns it off when you're done. The light does not need to be on in the room you are monitoring, because the camera will still give you a clear picture just as though the light were on, especially if the person is going to be right within range of the camera.

In a pinch, you could use this as a security camera by keeping the camera turned on all the time and the handheld monitor by your bed. Suppose you're in bed with the lights out, and you think you hear noises in the house. Rather than getting out of bed, you can just grab your handheld monitor and turn it on. If the intruder is in the same part of the house where your camera is set up, you can verify that you do actually have an intruder and quietly call 911 (turn off the handheld first so the intruder does not hear you) without ever leaving your room. I hope I never have to do this, but it's nice to know I could use it that way if I had to. If you were going to take a trip, you could leave this on while you were gone and monitor your house via Skype, but you would have to be sure it worked with your particular cell phone.

Another reviewer mentioned discomfort with the fact that you have a live feed going on in your house that others might somehow be able to tap into. I agree that this is a concern too. I think there is less danger of that when you don't use Skype, but still--I've had people somehow read my emails (I don't know how), and I imagine there are those that know how to do this kind of thing. I'm not sure that it's a whole lot worse than having a garage they can look into and see that no one is home, but I would still make sure that if there is anything you don't want seen to keep it where the camera cannot pick it up. Also, make sure you're dressed when you walk in front of the camera :).

I love having this set up this way, and I'm so glad they made it easy to do. I highly recommend this if you have an elderly person, a rambunctious pet, a baby, or children that you need to keep an eye on. I would much rather be aware that a situation is starting to happen than try to fix it after the fact. Being able to see and talk to whoever you're monitoring means you can stop an accident before it happens. That's SO much better than having to deal with it after the fact. It's also great not to have to get up and follow someone around every time they move. You can adjust the camera in virtually any position. However, if you adjust it so that it is leaning over too far, you may need to weight down the base so it will remain standing, or you can find other creative ways to keep it in place. I tucked the base of mine in a sliding cupboard door that holds it just where I need it. Expanding the system with more cameras is possible, and it's a great idea if you have to monitor someone that has the full run of the house. This is a simple way to make sure you and your loved ones are safe. Excellent product!

19 out of 23


Location: United States

Keeps You Up to Speed

I was delighted to get this item via Amazon Vine. You will need a SKYPE account to use it. Once you have this system in place, you can track and monitor all activity in your home from wherever you are by using your iPhone or your laptop. This user-friendly system is light, portable and VERY efficient. You get the added perk of "night vision" to check in on house activity in night time lighting.

If you want to use all 4 cameras, you can exercise that option as well. The Lorex device allows you to photograph and then you can send your photographs to your phone or computer. This does come with an SD card. This is ideal for keeping tabs on sitters; on guests you don't know very well and people who are in your house when you are not.

20 out of 23


Location: USA

As a wireless moniter system, it works great!

[Update] please refer to my original post (below) after reading this update. Thanks to the company for providing detailed information on how the live feed is broadcast securely. It gives the end user added security knowing that your information is protected. Be sure to read the comments section of this review for details. I've adjusted my review rating based on that information. The device seems to be a good choice for homes with children, small businesses with employees, daycare centers that provide 24/7 parent/child access or those wanting convenient and constant access to a particular room or building. One of the drawbacks is that this is just a "monitor". It does not provide motion sensor or text alerts to your iphone when movement happens, so keep this in mind when looking for a system that suits your needs. It's simply a monitor with the ability to access your location whenever you want.

(Original review)

Let me first say that monitoring your home while your away is a good concept. If you are out on vacation, or you have a child being cared for that you want to check on? This would work great. However, at the current price of $399.99, the unit comes with only one camera which is a fairly high price when you think of monitoring one room. It can be expanded, so if you wish to have up to four cameras around the inside of your house you will need to buy each additional camera separately.

The night vision works pretty good and the camera/video quality are decent. I must admit that I feel a little unsettled having a live video feed running in my home 24/7 and running the risk of it being picked up by another frequency. Although the company has ensured it's safety through encryption, there is an overall uneasiness with having a live feed available to the inside of my home. Admittedly, I don't know exactly how that works but I will adjust those concerns as I learn more about those guarantees. Perhaps the company can go into a bit more detail on safety to put those concerns at ease.

This is an inside unit only. If your main concern is strictly security while you are away (for both inside and outside the home) then there are other security products available (including Lorex) that have wireless, portable capabilities. If you need just an "inside look" at the interior of your home 24/7 then this product will probably work just fine, night and day.

The hook up is easy, the device works good, but to utilize all of it's features you have to buy additional products to expand this unit, raising the cost of the unit significantly.

21 out of 23


Location: OH, USA

Impressive new product hits the market,

I was amazed to be able to take part in using and reviewing this new Lorex video monitoring system through the Amazon Vine program. Go online and get a Skype account if you don't already have one. Then you can use this system to monitor your home from anywhere with your laptop or iPhone. This is a completely wireless and portable system. If you wish to only use it in close range say from a parent's bedroom to the nursery you can use the bright and clear handheld tool included with the system. It has night vision which makes using it as babies monitor a breeze. You can add up to four cameras so all you with quadruplets are in luck! Perhaps you are watching your kids play in the other room and one is doing something hilarious or adorable. The Lorex handheld device can take pictures and then you download them just like you would from a standard digital camera or phone with the included SD card. I intend to use it to watch the babysitter and my kid when he plays alone in his room. What a fantastic new product that I am sure many people will want to get a hold of. Also could make a terrific and appreciated Christmas gift which would give a family member or friend a gift of security showing you care for them.

22 out of 23


Location: Southwest Mich., United States

What a world we live in!

Okay, so most of the time products like this hit the market with spotty performance. Not the case here. This is one of the neatest little systems I've ever seen. My kids are too old for a monitor now, but we use it with Skype to keep an eye on things at home when we're not there. The handheld device has a nifty user interface and a pleasing bright colourful screen. Image quality is crisp and signal drop out hasn't occurred to this point. Is it a must for new parents? No. But for those who can afford it, this is a very nice product.

23 out of 23


Location: New Jersey

Great live monitoring

I received the Lorex Wireless Monitoring system & was excited to give it a try. This comes with everything you will need to get started. a handheld wireless monitor, 1 camera, 1 Gateway & antenna, a 1 GB microSD card with adapter, 3 power adapters (1 for the Gateway, the other 2 are for the camera & handheld monitor which can be used to charge or keep plugged in), and 1 network cable.

Setup was intimidating but turned out to be a breeze. If you don't already have Skype, you will have to set one up but instructions are included. The Gateway connected with no problems and once connected to Skype you can immediately begin to view the camera. Picture quality is good, not as clear as some webcams I have but good enough that you get a very clear picture of what is going on & the people you are looking at. I was most impressed with the night vision. Even in a completely dark room, everything was still lit & easily viewed.

You don't have to use Skype for viewing. The handheld device makes for easy viewing when you are home. This is ideal for when you have babies or young children. Just place the camera in their room & carry the hand held monitor with you from room to room. It's about the size of a slim cell phone so it will easily slip into your pocket. Sound is included so you will be able to hear if a little one is crying. Have more than one room you need to watch? This can be expanded to up to 4 cameras. The monitor quickly allows you to flip back & forth. If you are at work or out with friends and have left kids at home with a babysitter, you can use any computer to view your home using Skype or even your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to support Android. Hopefully that will be added in the future. Great idea for keeping an eye on teens home alone as well. This would be useful if you have pets you want to keep an eye on, suspect someone of vandalizing your property (just place the camera in a window) and countless other ideas. You can record & take still photos to capture anything you see happening.

The only thing that keeps this from being a perfect little security camera is motion sensor recording. Being able to set this up to record if someone enters a room would be a wonderful addition. Unfortunately, you can only see what is happening when you log in. However, as a monitoring system, you can't beat this!



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