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Baby video cameras with monitor, PT camera



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Lorex Baby knows that time is of the essence especially when you have a newborn baby! We're here to help you manage your house and take care of that adorable angel. Our Live Sense Wireless Video Baby Monitor comes with two state-of-the-art cameras and a compact handheld LCD monitor that's extremely easy to use. This package includes our innovative Pan - Tilt Wireless Camera, which makes sure your baby is always within sight thanks to it's incredible range. The Live Sense system is highly interactive, allowing mom and dad to engage with their little one by checking the room temperature and even playing built-in lullabies from afar. Our system is also very flexible and can expand as your family grows.

Model no.: LW24PT

Built-in lullabies

Soothe baby remotely with built-in lullabies

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Pan-Tilt camera

Always have your child in view with the remotely controllable camera.



Baby monitor with exceptional battery life

Battery LIFE

Our monitor has an impressive battery life of up to four hours the equivalent to eight episodes of your favourite sitcom! Plus, we’ve included an easy and simple way for you to conserve the battery. By using our LCD monitor as an audio-only device, you can save tons of energy and still be able to hear your baby. It’s also a great way to keep tabs on your little one at night, without having to stare at a bright screen.

baby monitor with two way audio

Long range digital wireless

Security and privacy are two key factors. Caregivers can rest assured our long range digital signal is secure, extremely private and cannot be picked up by any neighbours. Our monitor features an impressive wireless range of 450ft2, allowing you easy access to your cameras from virtually any room in the house. The wireless signal is protected by FHSS technology ensures a private and secure transmission between the camera and handheld monitor

additional baby monitor cameras

Grows with your Family

Families grow and so can the LIVE Sense. Lorex Baby offers the ultimate flexibility by allowing a network of up to four cameras. That means you don't have to buy a new monitor - just the additional cameras. We offer many different ways for you to view your footage: viewing modes include single channel, a scanning option that switches between the channels automatically, and a split screen feature that allows you to view up to four cameras at once. Now you can have a camera in the baby's nursery, the toddler's room, the play space and even outside your house. More importantly, you'll be able to access all of them with a click of a button.

Infant baby monitor features:

  • Sound activated video-to-SD card recording
  • Compact, rechargeable video monitor
  • Talk-to-Baby intercom
  • Temperature monitoring with alarm
  • Sooth Baby with built-in lullabies
  • See Baby at all times with automatic night vision
  • Secure, interference free, long range digital signal
  • High contrast 3.5” color LCD monitor
  • Grows with your family (expandable up to 4 cameras)

Additional features

  • Remote Lullabies. Featuring built-in lullabies, the LIVE Sense can help soothe your baby. Select a lullaby and watch your baby fall asleep.
  • Capture, Store and Share. Instantly capture those special events in your child’s life with one-touch video recording or set it to record upon hearing your baby. Playback videos on the handheld monitor, or transfer them easily to a PC or Mac and share them on sites such as Facebook™ and Youtube™.
  • Temperature Monitoring. The LIVE Sense includes an electronic temperature sensor so you can monitor the climate in a baby or elderly’s room. A built-in alarm will warn you if the temperature changes outside of the selected desired range.
  • Talk with Baby. Two-way audio between the camera and monitor allows you to talk to your loved ones, even if you are not in the same room.
  • Grows with your Family. Add up to 3 additional cameras as your family grows. Have a camera in the baby’s room, the play room, the living room, or even pointing at the front door.
  • Audio Monitor. Conserve battery life and sleep peacefully by using the LIVE Sense as an audio monitor only. With the LCD monitor turned off, you can continue to hear your baby while eliminating distractions for a peaceful sleep.
  • View Day or Night. Keep an eye on Baby all night long with crystal clear automatic night vision. Check on little ones without the risk of waking them up.
  • Multiple Viewing Options. Viewing modes include Single Channel, Scan (switch between single channels automatically), and Quad Split-Screen.
  • Private and Secure. Digital signal with FHSS technology ensures a private and secure transmission between the camera and handheld monitor.
  • Monitor Docking Cradle. No more plugging and unplugging of power cables so you can quickly get going. Simply slide the monitor into the docking cradle and remove it when it’s fully charged.
  • Audio Indicator Lights. Audio indicator lights on the monitor visually show the level of noise being picked up by the camera. This extra pair of ears helps you be aware of what your baby is up to when you are in a noisy room.
  • Feeding Timer. Keep track of feedings with a built-in timer.

Infant baby monitor includes:

  • 1 x Wireless camera
  • 1 x Wireless pan-tilt camera with accessories
  • 1 x Handheld receiver
  • 3 x Power adapters
  • 1 x 1GB microSD memory card
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x 3ft network cable (RJ45)

1. Battery life : Up to 4 hours.
2. Up to 450ft / 150m reception line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
3. Additional cameras sold separately.
4. MicroSD card reader not included.










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1 out of 60


Location: Stillwater, OK

I'm pretty disappointed in this setup, which I have had for a little over 2 years. Within a year, the monitor stopped holding a charge for longer than ~10 minutes. More recently, the battery started swelling, which prevented us from keeping the monitor in the dock. I had to completely remove the battery to be able to use the system.

I do like the stationary camera.

The pan-tilt camera seems nice, but is much noisier than the stationary one. Despite a volume and sensitivity setting, we were unable to remove the background static noise from the monitor. This wouldn't be too bad, but it makes a very jarring noise every time the monitor switches from the stationary camera to the pan-tilt.

2 out of 60


Location: north carolina

We have been extremely happy with this purchase. It has all of the necessary functionality and we have had no issues with it. We actually bought a second one for another couple and they love it too! I don't know how we ever survived with only being able to hear our little ones 😊

3 out of 60


Location: Venice, fl

I have three cameras and two monitors. The cameras work okay. One camera comes in very loud with white noise. The other camera doesn't seem to pick up much of any noise. I do not like the music feature or the talk features. Both seem to frighten the kids. My issue is that after less than a year, BOTH of my monitors stopped working consistently. The battery lasts less than 10 minutes. If you touch it to adjust it, it turns off and resets. My newer monitor currently will not charge or turn on at all. I feel this product is unreliable.

4 out of 60


Location: New Hampshire

This monitor has no range. While our kids sleep on a different floor, they are only 38 feet from our master bedroom and the camera is out of range. I have had no luck with customer service and a manager won't return my calls. I am extremely frustrated and this monitor is totally worthless to me. I spent $500 on this monitor and add on cameras and it was a total waste of money.

5 out of 60


Location: Canada

I am appalled at the lack of customer service from Lorex. I spent a whopping $250 on this camera system and now the monitor doesn't work. So now I have to pay to ship the stupid monitor back to them and wait, with no monitor, for them to ship me one back. What a joke. Oh, and the battery life, may 30-40 minutes before I have to plug it in again. I have only been using this camera for 3 months. I am not one to complain, but this is ridiculous!

6 out of 60


Location: connecticut

couldn't be happier with this product absolutely the best bang for your buck no questionI purchased medical equipment for a living and I could tell you that this is of the same quality we're expecting our hospitals monitoring security everything functions perfectly in all for a price better than you would see if your typical store.

7 out of 60


Location: Dallas, TX

All in all we've really enjoyed the system--the cameras are clear and sound is solid. My only negative thus far is the lack of ease with which to view the cameras remotely. The Skype option is good for grandparents for a quick facetime call, but the system doesn't make sense if you are looking for something to check in on from work and so we will probably end up getting seperate system for that purpose. That said, for a dedicated home system we've been very impressed and it is definitely worth comparing (and is generally superior to) the other dedicated home systems on the market.

8 out of 60


Location: alberta

We are finding this camera to be awesome. We use it for our four month old, we don't usually need the video but the option to turn it off the video is great. We often use the second video to talk to our dog to bug him when he is doing something in another room. So all in all it was a good investment. When we contacted customer service about some issues they got back to us right away and provided the solution we need to fix our issues. The only thing is that the distance could be increased a bit I can't go into my backyard with the camera and the battery does not seem to last 4 hours even with the video off.

9 out of 60


Location: Warrington, PA

We bought this camera unit when we were expecting our second baby. It's great! We have one set up in our toddler's room and the other in the baby's room. The quad-screen feature is nice, although I wish they had a dual-screen option since we only have 2 cameras. The picture quality is very good and I love the temperature gauge. The battery life is not fantastic, as I have to charge it every day. So far, I am very happy with my purchase.

10 out of 60


Location: London, Ontario, Canada

This product is great! We are using this as a baby monitor and are very happy so far. The pan-tilt camera works awesome and although the picture quality is not colour like the ads display, the night time view is very clear and that's when we use it anyway.

Sound is great despite some bad reviews on that - not sure why people have problems with it.

Overall, I definitely recommend this product.

11 out of 60


Location: louisiana

Right out the box the camera looked used, ther were scratches all over the back of the moniter and on the antenna. The antenna was folded in how could it have deep scratches on it if it is new, also the serial bar code and number was wiped off. The camera has green scrathes on it straight out of the box and the panning left to right doesn't work properly. For the amount of money spent on this product I would not think they would send me a refurbished unit. Will see how customer service can fix this.

12 out of 60


Location: USA


1) this is a movable camera, however, the only smartphone app that it supports is skype which cannot move the camera around

2) This device does not charge by USB, so if you want to use remote skype you also have to use a power plug for it too, so you have to have the unit hooked up to your computer and have the power plug there too, which then requires you to move the power plug to your bedroom or whichever room you normally monitor from.

3) support requests take extremely long, inquires about the above took exactly 1 week to get a reply, they did not provide any solutions for the issue and not even a sorry. I have replied to there message and have been waiting and additional 3 weeks even know I asked that the email be forwarded to a manager... This is the worst support I have ever seen.

13 out of 60


Location: Conway, AR

We recently purchased this monitor after months of research, and we could not be happier with our purchase!!!!! This monitor has it all! We really love the two way talk feature! I love being able to talk to my 2 year old when he wakes up and I can't get to him right away. The lullaby and temperature features are also nice bonuses! The pan/tilt camera is amazing to have when you have an active 2 year old that moves around in bed all night. The night vision is better than any camera we have seen, and the sound is clear without the white noise or background interference. I can't say enough good things about this monitor. We have only had it for a short time, but in the time we've been using it we are very pleased!

14 out of 60


Location: Seattle WA

I rec'd our camera set and immediately noticed the panning did not work! I called right away to tell them we need a replacement camera and now have to go through this whole ridiculous process of sending in a list of info by FAX (who has fax? I have to pay some business to fax them info that I know they already have!) THEN and heres the kicker, they will not send me a replacement camera until they receive the defective paperwork then camera and I HAVE TO PAY THE SHIPPING!!!???? NOT HAPPY! Sending it all back and buying a Motorola.

15 out of 60


Love this

Our granddaughter is subject to seizures and this movable camera works so well. We can adjust it as we need to and being able to talk to her is priceless.

16 out of 60



This baby monitor is great. The only problem we have had since buying it is being able to stop watching the video! I do wish there was a zoom, but other than that I think this is perfect.

17 out of 60


Location: Miles City

Life Saver

This monitor is so awesome! The night vision is so great it is way easier to see the baby on the monitor than it is when I go into the room. It does flash out of range pretty often, so the screen is dark, but this only happens for a second so it's not too annoying. I haven't really gotten to use the skype option or the talking options much yet but the picture is such high quality I would definitely recommend this model! Just to let you know, I assumed the mounting kit would be included with the monitor and camera but it's not. You have to purchase it separately. We looked at a lot of monitors and read a lot of reviews before picking this one and I am really happy we got this one. I plan to use it for a long time and feel it was a great value for the price.

18 out of 60


.I was looking for a decent Home Security System for my Apt-House. I live in a nice neighborhood. However like anywhere nice in the USA there are exceptions and my complex is no different. Some neighbors are strange, malicious and outright nasty. This characteristic is passed down from adult to their children. So, a security system was in order. The Lorex wireless system is easy to operate, place and use. My wife secured the Skype account in a matter of minutes. I only had it two days now, but I love it. I plan on adding two additional cameras. Best buy for the money, I researched this for about 3 weeks before I ordered it, it was an excellent decision.

19 out of 60


Location: Ohio

This product works great. However, every time you use the joystick it beeps which wakes my wife up. Also when use the talk feature and song playback the alarm goes off. I wish there was a setting to turn the beeping off when using the devices joystick. This device only work over Skype if you have the device connected via USB. You can only view one camera with remote view and the pan/tilt function isn't active. I felt the product description doesn't explain this well at all. As we own other Lorex camera systems I would have expected at least a wifi/ethernet connection so you don't have to move the base to the PC to remote view. The product does have great video quality and functionality despite the cons listed above.

20 out of 60


Location: Utah

I bought this system so I could see who was as the front and back door because the view is obstructed from the door viewer. I am lovinging it! I just need to figure out how to get the mac # so I can see them remotely.

21 out of 60


Location: Colorado

So far we are loving our new monitors. We have one set up in our playroom, and the pan is great for keeping an eye on the kids while they play. We really like that we can talk to the kids through the monitor as well. The other monitor is in our son's room, and it is nice to be able to see if he has fallen asleep yet at night. The monitors were easy to set up, and we haven't had any problems with them yet, although we don't use them 24/7 either.

22 out of 60


Location: KS

The monitor has been a great product for us thus far though we've only had it for about 2 weeks. The video quality and sound quality has been good. The volume of this monitor goes lower than our old summer monitor which is nice as it gives us the option to only hear the big cries from our toddler at night (and not all the little peeps that aren't necessary to hear from an older kid). One that would be nice is if there was an easy way to mount the panning camera on a wall as it's hard to get a good angle on the bed when it's sitting on a dresser.

23 out of 60


Wish I would have gotten this in the beginning with my kid. We got it because we are expecting kid two and started kid one in the big boy bed. Wanted to make sure all was kosher. Works great.

24 out of 60


Location: Nashville, TN

I am pregnant and was researching monitors one night in preparation. I read a lot of reviews on Amazon about the Motorola monitors and lots of users recommended the Lorex monitor instead. I came to this site and Lorex had a sale on the LW24PT model and I purchased it since I have 30 days to make up my mind.

Overall I like that the monitor came with two cameras for less than $200 and it has a lot of nice features. The temperature monitor seems pretty accurate and the lullaby option may come in handy. The only thing about the lullaby is that you can't make it repeat one song, it will play through all the songs. You can go to the next song using the monitor though. I had to reread the manual a couple of times to understand how the auto mute and camera switching worked but it isn't really hard after reading the instructions. I'm still trying to figure out how to decipher the alarm alerts. At night it will beep if it recognizes a sound (I think) or low temp if set and if the monitor is in scan mode the screen will come on for a few seconds. I have also connected the camera to Skype and it certainly serves the purpose to view the monitor when you are away. I have a Windows 7 PC and didn't have any trouble setting it up. You do have to pick which camera you want to view if you have multiple cameras set up.

On to what is probably important - the night vision is GREAT! You can see very clearly in a very dark room which will be great for seeing my baby. I did read the other reviews and put the sensitivity on low (it is backwards that on low its more sensitive) and it is very sensitive.

Now for the reason I am only giving it 3 stars. In the pictures and on the box the color images are very inaccurate. If you use those images as a base point you will be highly disappointed. The color images are more of a light grey with a hint of color. I have turned on the brightest lights in the house and the best I could get is my red wall a light red and my blue sofa looks a light purple. I think they should advertise it appropriately. I even called tech support but never got the call back on my ticket. But I am going to keep it because I wasn't looking for HD color quality. I was looking to monitor my baby.

25 out of 60


Location: Missouri

We had a Motorola mbp33 prior to purchasing this one, our Motorola started to un-pair at night which was annoying so after a lot of research we decided on this monitor (and got a good deal pairing a sale with a coupon code). So far this monitor is excellent.
Plays lullabies, temperature gauge (but it jumps between numbers very frequently), better night vision than the Motorola, tilt pan zoom camera, charging dock station (but you do have to have it on there correctly to charge), kickstand on the back, antennae has a lock to keep it down so my son can't try and break it off, will alarm if the temperature gets too high or too low based on your specifications, auto-mute so that when your baby makes little noises in their sleep you won't be disturbed by them, the volume kicks back on she the baby makes more noise
Cons: the red lights around the camera (not a big deal, they don't disturb my son but he does like to look at the lights and wave when he's ready to get up so he knows we are watching him), the lullabies are a bit on the loud side and often startle my son when I turn them on to help him back to sleep, there may be a way to turn them down but I haven't figured it put yet, MY CONS ARE NOT REALLY CONS AT ALL JUST THINGS THAT BOTHER ME.
Overall this is a great camera and I normally don't write reviews, only when I am impressed by a product.

26 out of 60


Location: PA

This Monitor has been spectacular for our family! We have twins and a three year old, and our bedroom is on the other side of the house so keeping an eye on them all has been a challenge. This monitor does it with out a problem. I can watch all three at one time and still run down and get a few chores done while they nap! The options are great, I love the alarm to sound it makes sure I hear them even outside when I am pulling weeds or grabbing dinner out of the garden! It is small enough to carry but big enough to get a good picture! I do with the Audio was a hair louder or maybe it's that the speaker is in the back so the sound doesn't come out in front. Overall I love it!!!!

27 out of 60


Location: Seattle, WA

This is advertised on Amazon as a baby monitor, but a home security monitor on the Lorex website. It's actually both!

If you're looking for a pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) baby monitor with a boatload of features, this is it. With two way audio, room temperature, and an encrypted signal, you're good to go. Another nice feature is the video off button which turns off the screen on the monitor at night so it's not lighting up your room.

If you're looking for a home security monitor, this has you covered too! Although the Skype interface is required, you can remotely view video and listen to audio (check your local laws!) while anywhere in the world you have cellular data service. I tried the iPhone version, so I can't speak for Android performance. This is also expandable to four cameras for front yard or porch, etc.

The only con is the Skype feature. I wish Lorex would just publish their own app for this instead, but I guess it helps with avoiding technical setups.

I would recommend it.

28 out of 60


Location: Atlanta, GA

We babysit our niece often and have been using this Lorex Live baby monitor to keep tabs on her while she is sleeping. The monitor works well and has some nice features. The camera pans 240 degrees and tilts 130 degrees, so you can move around the room (you do this via the 4-way controller, so it's not like it's motion-sensing or anything). The picture is of a solid quality, as long as you are not expecting HD levels.

I liked the two-way audio feature as it allowed us to talk to our niece without walking upstairs. The audio seemed clear and distortion-free. There is also a setting where you can hear audio but have the screen turned off, in order to conserve battery life. It can also be set to play baby music, though you can't plug in your own iPod with your own music.

I really liked the temperature sensor. Our niece likes to sleep in colder temperatures, and the sensor would warn us when it hit a pre-set temperature. This is a feature I have not seen on other baby monitors.

The unit is advertised as having 4.5 hours of monitor time on a single charge, though we got a little bit less than 4 hours.

Overall, I am happy with the performance of this baby camera.

29 out of 60


Location: Peterborough

There are a number of features that set this apart. 1. you can talk threw it to your child. 2. it plays music that can be turned on and off. 3 the movable camera is great for a playroom.

I got a monitor with a defective battery... was replaced in days

on the negitive, I wish it had an app for my iphone.. it's got the skype thing but that's a bit of a hassel.

30 out of 60


Location: Langdon, Alberta

Works great, Love how far the distance reaches.

I wish the color was better and the screen flickers often.

31 out of 60


Location: alexandria VA

As an engineer, I'd researched so many products available via the mainstream stores (Baby's R Us, Target, etc) before coming across the Lorex range of products.

I'm so glad we found them as these by far have the best mix of features and reliable, quality performance - not to mention absolute best value (improved further if you buy during a sale!).

To those still perplexed regarding which product to buy (Motorola, Summer, etc), I'd strongly suggest laying out a list of features available in each specific model and comparing the bottom line - for us it was a no-brainer; multi camera, remote movement, VOX, lullabies, night vis, power/battery saving features, light weight home base monitor with the ability to view via the web from anywhere, on board storage to capture video? none of the others have this mix/flexibility.

One minor comment would be (if you have the opportunity) to wait to receive the unit before installing shelves/etc that you intend on putting the unit on. This would be the same for any camera, but with this or any remote pan and zoom camera, they do have viewing angle limits that need to be taken into account to get the best view of the crib/room.

32 out of 60


Location: Modesto Ca.

This is one of the best baby monitors I have see. It has features that most all of the others don't plus the added bonus of making it a security camera when it is retired from baby service. I have only had this for a week although have used most of it's features. Good quality and great price! I will recommend this to all of my friends and family!!

33 out of 60


Location: Turlock

We have had another brand baby monitor and it was ok but this monitor is awesome! Very good quality a d lots of features.

34 out of 60


Location: Ohio

I have done a lot of research on baby monitors and was really impressed with all of the features that this monitor offers. What sold me was the adjustable sensitivity for the camera and volume on the monitor. Our last video monitor used to wake us up blaring white noise many times per night but this model has a fantastic auto mute feature where it will be completely silient when only environmental noise (like our humidifier) is picked up but will pop on instantly when the baby coughs, cries or talks:) the picture quality is also much more clear and smooth than other monitors we have owned. Overall, I highly recommend this product. We have a toddler and a newborn on the way and it meets our needs perfectly:)

35 out of 60


Location: Dover

The monitor has been great with good resolution. It's features are one of a kind! The only disappointment is the batteries only lasted for an hour. Would still recommend this highly.

36 out of 60


Location: Manassas, VA

Great Baby Monitor!

This is one of the best monitors I have seen or used! The video quality is great in daylight, or at nighttime. Pan\Tilt (PT) feature on the secondary camera allows for extra view in the room, or can be used in another playroom. Extra features such as recording video or still shots, two-way communication, and music are great. Monitor can even be connected to Skype to allow for viewing when away from home. Overall a GREAT system and good buy!!

37 out of 60


Location: Richfield Ohio

One of the best monitors out there. You can move it anywhere you need to go. The picture is very clear compared to other units.
It's nice you can talk into the unit and the kids can hear you!

38 out of 60


Easy to use & understand. Great camera pan & tilt is...

I am so glad I finally purchased this monitoring system. I am caring for my mother who has dementia. I have the camera in her rm & it frees me up to be able to watch her while I do other things around the house & in the yard. I should have purchased it alot sooner. I plan on buying an additional camera for the main house. The freedom to move the camera is great & so is the picture. I would recommend it for anyone else who needs to watch their loved one.

39 out of 60


Location: Arlington, VA

This is a very good camera system. Set-up was very easy and I added all 4 cameras within 2 minutes. The panoramic feature is especially a great option for the cameras. The view via Skype option is not quite as easy as it sounds because you have to physically plug your monitor into your computer and run Skype with your computer on to view it from another app running Skype (technically it is remove viewing but how often is your computer on with Skype running while you are away?). I purchased a 2nd charging cradle to leave upstairs as a convenience, but it was pricey at $39. Overall it works very well.

40 out of 60


Read all the reviews and went with this model and the add on pan and tilt camera. Picture quality is great even in the low to no light area.

Sound quality was a bit tricky to figure out though. After reading the reviews about the monitor being way too low to actually monitor anything I was skeptical about the purchase. After playing with the sensitivity dial found out that it is a little counter intuitive, the larger the sensitivity the louder the noise has to be to break the threshold to transmit sound. Once I put the sensitivity dial to the lowest setting the sound quality was out of this world.

If you are having problems with sound check the sensitivity dial on the camera and make sure it isn't turned up too high.

41 out of 60


Great Camera to watch baby/toddler in action or...

This is a great wireless camera. It has volume control, link to Skype to watch while away, night vision is very clear, can record scenes if wanted and it has 2 way talk. Having this really gives me piece of mind. I would recommend this to anyone, not just ones with kids...can monitor the door, backyard, anything. Needed to set the camera up high but not drill holes so had to create a wedge for placement because the down tilt wasn't quite enough for our viewing set up, once that was added this camera has been fantastic!

42 out of 60


Location: Kamloops, B. C.

Great buy

This is just what I needed as I can talk to anyone in the work area downstairs while remaining on the top floor. Picture is clear even at night when lights are off so also works as a security camera.

43 out of 60


Works for us!

We use this for monitoring our baby and it has not failed us yet. Love the songs you can play remotely as it puts him back to sleep after a startle. The recording video quality is grainy but the picture and sound are great!

44 out of 60


Location: Edmonton, AB

Very happy

Pros: great features

Cons: battery life is a little short recharge daily

We are very happy with the unit. Video and sound quality is great with our unit. We have it really close to our baby. Perhaps distance is an issue as it looks like the mic is pretty tiny. We have already recorded some very precious videos that we couldn't have gotten any other way.

45 out of 60


Location: Belleville, ON

Spend more for quality

The colour picture appears to be almost black and white, it has horrible picture quality. We used it for 2 weeks and the sound stopped transmitting. We just returned it today. Disappointed. Looking to spend more for better quality and picture.

46 out of 60


Location: Lakeland Florida

Great but could be better

Have only used for a short time. It works great even at night. The only thing I wish it had is a zoom lens on the camera.

47 out of 60


Location: Fremont,MI

A GREAT Monitor!

I bought this a few months after it came out on the market and I am VERY pleased with it. I wish the camera could pan...that is the only major drawback to me. One feature that I absolutely LOVE about this monitor is that I can turn the "scan" feature on and during the night the monitor will be on but will be completely black and silent so it doesn't bother us while we sleep. Then, if my son cries or makes a loud noise in the room, the monitor will pop on and the sound will come on and then go off again. GREAT feature!! The main reason we chose this monitor over others is that we are adding baby number 2 to the family in June and we wanted a monitor that would allow us to watch both babies at the same time. Lorex is the only monitor on the market that has the sequence "quad" mode that allows you to view up to four cameras on the screen at once! Or you can choose to have it automatically scan through the cameras one at a time. We love this monitor!

48 out of 60


Keep Looking

While the box and the advertising all show pretty color pictures on the monitor, the resolution is not that great, and my picture looked almost black and white the entire time even in a well lit room. The Skype feature isn't worth much considering the unit must be attached to a computer that's turned on in order to view the video remotely. Not very practical if the purpose is for the monitor to be portable around your house. I'll try something/someone else. Not what I expected for this price.

49 out of 60


Location: San Antonio, TX

Great Purchase

The picture is so clear! Great sound. We have had numerous cameras over the years and this one is by far the best!!

50 out of 60


Great Video Monitor

Pros: easy to set up, great video even in the dark, good reception

Cons: sound not great

"We purchased this to keep an eye on our toddler who now sleeps in a bed. Couldn't be happier with the video monitor. The picture, even the dark, is great and the reception in our two story house is quite good (except for when my husband gets too close, the metal rods in his leg interfere with it).

Worked right out of the box. It's unfortunate that it won't work with Skype with my mac but I knew that before I bought it so that wasn't a surprise.

The audio isn't great. Like other reviewers have mentioned, the sound only really comes on when there is loud sound. Since we already have a sound monitor we just use it instead.

51 out of 60


Location: Pickering, ON

Having issues

From the great reviews I decided to purchase this product. It started out fine but now we are noticing that it does not notify us of the "battery requires Charging" alert. We only had it for 2 weeks. Also the reception after 3 levels are not so good. From the top floor to the basement, we can barely hear our child. Maybe we got a single lemon. We will return it and see if we have issues again. I'll keep you posted. Other than that, everything else seems to be up to standard.

52 out of 60


Location: Mississauga, ON

Sound isn't the greatest

Aside from the one comment I read regarding the lack of sound on this unit, I decided to buy it hoping they were wrong. Well, the commenter was right. One of the most important functions does in fact seem to be lacking... that being sound.

Even with the sensitivity on the camera set on high and the volume on the monitor turned all the way up, I can only hear my baby when he actually cries...but I can also hear it in audio through my house. Unfortunately I can't hear him talking to himself or making noises as he looks for his pacifier which I did hear on the old no video safety 1st monitor we had prior to this purchase. With the safety 1st unit I could hear him let out a deep breath and him moving around but sadly not with this one.

The movement alert compensates ever so slightly for the lack of sound but I still wish I could hear more without having to wait for him to cry. The only good thing about this is that I wont be awakened by his every sound . Besides this issue, the unit is pretty good for the money spent when compared to other expensive units.

-no interference with wireless devices

-Clear picture, both day and night (wish the camera didn’t have infrared red lights at night as I find my baby stares at it but you can live with this)

-So far, the charge holds well

-Easy set up straight out of the box

If you can live with the fact that sound isn't heard as some other monitors offer, than overall this is a good buy. Since I like this

many functions this unit offers, I'm still in limbo whether I'll be returning the unit in hopes of finding something a little more sensitive to sound or keep this unit and live through the sound issue. I might give it a few more nights before I make a decision.

53 out of 60


Location: Markham, ON

Great Baby Monitor

Pros: easy to use, able to record video, able to talk / play preset tune on camera

Cons: additional cameras are expensive

We are very satisfied with this purchase. The picture and sound quality is pretty clear and like the night vision capability as well as being able to talk to the monitor, or send a pre-programmed tune to help distract the baby when it is stirring. The only other nice to have for this camera would be a zoom option

54 out of 60


Location: Calgary, AB

Good product - expensive to upgrade to 2 Cameras

Pros: easy to use, good features

Cons: upgrade to second camera is expensive, video quality not as advertised

Very good product and well supported. Has almost all the features you could want. The video quality on the unit isn't even close to the advertisements that make it look like a full-colour HD TV - the quality more closely resembles a closed-circuit TV monitor. THe camera is small and lightwieght and can be attached to the wall using 3M double sided tape rather than screws, which makes for easy moving. Upgrading to the second camera will cost as much as the full system.

55 out of 60


Location: New Minas, NS

Excellent Product!

We bought this product to monitor our 21 month old as he becomes more active in his crib. It's wonderful! The picture is great, we can see what he is doing in the dark, and can hear him clearly. Now we don't need to worry if he is trying to climb out of his crib, we can see if he is!

I am also excited to try a second camera for our newborn who will be here any day.

I would definitely recommend this product.

56 out of 60


Location: U, GA

Poor sound quality

We purchased this camera because of the price. The picture quality was very good. The sound however was not, even after adjusting the sensitivity the sound was still too low. We returned the camera and are now looking for a replacement.

57 out of 60


Location: Martensville, Sask

Great buy!

This monitor is great it is so clear and it's actually affordable. Buying from Costco is easy cause you can return it so easily so you doesn't have to worry if you don't like it. But you won't have to cause this thing is so great. It automatically switches over to night vision when you turn the lights off! Totally great product !

58 out of 60


Location: Oregon

Great Monitor, but not without flaws

What's great about it: great feature set and good value

What's not so great: incompatible with Mac for remote viewing

I've had this monitor for a couple weeks now. Overall it’s pretty impressive but it does have some weaknesses. I did some research before buying and compared this model in great detail to similar models from Motorola, Samsung, and Summer Infant. At $180, it was a great value. As I'm writing this however, the price has jumped to $299. Not worth it at that price. The video is decent quality and the frame rate is fast so it doesn't appear choppy like cheaper monitors. Battery life is good. The monitor and charging cradle are good quality and buttons and menus are intuitive and easy to navigate. Set up and installation were very quick and easy. The camera can also work wirelessly with 4 AA batteries but I have yet to find a need for that feature. Range is excellent. I walked around my entire block with the monitor and only lost signal when there were physical obstructions in the way(like other houses). The monitor has a signal strength indicator just like a cell phone as well as an out range warning unlike other models. The features it lacks compared to others are pan, tilt, and zoom, as well as the ability to view the feed from your TV. I don't have picture in picture on my TV, and I didn't want to pay $50-$70 more just to move the camera around remotely. In retrospect, I miss having at least a digital zoom as it can be tricky to find the right location for the camera to get the view you want. The features I liked were the temperature display and temp alarm, built-in lullabies, auto and manual recording to an included SD card, and auto muting so that you don't have to listen to white-noise. The deciding factor for me was the ability to remote view the video feed using Skype. Initially I wanted grandparents to use Skype to see the baby, but I also wanted to use it as a nanny cam down the road. Unfortunately, this feature is not compatible with Macs. Lorex just released a driver(Nov '11) for Macs to address the issue, but I'm sad to report that it does not work. Another let down is the 2-way audio between monitor and camera. The talk button is right next to the microphone on the monitor, so its easy to cover it up with your thumb and render it useless. It also doesn't pick up your voice well unless your mouth is right up against the mic or the volume is all the way up on the camera. If you turn the volume all the way up though, the built in lullabies will BLAST through the speaker and wake your child. It's too bad there is no volume or sensitivity control on the monitor. You have to adjust it on the camera. It might take you a little while to find the right sensitivity level as well. Lastly, the camera is quick to switch to infrared(black and white) even in low light that you could see just fine if you were in the room. Overall I'm happy with it and would buy it again because my complaints are minor and I think that other products would have minor issues of their own at a higher cost.

I would recommend this to a friend!

59 out of 60


Location: Chino hills, CA

Great Monitor

What's great about it: Great features

We purchased this monitor after one of our twins escaped from her crib one night. It has many great features. I love the movement sensor, you don't have to be watching the monitor constantly to know that one of them is in action it just beeps and I know to look, Also the picture is very sharp and clear even at night. I can finally sleep again without worrying. And the modern design is a plus. I am really loving this monitor !!

I would recommend this to a friend!

60 out of 60


Location: Dacula, GA

Best Baby Monitor!

What's great about it: Has everything!!

What's not so great: My husband likes to play with all it's features!

First let me say that I very rarely write any reviews. I'm always the sceptic. This Lorex camera is hands down the best camera on the market. It is my 4th monitor in 3 years. This has every feature you could want and more. I am a very light sleeper so I had problems with other cameras being too sensitive or not turning the volume down low enough. Some of the features I love are the adjustable sensitivity, built in night light, built in pre recorded lullabies, two way communication, automatic record upon movement, the temp gauge, etc. The battery works very well - I leave the base upstairs and charge it at night. During the day I just carry the handheld unit downstairs while the kids nap. Signal strength is awesome too! My last 2 monitors got terrible reception, but this one doesn't interfere with all my husbands "gadgets". Save yourself some headache and get this one!

I would recommend this to a friend!










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