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Sweet Peep mini Video Baby Monitor


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1.8" Video Baby Monitor

Frequent traveler? Always on the move? We've got the baby monitor you've been waiting for. The latest addition to the Lorex Baby family adds a twist to one of our most popular monitors; meet the SWEET PEEP MINI™ , a stylishly compact version of the original SWEET PEEP™. Featuring a 1.8 inch portable LCD monitor, crystal clear night vision for bedtime monitoring, a built-in speaker and microphone that enables two-way talk, and up to seven hours of battery life for on-the-go monitoring!

Model no.: Sweet-Peep-mini-Series

Handheld LCD Monitor

Light and portable monitor that allows you to monitor your loved ones from any place in the house.

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras



1.8 inch Video Baby Monitor

Portable LCD monitor

We've scaled down the monitor, making it easier than ever for you to carry it around the house or take with you on the go. Measuring just 5.4 by 3.2 inches, the petite device is similar in size to a smartphone and fits easily in pockets, purses and/or baby bags. Boasting a 1.8inch LCD screen, the monitor comes with a built-in battery that's capable of running up to seven hours - ideal for vacations and nighttime use.

Night Vision

Crystal clear night vision

A baby monitor is only as good as its night vision. Rest assured that Sweet Peep mini offers you the best, the clear black and white picture lets you see every little move your bundle of joy makes, even when it's pitch dark! The camera features a built-in nightlight that softly illuminates your child's room, helping your little angel feel safe and return to sweet dreams.

Talk to baby

Two-way talk

Sometimes there's nothing more comforting to a child than the sound of mom or dad's voice. Using the indispensable two-way talk feature, reassure your tot or toddler that you are still there. With the Sweet Peep mini, you're always just a fingertip away from your little one!


Versatile and expandable

Like the baby monitor itself, the camera's base offers you incredible flexibility. You can practically rotate it any which way. In addition, the compact monitor features a belt clip that doubles as a stand. Sweet Peep mini can grow with your family, add additional cameras and view them all on one screen. This is ideal for parents with multiple kids and pet owners.

The Sweet Peep mini includes:

  • 1.8" Portable LCD Monitor... so you can hold your little one comfortably in the palm of your hand. Enjoy bright, crisp vision by day and night.
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision... the clearest black and white picture let's you see every little move they make, even when it's lights out!
  • Two-Way Talk... while you catch up on emails in the home office, sing your baby to sleep using the monitor's high-sensitivity microphone.
  • Built-In Nightlight... the wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into a sweet sleep.
  • Crisp Sound... you won't miss a beat when you can tune in to every baby breath.
  • Stand doubles as a belt clip... so you can take the Sweet Peek mini with you anywhere you go.
  • Portable and Compact... the Sweet Peek mini is small enough that you can easily take it with you to grandma's house or anywhere else you bring your little one.
  • 450 ft Outdoor Wireless Range... this feature ensures that your family is always in the comfort zone.
  • Accommodates up to 4 Cameras... tots, toddlers and tweens. As your family grows, add three additional wireless cameras and keep an eye on everyone.
  • Up to 7 Hours of Battery Life... with the power to go all day and all night, you will always have a reliable pair of eyes and ears in the nursery or playroom.


1. Battery life: Up to 4hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 7 hours in audio only mode.
2. Picture switches to black and white automatically when the room is dark for greater clarity. Objects may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera location.
3. Range up to 450ft/150m outdoor, 150ft/ 50m indoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.










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1 out of 18


Location: Windsor Ontario Canada

This product was working great, but it stopped working properly only after a few short days. The Battery never lasted even close to 7 hours, maybe 3.
We mounted the camera on the wall, set it at the perfect angle but it would slip down so all I saw on the wall on the screen.
The light adjustment on the camera stoped working, the nightlight mode never worked and the sound indication lights stopped working.
Very dissipointed seeing as I only bought it 3 weeks ago!!
The canera part still works and that's the most important part, so that's what we are using.

2 out of 18


Location: USA

I was very impressed with this product, especially given the features it has in such a compact package. I have used it to monitor both baby and pets. The image is clear, and, the audio is very clear (no static at all). It is super convenient to be able to use the belt clip to hold the wireless monitor as I go about my household chores. I also trust Lorex, having used their products in the past. I do wish the battery life was a little bit longer, as the only inconvenience I have experienced is the recharging of the unit (best done at night when the monitor is in a stationary position anyway). Its just that my days tend to be longer than 7 hours (!). Other than that, I think the price for this unit is very reasonable and would highly recommend it to other parents and pet-owners alike.

3 out of 18


Location: southern Virginia

This is the third monitor we have tried for our infant, and has proven to be the best overall. The two-way talk feature is so helpful to have even though our baby wakes up quietly and looks around for quite a time before really stirring....that's when it helps to have the camera to be able to check on her. She seems to like the little night light feature, so that's nice to have. Picture is clear, and night vision is good, even though monitor is small....gets the job done.

Other reviewers have mentioned of the features in detail, so I will just mention that the range is no where near where they state that it is. Going to the mailbox in the front of the yard shows that it is out of range. And going into the basement is not possible either. But other features, and just the general quality, of this monitor offset the range problem, and this is really a first rate monitor at a really good price.

4 out of 18


Location: Takoma Park, MD USA

I have three video baby monitors. The other two (Motorola, Belkin) are designed to be viewed via an app. The other monitors suffer from fatal problems, for example, if the camera loses power, it forgets its wifi connection, and the app doesn't keep the password and logs out all the time. Also, I don't like the idea of my video being hackable via the internet. The only advantage of the online monitors is that you can see the video when you are not home, i.e., nanny-cam.

This Lorex BB1811 Wireless Baby Monitor is a simpler, non-internet technology. It just works. Also, it has a 2-way talk, which is useful, though poor audio quality. Also, the range is not huge -- don't expect the same range as some cordless phones or your wifi.


5 out of 18


Location: USA

Over the years we have used several different baby monitors. For whatever reason a baby monitor seems to have a relatively short life before it fizzles far (regardless of the brand) we have averaged between 9 and 15 months before we have had to replace all of our monitors.... on of which included a previous generation of this lorex monitor.


- We really like our previous Lorex video monitor... and while we have a found a few new ones that we like more - we still have a good impression of the Lorex brand.

- Screen Size - Very small.... I mean very, very small maybe the smallest that I have ever seen on a baby monitor. I am not sure how much it matters, because as the screen gets larger you generally lose clarity. Unfortunately, the Lorex BB1811 isn't overly clear even with the smaller screen.

- Low light performance - I'll let you in on a secret - all baby monitors stink in low light/dark. Yes, they are good enough so that you can see that your child is jumping on the bed in the dark, but don't expect anything other than a very grainy picture. The truth is that is one of the things that separates all video cameras (not just baby monitors). High end (read expensive) offer a much better low light picture.... cheaper cameras are always grainy.

- Two way talk - again, this available on many monitors - which is a good thing...since this is a critical feature

- Wireless range - I haven't tested the full 450ft, but in the case of most these monitors (including my previous Lorex) assume that the maximum range is strictly for absolutely ideal conditions.

- No built in lullabies... oh well, despite having this on a couple other baby monitors we never used it.

- Expandable up to 4 cameras...again a relatively basic feature.

- Not wifi enabled- if this is important to you expect to pay more than this price point.

Final Verdict - The Lorex BB1811 is certainly an acceptable product, but it really isn't outstanding in one area. Our preference is the Samsung SEW-3036WN which costs more, and has a few flaws (at times it interferes with out wi-fi signal) but as a whole it seems to be a better value.

3 1/2 Stars

6 out of 18


This is a very good video baby monitor that I would recommend to friends.

Here's what I love about this monitor:

-It's so quiet! There is no static at all! The only noise I hear is my child. Just what I want.

-Receiver has a carrying clip that also functions as a stand.

-Both camera and receiver are lightweight

-Receiver doesn't need to be plugged in, once charged.

-Camera base has very good grip! This will not easily slide off a shelf. It also comes with mounting screws.

-Very good pivoting head on the camera

-You can turn off the viewing screen and still listen for your baby.

-You can speak into the receiver and the camera part plays your voice. Importantly, this function only works when you hold down a button, like a walkie-talkie. Your voice will come through crisp and clear. I used this to communicate with my older daughter when she was sick in bed. I don't know how often I'll use it with a baby, but it is very convenient.

There are just a couple of things that could use improvement:

-The screen is smaller than I expected.

-When the night light function is on, there are two orange lights, one on each side of the camera, then one red light below the camera. In a dark room, it kind of looks like a scary face! We don't need any extra reason for nightmares!

If the screen were a little larger, I'd recommend this 100%. As it is, I'd say the benefits still out-weigh the drawbacks. I'm happy with the monitor.

7 out of 18


Location: San Dimas, CA United States

Before our baby girl was born we used a gift certificate to get a Lorex LW2004 Video Baby Monitor with 2.4-inch LCD and Automatic Night Vision. After she arrived we started using it, and realized it had some pretty big limitations. The monitor was "portable" but the battery only lasted a couple of hours, then took another 12 to recharge. The night vision was finicky and the screen itself flickered on and off. It worked... but was so frustrating it was sometimes easier to do without. And indeed we did, throwing it in a box, a box that got put in the garage. I definitely wouldn't spend money on a Lorex after that.

We were given a Levana Jena Digital Baby Video Monitor with 8 Hour Rechargeable Battery and Talk to Baby Intercom 32111 (White), which was significantly better. We've been using it for a year and a half now, generally pleased. It is feature rich and works consistently. We bring it with us when we travel.

With another one on the way in August, I wanted to see if it was worth trying a different brand rather than getting an extra camera. I was suspicious with this Lorex at first, but a review product is a review product, so I was willing to take a risk and happy to provide a harsh review based on what I found and with the emotions of wasting money on our first one.

Since first using this, I have to admit that the Levana Jena has been put away and the Lorex has taken its place. I was reluctant to like it, and initially didn't because it seemed much more basic for about the same cost. But we use it precisely because it is more basic and does the basics easier and better.

First of all, the image seems sharper and more clear, especially during the day. The night vision is also a step better (radically better than the first Lorex we had). This doesn't have the added music or thermometer or such that our Jena has, but that's fine. We don't end up using those anyhow. The thermometer was very useful when we were living in a place that lacked central heating and cooling, but now we can control the temperature of the house at once.

What I like about the Lorex is that it is straightforward. One button on the monitor turns the video on and off, leaving the option for just sound only very easily accessible. Hold down another button and the orange "nightlights" go on and off. One of my first critiques was that like so many baby monitors, there's a lot of light coming from the camera (a silly feature in my mind). But when I saw how easy it was to turn the lights on and off, I like it as a feature and an option (not as a requirement).

The sound is clear as is the microphone to speak into the room through a speaker in the camera.

This isn't the fanciest video monitor, but it's good at what it offers, is simple to use with the features that we find we use the most, and is generally well-designed. Very pleased.

8 out of 18


Wasn't sure what to expect quality wise until I powered it up, since it's small and shiny plastic with a small screen. But ended up very easy to use with a lot of functionality. Has little yellow/orange lights that could be considered night or comfort lights. The IR function kicks on automatically. You could use the mic functionality too but not sure if that will frighten your baby or better to communicate with other parent in room with the monitor. All in all a very good product, good design, functionality, and the ability to add in extra cameras though I have yet to test that part out.

9 out of 18


Location: Los Angeles, CA

We are using another baby monitor when this arrived. Upon opening the box I loved compact it was but wondered how the range would be affected. Setting up was easy and we've been using it a couple of weeks. Picture and sound was clear even when I was the garage. So far, battery life is as promised and we charge every other day.

10 out of 18


I was able to get this monitor set up in under a minute. All you have to do is plug it in and set it up in the room. I was very pleased with the video and sound quality. The battery life on the video monitor was quite good (plenty of time to get things done around the house without having to be tied to a power cord). I like that you have the option to turn off the video feature (to conserve battery or if you're sleeping and just need the sound alert). I really liked the ability to talk into the monitor. I tried this out in my older son's room (he's 4). It was funny to see his reaction when I told him to get back into his bed. It's been great for our family.

11 out of 18


Location: North Carolina

Lorex is a well known name in my home. I have used their cameras for years and use them for my home security. The only thing I don’t like is after just a few months their monitors seem to turn to black and white and the battery no longer charges. I can’t say that about this one but if it happens, I will update this review.

Taking this out of the box, Lorex really impressed me with how they secured the camera and monitor. They were both covered with protection film. This was very important to me considering I exchanged a camera (in the past) due to no protection and it was scratched all over. Setting up this camera took minutes! The one thing I love about their cameras, there really is no limitations of angels. The camera has a built in amber night light which is useful.

The monitor has everything that Lorex offers but neatly placed in a handheld. The screen is small but you are not missing anything. You can also zoom in. The one thing I love about this monitor is you can hit a button which puts the monitor in standby mode. No more powering off and on. I have used this button a lot! The back of the monitor has a stand which you can use as a kickstand to have the monitor standing up next to you while you work, on your nightstand, or it swivels so you can place it on your belt/pants. I will say this has great range! I have the camera in my daughter’s room and keep the monitor mostly in the living area in the evening and I have not had a range issue. Color is good but knowing my past experience, I fear it will fade to black and white. If that happens, I will come back and update this review.

Two things I do not like, you are able to pair an additional three cameras to this monitor but it is very small. I love that you are capable to add more cameras, but this monitor is so small, I am not sure I would add an additional camera. Second flaw, even when the battery is fully charged, it seems to drain fast, even in standby mode. I have had that issue with past Lorex systems but not right out of the box.

I have been using this for weeks and love the size and that I can carry it around and place it next to me or place it on my belt. It is very handy. If you are looking for a middle of the road camera, this is a good one. It is a lot better than a lot of basic cameras out there but I would not expect it to last a long time. If that is what you are looking for, this one is for you.

12 out of 18


Location: USA

The Lorex BB1811 Wireless Baby monitor is a great monitor for the price if you are looking for a video picture.

Installation is easy right out of the box and the unit is surprisingly small but it works. The controls and options are intuitive and you will be able to use this monitor right out of the box. The video screen has a night vision mode which is helpful for a darker nursery but the screen is quite small. The audio is clear enough to hear when baby is stirring and the range of the unit worked all throughout our condo.

We also have the Levana Astra 3.5 which we like better for the more flexible camera and better screen but this is a pretty comparable monitor for less.

13 out of 18


After receiving the video baby monitor, we were eager to test it. Unfortunately, upon trying to use it, we couldn't get more than 2 feet away from the camera before the video monitor said "out of range." Running through the troubleshooting tips in the manual, we were still unable to get the monitor to function correctly. There isn't much use in a baby monitor that only works within 2 feet of the camera.

After calling Lorex, and walking through a few additional suggestions, they determined our unit was defective. Customer service had a new unit sent out, and provided a return label for the defective unit.

The new unit was night and day compared to the old one. After setting it up in our daughters room, we were able to go downstairs and "monitor" her without issue. We love the ability to speak into the video monitor, and have her hear us speaking. It's kind of fun to see her "freak out" by us speaking to her without actually being in the room. This is our first experience using a video monitor, and it's definitely light years ahead of the old audio versions we used with past children.

We're happy. Customer service is very helpful should there be any issues. The monitor works as expected, provides a great set of features, and is one that we're glad to have for our youngest. We're confident we'll get many years of use out of the monitor with additional children.

14 out of 18


Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana United States

While it appears cheaply made, it actually is a lot more solid than I expected visually. I like the convenience of the hand-held unit and the picture is clear and decent size, especially for the money. Most of all I like the night vision this thing has. I paid over a thousand dollars some years back for a fancy sony camcorder, it was supposed to have some of the best low light specs. Now it's old about 1995, but I can see the tech has improved a lot for cheap. My camcorder quickly needed more ambient light if even in a semi-dark room. This camera shows a night display crisp and clear. I'd want this for full blown security system because it would really spot the criminals at night. I couldn't test it as a baby monitor, but I did scare the cat by spying on it and then calling it's name when it went for the litter box. It was fun to watch it jump. Recommended, and more uses than just a baby monitor.

15 out of 18


First of all it works, really really well.

The night mode must use IR because you can see everything in a pitch black room and it doesn't produce any light. Amazing.

The camera stays plugged in, the screen is rechargeable but I would keep it plugged in by my bed (since that is when you want it on for long periods of time) anyway. The battery is just a bonus so I don't want to complain about the battery life.

My one complaint is the quality of the screen. Think mid 90s mp3 player screen. My guess is this is where they saved money and why they can offer it at a low price.

16 out of 18


Location: CT

This affordable video baby monitor checks all of the boxes:

1. Good night vision

2. Excellent audio quality with little noise

3. Easy set up

4. Great range

5. Rechargeable battery pack

6. Two way audio capabilities

7. Reasonably priced

I've been using it now for several weeks and quite pleased. The monitor works throughout the entire house (including the basement!). Of note is the audio quality - it filters out some of the background hissing and noise I've experienced with other monitors in this price range.

I prefer dedicating monitoring devices like this over smartphone apps as the app-based solutions are just not reliable. This one is easy: plug it in, turn it on, and you're done. I just wish the screen was a little larger.

17 out of 18


Location: VA, USA

I’d like to preclude this review saying this is the first baby monitor with a screen I have ever used. That being said, this is a great product for any new parent and is relatively lost cost for the peace and mind of having video rather than just audio.

Installation essentially doesn’t exist. You simply plug in the monitors and push a button and you’re good to go. The handset for the parents is rechargeable, however, I noticed ‘up to 7 hours’ is a bit of a stretch. I found the handset lasting a little over 5 hours on average and up to 6 a few times. The battery life is completely dependent on how often the screen is on (which automatically turns off, and then on again if there is movement from the baby). Not a big deal since the handset can be plugged in at any time but as a potential buyer, something you may want to be aware of.

The monitor comes with a great set of features. The screen has great imagery, even at night, and is not blurry in the least. Additionally, it has the two way talk feature where your voice, perhaps singing? :) can soothe your baby at night! The range of the product is great. It claims 450ft outdoor/150ft indoor. I got to about 130ish feet inside before the range started to be dicey. I did not test the outdoor range a great deal but I was able to walk to and from my mailbox and it seemed to hold up well.

The product can accommodate up to four cameras which is awesome in case you have another infant or even a young child (or pet?) you would like to keep an eye on. I did not get to test this feature but it seems to be able to move from one camera to another with the simple click of a button.

Overall, I think this is a great product. Is it the Cadillac of baby monitors? Probably not. But at less than $100, I think you’re getting a great deal for the peace of mind and features it provides.

18 out of 18


Location: San Antonio, TX

This is a great monitor/system. Set up is as simple as plugging both parts in and pushing 1 button. The handset (screen) is rechargeable, so it doesn't always have to be plugged in. The picture is very clear, the sound is good, and the talking feature (Where you can push a button and talk through the speaker on the camera) works very well also. The battery life on the handset it pretty good and it turns the screen off automatically after a few minutes of no activity, but then also comes back on automatically if baby starts to move or fuss. Overall, this is a great video monitor and we're very happy with it.









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Sweet Peep mini Video Baby Monitor
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