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Live Snap Series digital baby monitor


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The LIVE Snap is a completely portable digital baby monitor solution with a slim and compact design and built-in 'snapshot' recording. The pocket-sized video monitor with 2.4-inch super-bright LCD screen and camera both feature built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for true portability around your home.Take the system with you when you visit relatives, friends, or go on vacation. Capture those unforgettable moments instantly with touch-button snapshot recording to a built-in microSD card recorder. Snap and save up to 4000 pictures on the included microSD card. "Talk with Baby" feature lets you talk to and soothe your baby when you are not in the same room. See your baby at all times with Automatic Night Vision. The 100% digital technology ensures the signal is secure, interference-free and has a wireless range of up to 450 feet. The LIVE Snap digital baby monitor grows with your family because you can add cameras to view up to 4 rooms at the same time.

Model no.: Live-Snap-Series

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

Multiple viewing options

Viewing modes include Single Channel, Scan and Quad Split-Screen


Take snapshot pictures of important moments and events.



Digital baby monitor Features:

  • Multi-purpose: ideal for monitoring babies, kids, family & pets
  • High-contrast super bright 2.4” color LCD
  • 2-way audio communications
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries included with Handheld Monitor and Camera
  • Automatic night vision
  • Snap, store and share pictures with microSD™ recording (memory card included)
  • Sound-activated alerts
  • Secure interference-free, long-range digital wireless signal
  • Expandable to 4 cameras
  • Multiple viewing options - single channel, scan, quad split screen
  • Power-saving Mode

Automatic Night Vision.

Crystal-clear automatic night vision lets you check on little ones without the risk of waking them up.

It Goes Where You Go.

The lightweight digital baby monitor handheld enables you to keep an eye on your home wherever your busy day takes you – inside and out. Both the camera and handheld monitor feature built-in rechargeable lithium-ion batteries so you can take it wherever you travel with your family.

Two-Way Audio.

Two-way audio between the camera and handheld monitor lets your kids know you’re always nearby.

Capture Special Moments.

Instantly snap pictures with a single touch. View images on the handheld monitor or transfer them easily to a PC or Mac and share them on sites such as Facebook™, Flickr™, and Picasa™.

Multiple Viewing Options.

Keep an eye on multiple areas. Your LIVE Snap digital baby monitor system can grow as your family grows. Keep a camera in the baby’s room, playroom, living room, or anywhere you need an extra pair of eyes. Live Snap works with up to four cameras, which you can view simultaneously!

Sleep Easy.

Sound-Activated Alerts instantly turn on the monitor’s screen and audio. Your home monitor works around the clock – so you can rest easy.

1. Range up to 150ft/50m indoor, 450ft/150m outdoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
2. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
3. Battery life: Up to 4hrs, 7hrs with power save mode. For over night operation use included power adapter.










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1 out of 178


Location: Camarillo

The sales team emailed me and was so very helpful. I was able to get the sweet peep monitor system and absolutely love it. I am glad I didn't go back to the live snap. This sweet peep works so well. The picture and audio is so clear and the distance is much better than what I had before. I love this monitor. Easy to use and I would recommend this to anyone.

2 out of 178


Location: Camarillo, Ca

I just spoke to Customer Service...again. This time I finally was told that sine I am out of warranty I can get a refurbished monitor to use with my camera's. That is helpful but they want about $89 for it! I have had two brand new monitors break in the same space and become unusable so I would never pay that much for a refurbished unit! I will be switching to a different company for my baby monitors.

Our sales team was happy to assist you with a replacement. We hope you are enjoying the new monitor.

3 out of 178


Location: Camarillo, Ca

I would love to recommend this camera because it is easy to use and when working is great, but my monitor has now broken twice. The first time it was replaced for me after jumping through numerous hoops and phone calls. I now have the exact same problem and am out of warranty. On the receiver, the piece that attaches to the charging base has dislodged. It is nothing I can fix and now have no way of charging the monitor/receiver so the cameras are useless. I would consider trying to buy a new receiver, but the website is not helpful and I am hesitant because this has happened twice and would be worried it would happen again and be a waste of money. I am very frustrated and wouldn't recommend this product.

4 out of 178


Location: Reno, NV

I don't have this monitor, but I do have the WL3401 model and it has been great, except for the battery that only lasted a few months and then it nearly exploded. Not sure why, but I do have a support ticket in for it and I am waiting for a response from the tech department.

5 out of 178


Location: Austin, TX USA

This monitor was great when it worked. Trying to get warranty support from Lorex when it broke has been a nightmare, and I'm stuck either buying another monitor or waiting indefinitely for Lorex to come through.

I have actually bought this product twice - once through COSTCO and once through Lorex. When I was comparing options a few years ago, this baby monitor had capabilities you couldn't get elsewhere, so it was great. I liked the monitor while it was working, though at this point, there are alternatives with all the same features and more. The video monitor stopped working last spring, so I quickly bought a new one on the Lorex site. The USB connector of that video monitor broke last month after ~6 months of normal use, which was a little disappointing. The real kicker has been that Lorex customer service has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had, which is saying something... I thought AT&T would surely be reigning champion there. :-)

Almost a month ago I called customer service to ask for a replacement as soon as possible. I spent a good chunk of time with them on the phone. They took my credit card information to place a hold charge so they could send a replacement immediately, and they would remove the charge once they received my old unit. They said they would email shipping instructions for the old unit. After the phone call, they did absolutely nothing. No email, no shipment, no charge on the credit card. I submitted an online ticket a week ago, which has been completely ignored. I called today an hour or so ago, and after finally getting a customer service representative on the line, she put me on hold but must have accidentally sent me to voice mail. I left call back information, but have gotten no response.

There are great alternatives on the market now to this monitor. You take a gamble if you buy from Lorex. If you have an issue, you will have a hard time getting any help. It was pretty disruptive for my kids to not be able to use the monitor to communicate with us like they were used to. Knowing that is an issue, I'm surprised Lorex doesn't care more about taking care of their customers.

The product is probably 3 or 4 stars. The customer service is 0 (assuming that is the minimum).

6 out of 178


Location: New York, NY

Great product!

I bought this baby monitor in March 2012, and have been using it all the time. The camera has high quality image that I can clearly see the baby's movement. I love the night mode, which allows me to watch the baby clearly during night without any light interruption. The monitor is very light and slim, easy to carry. The screen is big to catch all the movements. I can also adjust the volume on the monitor, so that I can hear the cry if any while others won't be disturbed. Thanks to the function of adding more cameras to the same monitor, I plan to buy one more camera for my second one, so I won't miss any moments of both of them.

Although the battery of monitor lasts not as long as I expected after a year use, it won't effect my score. Overall, this is a great baby monitor and I will recommend to my friends.

7 out of 178


Location: Indiana

We love our live snap camera. The best part is autorotate between each of the cameras. This works great in the night so you can hear any noises from any of the cameras. Must have for new parents. Especially if you have 2 stories.. No more running up the stairs if you don't have to.

8 out of 178


Location: Cleveland, Ohio

We love this baby monitor. All the features are wonderful. Being able to use the night vision is really helpful. The two-way speaker is clear. The video on the monitor is clear as well. I love the option of being able to mount it on the wall or on a desk. It is easy to set up and I love the option of being able to use multiple cameras. We will be using the monitor years to come and also thinking about using Lorex for our home monitoring as well. This was a great investment!

9 out of 178


Location: MN

I like that this monitor is easy to use, has a good range and nice picture. However, after only having it for a few months, the screen starting going white and it became unusable. Lorex says they will replace it but it was an inconvenience. We have taken very good care of it so it was a surprise that it just stopped working.

10 out of 178


Location: Portland, or

I love, love, love this monitor system! We use it to monitor our boys rooms with 2 cameras... The overall quality/ video is great. However, we are now sending this back again...! We have been using this for 7 months now- a few months ago the monitor started beeping at us in the middle if the night- the batteries on the cameras were not charging. We narrowed the issue down to the metal piece that the cord plugs into on the camera itself. We sent it back and they did send us new ones- they initially only sent us back one camera when we returned 2! Now the issue has begun again... Looking at the monitor itself- started beeping and not charging. Looked at the docking station and metal piece that it plugs into and this is broken.. This is now every piece of this system that had faulty metal plugs- think they need a new manufacturer of these pieces! Otherwise we love our camera, will be nice when we get it back in working condition!

11 out of 178


Location: Los Angeles

We are satisfied with this baby monitor and would recommend it to others.

12 out of 178


Location: Madison heights VA

I have thoroughly enjoyed this monitor. The night vision is great as you can see what your baby or children are doing at all times. I also love the feature of having more than 1 camera. I can check on all of my children at once. The other feature that is helpful is when you turn down the volume you can still see if a child is making noise (crying etc) by watching the screen. That way you do t have to hear the screaming but know if the child has not stopped crying. I love this monitor and would recommend to everyone.

13 out of 178


Location: Mechanicsburg, PA

I LOVE THIS MONITOR!! I have three small children and prior to getting this monitor, I had three different devices that were being used and they created so much clutter... not to mention, when I went to work-out in the garage or clean the house I would have to take all three monitors with me everywhere I went. It is so incredible to have all the cameras synced to one monitor, enabling me to view all three kids at once. It has made life a lot simpler.
In addition, I love being able to talk to my children through the monitor. They have slept much better after I give them a few comforting words through the monitor at naptime and bed time, knowing I am watching them and if they need anything I am right there.

14 out of 178


Location: Pennsylvania

We have owned our Lorex Live Snap (LW2003) for about 20 months so we have had a LOT of experience with this nifty gadget. Overall I am rating this with 4 stars however we do have some concerns that (for some people) may really mean 3 stars or less. We've just learned to deal with some of the drawbacks....

PROS (in our priority order)
- VIDEO: As parents who only ever had an audio baby monitor we really appreciate being able to see our kids. I value that almost more than the audio which is why the audio 'con' (see below) doesn't bug me as much as it might others.
- 2-WAY TALK: We have a toddler that has always needs extra verbal affirmation so when I was nursing the new baby downstairs I could still communicate with our older child upstairs.
-ADD ON CAMERAs: we keep having more kids... nice to add more cams; enough said.
-SPLIT SCREEN: I like being able to see all 4 cameras at once vs. having to wait for the screen to individually pan to the next camera.
-POWER SAVE mode: we use this often.
-SNAP PICS: although I've yet to upload anything, I've taken a lot of pictures of our kids doing cute things. Only thing better would be the ability to video record.
-VOX - don't really use this
-CUSTOMER SUPPORT: I appreciated LOREX's quick response when our battery went dead (see 'CON' below).

-AUDIO is POOR: we use white sound in our kids' rooms so we have the added obstacle of hearing beyond the static sound that we've created. Our previous baby monitor (Sony Baby Call) had very good audio (could hear the child breathe). Of course I could mount that monitor right next to the crib (vs. hanging this camera several more feet away on the wall) so perhaps that's the main difference.
-RANGE: it's decent however if I get too many walls between the monitors (i.e. go out to the garage while kid is napping) I loose connection. I wish I could feel a bit more freedom to roam at least that far (our house is avg size).
-BATTERY: We had to replace our battery at the 12mo mark when it started to loose a charge very quickly. And that's even with us being particular about giving it a full charge after is goes to empty.
-BELT CLIP: It would be nice to have a belt clip. The unit is small enough to fit inside pockets however when I don't have pockets, it gets a little annoying to keep it close.
-WIRELESS INTERFERENCE: We were under the impression that it would not interfere with our wireless however it DEFINITELY does and is very annoying... this is probably the biggest issue for us. If we're watching something online or doing anything more than checking email on our computers, if the monitor is on, than the spooling runs extremely slow. Frustrating. We have to compromise either the monitor (turn it off) or give up computer time.
-PARENT HANDHELD MONITOR: as of a few days ago it seems like something broke loose inside the handheld. The rattle has me a little concerned. It's been a very durable unit for us so far, but the rattle makes me wonder what's falling apart inside???

Overall though -- still rate it at 4 stars.... that might change if the rattle (above) turns into a significant issue. This was a pricey monitor to have it break down this soon so we are hoping that is not the case!!

15 out of 178


Location: Oregon

Monitor stopped working couple of months after purchase. Had to invoke warranty and working on getting replacement monitor. Had to pay shipping for returning the monitor

16 out of 178


Location: Canada

Product was great for us. Issue with us was the charger end on the camera (female USB) physically came off the motherboard when we were charging. So I bought another one , it lasted 16 months. Broke again in the same spot. On Friday.

I'm going to call customer service Monday and hopefully they can replace it or send me a new one. Funny they didn't have a better power plug in for this unit.

17 out of 178


I like this product it's always on sale! great support atleast in my case and at can't beat prices,my likes; sound is loud and continually on, power save mode last 4 to 5 hours on battery. dislikes trouble connecting to gateway and cam/skype. All an all 4 stars out of 5 cause of the sales prices and support.

18 out of 178


Location: Boise, ID

video baby monitor

This video monitor is easy to use and has a good picture. I also like the fact that I can add additional cameras to have as many as 4 total. My only complaint about it was that where the charging plug connected to the base broke after a short period of time. It seems some of them may have a weak solder on them. Lorex was very good about replacing it in a timely manner for me though.

19 out of 178


Location: Minneapolis, MN

Love this monitor

I love this monitor. So much in fact that I bought a replacement after my original was no longer functional. The only complaint I have about this monitor is that the charging unit (the USB that plugs into the charger) needs to be made differently, as mine broke off and was floating around in the handheld unit so it was no longer able to charge. Contemplated going with a different brand but in the end knew I wouldn't be happier with any other monitor. So I bought the same model and am hoping that the charging piece will not break again.

20 out of 178


Location: Utah

Great System

I have a home child care business and this system is perfect. The sound and picture quality are great. I have the system plus 2 extra cameras so I see up to 4 areas at a time. I love that I can see and hear the kids and even talk to them through the camera if i need to. Nap time is wonderful now and I have peace of mind.

21 out of 178


We bought this and two extra cameras to monitor children's activities around our home. We have them upstairs where children tend to play and we are able to see what is going on. You can talk to them and hear them too.

22 out of 178


Location: Logan, UT

I haven't had any other baby monitors. So I'm not sure how this could compare to others, but I found it easy to figure out and use, and pretty handy. The screen is a little small on the viewing device, and I wish the camera came with more mounting options (maybe a clamp to attach it to the side of a crib or playpen, or on a mobile up above the baby somewhere). I found it hard to find perfect places to put it. But it worked. Battery life seems okay. I appreciate the infrared mode where it can illuminate the kid on video without actually shining a visible light out

23 out of 178


Location: Chicago il

We purchased this monitor with an extra camera about 18 months ago and have been extremely happy with it. We have used it in our previous and current homes, both 2 stories, without any difficulties. We have 2 cameras, one in each of our children's rooms, and love the portability of the handset. The picture quality and night vision are excellent. We LOVE the walkie-talkie feature and use it often to quiet our older child when he wakes up from a bad dream or to find out if he really needs our help with something before we debate whose turn it is to go. The whole system is so easy to use and portable that we've taken it with us on several vacations and used it to let our younger child nap while we sit & chat, etc. in an adjoining room. We took on a lake cabin vacation last summer and found that it worked as far away as our relatives' cabin about 50 yards from ours. The handset appears a little flimsy but it has withstood lots of hard use by us and shown no signs of giving in. I'd absolutely recommend this monitor to anyone!

24 out of 178



With our second child on the way we needed something to keep an eye on both our kids. We purchased another video monitor and it was horrible! But then we found this one and it's amazing! Clear picture in both day and night, clear sound and it gives you so many options. I absolutely love it! i recommend this item to anyone and everyone.

25 out of 178


love i

I bought this monitor right after my almost 5yr old moved his bedroom downstairs. I wanted to be sure I could see that he was staying in bed and going to sleep. This monitor is great!! I charged it up overnight then set it up the next day. I just mounted them on the wall, plugged in and it was ready to go. The picture is great, I was worried about it being too small but it isn't. I can still see everything just fine, even at night with the night vision. The sound is clear and has 4 volume settings, I only use setting 2 or 3 and it’s plenty loud enough. I don't use the VOX setting because my kids sleep with music, so it wouldn't work. But I do set it to rotate through the rooms at night so I will hear them if they cry. I haven't had any problems with the cameras turning off on their own or unpairing. I have used this for a few weeks now and zero problems. This is the first video monitor I have owned and I am very impressed. I recommend this to every mom, it’s so reassuring to SEE what your child is doing instead of just hearing.

26 out of 178


Pretty cool

This is the coolest baby monitor I've ever seen. It is cellphone sized and has a battery so you can carry it around without being tethered to a cord. My ONLY problem is the VOX is worthless-so this is supposed to have a feature that allows the video and sound to go off from the monitor at night until the baby makes a sound which activated it-well my camera when running video makes some sort of background noise which is loud enough to kick on the VOX-so basically the thing powers down every 15 seconds then powers back up like the VOX is operating. No worries-we just slap it in "power save" which shuts off the video but keeps playing the audio-and if the baby makes a noise you hit any button on the receiver and the video comes on. This unit has an amazing night vision and the camera comes paired up from the factory, you can even add 3 more cameras. The width of the camera angle seems just right and it has many mounting possibilities. You'll likely want to screw it down because the weight of the cord can topple it off your baby's bed easily. The receiver has 4 buttons to choose cameras or you can view all 4 at once. It is very CLEAR but the colors are so-so. One of my favourite features is you can talk thru the camera! So if my wife is attending to the baby it can be used as an intercom; I have to hold the talk button to talk but since the camera has a mic and speaker my wife just speaks naturally and I can hear her. I can’t wait to get more cameras so I can ask her to bring me a beverage wherever she is!

27 out of 178


Location: Canada

Excellent for the price, good overall

One thing that drives me crazy is this thing DESTROYS my Wi-Fi in the house, like barely usable on any of the 11 channels. On my laptop I can at least use 5.8 GHz but 2.4 GHz is slowed down to a crawl. I'd imagine this would affect 2.4 GHz phones if I had any.

I like that the handset battery is a fairly common cell phone battery available for < $10 on eBay

night vision works very well, camera is clear and sound is good. At first I was disappointed with the build quality, but I was comparing it to a blackberry or iPhone that costs 5x as much. I've dropped the handset a number of times; it still works 100% so I have no complaints.

The photo taking is of questionable value. I use the exit date on photos for keeping track of when it was taken, but this device does not write a date (it doesn't even have a date set in it) the photos are quite low quality.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product but I would make sure to mention the above concerns to anyone looking to purchase one

28 out of 178


Great Buy For The Price

I absolutely love my cameras and recommend it to anyone looking for a great video baby monitor. They are not kidding when they say it's easy set up. You literally take it out the box, plug it and set up is complete! I have a two story home so not only do I use it as a baby monitor for my two kids (6months and 6 years old) but it's a speaker system for me and my 6 year old. Once again, if you are in the market for a video baby monitor fit a good price don’t look any further.

29 out of 178



Does exactly what we wanted it to do!!! Great picture in the daylight and in the dark. Sound quality is wonderful. Really like being able to use the monitors as a speaker. I’m in the market for camera's three and four.

30 out of 178


Love this camera!,

I love this camera! I have a 21 month old and a 7 month old. This camera works great! I've purchased several cameras and returned them due to them not working. This is first camera I have not had any problems with.

31 out of 178


Easy instalation and use Baby Monitor, February 20, 2012

This is a very easy installation and operation Baby Monitor.

Reasonable image quality and sound.

Great internal battery can provide you a choice to use it even in a camping.

I recommend it!!!

32 out of 178


Great Buy, February 7, 2012

I really like my baby monitor. It has some static noise but it is good in my case because I can definitively hear if the baby moves easily. I recommend this product to whoever is in the search of something cheap and with good quality.

33 out of 178



Simple amazing... a must for us and our baby... we already got a unit and we just recently bought a second one for travelling and/or when visiting family... just love it...!

34 out of 178


Location: Schenectady, NY

Great, simple monitor, flimsy camera though, January 29, 2012

I bought this to use as a baby monitor, and it's been 2 months and I love it. It's not bulky like other baby monitors, and I like the small profile. It does what it's supposed to do--the picture is clear, there is sound, and I can keep tabs on my baby no matter where I am in the house. Power Save mode works well, the VOX mode doesn't really work well at all, so I don't use it. I just turn the volume down to one at night so I can hear her if she cries, but not all of the other little sounds she makes.

Screen quality is decent--night vision is used the most, but the daytime display is decent as well. It's a small screen but it's all I need. If you feel you need a giant monitor on which to see your baby (not really sure why that would be), then this isn't the video monitor for you.

The camera itself is a tad flimsy (camera is too heavy for the base), and doesn't stay upright without help. For now, it sits tucked safely into a corner of her crib, and that has worked well so far. However, when she starts moving we will remove it from the crib and attach it to a nearby shelf with a Command strip or something. The flimsiness of the camera is really my only complaint.

35 out of 178


Awesome baby monitor

Great picture, awesome product, works as described. I didn't have any problems setting it up, I simply followed the instructions. I haven't tried out the snapshot feature yet, but I didn't get it for that reason. I wanted a digital monitor that my neighbours couldn't view-while on vacation with the Summer analog model, I could pick up 3 other monitors in the area...a little disturbing. I definitely recommend this monitor.

36 out of 178


Location: Ruston, LA United States

Lorex LW2003PK2 Live Snap Video Baby Monitor with Two Cameras

Reasonably good product and Easy to install.

Need to reset if the communication does not work.

Since it has two cameras we can use in two rooms and can be extended to four rooms.

37 out of 178


Good Monitor!,

I really like the Lorex Baby Monitor and I would definitely buy it. If you purchase it with the idea that you are only monitoring your baby and not capturing lifetime memories, you'll be very happy. Another good thing is the two way communicator! I tested with my friend daughter and when she woke up, we talk to her and ask her to close her eyes again and she did!!! I fell asleep again!!! And we didn`t have to go to bedroom!!! AWESOME!!!

38 out of 178


Location: Hillsboro, OR

Good product awful customer service

I received this camera as a gift. When we received the camera and set it up to became clear that something was wrong with our kit. The monitor would not pick up a signal beyond ten feet. I called tech support and got amazing help. He told me that the antenna had not been calibrated correctly and they would send me a new kit (since they didn't know if it was the camera or monitor). He told me to email the proof of purchase (which I was able to get from my father who bought it) and email to customer service, and that they would process it and send me a new camera.

I called customer service 4 days later and the women whom I spoke with was rude and abrupt and didn't really listen to me, but jumped to conclusions about why I was calling. She told me to email the proof of purchase directly to her since she didn't know who got the general emails. I asked her to please let me know when the camera would be mailed, I also asked her again in the email I sent. I did not hear anything back. I called again after a few days someone told me that they had mailed the new set and I should receive it in a few days.

I'm still waiting for the new set, but from what I saw from the old kit the picture is great and the sound is just fine. I'm really looking forward to using this camera; I just wish that their customer service was a little more friendly and helpful.

39 out of 178


Location: Sacramento area, CA

Fantastic Item. Could only be happier if the monitor wasn't so flimsy, December 22, 2011

Most anyone who has this camera/monitor combo will be pleased with their purchase. It does well in a variety of conditions (low light, through a lot of walls, over a relatively long range). The two-way talk feature is very versatile and the ability to watch up to 4 cameras split-screen at the same time is very impressive at this price point.

The only complaint is how flimsy the handset/monitor is. One fall onto our tile floor and that was it. However, as testament to how highly we think of this monitoring system, we bought the exact same one as our replacement... and are now SUPER careful about how fragile the handset is. Now that we have extra an extra camera unit we are using a camera as a front door monitor too. This is a nice thing to have when there are so many deliveries coming to the door around Xmas.

The setup is brainless and the built-in rechargeable batteries are wireless communication make everything really convenient.

40 out of 178


We are waiting for our baby : )

The video quality is great, night vision works well. Fast shipping and it’s a good quality product.

We only try because hopefully we will get a baby in April. I will inform you after used with my baby:)

Looks good at the moment.


41 out of 178


Good Video Monitor, Voice Activation Doesn't Work

Overall, this is a really nice video monitor in a convenient size.

Positive: Great video in day or night. Convenient size monitor allows you to put it in your pocket if you're carrying something. The ability to talk to the baby is great- we don't talk to the baby much but actually use a second monitor to keep an eye on older kids that visit and sometimes remind them to behave or call them to dinner. The monitor also allows you to see two cameras (up to four) at the same time.

Negative: Voice Activation feature (VOX) doesn't work. It falls asleep but then hears something and turns back on. After getting a second unit from Lorex and repeated phone calls they told me it was because the monitor was "hearing noises outside the human range of hearing." Not sure why a monitor would be designed to pick up such noises since I'm pretty sure my baby can't make those noises. Instead we use the power save feature where it functions as a sound-only monitor. Also, the photograph feature doesn't really work well as the quality of the image isn't great but that seems like an unnecessary feature anyhow.

Bottom line, I like the monitor but if I'd known the VOX wouldn't work I would have considered other monitors.

42 out of 178


love it

I have 4 kids, 6 yrs. old, 4 yrs. old twins and a toddler. All the kids bedrooms are on the 2nd floor and the master bedroom is in the first. I bought this November of 2010. When my twins were younger, they called out in the middle of the night for potty breaks, for their blanket being off of them, for everything! My oldest also sometimes had nightmares so there are plenty of occasions where either my husband or I have to run upstairs in the middle of the night. It was frustrating, until we got this monitor.

With this monitor, we can talk to the kids and talk them through whatever it is they need reducing the amount of time we have to run upstairs. I have the monitor sitting on the charger at night, cycling through all the rooms. It's great!

Here is how I use it; I have all the cameras plugged in at night because the charge never lasts through the night. In the morning, when everyone wakes up, I unplug the cameras and let them use up the charge. During the naps, I plug them in again and unplug after. I've used this system this way for a year now.


1- the monitor has a VOX option. With this, the monitor goes to "sleep" (no sound, no picture) unless it detects a noise in any of the rooms. When it detects a noise, the monitor displays the video and plays the sound on that camera. The problem with this is it never worked right from day 1. A particular camera keeps turning on no matter how quiet it is in that particular room. I've played with it, and no, it never worked right. So I don't use this function.

2- Camera battery life has gone downhill after a year. When I first got this, on a full charge, the battery exceeded what the package said. On a bright room the battery lasted 4-6 hours. Each camera performed differently though. There is one camera that performs better than the rest and one that is the worst. On a dark room, it lasts about 2-3 hours. Now after a year, there is one camera that dies 15 minutes after I unplug it from the charger.

**I've never had a problem with the battery life on the monitor. A full charge can last up to 4 hours. The chargers are mini USB so when the monitor starts dying on me, I just use one of my old cell phone chargers.

43 out of 178


Location: Oxford, MI

vox sucks, but the rest is amazing!!

Like most reviews say, the VOX sucks, so if that's what you want, don't get this. If you don't care about VOX this thing is AMAZING. The pictures aren't high quality, as it isn't a high quality camera, it is a baby monitor, but they are still fine. The cameras are really adjustable for aiming; the quality of the picture is pretty good considering the price. The back and forth audio is great; we use them like walkie talkies sometimes! I would DEF recommend this video monitor!

44 out of 178


Great monitor for price!

We were looking for a new video monitor since the addition of our second son. This was PERFECT!!! Love that it came with two cameras already so we wouldn't have to purchase another. Also love the fact that it has the option for 2 more cameras (4 in total) if we needed it. It's great for what we need it for. The picture is clear and the sound is great! I even have it in my backyard while the kids are sleeping and it works fine!

45 out of 178


Location: Howell, MI USA

great for long or obstacle range

I got this as a baby shower gift for my sister in law back in Taiwan. All the houses there tend to be over 2 or 3 story and built with solid concrete and steel bars in every inch of the house due to earthquake, unlike houses in the US tend to be 1 or 2 story’s and with wood as divider inside the house. So my concern when I ordering this one is whether it will transmit the image within such kind of solid concrete/steel bar houses. I decided to get one right before the trip back to Taiwan and test it out, if not working; I'll bring it back to return.

Surprisingly, we did the test and have camera on the floor 1 and I took the monitor to floor 3 (distance 22 feet with 2 layers of solid concrete/steel bar) straight above the camera, it works great in image and audio. But when the camera move about 50 yards away, I lost the image and audio. This works good enough for me as I didn't expect it would work.

If you concern about the long range and obstacles in the house, hope this review help. I cannot contribute how durable the product is as it's still new to us.

46 out of 178


Good Monitor,

I have had my camera for only one month. If it works as well six months from now as it does today, I will change my rating from good to excellent. I purchased the camera so that I can work outside in my garden and observe my 98 year old mom who sleeps most of the day, but needs assistance when she is awake. The reception is good as long as I am in the area of the garden that is closest to the room where she is resting. Otherwise, I have to move the camera to a location that will get monitor reception.

47 out of 178


Good baby monitor with 2 way communication

I have been using a different baby monitor that uses only sound and I needed one with a camera. I bought this monitor and it has marginally good night video capability, which will always be the case, 2 way communication ability and a decent battery charge life of about 5 hours. It looks a little cheap for the cost and the micro USB charge cable looks like it may be a weak point in the design. Other than it being a bit expensive, it's a reasonably good baby monitor.

48 out of 178



Lorex LW2003PK2 Live Snap Video Baby Monitor with Two

El producto realmente es una ayuda para el cuidado de mi hija lo recomiendo.

49 out of 178


Location: Spring Hill, FL USA

Parents, sleep better!

We actually purchased this for our son and his wife. She's pregnant with their second child and is thrilled with the clarity of the pictures and the improved sound over many other models. The "second camera" feature will soon come in handy. The peace of mind aspect in itself makes the purchase worth it.

50 out of 178


Good Product

Works great, I found it very easy to setup and more importantly it provides peace of mind for nervous parents.

I only wish that I'd had this when my oldest was a baby.

51 out of 178



We should have bought this in the beginning! However, we got an audio monitor that we also love. We decided to get a video monitor for our son (who has never been a great sleeper) when he started moving around in the crib. Sometimes he would cry because he didn't want to go to sleep, but sometimes he would cry when he backed into the crib and would get his leg stuck. We needed a way to tell the difference so that we didn't go in his room at every cry. This monitor did the trick. It was a breeze to set up once we decided where we wanted it. Another plus: although it plugs into the wall and runs off of electricity, it continues working even when the power goes out. Our audio monitor has to be turned back on manually once the power comes back on, which would wake our son.

I should mention that I am not crazy about the button that allows you to talk to the baby. My husband thinks it a great toy and talks to our son. He has scared him more than once.

The range on this monitor is not great, either. We have a large, two-story house. My son's room is upstairs, at the opposite side of the house from the front porch. We cannot use the monitor on the front porch. However, since our audio monitor has a very large range, we were not concerned with that when considering video monitors.

52 out of 178



To begin with, I have to admit that we do not use this unit to monitor babies as we have none...having gone through that `baby thing' years and years ago. No, we use this unit to monitor dogs! Now before you go off on me, keep in mind that our dogs are treated far, far better than many babies and children we see around us today. Our dogs are part of our family and treated as such.

As to this unit: It was everything we wanted in such a device and actually works for us better than we anticipated.

Set up was such that even a very low tech person such as myself had absolutely no problems what so every. The instructions were well written, very precise and I had absolutely no problems understanding them...a rarity for me. I was able to understand how to operate this contraption will little effort. Yes, it took a bit of figuring out, but that was a rather painless process.

We found the sound quality to be quite good for our needs. When the new Boston Terrier pup starts rearranging the kitchen trash when we are not in the room, we hear it instantly. Our bedroom is quite far from the kitchen so we were pleased with the range.

I love the ability to take snapshot with this unit! While the quality of the picture certainly is not that of my old Nikon FA or that of my wife's fancy digital that I had to take out a second mortgage for, it is acceptable and we are able to get many candid shots that we simply wouldn’t get any other way.

The night vision on this unit works quite well and very little light is needed for it to be effective.

The camera portion of the unit is a bit top heavy and you have to take care how you set it or it will tip over. For our purpose the mounting bracket was not applicable. I got around this by using strips of removable Velcro on the surface the camera was to be attached and on the bottom of the camera. This works out well.

I was quite happy with the two-way communication device. A sharp voice command such as “NO!” and or “BAD DOG!”  was quite effective.

Overall, I am quite satisfied with this product. If I were to use it to monitor babies, I feel I would like it for that function too. Could this device be better? Of course it could. In looking at the reviews here and on other such devices offered, it seems that there are flaws in all of them and different folks have different needs; indeed, different tolerance levels.

Don Blankenship

The Ozarks

53 out of 178


Recommended; not sure about tech support though (better in late 2011 it seems!)

So far I like this baby video monitor.

- The video quality is great

- Night vision works well

- It works even with my Wi-Fi 802.11g, 2.4 GHz cordless phone, 2.4 GHz wireless speakers and a microwave oven.

- Battery life is good. I've had the receiver on for 5 hours and the battery indicator is down to 33%. This is with VOX and Power Save both off.

- I dropped this 2x on our (hard) floor and it still works (phew).

- I especially like the 2-way communication. I don't use it a lot to talk to our baby. I found it to be useful when my wife is with our baby and needs to tell me something. Not only can I hear her through the handheld monitor but I could reply! It's like having a video walkie-talkie.

- Uses a micro-USB (I think) connector for power. This is the same connector used by some electronics (like my old Garmin nuvi 350, my Logitech Harmony 550 remote, etc). If you want an extra charger in another room you could likely use one you already have that came with another product.

- The camera has a rechargeable internal battery. I find this convenient when I want to temporarily move the camera (i.e., to keep an eye on our baby when in her swing) without fussing about power cords. I don't know how long the battery lasts as I only use it like this for a few tens of minutes.

Wish list:

- Support multiple handheld receivers (so more than one parent can monitor the baby). I have not seen any digital video baby monitors support this.

- It would be nice if the camera can be mounted on a tripod to make it more portable (i.e., bring it to my home office when bring the baby's bassinet there, etc).

- I wish the handheld had a flip-out stand so I can prop it up while away from the charging base. This would be nice to have but not that critical for me.

What I don't like:

- The plastic looks and feels cheap

- The silver logo (not red and black as shown in product pictures) looks even cheaper -- sort of like it was just spray painted on it (like an engineering project or a cheap Chinese knockoff... heck those even look better sometimes). I know this is less important than the technical features but still, appearance does matter. The monitor gives off a cheap vibe in my opinion.

- Volume on the handheld monitor is kinda low

- A crib mounting bracket would be nice to have. I considered mounting the camera on the wall but it was too far from our baby (and she does not typically face the wall!). Instead, I strapped it onto the crib myself but will have to move it once the child gets older and can reach it.

What I hate:

- Sales and customer service is a joke! I have never seen live sales chat active and I've been checking for a month or longer. I sent an e-mail to customer support and nobody replied. I also left a voice mail for sales support and again no reply. [Update 11/22/2011: Now tech support seems to be more responsive. I inquired about a replacement charging dock and received a prompt reply].


Sure! I still recommend the product but all bets are off if you need technical support.

54 out of 178


Location: Hillsborough, NJ

Awesome concept, needs a little work on the software side...

This is an excellent product that puts a new spin on baby monitoring and general surveillance around your home/office.

Whats included:

* 1 Lorex LIVE snap Video Monitor

* 1 Lorex LIVE snap Camera (with built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery)

* 1 Charging cradle

* 2 Power adapters

* 1 micro SD memory card with SD card adapter

* 1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery for video monitor

* Quick Start Guide

* Instruction Manual

Quick Start and Test:

This is what I loved - no hassle - turn both units on and the Camera is paired automatically (indicated by a green light on camera) to the hand held unit. Video and audio are streaming immediately. Be careful and avoid getting the camera and hand held too close to each will result.

Quality and Range:

We tested this from multiple locations in our home - 2nd floor to basement, basement to back yard, main floor to garage, and garage to 2nd floor.....all worked PERFECTLY with one drop out which I believe was due to batteries not being fully charged. Once fully charged I did not notice a connection drop. The quality is as can be expected with a device like this...its NOT high definition :) - it is however VERY VERY good for what i does and you have a clear image on the hand held with audio via wireless which in itself is an AWESOME feature. The still images too are not of high quality...but you can capture some stunning moments and add them to your photo’s not intended to replace your digital camera. :)

The product out of the box is set to use for one camera - however, the hand held unit can support up to 4 different cameras that are paired with it...basically press 1 for camera one, and so on. You would have to purchase additional cameras. The ability to setup 4 cameras around your home and have a surveillance system in your pocket is AWESOME...

The build quality on the hand held could be a little better in terms of hardware...but I think the WORST part is the software on the hand held is very lack luster and does not respond to the users actions is slow at best. This is the only reason that this product gets a 4/5 from me...fix the software/firmware on the hand held and its a 5 star product.

This is a GREAT effort and an excellent product with many possibilities. But make sure your expectations are set correctly and you wont be disappointed. 4/5 stars for me.

55 out of 178


should have bought it sooner!!!

We have 4 boys and I really thought people were crazy for buying video monitor. I mean really do you need to watch every move your child does??? HOWEVER, I borrowed my brothers because my 18 month old was sleeping excessively. Come to find out he just likes his bed. Sleeps, plays, sleeps again! He is so quiet I wouldn't have known unless I could see him.

So yes I would be one of those "crazy" people that watches their child all the time. It has also been great with a second camera. We put it in our other boy’s room and we can talk to them or see if they are out of bed when they are supposed to be sleeping :)

I would tell anyone to get it! :)

56 out of 178


Great little unit,

The first unit would not work past about 15 feet. I spoke to Lorex customer service and they sent me a replacement unit. I took it out of the box and it worked great. I set up the camera and took off walking to all corners of the house, the camera in the middle of the house I went about 25 yards outside, before the unit cut out. System is very easy to setup and use.

I was impressed with Lorex's customer service.

57 out of 178


Best video monitor

I've had 2 other monitors and I feel this is the best one the market. It is the only one I know of that you can view 2 or more cameras at the same time. There is no loud 'click' when switching between cameras.

Others have reported poor customer service. My receiver broke and when I called customer service they were very helpful and sent me a replacement one quickly. I have 2 other baby monitors in the house and cordless phones and we don’t have any problems with interference.

58 out of 178


Loving my new monitor!

After relying on an angel care monitor to ease the worries of motherhood, I decided to keep the ease going with using a video monitor for my almost 2 year old. He will soon be transitioning out of the crib so I wanted to have a way to monitor him as we take on the new sleeping arrangement. I was intimidated by the cost of video monitors, and even less impressed at how many do not have the hand held and only offer the smaller TV size monitor. I came across this monitor and could not be happier with my purchase! I was skeptical with how any handheld screens would come across, but this one is so clear and I can see the kiddo great! The 2 way communication is a great feature that I expect to be extremely useful when taking on the new sleeping arrangements! It was VERY easy to set up; in fact I did it without reading the instructions on the initial set up even. I am so glad that I didn't go the route of paying more thinking that there wasn't a great product for less. This monitor is a great investment!

59 out of 178


Location: League City, TX

Great product.

We love using this. The picture is clear, even at night. The ONLY issue I have with it is that when the battery runs out, it shuts off without alarming you to let you know. I love the ability to add multiple cameras to the one little portable viewer. It works well in our two-story house and out into our yaCreaterd

60 out of 178


Location: USA

Buy cheaper at Costco!! $179!

Just letting others know there is a $50 cheaper option out there - check out Costco's website (S/H included!); could be cheaper if you opt for in-store cash and carry.

61 out of 178


Excellent and Affordable Choice, August 5, 2011

We decided to buy this monitor after our angel care Matt gave us the scare of our lives, just started beeping and our baby was fine. I absolutely love the video monitor; it is easy to use, and easy to set up. We mounted it to the top of our child's crib for a "bird's eye view" of her. I can move it with me to any room in the house and then take the monitor wherever I need to go. I had my step daughter keep watch as I walked across the street with the monitor during my daughter's nap and I still had a crystal clear picture and signal until I stepped inside our neighbour’s front door (probably 150 feet). My only complaint is it makes an awful screeching sound when the monitor and camera get too close together and the charging port broke off after using it for 2 months (My husband works with electronics so he was able to fix it, otherwise I would have sent it back and requested a new one). I really love this monitor and would recommend it to anyone.

62 out of 178


Location: San Francisco, CA

excellent video monitor (with ok audio)

We live in a house that holds 1 toddler and traverses 3 levels (many walls, doors, stairwells, kitchens and bathrooms separate the room we wish to monitor), wireless coverage of any type has been very difficult. We've used a Phillips AdventNet audio monitor for many years, whose wireless coverage and audio reception has been excellent, but it has no video. We've also tried different Wi-Fi video monitors, all have had failing reception, or simply been awful to use.

We found the Lorex via an Amazon Gold Box Deal, all reviews pointed to a video device that would fit our needs - I'm pleased to say that it has. There are many features that we don't use, so I'll focus on the ones that we needed... The color video reception is great, especially considering we operate it at its lowest signal level (1 bar, through many walls and doors); the camera operation works superbly in the day or night. There's no zoom on the video, and the screen resolution is ok, but it shows what's needed. The audio quality is ok, nothing compared to the Phillips, but I think we've been spoilt, but considering its also carrying video we're happy, especially now that we have a visual on our wee one.

63 out of 178


Good product for the price,

Took a little bit of figuring out but finally got the hang of it. The battery life isn't all that great on the hand held must really be selective on what to view. I'm not sure on the cameras because we keep them plugged in while monitoring.

All in all it’s a great product for the price.

64 out of 178


Location: Dallas, TX

This is close to PERFECT!

I love everything about this monitor; there are just a couple features I would add that would make it PERFECT!

1. I wish you could select different volumes for different cameras. For instance, when I've put my 3 year old and 9 month old down to nap, I would like to set the volume for the 3 year old low (since he mostly plays) and the 9 month old higher. When it cycles thru the 2 cameras, sometimes I can't tell if the noise comes from the 3 year old playing or from the baby’s room; the sounds are actually the baby waking up!

2. I wish you could select WHICH cameras to cycle thru. Example: I have 3 cameras; 3 year old bedroom, 9 month baby bedroom, and playroom. During nap time, unless I want to see/listen to an empty playroom every 16 seconds, I have to go switch off the camera in the playroom. Not a huge deal, but something that when forgotten is kind of a pain.

Besides those small things, this camera is awesome! We had previously used the Safety 1st HD video cameras (discontinued), but had been using 2 separate camera/monitor sets. This puts it all on one device, with the option to have as many as 4 cameras. We live in a 4800 sq. ft. house, and the range has been excellent. Master is downstairs on one side of the house, kid’s rooms are upstairs on the same side, and playroom is upstairs on the other side of the house. Hasn't dropped/lost the signal or had a fuzzy feed yet. I also haven't heard any 'humming' from the monitor, which is something I was worried about from other reviews. All-in-all, VERY HAPPY with this purchase!

65 out of 178


Awesome baby monitor!

I love this baby monitor! I even bought a second camera for my older children's room. It is so nice to be able to view the kids and make sure they are ok. I can hear and see everything. The night vision is awesome and I love the fact I can talk to my kids while they are in their rooms. Overall this is one of the best products I have gotten in a long time and I will be getting many years of use out of it.

66 out of 178


Location: College Station, TEXAS, US

seems really cool, so far

I have yet to use this with my child, since she won’t be here for about 7 more weeks. However, I did watch a video of a man testing out the infrared features and things. It is really cool. It works like it says it does. I will post a more thorough review after having used it with my child.

67 out of 178



After using this for 3 months now with my baby boy, I can say that this monitor is great. I love how easy it is to use. I can take this monitor with me in the back yard and water my plants and still see and hear my baby. It's so portable and the picture quality is great. I can even see if my boy’s eyes are open or not. I would highly recommend this product.

68 out of 178


Location: Austin, TX

awesome for more than 1 kid

We bought these for my new baby and 5 year old daughter. Having them all the way upstairs, this gives us great peace of mind because we can see/hear what they are doing day or night and they can hear us. The quality of the camera picture is really good. The setup is so fast. You literally just have to mount or place it where you want, turn it on and you are ready to go! I highly recommend this!

69 out of 178


Big Brother is watching. I mean Momma & Poppa are watching!!!

I ordered this as a baby shower gift. Along came a beautiful, healthy baby boy. Momma & Poppa watch the baby in crib or in pack-n-play from the convenience of whatever room they might need to be in. Picture is great, sound is great and it is so easy to take a camera and the viewer, toss it in the diaper bag and bring it to grandparent's house, or wherever.

Great item!!! Might even add camera three and four soon!!!

70 out of 178


Wish I bought sooner

I have two kids, one 5 and one 4 and I got this monitor b/c they like to stay up late and play in their rooms. So far the monitor works very well! I love the two-way talk feature and the picture is clear. The only issue I have is that the monitor system does interfere with our wireless internet connection. I'm hoping that we'll be able to figure out how to fix this b/c I'm usually only able to get on the computer when my kids are sleeping. Overall, I would recommend this system to any mom.

71 out of 178


Great camera, great receiver,

Works great. Tested it at 60 feet and it's a good clear picture of what's going on. I received it several days earlier than expected.

72 out of 178


amazing camera

What can I say this is a very good camera! During the day it produces clear, color images while at night it uses night vision to clearly see my daughter sleeping in black and white. You can hear her if she starts to cry and you can even talk into the receiver and she can hear me talk to her. The only downside is the battery life on the camera is very short. However, I just plug it in and problem solved. Overall, it’s a very good camera.

73 out of 178


Great Product

As an infant/newborn care provider, having a video monitor is a God sent to monitor crib activity (which is what I use it for). I would suggest anyone looking for a good monitor with the added visual perks of this device, purchase the Lorex video monitor.

I love that it's in color, and the night vision is great as well.

I would really like (if Lorex could make an updated monitor) the option of connecting the device to the internet (so parents can view while at work),also the ability of the device's camera to rotate even just a little bit, and the option to zoom.

But overall, it's a great buy! I would definitely share the product with new families or those I know expecting.

74 out of 178


Location: Boston, Ma

Excellent for us

We have a larger house and it is nice to know what is going on in more than one room. We bought the two camera package and will be expanding to the 4 cameras soon. We can keep track of the baby's room, living room and play room, with an extra camera. Took a few tries to sync up, but works perfectly.

75 out of 178


Great Compact Video Monitor

We love this monitor. It's small and works great. I love being able to see the baby in her crib. The power save feature is great at night when I want the sound off but the picture on. I can view baby with the click of a button. Great product!

76 out of 178


Location: MA United States

Glad I bought It

It's only day 1, but I really like this monitor already. Here are my pros and cons from all of one day's use.


- Each piece is easily portable and while the video quality isn't exactly gorgeous (none are from what I've seen), it certainly does the job. Just try to avoid setting up the camera where it will be backlit. I definitely plan on bringing this on trips to visit family so I can keep an eye on them while they're outside playing or when they're out of earshot at bedtime.

- It was easy setting it up for use.

- LOVE the two-way talk feature. My kids don't seem to have any trouble hearing or understanding me. I was sure to test that out before the novelty wore off and selective hearing was back in full force (they're school-age). =)

- I like that I can leave the monitor in the charging cradle and still be using it.

- Controls are easy to navigate.


- If you leave the volume up high, there is a constant hum. It's not hideous, but it's noticeable enough that I turn it down to the lowest volume setting. I can still hear a smidge if they're calling for me and then turn it up to converse. I don't know if it's caused by the wireless internet, cordless phones, etc.

- The monitor doesn't seem to sit very stable in the cradle. Kind of bugs me, but it still does the job. Just wish it was snug.

- It would be of better use if the camera angle was horizontal rather than vertical so I could see more of the room. I really don't think there's going to be a lot to monitor on the ceiling...

- Grainy night video, but that's to be expected. I have no problem figuring out what I'm looking at in the dark, so it's definitely liveable.

Other comments:

- Once I read the specs on the photo quality, I didn't even bother inserting the SD card. Frankly, that's not why I bought it, so it wasn't even a factor in my decision.

- I haven't tried the VOX feature or needed to contact customer service, so I cannot comment on those items.

So in a nutshell, it does a great job on what I need it to show me what my kids are up to and allow me to basically have an intercom so we aren't yelling to each other across the house. Wish I'd had one of these when they were babies.

77 out of 178


Location: Irvine, CA USA

I like it!!

I was debating about buying this product vs. summer infant video cam monitor. I purchased this product instead b/c I found a 10% off coupon and it was cheaper than summer infant video cam. I really like it. It works really great. I live in two stories home and my daughter's bedroom is upstairs. I can leave the monitor downstairs in the kitchen while she naps and I can clearly see her through the monitor. Only one wish that I have it that I wish the monitor was little bigger.

78 out of 178



We bought this monitor after moving our son into his own room, I read reviews on a lot of monitors, and this one had some mixed reviews regarding reception and how easily the monitor connects to the charging base. The price was exceptional for what you get, so I thought we would give it a try and return it if we had problems. First of all, the monitor connected to the camera immediately, we were pleasantly surprised with the good reception that we got- the signal goes through 2 doors, our kitchen and near our wireless router, it travels 100 feet to the receiver and although it is at the limit of its range in this configuration, the only time we lose signal is if I am standing between the monitor and the camera at this distance. The picture is not HD or anything close, but it is fine to see if the baby is sleeping or moving around, it has some good features like sound controlled display of you choose, so the display is off until the baby makes noise. The night vision is really good- looks just like daytime. one great feature is the ability to use the monitor to talk to the baby through the camera- so if they are crying, you can soothe them or tell them to stop fi they are climbing out of the crib or something- we are pleased with this monitor.

79 out of 178



The video is great during the day and at night... we've only had it a few days but you can clearly see the baby night/day and the pictures work as well as they should. The talk back capability is great!!! The night vision light on the camera is not bright at all, which is perfect because it doesn't keep the baby up. I am unsure of the battery life as I keep it plugged in for the most part. But, it is a great quality product.

80 out of 178


Location: Cincinnati, OH)

Love this little video monitor

This video baby monitor is not perfect but we love it! We have had it for about a month and here are the pros and cons.

I will start with the Cons:

1. If the baby's room is silent then there is a slight humming noise. (If you have a fan running in the baby's room, or near the camera, then you hear the fan but not the humming)

2. If you don't have the camera docked it is hard to see the screen and hear the sound at the same time because you cannot stand the monitor on its end. (But we have gotten around this by putting it into a small cup. Plus we don't leave the video playing all of the time so it's really not a big deal)


1. Both the camera and the monitor run on battery so if the power goes out then you can still hear your baby cry.

2. The picture is very good even in the dark.

3. The monitor is small and easy to take with you around the house.

4. If you don't leave the video showing all of the time both the battery in the monitor and the camera will last for quite a long time (some reviews said it wouldn't last through a nap, on the weekends during the day it lasts through multiple naps plus the time that I forget to turn it off).

5. The sound is as good as if not better than the sony audio only monitor that we had but we also have the video.

6. The cost is reasonable (we got it on amazon for $120)

7. You can add up to 4 cameras (we have one right now but we will be adding more as we have more kids).

The pros outweigh the cons and the cons have some easy work around. We are really happy we got this camera and we would not go back. We would definitely purchase this camera again.

81 out of 178


Location: Chicago, IL USA


We are very impressed with this gadget. It just does what it is supposed to, and it does it very well. Set up was a matter of seconds. You can use this to keep an eye on your child. If you do not have a child, you can use it to keep an eye on your pet. If you do not have a pet, nor a child, maybe then you do not need this, but you would not probably be reading this review, would you? Strongly recommended!

82 out of 178


Great for the price,

Although the quality seems to be a little fragile, it works very Nice. I have seen other baby monitor and this one is the best. It doesn't suffer interferences from other electronics and the batteries in the camera and the receiver are very good. It worth’s the price!

83 out of 178


Location: NYC, US

Good product with reasonable price

Video makes all the differences. That is all I can say. The signal can deviate from its regular spectrum, which is Okay with me. Most of the time it functions as it should be. You can do two way communications as well, but I don't use it much. This product is simply! Everything else, like taking photos, is not critical to me. As I said, videos make all the differences --- compared to that product that you only can hear. How dumb that is, I mean. :) This product also has built in battery that can last for a while unplugged from power cord adapter for . . . I don't know how long, but the longest I had ever have with it is about 1/2 hour, and the battery hadn't run out of juice. Well, it is convenient with this price. You can find something else like this with this price, as far as I know. However, no idea how their customer service is, but I gave it a 5 stars anyway because I like this product.

84 out of 178


Location: California

 Great deal!

Amazing monitor for not a whole lot! I bought the monitor so I could monitor my two boys and not have them feel as if mommy is hovering over them. My boys are 7yrs and 1yr. So as you can see this is why I wanted the monitors. I want to make sure the 7yr old is playing "nice" and not being a bully with my little one. The picture is amazing, sound quality is great & set up is a breeze! I really can't think of any cons at all. The hand set is a little on the small side but I really wouldn't consider that a con at all. You're getting a lot for your money and the quality is great!

85 out of 178


Location: Midwest

Great Baby Monitor *but* does NOT photograph well

Had this baby monitor not been advertised to take crisp photos of your baby, I would have given it 5 stars. However, since still photos are taken at .3 megapixels (my daughter's play camera is 3.0 megapixels!!!), the photo quality is horrible.

On the plus side:

I live in a large house, with just under 2000 square feet. This baby monitor has GREAT range! It worked from all rooms/corners of my house! FINALLY, a baby monitor with good range!

No interference from other devices. This has been an issue in the past, with other baby monitors.

Video quality is better than most monitors. I love to use this outside while my daughter is playing. My yard is fenced in, I stay in the kitchen, and my parents live next door, but I want to be extra cautious and be able to see her myself. I can point this at the gate and know if anyone were to try and enter the yard.

The down sides:

If you need to call their customer service number, you''ll be disappointed. I was told I'd receive a return call, but it never happened. Luckily, I was able to search the internet and figure things out on my own.

86 out of 178


Location: Sacramento, Ca


I got this for my granddaughter, because her children are upstairs and she and husband are downstairs. It really bothered her to have her babies so far away, so I ordered this on the advice of another mother and she loves it. She can see the baby at night and the 3 yrs. old can talk to her mother as it speaks both ways. She is thinking about getting another camera for the play room.

87 out of 178


Location: Utah USA

Great baby monitor

The monitor has great range and the picture is very clear both at night and during the day. We especially like being able to talk to our kids through the monitor.

88 out of 178


Location: Orange County, CA

Good - but could use a stand, April 19, 2011

After much research I finally decided to pull the trigger on getting a video monitor. Our babysitter has one, but it just looked kind of cheap to me. So my husband and I purchased this video monitor about a week ago. It came this last Friday and was super easy to setup. I set it up all on my own (even the camera). It worked right out of the box, and it was pretty self-explanatory.

I like that I can talk to my son through the camera, although I don't know that it actually helps him. And I love that I can take pictures and load them onto my computer easily. I also really like the comfort in knowing that I can purchase another camera (or 3) when my son is older and we have another baby - and have a split screen of them.

My only issue is that there's no stand for the monitor you view your child on. I am always doing something and would prefer to just glance over and see my child, but this one has no stand.

89 out of 178


Baby monitor

Bought this 2 camera set in wake of our latest blessing. Package arrived while my wife was still in hospital. We have 5 other kids at home (if you did the math this would be 6 total children) and was an ease to setup. I just took it out of the package and plugged it into the wall and the other end to the camera. Within minutes i was a Pro at it. We love the two way feature that allows you to converse with each other, and the night vision too. We also bought another 2 cameras and now we have a baby/home monitor system that allows me to view my home with up to 4 cameras. To us it’s a cheaper alliterative to buying a home security system and with the ability to move it anywhere you want even on the go. We would like the battery on the monitor itself to last longer, other than that this was an awesome buy! I just wished they had a computer hook up option to connect to screen. We bought the 2 camera set but one monitor doesn't listen in all too well but hey i can't complain, it’s just me being a lazy bum to do anything about.

90 out of 178


Location: Atlanta, GA

Love it, but could be better,

I waited a few weeks to write this review so I would have time to experience the product, likes and dislikes. I will start by saying I wouldn't trade this in for any other. Probably unfair of me since this is my first baby monitor purchase. However, if I had a dollar for every hour I spent researching every monitor on the market during my pregnancy, I would have been able to hire a full time night nurse instead. Ok, slightly exaggerated.

I know many complain about its lightweight monitor, but I don't mind it since its light enough to carry in my pocket. I have even dropped it a few times and it survived. The night vision is much better than I had expected, and that's good since I don't typically use it during the day. I can't comment on the picture taking quality since I have never used it nor plan to. I purchased it mainly because of the auto-scan capability, with twins that are extremely helpful. The split screen shows both babies at the same time, and the frame switches from one camera to the next every 6 seconds or so for sound monitoring. This alone sold me on the product. The fact that you can speak into the monitor and be heard through the camera actually comes in handy if I need to communicate with hubby while he's putting the babies down for bed. I tried using the VOX once, and it didn't work. I just keep the monitor lit all night instead. I ended up hearing them crying through the walls, but the camera never came back up. So be it. Not a deal breaker for me.

The biggest frustration comes from the life of the battery. The first few days, it would last 5 hours out of the charger. That would be plenty of time for the evening until I would go to bed myself, and place it in the charger on my night stand. BUT, as the weeks have gone by, battery life has decreased now down to 3.5 hours. This means that when I put the babies to bed between 7-8pm, I must grab the charger as well as the monitor and bring it downstairs with me. Not that big a deal, I suppose. Cameras therefore are plugged in at all times in the nurseries.

Final word about range; We have 3 wireless routers in the house, and a 2 story 3000+ square foot home with plaster walls. Reception throughout the house never flickers. However, as the monitor scans from one camera to the other, it seems there is a subtle cricket-like sound on one of the cameras only. So it scans from complete quiet on one camera to a little hum on the other. It’s not very loud, but certainly noticeable. Again, no reason to give up on it.

Summary: I love it, and would buy it again!

91 out of 178


Location: USA

Good, but not wonderful.,

I have only used this monitor for a few days, and I am generally happy. The other reviews all seem on target, so I'll just add this. The VOX is worthless. I guess it's OK since the battery life is so good, but it is annoying that the VOX doesn't work. I think it's because of the constant background hum. If they could fix that, this thing would be a great device. I don't feel that the build quality is any cheaper than most plastic disposable electronics these days, so that part doesn't bother me.

92 out of 178


Lorex baby monitor does the job well

Set up in 1 minute. Good picture. Camera could be a bit more stable but it's overall a good product. I'm using it to watch my dogs when I'm not in the room and it is great. I would recommend this product to others

93 out of 178


Baby monitor

We got an analog baby monitor from the store, it was cheap and making a lot of background noises, so we needed another one. This one looks like a cell phone, and can have up to 4 cameras. It can be plugged in or run on the batteries (that are charged while plugged in). You can see and hear your baby at the same time, and if needed so you can also talk to your baby on the cell phone, the camera got a speaker. So it's pretty cool and worth it for sure.

94 out of 178


Great product

I haven't really had a chance to use it, but I set it up and it looks very easy and convenient to use.

95 out of 178


Location: Irving, TX United States

Don't know how we ever did without - March 26, 2011

I don't know how we did without, especially since my daughter has been a screamer since she was born. She sleeps better in her bed (we don't co-sleep simply because she refuses to sleep when she's with us!) and yet she screams all the time. With this camera we've discovered that she sleep screams- all those times we'd run in to "rescue" her we discovered we were just waking her up!
Anyway, I also didn't think I'd use the microphone feature, but I've found myself using it quite often- although she was quite confused at first, she listens to us now when we tell her to lay down and go night-night.

On a totally unrelated note, I get to see my daughter sleep! She's NEVER been one to fall asleep in my arms unless she's sick, so it's so fascinating to see her in her sleeping element. So it?s worth the investment and I can't wait to use it for future children.

My only complaint would be that I have yet to figure out how to delete the pictures taken (which are super poor quality).

96 out of 178


Location: Kansas City

Working great for us-Ready to buy 2nd camera

I had read so many conflicting reviews on Amazon that I was worried that the product wouldn't work for us. But, so far, it's been just what we wanted. My biggest concern was that with a wireless network in our home there would be too much interference as suggested in many reviews. That's not been a problem at all. This is super easy to set up and to use. The best feature is that it is so portable. If I want to monitor something other than my child's bedroom, it only takes seconds to set it up somewhere else. My 22 month old son seems amused that I can "talk" to him using this system. It actually works when I say "get back in bed"! The Cons as mentioned by many others is that there is no way to stand the monitor up if it's not in the charger. Some sort of easel on the back would have been nice. Also, do not buy this expecting to get any good snapshots. That's kind of a worthless feature. Now that I know it works for us, I'm planning to buy a second camera today for baby #2 on the way.

97 out of 178


Location: Orange, CA

Better for use with toddlers than babies, March 23, 2011

I was very excited when I saw this monitor featured as an Amazon Deal of the Day for $99, so I hopped on that real quick! I had been casually browsing for either a video monitor or intercom to use with my 4 year old and almost 2 year old. I'd like to be able to check in on them real quick while they are playing in their rooms, and it has also come in handy while my 4 year old is taking a bath and I have to tend to my youngest. That way I can still keep an eye on both!

At the time that I purchased this, I also went ahead and bought an extra add-on camera as well. I might end up buying one more too, but for now, two seems plenty to juggle.

Getting the add-on camera to "pair up" with the monitor took quite a few tries. The directions say to hold the monitor and camera about a foot apart but after many tries I kept bringing them closer and closer until they were practically touching before they would pair up--so, be patient with that!

There is a feature on the monitor that allows you to snap pictures but I'm not sure what this would really come in handy for. The pictures are not good quality. Maybe if you want evidence of one kid hitting another... lol

It is very nice to be able to switch back and forth between cameras, so you can have two set up in one room to cover more angles, if you like. I'd say in a standard bedroom you can see about half the bedroom, so it's not a wide angle and you won't get a whole lot in view depending on how you set up the camera. Also, it takes about six hours to charge up the cameras, but you only get anywhere from two hours to five hours of life out of them, so it's not good for all night long. That's why I think it's better for daytime naps and checking in on kids playing. It would be nice if you could have just set up the camera and left it plugged in so you could just switch on the monitor anytime you wanted to look in. The audio is not great for listening in--which is why I would not use it for an infant unless you also use a separate audio monitor. We've had the Safety 1st audio monitors (that are only $15 to $20) and that work great for picking up every single little noise. (I can hear what's going on OUTSIDE my son's bedroom window too!). I noticed that the audio works a little better on the add-on camera than the one the monitor came with too. I anticipated maybe getting more frustrated with customer service if I tried to exchange it and decided I could live with it for what I like to use it for. There is also a VOX feature that allows you to have the monitor on "power saves" and the video will just come on when there is noise in the room. I did not find this to work very well and would just keep going on and off every few seconds--that will not save the battery! The feature I like the best is the ability to also TALK to my kids--so it kind of works as an intercom too! That has to be my favourite part!! That is another reason why I think it's better for use with toddlers too.

Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but there are things that would definitely make it better and worth the usual price of about $130. Seems like the add-on cameras could come down a bit in price too. If they were $50 each I'd probably get two more with no problem. Oh well! Hope this helps!

98 out of 178


Location: Mpls, MN

Awesome...EXCEPT...for battery life

Super easy set up. Very sensitive and I can even use it like a walkie talkie to talk to my kid. Love that! Video is extremely good, even at night.

Only downside...and it is the battery life. If you take it off the charger it only lasts about 2 hours. We leave it mostly plugged in all the time so it is usually not an issue. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

99 out of 178


Location: New York, NY

Great multi-room video monitor

I've always been hesitant about buying a video monitor, but after trying this I'm finally sold on them. We've always had regular audio only monitors. I never bought a video monitor because I was concerned about:


a) resolution/field of vision in the dark and

b) brightness/flashing lights on the nursery monitor at night.


The Lorex exceeded my expectations on both points. The resolution is great at both 3-4 feet (looking into the baby's crib) and at 12-20 feet (in our toddlers' room). In the dark you only see the one small red light and a very faint red ring of lights, it is very subtle and our children don't even notice it.

The package includes 1 monitor unit/camera (with removable power cord) and 1 handset (with charging base and cord). We love the unit so much we bought a second camera to use in the baby's room and have considered buying a third for the playroom. Here is a rundown of the pros and cons.


- very compact monitor unit(s) and handset, hardly noticeable in a nursery

- easy to setup single or multiple rooms

- easy to program handset

- audio feature on the handset lets you project your voice from the monitor in the kids room ("please sit down and go to sleep!")

- excellent near/far resolution in both daylight, low light and darkness

- the cord charges the monitor unit so if you lost power (or chose to unplug it while your child naps) you would still be able to see them

- monitor camera swivels so you can position it (up/down/left/right) to see the child

- great battery life

- easy to switch between camera views on the handset (there is even a setting that cycles through the camera views every 2 seconds)

- no interference or reception issues in our house (thick plaster walls and lots of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless phones, etc.)

- volume, resolution, sensitivity, etc. are easy to control on the handset

Cons (pretty minor):

- handset is not flat on the bottom so you can't sit it up right or on its side when it's not in the charging base

- the volume control on the handset doesn't allow for different volume or sensitivity settings for different rooms, but they are easy to adjust

- the handset drops in to the charging base, but you have to line it up and push it down so the plug inside the charging base goes into the handset

In short, the Pros strongly outweigh the minor Cons (mostly just things that would have been nice to have). I love this product and would highly recommend it to anyone considering a video monitor - especially if you need to see children in multiple rooms and only want to carry one handset. This is a great solution for parents with more than one child who only want to carry one handset, but still be able to monitor multiple children.

100 out of 178



I love this camera soooooooooooooooo much because it gives me the chance to keep a close eye on my 2 year old when I put him in his room for nap or bed time.

101 out of 178


Location: Philadelphia, PA

Better than the average video baby monitor

This video camera works as described, it didn't present any major problems for us. I would say the best features are: compactness, portability (it is SO light!), video quality, interference and security of the signal. Worst features: the screen periodically goes black for a few seconds (I assume this is to save power, or maybe it's a defect?) and it only transmits audio over a certain level (many parents want to hear everything).

I should also mention that it comes with hardware (some screws) for mounting the video camera, and a fairly long cable (I believe 6') so you can plug it down low but still mount it above the crib. Overall, we are happy with it.

102 out of 178


Couldn't be more pleased...

Let me just begin by saying that we couldn't be happier with this monitor. With a family of 8 (4 of which are kitties) it is safe to say that we are on a budget. After reviewing for weeks all the different video monitor options out there, I was hesitant due to the price of the Lorex monitor but figured at least we spent the least we could if it's not what we are looking for. The customer reviews for this monitor were better than any other that I'd looked into for what is important to us. I wasn't excited about it not being some sassy designed piece of equipment but everything else seemed to check out so I bought it. Since having this monitor we have not had 1 single complaint or problem. We live in a 3 level town home and this monitor is exactly what we needed. The range is not great outside of the home. It works on the deck which is over our driveway but it starts to lose picture about 20 feet from the house which is about 40 feet or so and 3 levels up from the camera, a total of about 60 ft. and 3 levels. I wouldn't recommend this monitor if you own to large of a home, but for us it is perfect. The picture is better than the summer brands I've seen my friends have and the night time vision keeps this "paranoid" mom at ease. If I feel comfortable (one who still checks my 8 month old for breathing when she's asleep) then you know this picture is awesome. So in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a no-nonsense quality monitor and don't care much for perfection elsewhere then this is definitely a monitor you won't regret investing in. The talk-back feature is awesome and sounds real time. We are now going to buy another camera for our family room. I gave customer service a 1 because the reviews say the customer service is awful, but fortunately for us we haven't had to use them and we've had the monitor for about a month now. Set up was also easy and painless and the initial charge took a lot less time than said.

103 out of 178


Location: Boston, MA

A Watchful Eye for Peace of Mind

I have owned this product for over a month. Originally I purchased it to replace a baby monitor system that had operated and watched over my babies for 4 years. Both my husband and I agree that this was one of the best purchases/investments we have made in 2011!

The features that initially drew me to this monitoring system were the portability, size, clarity, two-way talk feature, multi-camera view mode and expandability. I must report that not only has this system met all of our expectations, but has completely exceeded them! We use all of the above-mentioned features daily, and could not live without a single one. Another nice feature we discovered that not only is the hand-held unit rechargeable, but so is each camera. This truly affords more flexibility indoors and out - what a bonus!

We currently have two cameras, and one hand held unit, but are planning to expand to include 2 more cameras. We have one in the boys' room, and another at the front door. When first purchased, I temporarily mounted one camera in the living room/playroom space. This is quite a large space, and the camera more than sufficiently viewed the whole area. During the day, the color is absolutely beautiful, and you can see every detail, even though it's a small screen. I was able to run outside for a short period say to set out the recycling (good range around the house), and have full conversations with my kids safely in the house or upstairs in their room as they play (and I multi-task). I can also welcome guests at the front door, or say an extra goodbye as they depart. What a peace of mind for such an affordable price!

I have the main charging cradle above my kitchen sink, so I can view it at all times, and at night I use one of my old mobile phone chargers by the bed - it is a universal compatible port and works perfectly! I find the volume level sufficient for me...I keep it on level two for the most part, and have not experienced any feedback or other functionality issues.

Overall, I feel this is a must have and a far superior product to any Summer Infant or wireless handheld system sold at Babies R Us or other retailer (which I have previously purchased and returned). A must have for all families!

104 out of 178



Fantastic monitor works great, no noise, static or anything. Crystal clear video and audio. Long battery life and very portable. Can’t beat it for the price. A+

105 out of 178


Very Impressed

My wife and I were very impressed with this monitor.

The only downside is that we can't stream the video to the internet, but any camera that does have this feature is horrible such as:

106 out of 178


Works great

So far I'm very pleased with this monitor, although the true test I think is after a year of use. It's so small and easy to use. My only complaint is I wish the camera had a longer cord.

107 out of 178


LOVE this monitor,

The best baby monitor I have ever owned. Yes, the packaging is a little misleading because the picture quality isn't as good as the box and photo represents, but it's still quite good and does a very good job at providing crystal clear video at night and during the day. I have 2 cameras which allow me to choose between watching my baby in his crib or his playroom, and I use the intercom system to lull him back to sleep if he wakes up too early from a nap or in the middle of the night. After purchasing this monitor for myself, I bought 2 more for friends' baby showers and encouraged my mother to do the same (she did). Before this, I had the $179.00 Summer Infant brand I bought at Target -- what a rip-off! For almost 50.00 less, I get double the features and a much better picture out of the Lorex brand than the "cutesy" (read: flimsy, cheap, plastic) baby monitors they sell at Target & Babies R Us.

Help other 

108 out of 178


Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor,

There are some other well-written reviews out there about this product already, and I would agree with most of them.

We originally used a Sony audio monitor but I was going nuts wondering if our baby was really awake or just making random noises while sleeping/napping. I was also getting tired going upstairs to his room to check, possibly waking him up in the process.

We bought the Lorex Snap monitor for these reasons:

-Price: it was on sale at Costco! Plus, if I really didn't like it, I could return it.

-It had good reviews

-Lack of interference: it wasn't supposed to interfere with our home's Wi-Fi network and it hasn't.

-Privacy: I had heard and read about other monitors being able to "see" other people's monitors that were close by (a guy turned his screen on and saw what he thinks was his neighbour’s kid's beds & cribs; his camera wasn't turned on. I was a little creeped out about that possibly happening to us).

-Communication: I like being able to talk into the monitor/speaker. I'm sure this may come in handy as my baby gets a little older and more mischievous.

-Portability: No outlets needed for both camera and monitor!

-Multiple cameras: I use both cameras for my one baby. One is attached to the swing's arm and keeps a close eye while he's napping in the swing; the other doubles as a "larger picture" for the swing (the swing has been known to stop swinging at times) and for his crib at night.

-Camera function: We love snapping pictures of those silly moments when we're not physically near him.

109 out of 178


Location: Hamlet, NC

Great product

We got this monitor while pregnant with our second child. Our first video monitor was black and white, grainy, and wouldn't work in certain parts of the house. This monitor works great anywhere in the house and the picture quality is great! Also, the portability is wonderful. The video fits in your hand and can be taken with you, unlike our first that had to be plugged in the wall and looked like a mini TV. We have two cameras, one for each child, and love the capability of being able to switch between cameras or watching both at the same time. We have not used it as a camera to take pictures, and really don't plan on it because we have digital cameras already. As a monitor, we highly recommend it!!

110 out of 178


Good product

I got the two monitor version of this as I am expecting a second child soon. My first child is 11 and autistic. He just recently had surgery on both legs and we needed to be able to see and hear him as well as talk to him. This product is great. The VOX setting ranges from sensitive to only registering loader yells. It worked well when he came back from the hospital because we had it set so low that we could hear him if he turned over in his sleep. Since he has a tendency to sleep walk, which would be disastrous for his feet, this was very helpful. We were able to catch him twice right before he got out of bed. Now we have a guard rail up so we have the setting set higher so it doesn't turn on every time he moves. We have the second camera hooked up and it scans well between the two rooms, but we haven't yet used it to monitor two kids so I will need to update this when the second arrives. I am wondering how the VOX will work with two monitors if you need different sensitivity levels.

Pros: Good range so far as we have one room in the basement and other monitors have had issues. Haven't had any interference or range problems. Haven't yet tried it to see if it works outside since it is still winter. VOX I love this function. My son has a fan that goes all night and wears a CPAP machine and this will works great on the second of five sensitivity levels. The color and night picture are really good quality and everything I would expect for a night vision camera. Some people have left reviews saying that they couldn’t hear when the receiver was out of the charger because you have to sit it with the speaker on the table. My version has a little ridge that allows the sound to be heard even if it is on the table. I see no difference in the sound laying on the table versus in the charger. Set up with the two cameras was easy as they were already linked together before we got them. You just have to charge them for eight hours and then they are ready to go.

Cons: the volume control isn't the greatest and it can be hard to hear exactly what my son is saying. Even when my husband speaks it is sometimes hard to hear. We had it originally about 7 feet from the bed and we couldn't hear him talk. We could only hear that he was talking or yelling. It might be just fine with an infant since you don’t have to hear what they are saying. Even now it is only one to two feet away and it is difficult to understand him. One of the cameras has a constant ringing noise that is annoying. I am going to call Lorex and see if they have a solution or if they can send a new one. It isn't so bad if you have it only come n when there is a noise, but if I had to listen to it all the time it would drive me crazy. I tried shutting off all background noise and it was still there. The other camera doesn't have this problem and I haven't tried to switch rooms yet to see if it is due to interference.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who needs to monitor two children and even talk to older children. The few cons are more than outweighed by the rest of the product.

111 out of 178



When my son was 10 months old he learned how to climb out of his crib. We had a standard sound monitor at the time so I couldn't see what he was doing. After the first incident, we decided it was time to buy a monitor that I could see and hear what was going on in his crib. We didn’t know which monitor to buy. After watching the video on this monitor we decided we would try this one.

We have had the monitor for about two months now and it was the best purchase ever! The night vision is clear, as well as the day time vision. I can hear him clearly and even talk to him through the monitor. It was easy to setup as soon as I got it in the mail. We recently visited our families and they could use it with ease when our son was going down for a nap. They enjoyed keeping an eye on their grandson while he was sleeping. This monitor was a good buy!!!

112 out of 178


A Piece of FREEDOM,

As a full time spousal caregiver this beauty has been a piece of freedom for me.Lorex LW2003 LIVE snap Video Baby Monitor (White)

As caregiving needs increased, depending on an audio monitor was becoming out of the question and leaving Hubby alone was becoming more difficult.

I purchased this particular monitor for the good reviews, the daily deal price and because it didn't have any "baby" lights sounds.

The person I needed to monitor was not a baby and didn't need lullabies.

I can now leave the room and have some peace of mind when I need to care for other things inside the house and outside.

I can even walk up and down my driveway (when I choose) which is more than 200 ft. long and I can still have a view of Hubby.

The ONLY negative is its advertising. The product picture of screen shots is NOT that clear.

The actual picture you see on the screen is of decent quality though and the infrared night vision is pretty darn cool!

I like the fact that I can not only hear and see in the room, I can also talk to my Hubby to ask if there are any special needs I need to attend to make him more comfortable :)

At some point I will be purchasing another camera for another room angle.

Multiple shots in one screen is another feature I will enjoy.

I am VERY VERY pleased with this product and have HIGHLY recommended it other caregivers.

113 out of 178


works as expected

I originally used an expensive Sharp wireless webcam as a baby monitor, using a laptop as the monitor. Worked great, but then we decided to use a Droid phone as a monitor because it's smaller. The phone would lose the video connection after an hour or so, in the middle of the night. So I decided to try this Lorex baby monitor out. It works fine for our purpose, we set it to no video until the baby cries, and then the video comes on for a minute to save battery power. We've had the Lorex cam on for a month straight and it has never lost the video stream, so it's been reliable so far. And it's portable for if we ever travel with the baby. Recommended!

114 out of 178


Nice Monitor

I have had this monitor for a month now & we love it so far. Would’ve given it 5 stars if the screen was bigger.

115 out of 178


Lorex Video Baby Monitor - nice and easy (LW2003)

My wife and I read the negative reviews and the positive reviews (split about 50/50) and ended up taking a gamble on it for the $99 sale price that was offered via Amazon. We are pleasantly impressed after 3 weeks of use.

Our goals in buying a baby monitor for "surprise! number three" were very simple:

*Able to talk to Baby through the receiver


*Easy to move/travel with both base and receiver (with grandparents on both coasts we travel a lot)

*Video in colorCreate

*Current technology, but not looking for the most advancedCreate tech gadget available

The Lorex was all that and more we found out that we could add up to 4 more video monitors to it so that if we wanted to keep the cameras in multiple rooms we didn't have to move them around. It wouldn't be much of an issue at first as baby is either with us or in the bassinet. However once the crawling starts, it will be nice to add a few cameras to keep an immediate eye without always running around after.

The receiver is like a cell phone in look and in feel. Yes, its light and I consider that a plus and not a minus as it?s very easy to carry around in your pocket. The sound quality is good and the video quality is slightly better than most security cameras. The color makes it easier to watch too. I haven't used the picture taking function on it yet, but I can't imagine it?s going to be great, as I said it?s just like a security camera, but I'll post another time if it actually works better. The night time vision is a great feature and has saved us from running up the stairs a few times already. With all the worries that we have even though this is number three, it?s nice not to stress out every time baby cries because we can just take a look on the Lorex.

Suggestions for future editions:

A kickstand - when you're doing anything involving your hands and you want to take a quick look, you can't just peek over at it. It doesn't stand up by itself easily.

Mute - since I carry it with me all the time if I'm on the phone I'd like to be able to mute it quickly. The sound will go down quite a bit, but this is a suggestion.

Bottom line - we'd buy it again. It hit on all our requirements and surprised us with good night vision as well. It will be interesting to see it in use with multiple cameras, but overall we're very satisfied with the purchase.

Thanks Lorex!

116 out of 178


great product

My mother brought these to my attention one day when they were the amazon deal of the day. I am so glad I purchased them. They are some of the best monitors i have ever used. I am very pleased with my purchase.

117 out of 178


Location: Midwest

Great Monitor so far

I previously had used the Summer Infant baby video monitor, one of the non-digital ones. That was a completely defective product. This baby monitor works GREAT so far. The only downside of it is that it isn't very loud. If the volume on it was a bit louder that would be perfect but other than that the reception is great from one end of the house to the other. The video is clear from one end of the house to the other. The ability to add cameras, which we added one, and then view all the cameras at the same time is amazing!

A wish list for this product would be if it had some kind of clip that you could clip it to something. Also the speaker for the sound is in the back so if you lay it down and want to continue hearing your babies you have to lay it down face down, so you can't see them anymore....

Overall I think this is a great product. The only reason I didn't give it the full 5 stars is because of the sound.

118 out of 178


Lorex Video Baby Monitor

I was looking for a video baby monitor when this one came up as a goldbox deal. It is truly plug and play, super easy to setup and use. It does not interfere with our wireless internet connection, which is a big plus. I love the small hand held monitor rather than other models which tend to be much larger. The range on this is truly amazing. Overall it’s a really great product if you are looking for something to give you peace of mind.

119 out of 178


Great comparable alternative to summer

I love this monitor! The talk back feature is great. We’ve had to replace our Summer infant monitor twice (once each year) because the monitor just died. So this time I looked for another brand that was comparable in features. I'll let you know if this one lasts longer!

120 out of 178


Location: Illinois/Iowa


This was a GREAT purchase... should have done it a long time ago. I bought 2 so that I could watch both kids’ rooms at the same time (currently 3 yrs. old who hates to sleep & 9 month old who's just starting to sleep better!). The picture quality is excellent. Sound is good. I love being able to flip back and forth and the option to be able to talk to them through the monitor is really wonderful. The only downfall is the cord for the monitors - I wish it had a wireless option because I have a cord hanging down the wall to the outlet now. Still - so happy I bought this. I will use it for years to come!

121 out of 178


Location: S. Elgin IL USA

Easy to use and flexible adjusting.

I bought this item for my newborn baby girl. I love the clear picture display and easy adjusting camera. The camera is also compact but works really well. I love the price and will refer to friends and family.

122 out of 178


Location: Plano, TX United States

Hi-tech parenting,

Baby monitors have come a long way. I was really impressed by the packaging of this product (definitely iPhone inspired). The fit and finish are impressive. My testing showed good results everywhere inside my 3500 square foot house. Outside, I got about 65 feet away before the picture started breaking up. It’s a good product.

123 out of 178


Location: FORT IRWIN, CA, US

Glad I got it!

I use it for an older child. Love it so far just hope it holds up under a lot of use. Works well picture is great and sound works well, there is sometimes a very low background noise but there is no major interference. Highly recommend! I researched for a long time and all the ones I found online had terrible reviews and were higher priced. At $100 I am very pleased with my purchase! I even bought and extra camera. I love the fact I can talk through it because when she is acting up I can talk to her through it.

124 out of 178


Location: Maryland

Feeling warmer...good customer service! update to my situation...

First of all, one of the cameras came with a broken mic...after about a total of 15 minutes on the phone, they are sending get a one year hassle free warranty from the date of purchase...the company seems to be on the ball.

Second, be careful with your wireless system in your advice...get an Apple router as it automatically bounces the frequency around so your phones and monitors are not disrupting your internet service.

Other than that, I cannot say anything bad...the picture quality is good and the mic (on the camera that works right now) is very good...

This is a nice product for a fair price...

125 out of 178


Good value

For the money this camera is a great value. We only get a minimal amount of back ground noise & the video quality is adequate. The only thing I would warn you about is the snap photo option. Its 3 mega pixels so the pictures it takes remind you of the pictures your mom took in the 70's before you were born. This product is easy to set up & to pack up & take it with you on the move.

126 out of 178


Location: Bloomington, IL

great buy

We have now owned this for a couple weeks and LOVE it! Our kids are 2 and 5 and when they are asleep it is nice to be able to always see them. Also the distance is amazing. I am able to go across the street to get my mail or go out in my backyard with my puppy while being able to always check on my kids. The talking feature is wonderful too. It was well worth the 100 bucks. If you are not sure on getting it, I hope this helps.

127 out of 178


Night vision & portability are great -- but it has some flaws,

I read all of the Amazon reviews before purchasing this product. Some I agreed with, some I didn't understand at all. I'm a new father with a 3-month-old child. Overall, I am happy I bought this monitor. However, it has a number of minor flaws that you should be aware of.

First, I should point out the good:

- Night vision is EXCELLENT. It looks like a bright spotlight is being shined on the baby and his surroundings, but in reality the baby is in a pitch dark room! I was very impressed with this! No way could that night vision possibly be any better on any competing monitor. Furthermore, it does a great job automatically determining the need for the night vision, and quickly swapping between the regular camera mode and the infrared/night one.

- Portability is excellent. It's easy to carry around in your pocket. Range is reasonable. My house is well over 4000 square feet and, despite having "0 bars" of signal in some rooms, the picture and audio never cut out.

- You have the ability to add additional cameras. They are pricey at $80/each, and I am confused how a seemingly identical product is sold at Costco (same Lorex manufacturer) with 2 cameras included, for nearly the same price. Anyway, I still like the capability to switch between cameras at the touch of a button, or to see several on a split-screen.

The bad:

- It interferes with wireless internet!!! This is really frustrating. If the handheld unit is anywhere near your laptop, it will either slow down your internet connection or kill it completely -- at least until you shut the unit off.

- The VOX feature does not work.

- The device emits a high-pitched hum. This isn't terrible, but it can get annoying if on the upper two volume settings, especially if trying to sleep.

- The snapshot thing is a fun toy, but not useful to take pictures that you'd really want to send anyone. The resolution is poor.

OVERALL: I like the product and it serves its purpose. I just wish they would have fixed these annoying bugs before releasing it.

128 out of 178


Location: San Diego, Ca United States

Couldn't be more pleased,

This is just a quick little review. We agonized over which video monitor to buy to keep an eye on our kid as we are now in a 2 story place. This thing has been perfect. Clarity is sharp, range is great and night vision is just phenomenal. The battery isn't an all-day battery but it lasts a while. Wife dropped the receiver, not a problem. The camera isn't a very wide angle so you have to find the sweet spot to see your whole crib, but we were able to do just that. The talk to your kid function is great and a lot of fun.

129 out of 178


Location: NYC USA

Nice Portable BabyCamera

I will start with Con:

Handset has no place or a stand when away from the charger but can be worked around keeping in the pocket , 2)Camera is difficult to place anywhere though it can move any way but takes time to adjust every time you move a camera.

Pros :

Nice and clear, Battery life is good with VOX on lasts for almost 5 hrs., with VOX off and Power Save on Last 9-10 hrs. depends on what setting you have kept 15 min or 30 min. whatever tie you set under this mode the live video streaming goes away while the live sound streaming is on always. Taking pic with the SDHC card preinstalled is a plus but the pic quality is not good. The colors on daylight and indoor lights are perfect and clear. Night vision is great too. Camera catches the movement and 1 plus is you can define the sensitivity of the sound that you like to be picked up. Additional camera are also of the same quality and design and works well when paired.

I have used this for the past 1.5 months and now i am comfortable to put a great review of this camera. Definitely a much better upgrade from its previous model Lorex LW2002W Portable LCD which is utter useless and i returned it after trying it for 10 days.

130 out of 178


Location: Durham, NC

Wow, what a nice gadget

We've had a traditional audio-only monitor for a while now, but our 6 month old is starting to move around in her crib. We've found her stuck in a corner a few times and thought a video camera might be a nice upgrade. We got this at a great price on Amazon's Deal of the day. I have to say, I'm blown away. It is perfectly dark in the baby's room right now, but we have a very clear view of her in the crib. I mounted the camera on the wall next to her crib. The camera flexes in every direction, so I was able to find a clear view of the entire crib. I'm really impressed.

131 out of 178


Location: USA

fun and functional,

What a cool little product! I've never seen a baby monitor before that includes a visual element as well as the normal audio, but the Lorex Live Snap is a great product for parents - especially first time ones. The snapshot feature is great for capturing those "first" or random moments, too. A bit pricey, but would make a nice gift for new parents or for parents who don't want to miss any moment in their child's life.

132 out of 178


Great Product for the price

I love this product. I was looking at buying a similar unit (Summer Infant Sleek and Secure) for twice the price. But this unit has so many more options. Being able to take a snapshot recording and being able to add more cameras if I have a second child... I was sold. Why spend more.

133 out of 178


Location: Redmond, WA

Great video *and* audio!

We tried a variety of different baby video monitors over the last few years and finally ended up using one made by Sharx (it was actually a security camera but looked like the other baby video monitors). The video was pretty good, but the audio was always staticky so we had to use a separate audio monitor. We now have 2 kids so we wanted to buy another video monitor and I could no longer find the Sharx one. I read the reviews of this monitor so thought we'd try it out since I knew I could easily return it if it didn't work. To my surprise, it works very well! The video *and* the audio are very clear! The camera base does seem a little chinsy but considering the quality of the video and audio, I don't care. The only thing we miss is the ability to move the camera side-to-side and up-down from the parent remote, which we can do on our Sharx one. If you're looking for a reliable video/audio monitor, we highly recommend this one. Our house is 3400 sq ft and the reception is great no matter where we are in the house.

134 out of 178


Location: Brazil

Nice product

There's no need to be an expert to use this video camera: just charge both camera and monitor, synchronize them and that's it!

PROS: Very good image and easy to set up. Auto night vision feature works perfectly

CONS: There's a constant background noise, nothing that would really bother me except for the fact that it prevents VOX feature to work, as it is sufficient to keep turning the monitor on each time it goes off. Battery life could be better, specially using night vision (2,5h as stated by the manufacturer). Talk back function should have volume adjust, too.

The camera's power adapter presented problems on the 4th day of use. Sometimes it charges the camera, sometimes not. Until now I was not able to figure out what the problem is. As I brought it to Brazil, I guess it would cost me a fortune to return it to the seller, but I will try to contact customer service anyway.

135 out of 178


Love this thing, no signal problems at all! **UPDATED**

I have a 2500 sq foot (one story) house and I wanted a video monitor that I could carry around to any room (or down to the mailbox) and not lose signal. I've had various audio baby monitors, which I liked, but they always crackled way too much, and obviously I couldn't see what my daughter was doing. I did a lot of research before buying a video monitor because I heard awful things about other video monitors losing signals within a few yards of the camera, so I was pleasantly surprised when I got this one set up that I did not have any audio crackling problems or issues with losing the video signal.

I don't really use the picture capture feature and I haven't called customer service yet, so I can't speak about those things, but what I can say is that what this monitor is really supposed to do, it does it well. I love that the monitor is small and wireless (about the size of an ipod), and having the two-way audio will be nice if I need to use it as an intercom when my daughter gets older.

The only thing I would change is, while it's nice that the camera is able to bend and move in almost any direction, it's not easy to position the camera in a useful position without mounting it using the screw mount on the back. Once we solved this problem, though, by mounting it to the side of the crib and pointing down slightly, we have had no further issues with any part of the monitor.

The battery life doesn't last forever, but it does last pretty long, depending what power saver setting you have the screen on. I also like that I can have the audio monitor on all night and then just click on the video screen when I want to check on her. The volume settings are appropriate, and, as long as you plug the monitor into the dock at night (exactly like charging an ipod shuffle), you won't have a problem with the battery.

Overall, 8.5/10... if it broke tomorrow, I'd buy another one right away.

UPDATE: Okay so about a month ago, the power cord for the camera broke (probably my daughter's doing) and I was, sadly, without a video monitor for a few weeks. I called Lorex and, after being on hold for a while, I got a guy (who was in Canada and spoke perfect English) on the line who told me the product had a one year warranty and if I would fax him a copy of my proof of purchase and a brief description of what exactly I needed, he'd send out a new cord right away. I faxed it at the end of the day on a Friday and then called back on Tuesday to make sure they got the fax. After a much shorter hold time, I got a different guy who looked up my account and said the cord was already in the mail and would be there in about 7-10 business days. It came about 6 business days later, however the cord did not work. I think, when the first cord broke, a little piece of metal got stuck in the camera preventing the camera from working. I was going crazy without having the video monitor (my two-year-old just discovered getting out of bed 10 times a night), so I bought a new camera from Amazon at my own expense, figuring when I warranty the old camera, I'll just have two. The new camera paired with the old monitor very easily and worked perfectly.

Overall, I'm pretty impressed with Lorex's customer service, particularly in light of all the negatives said about them on Amazon. I wish they would have express-shipped the cord to me so I didn't have to wait as long, but they still got it to me within their timeframe. I'm still very happy with this product!

136 out of 178


Location: Upstate New York, United States

Not The Best, But Gets The Job Done....

Our Son was 18 Months old when we started using the Snap Video Baby Monitor. Prior to that, we were using an audio-only monitor. We use it mainly to keep tabs on him when he's napping or sleeping, since those are the only times that we're not there with him, and his crib is like a fortress, so we weren't afraid of him climbing out. As you can tell, our needs were fairly simple, and the Snap Video Baby Monitor met them quite nicely. The video quality is nothing to write home fact, there were times when I couldn't distinguish between Mickey and a stuffed animal, so if this were a case where I had to keep a close eye on a baby, like to see if he was breathing or moving, I probably would go with a higher-resolution camera. The audio quality is good, and the night-vision never failed to make me think my Son was starring in a preschool version of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Not a bad product, if your needs are fairly simple and straightforward. If not, I'd shop around for a higher quality monitor.

137 out of 178


Awesome Monitor!

I have been researching baby monitors for a while and found one I wanted but did not want to pay the hefty price. So I researched some more and came across this Lorex video monitor and in reading the other reviews and the price I thought we would give it a try!

When the monitor arrived my husband set it up and said it was pretty easy. We attached the camera to the crib and the picture quality is awesome… In both day or night mode. Picture is awesome. Sound is great. We have only encountered interference when you have the monitor close to the camera. We keep the monitor next to our bed so interference wouldn’t be a prob. We have a cordless phone and router all in close proximity.

The talking feature is pretty loud but just speaks softer; we have not taken any pics yet as baby is usually sleeping.

For the $$ this is a great monitor!

138 out of 178


Almost the Perfect Baby Monitor, January 12, 2011

We have owned this baby monitor for about 6 months now. It works amazing we tried a few cheaper video monitors were not happy at all due to static and interference. This is going to be your best option without breaking the bank on the VERY expensive ones. So far the video quality is perfect and has had NO static or interference. In low light the video goes to black & white instead of that weird green night mode like most of the others do so your baby doesn't look like a green alien with blacked out eyes! The sound is very good also, no interference or static. There is a button to take quick snap shots and it stores on a micro SD card (included). The pictures aren't high enough quality to frame but it’s fun to look back at the past ones and watch your baby grow before your eyes. There is also a VOX mode where if your baby is not making any noise the monitor turns off to save the battery and turns on instantly as soon as your baby makes a peep (plus you can set the sound sensitivity in case there is a mobile or TV making sound). Or if you want to check on your baby because they're being too quiet just hit the snap shot button and the monitor turns on plus you get a snap shot stored on the monitor of him/her to look back at. It will take 100's of snap shots since the resolution is so low.


Great picture and sound, no static or interference, no "green mode" in low light, can use up to 4 cameras with it, snap shot mode with included micro SD card and adapter, 2 way radio so you can talk to your child when you're not in the room, monitor and camera well-built and compact, rechargeable battery w/ dock for monitor, rechargeable battery on camera too, camera is wall mountable. There is multiple settings for the volume and picture. Monitor and camera use mini USB connection to power and charge (smart).


If you forget to turn on the camera before you turn on the monitor the monitor will beep at you saying "NO CAMERA FOUND" and wake up your sleeping baby (sucks). There is no output to hook up the monitor to a TV. And it would be nice if here was a belt clip and little kick stand built into the back of the monitor.


There are always going to be a few cons on anything if you look hard enough but none of these change my vote that this is a 5 star monitor. And none of the Cons have to do with the quality of the monitor, just requests for the next model.

139 out of 178


Great Baby Monitor - Very Impressed

I purchased this monitor expecting to be disappointed, as with all baby monitors I have used in the past. After lots of research and internal debate, I pulled the plug and purchased the Lorex Live Snap. First of all the setup was a breeze. I didn’t even have to read the instructions, it was so intuitive. I had three major concerns for any monitor I purchased: Security, compatibility with wireless network, and quality of night vision. The security issue is taken care of with the digital signal. No interference from neighbours or problems seeing other people's babies!

I set up the camera in the baby's room, took the handset to the living room and set it down next to two wireless laptops and a cell phone. The image was perfectly clear and the sound came through great. We have been using this device for 3 months now and have not yet had any issues with interference. We even took it with us on a trip and used it in two other homes with wireless networks and had no problems whatsoever.

Next test was night vision. I am amazed at how well this works. The image is clear (though black and white) but detailed enough for this paranoid first time mom to assure baby is breathing at any time in the night, with blinds closed, no nightlights, complete darkness.

Using the handset is pretty easy. It took us a little bit to adjust the volume and the sensitivity for Power Save mode just right but after one night of using it, we got the adjustments right and have had no issues. We hear the baby when he stirs and I press the camera button to check what's going on. For us, the display is MUCH too bright to leave on all night, even on the lowest backlight setting. Power Save feature is a must and we always use it. The option of only transmitting sound when baby makes sound is great (VOX). Anyone who has listened to the constant white noise feedback of other monitors will appreciate this feature. Others have mentioned it doesn't work properly for them. Maybe the camera is too far away? Ours works perfectly. If you don't like this feature, turn it off and the camera will transmit sound continuously. Finally, the ability to use up to four cameras on the same handset is fantastic.

There are a few issues that I don't find to be a problem but are worth mentioning. The lighting on the camera that makes the night time picture so great, is also distracting to baby if he doesn't want to sleep. I sometimes find him staring at the camera watching the lights. It's a trade-off that I am more than happy with for the ability to see him whenever I need to. Next issue; is the base is too light for the camera. As a renter, I am hesitant to put holes of any kind in our walls, never mind install a video camera, so I have the camera standing on a shelf above the baby's crib. The camera is too heavy for the base and unless I put a something on top of the base, such as a bottle of water, it topples over. I don't mind the water bottle solution but others might find this annoying. I never use the snapshot feature but I think the images shown in the marketing material are a little deceiving. At best it is camera-phone quality pictures. Again, we never use this feature so it isn’t an issue for us. For me, and compared to the junk that is out there for baby monitors these issues maybe warrant a loss of half a star since there is no perfect monitor out there.

We like this camera so much we will be purchasing more cameras for use with the headset. All of my parent-friends that have seen this have been amazed and want one. Definitely recommend.

140 out of 178



Great little video monitor! I really like the fact that I can talk to my child through it! The picture is great, esp. the night vision!

141 out of 178


Location: PA

great product

The cameras and monitor work great, only problem I had was I found out that you can't use 2 monitors for the same cameras... Once you pair the extra monitor the campers go off on the other monitor.

142 out of 178


Great Monitor

I really like this camera; I wish we had purchased it sooner. We purchased this item because my wife and I decided to purchase a bunk bed for my 3 yr old son. My wife wanted to make sure that we knew he was being safe at all times so we had to keep an eye on him. The picture is pretty clear and the night vision is actually really great. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because we really wanted a camera with pan, scan and zoom like the summer infant model. However, we also wanted the ability to have two way talk and I didn't want to pay over $200; so we opted for the Lorex model with two way talk. Although it doesn't have the pan, scan, zoom; we really like the camera. My son likes it too because he knows we're watching so he'll say, "Mama, daddy, look at me!" or he'll ask me questions and we can answer him back. We also like that during the holidays when we are out of town or with relatives we can take the camera with us fairly easy. It's great, I totally recommend this product!!!!

143 out of 178


Location: Richmond, VA USA


We broke our Summer Infant video monitor and decided to purchase this one because we had found a good deal on it and liked the idea of having an additional camera. I LOVE it! It beats the Summer Infant one hands down...and that one will run you over $200 brand new.

Features I like:

-Talk back feature. Best thing ever. I can see my kids playing and address issues without running up the stairs every 5 minutes. (For example: stop pushing your sister, I can see you! Haha) I also used it with the little girl I watch during the week who sometimes gets insecure during naptime. I can talk to her through the monitor and tell her it's ok, lie down and go to sleep. She settles right down! Great :)

-Multiple camera capability. You can display each camera's view on screen all at once or one at a time with just a push of a button. Very nice! If I hear a noise and think my child is waking up I just check on each one quickly then go on about my business. We previously only had a camera in my daughter's room, facing her crib. Now we have one in my 4 year old son's room and it has come in very handy. We are planning on getting additional cameras to monitor the playroom and family room so we can keep an eye on the kids better while being able to do other things like laundry, etc.

-Portability: The charge lasts for hours in power save mode. I usually carry it with me during the day and plug it into the charger at night. I had it with me at the neighbour’s house while my daughter was asleep (hubby was home!) and still got great reception.


-No you will not be able to take fabulous pictures "capturing those special moments" with this camera. The picture quality is just not good enough compared to a real camera meant to take still pictures with. However if you really want to, you could take a photo of what is on the screen. The image quality is fine- clear enough to see and monitor your child. Not to put in a photo album.

-No zoom. You get what you get. However, the camera has better positioning capability than the Summer Infant so we are able to get it at the angle we want it to and have just left it there. If you want a camera with more features such as zoom or remote adjusting- you will need to get a more expensive one.

For what we need this camera is perfect and was budget-friendly. Amazon has a much better deal than the manufacturer's website or Costco (where we got it).

144 out of 178


Location: USA

Great Baby Monitor (even if not used for monitoring babies!)

I wish I had this monitor when my two kids were babies.....but I can still us it to see what's going on their room. This thing is really nice. It's so easy to use, the video display is clear, and the sound it captures and sends is remarkable. If I had to come up with something negative to say about it I would say:

1) it buzzes slightly when the monitor is actively being used to watch the baby

2) not easy to see in direct sunlight

But it still deserves 5 stars. The convenience of being many feet away (even across the street) and still receiving a signal is a nice feature. It would allow a parent to work outside in the yard or at least leave the interior of the house for a short distance and still keep an eye on baby. I can clearly hear what my kids are saying through the microphone on the camera. I had one of them speak into the monitor while I was far away up in their room standing in front of the camera and her voice was LOUD and CLEAR! I've got the camera set about 12 feet from their bunk beds so I have a lot of the room itself in view. Even from that far away the communication is very good. Last night I was downstairs in the TV room and was able to talk to them via the camera reminding them to brush their teeth and it was such a convenience! After their room was dark the camera went into "infrared mode" and though the picture wasn't nearly as good as when the lights were on, you can still clearly see via the camera.

I took pictures using the Lorex and uploaded them to my PC today. It's so easy! The adapter for the very small sized, 128mb memory card fit fine into my PC and the directions to upload the pictures are very straightforward and easy. The picture quality is 320x240 pixels resolution JPEG. Not vivid, but is a nice function to have. I think this is a great baby monitor even for purposes other than monitoring a baby. It's like an extra pair of eyes to another part of the house. And you can add 3 more cameras to it (additional expense) and use each one via its own channel. I'd love to have the extra cameras. It would be a great security system for your house!

145 out of 178


Location: Monterey Park, CA USA

Unexpectedly great product

I bought this product because it was cheaper than my original choice and it had some good reviews. However, I'm amaze by its quality. I have had it for a week, and what a week it has been. My little one has being sick with a virus and then a cold. I was able of seeing through the camera if she really needed me or she was just turning. The quality is superb the sound is very pure and also I don't have any more interference as I had with my old system. Worth every dime!

146 out of 178


Location: USA


Setting up does take a minute. Video and sound quality is excellent.

I don't use it as a baby monitor, rather I have the camera in my kitchen and the monitor downstairs so my other half can see and hear me. When dinner is ready or if I just need to ask a question I don't have to push any buttons rather just start talking.

HIGHLY advise you to purchase.

147 out of 178


Location: Blackwood, NJ, US

GREAT monitor!

We love this monitor for our growing family. It has the ability to show up to 4 cameras in one screen, is compact, has the ability to speak back to the child and is very user friendly with easy to use functions. Great choice if you're in the market for a monitor. We enjoy is much more than we liked our Summer Infant monitors.

148 out of 178


Love It!

We upgraded our single camera monitor recently because we are expecting another baby soon. Unfortunately when we were buying our first one this monitor was way too expensive. However, we just got a great deal on Cyber Monday purchasing this monitor for less than our old one (without the extra camera).

That being said, I LOVE this monitor. Our previous monitor was a Lorex as well and now this new monitor has improved many of its flaws.

What I love:

1. The VOX function, many monitors didn't have this function and I love that I don't have to hear constant static in the background. We have a sound machine running and it only comes on when my child is actually talking or crying. I also love that you can adjust the sensitivity, I have a feeling we will be making it more sensitive when there is a newborn sleeping in the nursery.

2. Clear picture even in night mode my sleeping child is easy to see. That is a big improvement from older model.


3. Two-way communication. I kind of made fun of this one, but I have to say when I am moving my just turned two-year-old into a big bed in a month, I can see this being a great feature if he wonders out of bed.


4. Split-screen to view both cameras at the same time.


5. No bright LED lights on the hand held. This was a big issue with the older model as well.


6. Light weight hand held.


7. Easy set up.


8. Knowing it is secure.


9. Absolutely no feedback from cell phones or other wireless devices!

What isn't so great:


1. It is hard to get the hand held just right into the cradle.


2. There is no way to set the hand held upright without cradle. However, I didn't love my last monitor's option either, I always felt like I was going to break it off and it wouldn't lay flat. I think I would rather have this monitor that lays flat than one that can't stand unless you plug it in.


3. I think the camera function is kind of pointless. I don't really know why you would want it but the camera isn't good enough for something like this anyway.

Why we stuck with a Lorex: We loved the VOX feature. Secure monitors. No cell phone feedback.

149 out of 178


Stylish & Compact, IT WORKS, November 30, 2010

After reading so many Vine Program reviews, I was a little nervous about this monitor. Why wouldn't you rate it fairly highly when you don't have to spend $ on the product? However, upon receipt, I was first surprised at how small the box was. It was literally plug and play. It was a very simple setup.


Simple Setup



Good Picture

Good Sound


Camera Base not heavy enough for certain angles and will require permanent mounting

Feedback; when camera and receiver are in close proximity to each other is rather loud and annoying

Price for additional cameras

Cannot add additional monitors to a single camera

So far, I like this monitor. We use it for our toddler who wakes when we open the door, so we can now "spy" without waking her. I would recommend it to a friend.

150 out of 178


Location: USA

Unusual freatures Very good basics.

The most important aspect - is this a good monitor - Yes - good clear transmission plus the ability to take and store precious photo's. Very good featured as night vision. The photo aspect is a unique and very nice plus!

151 out of 178


Location: USA

super easy

Wow, was this ever easy to set up and use. I had it working in a few minutes. It does its job just great. Even the technologically challenged should have no problem setting this up and should find it easy and useful to use.

152 out of 178


Location: Sunny Florida

Cannot live without this monitor-everything we need all in one!

LOVE this monitor. I have two boys ages 6 and 5 that share a room. They were misbehaving at night and had to be separated to different rooms. I told my husband I wished a baby monitor was made that I can see my boys, talk to my boys and they could talk back to me. This is an answer to my prayers! There is night vision on this unit as well. I am thinking about getting an add on camera for my baby. You can add on 3 additional cameras if you want. It is a must have for children of all ages that you need to keep a closer eye on. Amazon has this priced lower than ANYONE else so don't hesitate…  Buy today!

Update-had a problem with the charger and the manufacturer replaced the whole unit right away! We still love this after several months and just bought the add on camera for another room! LOVE THIS!!

153 out of 178


Lorex LIVE Video Baby Monitor

I LOVE this monitor! The picture and sound quality are wonderful. It is so simple to use that I never even looked at the instruction manual. It even came with the battery completely charged! I literally took it out of the box, turned it on, and it was a done deal.

What peace of mind! I can leave this in the room with my toddler while she is playing and keep an eye on her from anywhere in the house. As a parent, you learn that the scariest times are when you DON'T hear your child. Well, that can mean many things--either they're being really good, or bad, or in trouble. It's always cause for investigation. Now, I can carry the monitor around with me at all times. It's so compact that I can just stick it in my pocket.

I don't have a little baby anymore, but we used to have one of the old audio monitors and it was awful at night. I'd lay down in bed thinking the baby was sound asleep in her crib. Then, I'd hear her fussing a little bit or stirring around and I'd have to go investigate… most of the time it was nothing. So, if I would have had a camera to go along with the audio, it would have been of GREAT benefit! It would have saved me from having to jump out of bed for false alarms.

Anyway, this is an awesome product, good price, nice quality, easy to use....get one.

154 out of 178


EXACTLY what I was looking for! Not many like this!

I was looking for a new video baby monitor so I could keep an eye on my 20 month old and soon-to-be newborn. I had such a hard time trying to find a monitor that would give me all the features I needed...

-Multiple Screens with ability to stay on one, look at multiple at the same time, or jump between cameras every 8 seconds or so

-Won't shut off the sound if baby isn't making any noise. I want the sound on all the time, no matter what.

-Easily Portable

BUT I FOUND IT! This Lorex LW2003 Snap Video Monitor gives me everything I need...AND MORE! I wasn't looking for the 2-way voice feature, but it comes in handy. I can hold the button down and tell my daughter to lay down and go to bed and after she looks around to find out where it came from, she lays down. I think this feature will be handy when she moves into her big girl bed and gets out of bed. I ordered two, so I have two cameras and two monitors. I figured that a whole 2nd set purchase versus the extra camera was worth it because there wasn't too much of a price difference (maybe $70 to purchase a whole other set), plus, if we ever broke one monitor we would have a backup, or, because my husband and I sleep in separate rooms, he could keep a monitor in his room of our 20 month old and I could keep a monitor in my room of our newborn. As soon as the monitors arrived I set them up...and they worked like a charm. They were SO easy to set up. I can't look at the same camera on both monitors, but that's fine. I can look at camera 1 on 1 monitor and camera 2 on the 2nd monitor, so I'm fine with that. And I can look at camera 1 and camera 2 on one monitor if the other monitor is turned off, so I have many options. I knew that when I removed the monitor from the base that it would stay on because it has a battery pack, but I was surprised to see that even when I unplugged the camera it stayed on. I could view myself on the monitor walking through the house with the camera. There is a terrible noise that is created when the monitor and camera are too close to each other, but it's not often that that would happen anyway. The night vision is great and the color during the day is great, too. I love the power save feature so the screen shuts off after 15 seconds (you can choose that it shuts off after a minute or doesn't shut off at all, too) so I don't have a blinding light during the night, and the sound stays on the whole time while the screen is off. There are 4 different sound levels, which is nice because I need it quieter because I wake up easier but my husband needs it louder so he will wake up to her making noise. I really don't have anything bad to say about this camera and monitor. It is SUCH a good deal for the price and it is exactly what we were looking for.

155 out of 178


Great Monitor!!

We did a lot of searching before picking a monitor. We finally settled on this one and we love it. The picture is clear and it is so easy to use especially for us first time parents!!

156 out of 178


Almost Perfect, November 8, 2010

We bought this monitor because had everything we were looking for... color picture, night vision, secure, low Wi-Fi interference, expandable, voice recognition sound, etc. Almost all of those features work correctly. The voice recognition does not work on our unit. It constantly turns on and off instead of only turning on when there is a sound. We don't mind since we still use the Sony Baby Call monitor for this purpose... as a side note, we absolutely love the Sony monitor and have used it for over 2 years with no problem but wanted to upgrade to video the second time around. Customer service told us that we simply have a faulty unit which seems to happen to quite a few people concerning one feature or another. We decided to keep it, instead of having them send a new one, because we knew we could make do without this feature and didn't want to risk getting another one with something else wrong. Even with this small problem, we have definitely been happy with it in every other way and would recommend it to others.

157 out of 178


Location: Georgia


We got an amazing deal on this top notch baby monitor and it's amazing! Thankfully, I have my bedroom back and I don't have to worry about our son! We can see him, hear him, record him, take photos, and talk to him, all with a device small enough to go in one hand! It switches automatically from color to black and white depending on the amount of light in the room and it's easy to see him, day or night. We've taken the monitor all over the house to watch and it easily allows us to see him with no interference downstairs when he is upstairs and even out to our mailbox. The advertised distance is 400 feet and while we haven't tested that, it works for us everywhere we have gone! It's been about a month and he's sleeping through the night and my wife and I can sleep peacefully knowing we will be alerted anytime anything is wrong! This product is awesome!

158 out of 178


Great video monitor

We have had this monitor for about a week and I love it. I bought it to replace our summer video monitor that we have been using for our almost 3 year old son since his birth. We had gotten so used to the defects that we had with the summer monitor that we really had no idea what we were missing! The Summer had started losing sound a lot or only having static unless the volume dial was turned to exactly the right spot and had to be turned on and off sometimes to get the video to come back on. We had been sleeping to a lot of interference and static every night. We bought this monitor because of the split screen option with the second camera since we have another baby on the way. The Lorex monitor seems to be just what we were looking for! No inference or static - which has been soooooo nice. I love that it has a docking station. The video is good quality - a step up from our old monitor. It beeps if you get out of range which is nice too (I tested it while letting the dog out) and is better than the increasing level of static I got with the other monitor. The feature that I am most surprised is the intercom feature… I’m loving it! I didn't think we would use it and was scared that if I did my voice would sound like Darth Vader and scare the mess out of my son. Well the other night he was supposed to be in bed and he got up and turned on his light and I decided to try it. You have to talk softly because it is sensitive to volume - but my voice came thru clear as a bell and he jumped back in bed. Yeah - maybe it's a little "big brother"-ish but I really like this monitor. I can't wait to see how it does with two cameras.

Oh - the one con and the reason I didn't give it five stars - I wish it had more volume levels. It only has four volume levels and it would be nice for a baby monitor to have more.

159 out of 178


Location: CT, USA

Reasonably priced with some good features, October 27, 2010

Overall this is a pretty great unit, especially for the price. We had been using a separate baby monitor/web cam solution for a while and this really works out better.


- Uses a fairly standard mini-USB style connector for charging which means that you can actually charge using a variety of chargers (including a computer). This is very nice.

- Both the monitor and the camera use the same charger too.

- The camera also has a battery in it, so you can take them with you on a trip and you don't have to be plugged into power the whole time.

Create- The infrared night-vision is quite good.


- They added the ability to capture stills to an SD card, but they're really low resolution captures. It's a pretty useless feature in all.

- The monitor is fairly low resolution, I'm not sure if the camera's output is low, but the monitor on the baby cam is. They don't publish the resolution, but it's probably 240 x 160.

- The multi-monitor support is nice, but with the buttons so readily available, we're always hitting the button for one of the other monitors, which of course forces it to beep. It would be nice to be able to configure what monitors are available so you don't have to worry about it.

- When the camera is charging, there is a bright red LED that shines. It would have been nice if it had been placed somewhere on the back instead so it didn't disturb baby. Luckily it goes out after the camera is charged, so most of the time its not a problem.

- The audio has a little more interference than our previous monitor. It's not really a problem, but it is noticeable.

- It's nice that the camera has a battery, but it would be nice if the camera had a "quick disconnect". If you attach the camera to the wall, you can't remove it easily.

- With the USB connector on the camera, I'm curious if it will work as a USB webcam as well. I'll try it some time, it would certainly make this more usable when the monitor is no longer needed for baby duty.

In the end I recommend this monitor, especially for the price. There are a few things that I wish were better about it, but most of the issues are very minor.

160 out of 178


Location: Teaneck, NJ United States

Good quality and works well.

I found this monitor to be well made and easy to use. The instructions are very clear and complete and the units were easy to charge up. While the video image is not great, it is adequate for monitoring, as is the sound. It also works well in low light since it has its own infra-red light source and the camera is sensitive to infra-red. It is useful for monitoring anything, not just infants. It can be used to monitor anyone in need. I intend to use it to keep an eye on my house the evenings of October 30 and 31. No tricks for me!

161 out of 178


Location: MA, United States

Easy to Setup and Overall Good Product, But is it Really Secure?


-      Very easy to setup

-      Switches between night and day vision automatically

-      Allows 2 directional talk

-      Good Sound

-      Small Handset fits in your pocket

-      Charges via mini USB port


-      Ease of setup makes me wonder about the security

-      The camera base isn't heavy enough and it tips easy

All I had to do to set this up was turn the handset on and plug in the camera. I didn't have to enter any type of security code. This is good normally for a baby monitory w/o a camera, but the possibility of someone else with the same product being able to see into my house via the camera leaves me a bit uneasy.

The 2 directional talk buttons is a very nice feature. I put the camera in the living room while my child was in there, to keep an eye on her from the kitchen while I was making dinner. Not only could I see her, but I could send a quick, "get down from there", when she got on the coffee table.

The handset uses a standard mini USB port to charge. This is nice, because you can charge it in places other than the one where you plugged the base in, provided you have computers or other devices with mini USB port connections.

The camera base has a lot of room to swivel around which is nice, but the base isn't heavy enough to keep it from tipping over in most positions. The base does have mounting holes in it so that it can be screwed down, but I use them; I liked the ability to move the camera to different rooms as needed.

I was happy with the sound. I've used two other cheap, sound only, baby monitors and they had far more static coming from the speakers all the time.

162 out of 178


mostly good

The packaging was very nice and easy to open. I especially liked the quick setup page, however did read the full instructions prior to initial use.

The monitor was easy to set up and was already in sync with the receiver.

The cord to the monitor and receiver chargers seem to be a little on the short side, especially since my crib does not share a wall with an outlet.

The receiver had to be muted when I was adjusting the camera because it makes a horrible squealing noise if you get the two too close together, meaning in the same room. However, when the volume is muted the noise goes away.

For the price of what you would pay for a monitor like this, I wish there was a way to remotely adjust the camera from the receiver. When toddler gets out of bed there was no way to adjust the camera remotely, and no way of telling where she went.

The picture quality is great during daytime mode, ok at night. If baby gets too close to the camera at night it gets all blurry and you get a reflection flash in her eyes.

For the volume settings, there are 4, but I wish it were more variable or more settings. With one setting we have to listen to her ceiling fan squeak all night in order to hear her if she wakes up, but if we turn it down to not hear the fan we can’t hear the baby either.

I like it that you can take pictures and put them on the computer, however the mini SD card is hard to remove, and when you upload the pictures they become inverted.

Overall I am happy with the camera, and although I would like to see a few minor changes, would recommend the product to friends.

163 out of 178


Location: Harrisonburg, VA United States

Clear picture. Good sound. Easy to set up.

We were interested in this for reasons other than the obvious. My son was getting married and we were not sure that my mother who has some physical concerns would be able to come to the outdoor ceremony. We set up the camera to provide a live feed to a nearby cottage. At first, I thought I would carry it to the front row and hold it; however, holding it made for an unstable picture.

After setting the camera on something solid and adjusting the viewpoint, the quality was much better.

Fortunately, my mother was able to come to the outdoor ceremony. We didn't have to use the monitor but we were prepared!

Now we will set up the camera so that my mom's caregiver can check on her at night.

A good and versatile monitor. Highly recommend!

164 out of 178


Location: Utah USA

Has more pluses than minuses

The instructions are hard to understand, but once I started pushing buttons, it was fairly easy to figure out everything I need to know about this baby monitor. The buttons are well-placed, and the set-up is intuitive.

I experienced quite a bit of feedback when using this baby monitor around electronics (like laptops), but moving it solved the problem.

The Night vision works well and is automatic. The red night vision light might wake a light-sleeping baby, but I haven't notice this with my baby.

It doesn't take the best quality pictures, but the major use for this is NOT as a camera -- it's a baby monitor (which it does very well).

This baby monitor would be perfect for first-time mothers. Because of the video and night vision, it would especially helpful for mothers who have babies with health or breathing problems. When my first baby was newborn, I would have to check her baby several times a night, just to make sure she was breathing. It would've been much easier to check on my baby's breathing with this video baby monitor (and I wouldn't have kept risking waking my newborn). Of course, now that I've had my third child, I'm not nearly as nervous as I was with the first one, but this sure would've saved me a lot of sleepless nights back then.

165 out of 178


Location: Texas, United States

Wow this thing rocks!

Admittedly, I did not get this to monitor a baby. If I had this when my kids were babies, this would have been awesome! I use this to keep check on my kids when they are either upstairs "playing" or on the computer. I have two girls, and I just like to know what is going on and this makes it easier.

This surveillance cam shows what's going on in color. Back in the day it was only black and white, so this is much better. Lorex has provided a lot of information, so I don't want to be repetitive, so I will just highlight what I found to be most useful, not in any particular order:

a) Color picture

b) Energy saving modes

c) Linkability to other cams, purchase separately

d) Ease of charging

e) Ease of use

f) Volume, and volume control

g) Ability to talk to the baby/ persons being watched

h) Range is good

i) So far no interference, which is huge because for some reason, we have interference issues w/ our ceiling fan remote (not good!) but the video monitor has been fine.

I have to say that I have not used the feature that lets you take a picture, I don't think I will ever need it, especially for what I am using the monitor for. I have seen this brand, Lorex, at Costco for a home/property surveillance system, so they are in the business of surveillance, which I think is a plus. This monitor is compact, but not too small, and lightweight. Baby monitors have come a long way in 6-7 years! I say BUY IT!

166 out of 178


Location: New York, NY

Good for Dogs/Pets as Well as Children

First let me say that I do not have any children, at least the human kind. My children are my pets, in this case two cane corso dogs. I know I know, they are kids to me and can often time get into or cause just as much trouble when left, alone and it’s a good way for me to monitor them and see what I have to do to better protect them and my home.

The setup is pretty easy, although I rarely have a problem setting up anything, however in my opinion even the most technically challenged can do it. The sound quality is good, consider I have excellent hearing and can pretty much hear most things going outside of my house let alone inside. But since this is a two story house, and I am not always alert, it’s good to know if my dogs are messing around with trash or furniture etc.

The quality of picture is not the best, but it definitely is manageable and great for taking quick shots of my dogs in action or just doing those things that make for great candid moments. :-) There is the great two-way device feature so I can shout at the dogs NO! NO! Or STOP! STOP!

Overall I am happy with the device and suits my needs just fine. I am not a parent so I cannot say how it would work with an infant that depends so much on parents. But it might help if you’re in another room u can watch your kid sleep, or make noises and even play with them verbally until you make it to the room.

167 out of 178


Location: FL, USA

Great surveillance monitor, not just for babies!

I had been looking around for an inexpensive, portable, in-home surveillance system to use for monitoring my elderly dog. I had not actually thought of a 'baby' monitor, but I am pleasantly surprised to find this one, so much so that I intend to add another camera in the near future.

The kit comes with one camera and power cable, and one monitor and charging cradle. Both pieces have built-in rechargeable batteries that power their respective devices for about 5 hours. I have my camera situated on a bookshelf facing my back door, and the monitor by my desk, where it sits charging in its cradle until I move to another room. Since I have the camera in a 'permanent' position, it is plugged into a power outlet for all day use. From my desk, I can now monitor my old dog and see when she is at the back door wanting to go out. I can also see when she wants to come back in! If I move to another room, I simply take the monitor with me.

The hand held monitor is roughly the size as a small TV remote control (4.5" x 2" x 1.75"), so if fits easily in your pocket for transporting from place to place. Its wireless range is about 450 feet, depending on what the signal has to go through. The monitor screen measures 2" x 1.5" (2.5" diagonal) and is bright, colourful, and interference free, even when sitting next to my computer. The refresh rate on the LCD screen is a little low, which means you will see jerky frames when something or someone moves in front of the camera, but it is sufficient enough for its purpose. I wish the monitor had some sort of pull out/flip out stand support (like a photo frame does) so what I could stand it up for easy viewing when it is out of its cradle, like on my kitchen counter for example. As it is, it is more convenient to keep it in its cradle in an upright viewing position.

In night time conditions, the camera preforms superbly. The 'sun' ring of IR lights the front of the camera throw enough distance to cover an entire room, making for easy viewing of your subject and surrounds (in night vision gray) even in pitch blackness. However, make sure you are not pointing the camera at a reflective surface (such as a window or shiny metal) or else all you will see is a big white blur.

The controls on the front of the monitor are basic: MENU (to adjust brightness, power saving, vox, pair up an additional camera) POWER on/off, buttons labeled 1, 2, 3, 4 for switching between up to 4 cameras, and the circular center which you press UP to talk (your voice comes out of the speaker in the camera, and this can be a two way conversation), DOWN to take a snapshot.

Unfortunately, the snapshot feature is the one downfall of this otherwise great kit. The unit comes with a 128MB Micro SD card, but will accept a Micro SD card up to 2GB (sold separately). Be aware that it only takes still images, not video, as the word "recording" may falsely suggest. A Micro SD adapter is included in the box. There is no other way to transfer your snapshots to your computer without pulling the Micro SD card out of the monitor, and using a card reader connected to your PC. Getting the Micro SD card out of the monitor is extremely difficult, requiring a pointed object, a pair of tweezers, and a delicate hand! If you are successful, however, you will likely be disappointed by the poor resolution (320 x 240) photo that awaits, which is also mirror imaged (backward) to your original subject. In other words, don't bother with the snapshot feature.

In conclusion, I think the Lorex LW2003 LIVE 'snap' Video Baby Monitor would be something parents would find perfect for monitoring their child (minus the snapshot feature) throughout the day and night. I'd also recommend it to anyone considering a portable, wireless, in-home surveillance system that can support up to four cameras, including the monitoring of pets, or the elderly, or just any time you might need to have eyes in another room (or rooms).

168 out of 178


Location: South Carolina

Great value/performance

I've read MANY reviews of multiple monitors and tried another. Our first attempt was the Summer Infant 7" B&W monitor; this was the cheapest video monitor at Babies-R-Us. It was lousy (constant loud interference noise, very bright screen which lit up our bedroom, etc.). This Lorex is a GREAT product when you consider it was only $50 more than the low end Summer product.


-Effective image in light and pitch dark (color in day, but don't expect to snap beautiful pictures with the 'snap' feature as the description might imply- color is washed out and limited resolution)

-Portable (huge plus unless you plan on just using the monitor in one location overnight, etc.)

-Good battery life (has not gone out on us with frequent use over the last two weeks)

-Push to talk has some usefulness (talking to spouse in the room works, unlikely you'll calm your baby over the speaker!)


-Minimal hum (little interference/feedback and we use upstairs/down and through many walls)

-Low overall volume (Only mention because some reviewers of other models complained when they couldn't hear every single breath from their baby. You'll hear every cry for sure.)

-Some hesitation in button response as another reviewer noted, but you will likely "set it and forget it"

Overall 4/5. Value, Features and Performance compared to what else is out there 5+/5. Buy it, you won't find a perfect monitor.

169 out of 178


Location: Kansas City

Good coverage, great portability, but not "snapshot" camera

First, I absolutely recommend this monitor. I've listed some specific strengths and weaknesses below.

What I liked:

1. Good range. In my two story house I got decent coverage throughout. The signal was a little weak when I stretched it to its furthest possible range, but I never lost the picture.

2. On the small screen the picture is crisp, with good color. You will never have to wonder what you're seeing. Look carefully at the image on the video I took of the outdoors and you'll see a crisp blue autumn sky with colourful foliage.

3. I think the portability is a key feature. The monitor can be removed from its base and slipped into a pocket as you move around your house. Very nice!

4. You can add cameras, all of which show up on the monitor. You can then select which camera you want to "zoom" on the screen. Hopefully you won't be monitoring four babies at once, but the capability is there.

What I would like to see improved:

1. Customer service! I always try to test this during a review, since it tends to be the "Achilles Heel" of modern commerce. I first let the customer service rep (Asian, but very understandable) know I was writing a review and had a specific problem I needed solved. It became clear immediately that the rep was not familiar with the product. After about 20 minutes he admitted he could not solve my problem, but he promised I would receive a call back or email within a couple of hours. After ten days I have heard nothing. Unacceptable!

2. The monitor is promoted as a camera which can take snapshots of your baby, and the advertisements feature beautifully lit photos of babies. This is bogus. The camera has a whopping .3 megapixels. This is perfectly fine for the small monitor screen, but trying to use it as a camera to photograph your baby will result in a blurry, pixelated photo if you try to even print it 4x6. It puzzles me that Lorex even included a micro SD card and adapter for you to transfer your pictures to a computer. You wouldn't really try to photograph your beautiful baby with a .3 MP camera, would you? Which brings me to another point . . .

3. The reason I called customer service was the image from the camera when I took a snapshot was not only rotated (easily fixed) but reversed. For instance, any printing would look backwards. I'm not sure if this is peculiar to the sample I received, but it's annoying. Yes you can fix this in a photo editor, but you shouldn't have to. I have no idea what's going on, and neither did customer service. The image is fine on the monitor screen, and the problem only shows up when you transfer a picture, which you are unlikely to do anyway given the poor resolution.

So let's sum up: I really like the Lorex Baby Monitor and I would definitely buy it. I take off one star for the failure of customer service to respond to my problem and the misleading pictures which imply the monitor can be used to take good quality pictures. If you purchase it with the idea that you are only monitoring your baby (pets, etc) and not capturing lifetime memories, you'll be very happy!

170 out of 178


Location: Phoenix

Compact, useful and fun!

I don't have a baby, but I do love tech things! I got hold of this little item a couple weeks back and I've had all sorts of fun playing around with it!

First, the set-up on this is pretty easy. You rig up the camera where you want it to be, and then you just plug in the charger base and activate the remote. Next thing you know, you're sitting in one room and seeing/hearing things in another room!

Now I will say that the picture quality is not the best, nor is the sound quality, but they are pretty good, and the low-light visibility is a real plus. I could see that being quite useful for parents who want to, for example, make sure the baby is laying on its back. I also really like the fact that you can control multiple cameras with one remote!

One thing the device doesn't have that I would have liked is the ability to pan and zoom with the camera. But that's ok. For what it is it's pretty darn neat!

171 out of 178


Sister Loves It!

I gave this to my sister to use for my niece. She loves it. She's been wanting to a baby monitor, and this works great. She set it up while one the phone with me, so there was no problem there--she's not techy like me. And she was able to monitor my niece from the next room. She will most likely not be using the advanced features until I come to visit, so I cannot comment there, but this is a winner!

172 out of 178


Location: Alexandria, VA

Wonderful Baby Monitor!

This is the best baby monitor I have ever had. The setup is very easy, no cords just rechargeable batteries for both camera & monitor. The picture is very clear and sharp. Only downsize is I would like the monitor to be a little bigger, but it is also a camera which is really cool. And this is a great portable system to take with you on trips. The sound quality is very sharp, and I really like the two way audio option. This system comes with 1 camera but you can use up to 4 for the monitor which is really great.

173 out of 178


Location: MA, USA

Imply Great Baby Monitor!

The simplicity of setup and use for the Lorex video baby monitor made it a five-star pick for me. How simple was it to set up and use? Read on:

Setup was ridiculously easy, which earned it the first star in this review.

Figuring out how to operate it, also took just minutes, and earned it another star.

Sound quality was clear (the volume can be raised/ lowered, one more star.

Display was VERY bright in the night-vision mode, star number four.

You can also take snapshots with it (from the display), also very easy to do, and you can also add up to 4 additional cameras, star number five.

Overall, a simple, fun and well-made product.

Note: The quick-start setup guide and user's guide that come with the monitor are written in clear, simple language.

174 out of 178


A better than average baby video monitor,

It is easy to setup and simple to use.

After connecting the power to the camera and receiver, I turned them on, and it worked immediately. There are menus and setting on the receiver, and it is easy enough for my wife to set up and figure things out (she isn't tech savvy). The micro SD card was in the slot in the receiver already, and its adapter came in the package. Yet it was not easy to take the card out.

Battery Life:

It took several hours to charge both batteries fully, then they lasted over five hours with the VOX on (audio activated alerts; the receiver gets alerts when the camera detects audio).

Long Range Reception:

We didn't have any reception or interference issues between rooms and other wireless equipment’s. But when the two units were close, it made howling noises. When the both units are in distance, they are fine. I think that's the nature of microphone and speaker relationship.

Snapshot feature with external memory card:

One thing I like about this video monitor is that I can take a snapshot with it. The quality of the photos is not that great, but it’s just snap shot just like the ones from a phone camera. However, it is nice that this monitor also works in the dark like a night security cam. Again, quality is not that great, but this doesn't need to be a HD video monitor. And this monitor does its job well.

There are a couple of things I'd like to mention as well. The camera unit is wireless, and it also works in the dark. I thought it would be really nice if it works with the computer as a webcam. I am sure that's more challenging technically, but that's the kind of feature I would like. Another thing is about the battery. It is nice that I can charge the battery and the unit with regular USB cable, but when it comes to irregular type of battery, it makes me wonder why. I think it would have been better if I could just use regular AA or AAA type instead cell phone battery look alike.

Lastly, although I do not like the cheap plastic quality of this monitor; however, I give more points for its expandability and two way talking feature. If I want, I can add three more cameras (it will cost a lot more!!!) and use this for other purposes. So other than a couple of minor Cons, this baby video monitor is little better than others, in my opinion.

175 out of 178


Location: seaside,oregon

GREAT product that mom's going to LOVE,

This is a GREAT little gift item for the new moms out there - a wireless audio and video "system" to watch & monitor baby. Video camera is tiny & very light, easily mountable on a wall or simply set on a nearby shelf. System has a cool infrared feature so baby may be seen sleeping away in the dark without being disturbed (no bright light shining on their little faces). One can program the system to "wake up" from stand-by mode when baby moves or makes noises, to preserve battery life. There is even an internal camera, with memory card, that can take pictures when baby does something remarkably "cute" when nobody is looking! Mom can now take that well deserved bubble bath in complete peace, knowing baby is safe and sound sawing logs in the crib next door....

176 out of 178


Location: Savannah, GA USA

What a great product!

For 10 years I've been using audio-only monitors for my children. They've been very helpful in attending to their needs during times when they've been in bed and need help. This is my first experience with a video monitor, and I'm very impressed!

The first thing I liked about the product was its ease in setting it up. After getting all the parts out of the box, the user guides, etc. I unfolded the Quick Start Guide. This gave me an easy to follow, 6-step process to get up and running fast. Note: Although it works right out of the box, be sure to charge up the product for 6 hours before using it.

I then pulled out the 30-page User's Guide to get the full rundown on how to use the monitor. It was easy to understand, without a lot of high-handed technical jargon. I also liked that it was in only one language, so that I wasn't stuck with an overly thick Guide with multiple languages.

The system itself feels sturdy and high-quality. I have every reason to believe that this will be in use for years to come, even after my child doesn't have a monitor in his room anymore & we're using it for some other monitoring purpose. I love the fact that the system is completely portable and wireless after proper charging. This will be so convenient for us when we take out of town trips.

The snapshot camera worked just fine for me-- I was able to take photos, easily remove the tiny memory chip, insert it into the enclosed converter cartridge, and then place it in my netbook computer's memory card slot. The photos were easy to retrieve off the memory card from that point. The converter cartridge even has a "lock" function so that the files cannot be deleted off the memory chip. Very handy if you have some precious photos that you don't want to lose.

The commands and menu system on the handset of the monitor aren't too difficult to understand. It might take a few times of practice to be comfortable in finding and implementing what I need, but overall it's pretty intuitive.

I think my only quibble with the product is the manner in which the handset is plugged into its charging cradle. Because the outlet for charging is relatively small, you have to make sure the handset is lined up *just right* when you're plugging it in. I wish the docking of the monitor was smoother.

Overall, this is a great product. I hope that my slumbering youngest son isn't in distress too often, but if he is, this product will be much more informative and useful than my simple audio monitor. Interestingly enough, if you want this product to be in Audio Mode only, you can go back to that way as well. Lorex has produced a very versatile, useful and high-quality product. It definitely receives my recommendation.

177 out of 178


Its been great so far!, March 18, 2011

We got this to replace the Summer's that we were using. I've been thru 3 Summers in 3 years- they always start out great but end up getting static and the battery loses charge. So we finally made the switch to a whole different brand and we love it. Like other people have said- it does interfere with the wireless internet making web sites load very slowly but only upstairs where we have it plugged in. Our signal is kind of weak up there anyway so it doesn't take much for the wireless to go slow. When we have the hand held with us during naps etc. there have been no wireless issues. We have found this to be a very minor annoyance- the Pros of the camera far outweighs this problem.

We are using 2 cameras with one monitor and the split screen has been great. I LOVE being able to see both kids at the same time b/c sometimes you’re not quite sure which one coughed or cried out etc. The visuals are great, sound is great- it’s what we've been looking for. My only con is that the speaker is on the back of the handheld instead of the front. This is fine when the hand held is in the charger but when you use the hand held in other rooms or walking around, you have to lay it down on the table with the monitor side down or balance it on its side or else the speaker becomes too muffled. Other than that- very happy with this purchase!

178 out of 178


Location: Jacksonville, FL USA

I am impressed!

My experience with video baby monitors is limited to one purchased about six years ago which, up until I received this product, I believed was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Lorex "Snap" monitor is, as of the writing of this review, the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as video baby monitors are concerned. With the knowledge that all I can reasonably compare it to is an outdated model, I would like to explain why I am so impressed.

After opening the box, my first impression left me feeling that the screen on the monitor is too small. Having now utilized the product, I can confidently say that the screen is the perfect size. That is, the field of vision covers more than enough area and the smaller screen allows for true portability, which leads me to the next positive. This product is truly portable. While the camera/cameras can be mounted to a wall (and easily removed), the design allows for set up on any flat surface. The monitor itself is about the size of a large cell phone and, with its convenient charging port and seemingly long battery life, can be brought just about anywhere due to its wireless operation. The camera also provides a great picture even when the lights are turned off and it automatically transitions into night vision.

All of these points certainly make this product great but, in comparison with the old model, there are three features that really impress me. The first being the fact the audio monitor is two way. With the touch of a button on the handheld monitor, crystal clear audio can be heard through the camera just as well as it is being received. Another big advantage, to me, of the Lorex monitor is that it allows room for growth, enabling up to four cameras to be monitored on the same handheld device. While I have only utilized one camera with this unit, I like the fact that I have options if I need them. The final deal sweetener is a still photo function that saves spur of the moment images onto a removable memory card in the monitor. All in all, the Lorex "Snap" is a great product that I would recommend to anyone in the market for a video baby monitor.



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