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CARE 'N' SHARE Series Video Baby Monitor


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The latest addition to our technological family: the innovative CARE ‘N’ SHARE Video Monitor. With enhanced, user-friendly features, it is now easier than ever to keep a close eye on your little one from afar. Purchase CARE ‘N’ SHARE to experience firsthand the countless benefits built into LorexBaby’s ground-breaking surveillance system. This unit is fully equipped with Two-Way Talk, Sleep & Soothe Sounds, and Crystal Clear Night Vision to help you look after your darling newborn from a distance as he or she sleeps soundly – and securely – in the nursery. What’s more, our state-of-the-art SNAP ‘N’ SHARE technology enables parents to digitally photograph their bundles of joy at any precious moment, night or day.

Meet the Care ‘N’ SHARE FAMILY

The LorexBaby Care ‘N’ Share Series of Video Baby Monitors has the perfect solution to meet your every need. Featuring either a 3.5" or 4.3" crystal clear LCD screen and a fixed or pan/tilt camera, we guarantee there is a solution just right for you. Please refer to the product specifications to see the exact camera and screen included with each model.

Handheld LCD monitor with advanced baby camera

Night Vision

Crystal Clear Night Vision allows you to keep tabs on your sleeping beauty hours after lights-out. Check in at any point in the night, knowing that our black-andwhite feed is of the highest quality.

Video baby monitor with clear night vision

Sleep & Soothe

CARE ‘N’ SHARE features five relaxing Sleep & Soothe Sounds from nature – a modern spin on the traditional lullaby. Rainfall, chirping birds, and beach waves can all be turned on or off and volume controlled from your monitor

Sleep 'N' Soothe lullabies

Snap ‘N’ Share Technology

With one click on your monitor, remotely capture photographs of your newborn! Screenshots saved to the camera’s microSD card (sold separately) can be sent to family members and friends or uploaded to your favorite social networks.

Snap 'N' Share technology for sharing your baby's most precious moments

Baby Monitor Features:

  • Portable Handheld LCD Monitor... a wider, portable viewing screen delivers real-time video coverage of your loved one when you're apart.
  • Supports Pan Tilt & Zoom Camera with Motion Tracking*... using your handheld video monitor. You can also motion track your child's movements so that the camera follows him or her automatically.
  • SNAP ‘N’ SHARE Technology... with the click of a button, you can remotely capture still photographs of your sleeping beauty.
  • Sleep & Soothe Sounds... a built-in speaker plays gentle sounds from nature, promoting relaxation and a sense of calm in your baby's crib.
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision... clear-cut video feed in black and white helps you keep tabs on your child's miniature movements in the dark.
  • Video On / Off... click off the video feed and turn your unit into an audio monitor whenever you wish to extend the battery life.
  • Two-Way Talk... a built-in high sensitivity microphone enables caregivers to speak directly to the baby so that they may tenderly guide him or her back to sleep.
  • Built-In Nightlight... softly illuminate the crib at night-time so that your newborn feels swaddled in light upon waking.
  • Digital Zoom... zoom-in remotely for an even closer inspection of your sweetheart.
  • Room Temperature Alerts... keep track of your angel's sleeping conditions with a quick summary of temperature changes in the nursery.
  • Four Room Viewing... with the purchase of additional cameras, parents can monitor up to four distinct spaces simultaneously. Perfect for growing families with kids of all ages!
  • Up to 450 ft of Wireless Range... stay alert with audio and visual feeds that reach across your entire house and backyard.
  • Expandable up to 4 Cameras... position four cameras at different angles in one room or set them up around the house to give your kids the undivided attention they deserve.
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life!... lightweight and long-lasting, CARE 'N' SHARE's battery rarely takes breaks to ensure that you can throughout your day and night.

Model no.: Care-N-Share-Series




  • Portable Handheld LCD Monitor
  • Pan / Tilt Camera with Motion Tracking (included with select models - BB3525, BB3525PK22B, LB315)1
  • SNAP 'N' SHARE's Technology2
  • Sleep & Soothe Sounds
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision
  • Power Save Mode
  • Two-Way Talk
  • Built-In Nightlight
  • Digital Zoom
  • Room Temperature Alerts
  • Four Room Viewing
  • Up to 450 ft of Wireless Range
  • Expandable up to 4 Cameras
  • Up to 8 Hours of Battery Life!3

1. Accessory Pan / Tilt camera available for purchase separately. Click here for details.
2. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
3. Battery life: Up to 4.5hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 8 hours in audio only mode
* Only available with compatible Pan-Tilt camera










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1 out of 114


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

There is so much I could say about this product and company that I don't think I can fit it all in the review. First off the product is JUNK... Battery will swell up and not work and the back will bust off. Complete piece of crap. Do not buy this product. The product actually isn't even available to buy anymore and yet LOREX refuses to stand by their product and offer to help out customers. I see many customers complaining of the same issue and yet LOREX will not stand by their product. COMPANY is COMPLETE SH*T. Secondly their customer service is probably the worst out of any company I ever dealt with. I was on hold and talked with about 5 reps for about 2HRS and they kept wanting to call me back but after reading multiple reviews of people who tried this and they never return calls. SID is a guy I talked to and he was about as worthless as they come. I wouldn't let him ever talk to a customer with his unprofessionalism and not willing to help. Customer service is there to help customers with problems and issues but this company hires customer service reps to just downgrade customers who have spent tons of $$$ on their crap products. I don't even understand how this company is still in business with their products they offer and their customer service. Dave is the senior manager and he might be just as close to being as worthless as SID.

Our apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience you may have experienced. Our customer service team was happy to assist you with this further.

2 out of 114


Location: USA

We have the sweet peep video monitor, and so far we love it. We view two different rooms with this monitor. The monitor stays charged for about four hours, but I usually just have it on its base. The picture and sound are very crisp. The best part is that it doesn't have any bright lights that keep us awake all night. We can set the monitor to only come on if it detects a sound. I would recommend this to family and friends.

3 out of 114


Location: Montréal

La caméra fonctionne super bien, très utile, portée très longue. Comme tout appareil fonctionnant avec des batteries, il est préférable d'attendre la décharge complète avant de la recharger. Toutefois, après environ 10 mois, la batterie perd de sa charge de plus en plus vite.

Bon services, plusieurs possibilités d'extensions et d'ajouter d'autres caméras. Une compatibilité avec iphone aurait été intéressante.

4 out of 114


Location: Prince Frederick, MD

BUYER BEWARE! We have had this unit since March 2015. In this timeframe, the battery has stopped charging twice and now our battery expanded so much in the unit that it popped the back of the monitor case off (the part that holds in the batter). I have contacted customer service and they say this is a technical service issue. Contacted technical service and they said it was a customer service issue. Issuing another replacement battery but the lead time is 7 business days before it even ships. The first battery wasn't sent out for 3 months. I had given up trying to get a replacement. Now I have to wait again? I have a baby with breathing/allergy issues and they couldn't come up with a better solution or faster shipping. These baby monitors are not cheap and parents depend on them. The range is awful. The battery continues to die. And the customer service for this company is horrible. I want my money back. BUYER BEWARE - DO NOT PURCHASE THIS! NOT WORTH THE MONEY OR THE HASSLE!

We apologize for any difficulty you experienced and we're happy to have resolved this for you as per your request. Thank you.

5 out of 114


Location: Huntsville, AL

Do not buy!! Defective product and Lorex is unwilling to stand by this product. Shortly after buying, the battery expanded to the point that the unit MUST be plugged in. Shortly after that, the plug also quit working. When I called Lorex (on hold for 2 HOURS- the "callback system" also does not work- SURPRISE), I was JUST out of my 1 year warranty- they checked on a new battery and said it was not available. Their advice was to "buy a new unit"! I asked why I would buy another product that proved to be useless. I was told they would work on a solution and get right back to me...... still waiting. BEWARE OF THIS PRODUCT AND THIS COMPANY

UPDATE: Since posting this review, Lorex has provided us a new, functional baby monitor. We greatly appreciate the gesture and will continue to use Lorex Baby products.

6 out of 114


Location: manitoba

I love this monitor! I had some issues with my old one, and Lorax was very generous and upgraded me to this one for free! And it shipped out in a week! Im very impressed with the crisp sound and clear image. The features on this monitor are way better than any other monitor in its price range. The pan/tilt camera works wonders when my little one gets up to go exploring in the middle of the night and the night vision lights on the camera are dim enough that they don't give off a distracting light in her room. Lorex's customer service is great and they went above and beyond.

7 out of 114


Location: San Francisco, CA

I have had this monitor for 14 months and have had some issues with it. The reason we bought and like this product is because it is 100% secure and encrypted. We have not been able to find another monitor that can claim this. And have really great customer service and accessibility. At the same time, the battery has been problematic. After a couple of months, the battery started bulging out and the battery would die after a few minutes after a full charge. Lorex quickly replaced it and it fixed the problem. Then, after a year of using the monitor, the battery stopped keeping its charge again and we would have to keep the monitor plugged in all the time, which was annoying. Then, at 14 months, the monitor stopped working. We have generally been pleased with the monitor and its features (like the tilt, range, and temperature) and are working with Lorex to fix the current problem even though we are out of warranty. I hope they can help us. Otherwise, it's pretty crazy to get a monitor that only works for 1 year.

8 out of 114


Location: San Antonio

I've had this monitor for 18 months -- it was perfect for the first 15 months, then the battery expanded and pushed the back off the monitor - Lorex has promised to send another battery out, which if they do, will earn the 4 star rating I'm giving them -- before the battery issue, it was great - the visual clarity is good even in the dark, as well as the audio - and I like that the temperature function is there as previously we lived in a winter climate where it might get cold upstairs, and now we live in a hot climate, it can overheat upstairs where the baby's room is. All in all, apart from the battery we were glad with this purchase and are looking at lorex for security cameras too.

9 out of 114


Location: Missouri

Because I had some problems with my monitor, the Customer Service Agent replaced my camera with the pan/tilt camera and a new monitor. That was very generous. The pan/tilt camera's temperature sensor is accurate, which is awesome. And the new monitor has better battery life and the touch buttons work. I just hope that it lasts. I've heard that the batteries don't last after 6 months or so, but who knows. The range is still great and the picture is clear. The only thing that still bothers me is that sometimes it doesn't pick up her noises until she's really crying. I like to help my children when they're whining, and not in full cry.

10 out of 114


Location: Riyadh, KSA

The product works well, all that's missing is a Windows Phone app and better battery. It seems lots of customers are having battery issues, I ended up taking mine out so it doesn't ruin the casing and the device still works perfectly.

The range is good, picture quality is also well, night time is amazing.

11 out of 114


Location: Columbus, OH

Pros: Good range, you can turn the video off at night or to conserve battery, camera can be turned via the handset.

Cons: Battery started to expand and lose power after several months, causes interference on some wireless headsets, button placement it non-ideal (light, sound effect, and talkback buttons are easily bumped), picture quality is mediocre.

12 out of 114


Location: Belgrade

The monitor has worked well for about 8 months.Suddenly, the battery has expanded. Now, after 12 months there is no sound on speakers, only trough A/V out.

13 out of 114


Location: Elk Grove, CA

I love this camera/monitor set but the battery doesn't hold the charge like it should. I have the 4.3"screen! You can see your baby very well!! I love that you can talk to your baby as well and see the temperature. Aside from the battery issues I've had, I love this product.

14 out of 114


Location: NC

The monitor and cameras have been very good to keep track of our two kids at night. The picture and sound quality is good and the range on the monitor works into our backyard. The only issue that we have had is the battery starting to expand.

15 out of 114


Location: Brazil

The monitor has worked well for about 3 months. Good video quality and night vision. I was not able to work with the wifi connection after trying to set it up for a couple of times.
But it worked well with the RF.
Then, suddenly, the battery has expanded and works for less than 5 minutes when unplugged.
I have contacted the customer service and they promise me to send a new battery to an address in the US or Canada.

16 out of 114


Location: New Hampshire

I have had this monitor for less than a year and have had the same problem twice. It starts off with horrible static, then it produces no sound at all and now the battery dies after being unplugged for less than 5 minutes. The first time they sent me a replacement monitor and this time they keep saying they will get back to me. I live in a large two story home with three children and not being able to hear them if they need me is not a good feeling. The customer service is horrible. The product is less than ideal and for the money I spent I am furious that no one cares to get back to me to at least help solve the problem. We are looking into buying multiple security cameras for our home and business, but after these experiences we will be buying else where!

17 out of 114


Location: Slippery Rock, PA

We loved this system when we first got it. We loved that we could take pics and videos with the monitor. We loved the range and quality of the system. Unfortunately, the wi-fi cradle was never included and have not been able to communicate with anyone from Lorex about purchasing one. Then the battery BLEW up in size. Emailed Lorex and they were sending a replacement monitor. Not just a new battery (which you cannot find anywhere to replace them), so that was great. We got it and it worked for a bit then started increasing in size again. I reached out again and it has been 1 month with still no response from them. I just purchased a totally different baby monitoring system, NOT Lorex. This product had the promise to be a great monitor, but the battery has been proven to be an issue. Not just with our family. If Lorex would just get it figured out, we would have stayed loyal. Get your act together Lorex Baby.

18 out of 114


Location: Columbia, SC

I was very pleased with the unit I purchased until the battery expanded and needed to be replaced. I called for a battery replacement and received an entire new unit. At no time did customer service suggest that they were sending a replacement unit or indicate that I would need to return the old unit. I now need a new battery AGAIN (this is the third in 10 months) because apparently they cannot produce a battery that doesn't blow up, and now they claim that they sent an email with a return label (they did NOT) and that I will have to either return the defective unit (which I threw out) or pay for a new battery. This camera has limited usage, frequently loses signal, has the WORST battery I've ever encountered, both because of the expanding and it's ability to hold a charge. I DEFINITELY recommend that consumers look elsewhere for baby monitor products, as I will be.

19 out of 114


Location: Long Island, NY

For the money, very good product. The night vision is very good, which is probably the thing I was most worried about. The battery in the monitor stopped holding a charge but they were able to send us a new one without much trouble. If you plan to mount the camera on a wall I'd recommend not using their wall anchors, very cheap. Other than those two things, I would recommend this product

20 out of 114


Location: NC

Very reliable. We had an issue with the battery, but had the unit quickly replaced after contacting Lorex technology. We recommend this product.

21 out of 114


Location: Québec

Excellent product so far , its very clear and very clear vision. I even bought another gift for my brother.

22 out of 114


Location: Kentucky

This unit was bought as a replacement to another one we had which broke after 2 years of use. Was very excited about the new features on this one including a nightlight and temperature indicator. Wish the cameras had backup batteries in them like the old ones though so they could be used when not plugged in.. Had a bad camera when purchased.. It had a high screeching noise sound to it.. Contacted technical support and they sent us a new one.. Also just had the battery go bad in the unit itself but are working with Lorex to get a new one sent out now. So far a good company who honora their warranty and has good products. Would recommend.

23 out of 114


Location: Ontario

Bought this for our new baby. Love it so far. Picture is very clear. Night vision works better than expected. Love the long range, can be outside in the yard with other kids and it still works well. Also a big fan of the soothing sounds and 2-way talking. Even bought it for a gift for my sister-in-law

24 out of 114


Location: Ohio

Love this monitor for so many reasons and it has been great for 9 months. Until the battery expanded and blew the back off the monitor. Seems faulty and unsafe. Trying to work with customer services to get a replacement but it's a slow process. Hope nothing happens before I get a new one, while I am still using this faulty one.

25 out of 114


Location: Denver

The battery started to fail after 8 months, and now has inflated to twice its size after 12. I have sent in a request for a replacement, and I am still waiting for a response.

26 out of 114


Location: USA

I purchased this monitor on a recommendation from a friend. When it arrived, the sound didn't work, so I had to return and made the mistake of re-ordering the same monitor. The second one worked for about 3 months and then the tracking piece that allows you to move the camera fell off and can't be reattached. In addition to this, the battery life is awful. It will be on the charger all night and take it off and the battery is at zero about to shut off.

I have been trying for months to get someone on the phone without success. I recently opened a ticket online and they responded that I had to call in this issue that they couldn't help me. This after multiple 30+ minutes on hold on the phone and leaving a call back number with no callback.

I don't normally write reviews but when I got am email today from Lorex telling me they would extend my warranty for a year if I wrote a review I decided to share my experience as I can't get anyone to honor my current warranty much less an extended one.

I do not recommend this product and potentially this company based on my experience thus far.

27 out of 114


Location: Wisconsin

Monitors battery is absolute junk. With video off it only lasts about an hour. This is complete garbage, stay away from this monitor. Poor customer service tried to contact them for a replacement battery and I get no response.

28 out of 114


Location: Mex

Very good camera. I love the tracking motion to follow my baby although sometimes didnt see rapid movements but it catch them soon or later after.
The only thing its that joystick in the monitor it very delicated so one time I dont know if was for use or defect that didnt respond and finally falls down. I sent a mail to Lorex for that but Im still having no response, I hope soon they care about it and fix it.
After all its a great gear for parents!

29 out of 114


Location: KY

Horrible! I have only had this monitor for about 9 months and it doesn't hold a charge longer than 15 minutes. Wouldn't recommend this product, and definitely wouldn't purchase from them again!

30 out of 114


Location: warwick

Good product. Easy to use and set up. My only issue is with the monitor and battery life. Doesn't seem to hold a charge for very long.

31 out of 114


Location: Mokena, IL

We have had this monitor for a few months now. We really loved it at first, but after a while it has stopped working. Some of the issue we have been dealing with are, that the monitor won't charge while plugged in. I have to wiggle the power cord about a hundred times every night to get the right angle to charge, however, it will shortly stop working after a few minutes and I have to try and wiggle it again to charge. The battery usually dies in the middle of the night, because i'm not constantly attending the power cord to try and keep the monitor charging. This is very frustrating.

Even when I manage to get the monitor fully charged, the screen will go black and won't turn on. I will have to hit the reset button to try and get it to work again.

Also, I will consistently get a black screen telling me I am out of range. This happens when I am less than 10 feet away. So really? Out of range??? I don't think so. And if that is the range of monitor it is really pathetic. I am very disappointed with this product and will be trying to get a refund as it has stopped working within just a few short months of purchase.

32 out of 114


Location: michigan

I love this monitor! The ability to talk to my daughter and hear her respond is a great feature. Love the temperature indicator and the ability to move the camera. I think it's well worth it.

33 out of 114


Location: USA

I've owned this monitor for less than a year and the battery no longer holds a charge. It's also a fire hazard as it's swollen inside the unit making the unit useless to me.Was a first time purchase. I've contacted Lorex I'm still waiting for a reply. I don't think I would
Purchase again. Maybe mine was just defective? I don't know?

34 out of 114


Location: Cary,NC

Purchased this product as a gift for my brother and sister in law as they had a baby for the first time. They previously had an old school one way radio baby monitor which to be honest was failing on then only after a few months in! So as an awesome uncle I wanted to gift my nephew some thing that he would really appreciate, but hes too young to know anything! So I finally decided to get the family a top of the line(at the time) Video Baby Monitor. After some time doing research I figured Lorex was a trustable brand in the business. To my luck the model I liked was not available at any local BestBuy Store, so I ended up ordering it online.
The product is amazing, the one I purchased was the 39N39 SHARE Wireless Baby MonitorLB315 . It has a good video and audio quality, the range is fantastic, its two way audio so when the baby is up and tries to wander about, i see my sister in law talking to the baby till she walks upstairs so the baby does not move around or feel alone. The motion sensor is an amazing feature for toddlers , as it follows the movement of the body. the camera is adjustable via a joystick which is helpful. The night time vision is great too. Temperature feedback is on point always. Theres still a couple of features that they have not used as yet, the memory card feature for storage and the skype feature, but these extra goodies is always good to have just incase . The product is also expandable upto 4 cameras which is an amazing feature really! has a AV outpout port which is super.

I really cannot point many downsides to this product, it works just brilliant. Although the one thing I noticed is that the camera moves ridiculously slow when zoomed in, so if you zoom in on something , and want to move the camera focus, its super slow. Thats something Lorex should work on. Maybe a better processor or camera lens?

The purple joystick on the monitor went missing after a couple of months in, thats what my sister in law told me, so I have contacted Lorex for a replacement and Iam sure they will work on that soon. So for future owners take care of the moniter unit!

Def recommend these products by Lorex to every parent as these do provide a peace of mind much better than the old school audio radios. Its 2014 its about time we come out of the audio radios!

35 out of 114


Location: Pennsylvania

This is a great product and a great warranty. Had an issue and they sent a replacement to fix the issue!

36 out of 114


Location: Toronto

I purchased this video monitor 2 weeks ago from Best Buy. So far I am happy with it. The image is clear and I like the fact that shows the temperature of the room and I can zoom the image. I don't use the music thought as we already use a fan as white noise and baby loves it . Definitely, I would recommend this product !!

37 out of 114


Location: North Carolina

We purchased this monitor from Best Buy just a few days after our son was born. We have been very happy with the ease of use. The picture is great and we really enjoy some of the extras it offers such as the night light on the camera and the temperature monitoring. We don't really care for the sound effects it plays as you can't just choose one, and it cycles through all the sounds. The battery life on the monitor was good up until about 10 months in, it now only holds a charge for maybe 30 min. The battery seems to be expanding, and it doesn't seem very safe. But I have contacted Lorex about the problem, so hopefully they will send us a new monitor and we can go back to being very happy about it. As long as the warranty holds good, we are very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend the monitor and purchase from Lorex again.

38 out of 114


Location: home family room

Set up is not intuitive. Pairing is not possible. Lock reverts no matter how many times you unlock. Instructions are absolutely not clear. Can't pair with phone. Really unhappy. I already had a baby monitor that worked perfectly fine. Only bought this to be able to see home from iPhone or computer away from home.

39 out of 114


Location: Ohio

We have only recently started using it and so far we love the operation of this baby monitor, but the battery on the receiver end does not hold a charge longer than 8 minutes when fully charged. It needs to be plugged in 24/7 to work properly which does not allow monitoring around the house to be feasible. We have submitted a warranty issue request but haven't heard any response yet & are also bummed that we'll have to send it back and go without or buy an additional while we wait... For now we'll give this 3 stars because we hope the issue is easily resolved and a replacement can live up to the claim of at least 4.5 hours of battery life when unplugged!

40 out of 114


Location: Alexandria, IN

This baby monitor is a nice product. We can monitor our child's room day or night, use the intercom if needed, and the range is excellent. It has a zoom feature and can easily accommodate more cameras, if desired. The image and sound quality is good. Battery life can be extended by selecting an audio mode which will not display an image until a noise is heard. Overall, I have been very impressed.

41 out of 114


Location: MI

This is a horrible baby monitor. I loved the idea of having the ability to record, which is not on many other baby monitors. But this was just not worth it. First, I've had 3 replacements and my most recent one is still having the same issues. The battery gets way too hot (I've had one expand so much it pushed out the back casing), the light that is supposed to be red for not charged or green for charged flashes between the two, it dies after an hour off the charger, or it just stops charging all together. Each time this happens, I have to go without a monitor which I hate because I'm not on the same floor as my baby. So I had to go purchase another monitor for when this one isn't working and getting returned.

Also, the lullaby sounds are pretty useless as you can't just pick one. It rotates through all the sounds. So I will start out on lullabies and when it switches to the outdoors, the sudden birds chirping wake my baby.

I think this model was replaced by a different version, maybe that one is better.

42 out of 114


Location: Alberta

I really like this monitor up until the other day when the audio to the monitor stopped working. If that worked it's an amazing monitor. It's very clear and does the job and was a great price

43 out of 114


Location: Everett, WA

all in all, a nice product.

1) multi-camera view on one screen is handy. (up to 4 cams)
2) I bought this as part of a woot offer - so the price was very attractive for a multi-cam offering. (monitor & 2 cams)

1) The camera's IR LEDs shine red, dimly, but still visible at night.
2) Camera MIC seems not as sensitive as others I've used
3) Battery in the viewer was problematic out of the box - currently have a ticket in with Lorex Support for this.
3a) because of the battery issues, I'm using my older Motorola monitor in conjunction with this cam/monitor and I believe i'm experiencing some frequency collisions. Lorex picture is choppy and reception seems poor. This wasn't as evident when I was using the unit exclusively.
4) The cams are not the pan/tilt cams. (not really a "con" per se...)

Depending on how Lorex support responds (when/if they respond) ... the rating may go up.

44 out of 114


Location: Puyallup, WA

I loved the idea of having a view monitoring solution for my newborn daughter. The extra feature of logging in to view the video feed from my iOS devices was a definite selling point. As far as configuration of the device, there was one big issue. As a network security professional, my home wireless network is very secure, and one level of that security is MAC address resolution. The wireless MAC can be found nowhere in the documentation or on the product. The wired MAC is on a label inside the base station. I had to use a wireless scanning tool to find out the MAC. Additionally, after about six weeks of use the battery in the video display began to swell, and the USB plug on the base station does not match the style on the monitor. Assuming these issues can be fixed easily by Lorex, I feel that this is an excellent product, and I am currently considering purchasing additional cameras for this system.

45 out of 114


Location: wisconsin

LOVE this product!!

46 out of 114


Location: WI

I love that the temperature is displayed on the screen, you can talk to child through monitor and view both cameras at the same time. I wish the time was displayed on screen too. Also, I have had problems with the battery lasting for 4 hours like it states. I had to replace my first monitor within the first week because it would not hold a charge. Customer service was great and sent a new one within days. However, the new one only lasts for a couple of hours before I need to charge it again.

47 out of 114


Location: Mountain House, CA

With our third child, we upgraded our baby video monitor from the Lorex Live Sense. I have to say, the upgrades Lorex made on the video monitor are great. I love the larger screen, the ability to zoom in when necessary. Having the touch screen is a nice feature, albeit very sensitive to touch while maneuvering the camera location. Would have been nice to have the touch screen buttons on the bottom instead of along the right side. I don't use the music buttons but if I did, it would be nice to be able to select one of the many songs instead of having them play in order. Another con for this camera is the time and date are no longer visible on the screen. I wish they left that feature in this model. For this, I can't give it that 5th star. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can use the Lorex Care app on my phone, Kindle or IPad to see the kids. It's a much better way to see the kids than having to log into SKYPE with the old camera model. I hope the Lorex Care app is upgraded so that more avaiable features are on it such as talking to your child (if that's possible). Overall, I'm glad I made the upgrade and purchased this monitor.

48 out of 114


Location: Matthews, NC

I love this monitor. The picture quality is excellent, the pan/tilt option is awesome, sound quality is great, it's just full of nice features. It's also priced far better than comparable monitors AND Lorex customer service is amazing. I'm so glad I bought this monitor!

49 out of 114


Location: Aurora, IL

I've been waiting for my 3rd monitor from Lorex for the past month. The first one's battery pack expanded until it popped off the door. This must be a very common problem because if you look at the troubleshooting of their website, the company addresses the issue by telling you to have it replaced. The second unit started flickering one day and then quit working completely: no audio or visual. The person I talked to (after an hour of waiting on hold) said they would send a replacement. Luckily, we found a reset button so it worked while we waited for the replacement. I'm disappointed that the technician didn't even try to help me reset my monitor. Once we disconnected the monitor from the cradle (which allows you to use the app), the problem stopped. However, now this unit's battery pack is ballooning out. I'm going to call customer service AGAIN to find out where my replacement is. I may be demanding a refund.

50 out of 114


Location: Michigan

Pros: Ability to direct camera focus with joystick on monitor
night light
multi-camera option.

Zoom picture quality is pretty poor
Camera is noisy when rotating
Battery life is poor (needs extended life battery pack at the very least)

51 out of 114


Location: Oregon

When I enable the Sleep and Soothe Sounds, the sounds cycle through all five sounds switching to the next sound every 10 seconds. How do I keep it on only one sound?

52 out of 114


Location: CT

The monitor size is great and I like the quad view. I'm expecting my second child and felt that this feature will come in handy. I purchased the monitor with two cameras and the price was great BUT I am dissatisfied with the quality of the picture. I already returned one monitor because it did not depict color but rather black and white with a purple hue. The replacement monitor unfortunately is the same. The resolution is poor. I worry about seeing detail especially chest rise and fall at night when my baby is in his crib. I have yet to assess range. Sadly the battery does not last more than a few hours. I'm debating on returning it and starting my research over again for a better product.

53 out of 114


Location: Chicago

I love the camera. It allows us to monitor our children remotely and to maintain a comfortable temperature for them. Two thumbs up!!!

54 out of 114


Location: Sudbury

As a new Mom I was constantly wanting to make sure my little one was breathing and ok in her crib. This monitor saved me from constantly going into her room.
Even after we dropped the monitor in a puddle it still works like a dream. The temperature display is perfect to make sure she's not too warm. Being able to communicate back and forth with who ever is in the room is a great feature. Also being able to take pictures/videos was a nice added bonus.
I've been able to sleep better with the video monitor on, knowing I can see her at a glance and know exactly what's going on in her crib.
Now that she's moving more and rolling over onto her stomach when she's awake in her crib is especially great with having video. By far one of the best baby shower gifts we received. I would say this is a must have for all parents.

55 out of 114


Location: PA

Great device has long distance reception I live a an old stone farmhouse and have no problem with the reception. clear picture & sound is also very clear. would definitely recommend purchasing this unit.

56 out of 114


Location: Florida

This was a great monitor until I started getting a weird buzzing so that I couldn't hear anything. However, I called technical support and when hey couldn't find the problem they sent me a new one! Great customer service!

57 out of 114


Location: Colorado

The first unit we had we took back after two days when the joystick fell off. Camera control with that unit was nonexistent from the beginning - very very choppy and slow at best. Tried to fix the problem by contacting tech support, and the recording said "Estimated wait time, fifteen minutes." FORTY FIVE minutes went by before someone answered! I did exchange the unit and the new one seems to be working better. Might buy the product again - assuming this one functions - but customer support leaves a lot to be desired.

58 out of 114


Location: TN

I have actually had a terrible experience with my monitor. It's really nice to have when it works but it is really poor quality and there are a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. The first problem I had was the power cord not plugging into the camera all the way so it constantly fell out. Then the monitor constantly reset itself so I would focus it on my baby then an hour later it would be focused on something totally different. The volume would also randomly go out and sometimes it would freeze up in the middle of the night so I would think she was peacefully asleep when she wasn't. Sometimes the screen would go all white and the only way to fix it was by the reset button on the back. Needless to say, I found myself up at all hours of the night, losing precious sleep because of the stupid monitor. It has now been four months since I purchased it and it has completely died. I am now unable to get a picture even after hitting the reset button. I would never buy from this company again. You drop a lot of money for a very poor-quality monitor. Their customer service is not very good either. They don't exactly go above and beyond to help you out. Take my advice and look into a different company. It's not worth the hassle.

59 out of 114


Location: Fairfield, CA

This product is great. The only negative I have is that the monitor randomly goes back and forth between color and black and white. Other than that, I would recommend this product to anyone.

60 out of 114


Location: NYC

great product: a good camera and image, easy to install. I love the way you can turn it, my daughter moves around a lot when she's sleeping...

61 out of 114


Location: New York

Nice product, fact that works over wifi is great!

62 out of 114


Location: Tennessee

We really like this monitor. It took a little bit to get used to all of the functions, but the screen is really clear and it's nice to see our baby's every move. We are pleased.

63 out of 114


Location: Kansas City

I love this system! We started with an angel monitor and had to get a new system since we are having another baby. The Lorex monitor is so much better! Great picture and features. I love that I can follow my active 2 year old around the room before her nap. I have had some issues with battery life but the customer service department has been easy to work with and has fixed my issue. Highly recommend.

64 out of 114


Location: Peoria, AZ

I really like most of the features this camera has to offer. I got 2 cameras originally for each of my kids room and ended up getting a third for the play room. Having a toddler who is in a toddler bed, the tilt and pan feature lets me check all around his room when he gets up. The power save mode is great. It turns the parent unit dark and omits no sounds after 2 minutes of it being quite in the kids room but will turn back on when it senses sound or movement. This is great because my old monitor omitted a white noise and the screen was also on making it hard for me to fall asleep. The temperature sensor is great since all rooms in my house tend to be different. I have to run a fan in one room to cool it down and a heater in the other to warm it up to keep the kids at a good sleeping temperature.

One major downfall is the battery life. When in power save mode it is supposed to last 8 hours and it lasts less than 3. I contact customer service and they are sending me a new one. The customer service was very helpful. I did get a second charger so I can have the monitor plugged in at my bedside or the living room and it has made the poor battery life easier to deal with.

The motion tracking doesn't really work very well. It will track sometimes and other times it forces the camera to look at the wall.

The "soothing nature sounds" actually scared my toddler so we don't use that feature for him.

Overall I would recommend this product based on all the features you get that I wasn't able to find on other units. Just realize the battery will be am issue.

65 out of 114


Location: Asheville

Battery life is not very good. Wish I could get the wifi adapter for the monitor. Overall good product and the night vision is amazing.

66 out of 114


Location: Lincoln NE

My husband bought this camera for me for Christmas. Since then I've noticed the battery only stays charged for about 2 hours and now the sound no longer works. We've filed a warranty complaint but have still yet to hear anything from the company. Camera is still working fine so far.

67 out of 114


Location: Monterrey, Mexico

The monitor is great! I like the quad view feature, as well as the temperature display.


68 out of 114


Location: Huntersville, NC

Love almost everything about this baby monitor. My biggest complaint is that the sound machine does not have an option to play one sound continuously. It rotates through five different sounds (waves, birds, etc) about every minute. This wakes my baby up! I would like to be able to select only the wave sound. Seems like someone didn't think that option through very well..... Also, the temperature reading always reads high. Other than that, I really love all the other features of this baby monitor.

69 out of 114


Location: MN

We bought the monitor two weeks ago and have not been happy with the results thus far. The battery life lasts less than an hour and the monitor does not respond to mvt or noise on a consistant basis. We have activated our monitor at times to find not a sleeping baby but one walking around the crib chatting away. We put in a request for service, hoping we have a defective model, and are still awaiting a response.
My husband did a lot of research and thought this would be great based on reviews. We are disappointed and hoping we just have a defective model.

70 out of 114


Location: Ontario

I am expecting my first child. I was given a Lorax baby monitor Care 'N' Share model BB 4321T. Both the box and user's guide say that I am able to have "remote viewing using Wifi cradle (sold separately - see manual for details)." When I called customer service to buy the Wifi cradle, they said that this Wifi cradle does not exist for my model. So I am not able to connect my device to Wifi even though the box says I can. So if your device does not come with Wifi and it gives you the option of buying it separately, that is not necessarily true. I'm just confused to why they would advertise that they have something when they really don't.

71 out of 114


Location: Ontario, Canada

I bought this camera as a first time mom and it puts me at ease to be able to see the baby in his crib from anywhere in my home. The added feature that I can take pictures and videos without going into his nursery and disturbing him is fantastic! I also like that from the handheld video screen I can play nature sounds or talk to my baby to sooth him. I was a little disappointed that I could not stream the video online with this device, but for the price it does way more than any other monitor in its price range.

72 out of 114


Location: Nj

Awesome cameras, great features. Easy set up

Very happy

73 out of 114


Location: Tennessee

Very happy with this system. I bought 2 systems, and paired the second camera with the first screen. Having the split screen function is great, so both rooms are covered, and then you can toggle to a full screen to hear what's going on, and to see that room full screen. At night, the camera gives a good picture, and the automatic switch between the 2 rooms works great. The pan, tilt, and zoom functions are great. I haven't tested the length of the battery or the range yet, but being able to unplug the monitor and carry it along to another part of the house is a very nice feature. If I could change one thing, I'd wish for a 2 way split screen instead of a 4 way split screen. Since we only have 2 cameras, 2 of the screens are dark, and of course the 2 views you do have are necessarily smaller than they would be with just a 2 way split. But still, very happy with the system, and it does what it is supposed to do. Easy set up, too.

74 out of 114


Location: Petawawa ontario

Absolutly love this monitor. I actually have two.

75 out of 114


Location: Michigan

This is a very nice baby monitor. I love all the little extras, and the fact that I can see the camera feed from my iphone. The picture is very clear and bright, the camera moves, videos can be recorded, and you can take pictures on it. I also like that it tells me the room temperature so I can make sure it is where it should be.

The only negative I have about this camera is the battery life. Maybe because of all the features, but my unit dies within 2-3 hours of taking it off the cradle, even with the screen off. If you will have this mostly on the cradle, it won't be a big deal. Although I may have just gotten a lemon. I will edit this portion once I speak to technical support.

76 out of 114


Location: Michigan

Overall, this camera is pretty cool! We have been testing it out on the dogs before baby is here and the motion tracking option works pretty well. I wanted the option to hook it up to our wifi network so we bought the package with the cradle included. However I did not want the wifi to be the only option available in case the internet/wifi was having troubles, and therefore rendering the camera useless. This is our first child and were pretty overwhelmed by the products out there but product seemed to include all of the technology we desired.

The range of the monitor itself seems very sufficient for our home. If we are out of range, it is nice to know that we can always view the baby (or dogs at this point) on our iOS devices through the cradle--even when we leave the house, which will be a nice piece of mind when we hire a babysitter down the road! I like that the cradle can be set up to be wireless because that can be placed anywhere in the house and still be charged if necessary, while continuing to view the important things. The audio seems to be pretty clear on the monitor end as well as the camera, however the camera end doesn't get that loud even with the volume turned all the way up.

We have had troubles with the image always being in black and white or with a strong purple hue at all times. The image itself is clear but I am considering returning the camera for exchange, hoping there is just something wrong with the nightvision sensor that is consistently forcing it to activate the nightvision and cause color issues.

We also have intermittent issues keeping it connected to the internet if we power-down the camera in between uses. It will initially connect with the iphone app and then approximately 1-2 minutes later will drop the signal. At that point, the only remedy I have found is to reset the equipment and start over. A little annoying, but probably preventable if you never turn off the camera.

77 out of 114


Location: Texas

This unit has poor range for a larger house. I should've guessed at this price that the unit would not work well in a 3400 sqft house, but thought we'd try it anyways. The features on this unit are great, so if your in a smaller house and need a not so expensive unit that has a lot of the bells and whistles-this is for you.

78 out of 114


Location: Foxboro, WI, US

Purchased this for my grandson. Gives my daughter in law such piece of mind to be able to see him when she is downstairs. They had another brand and got lots of static, this one is great.

79 out of 114


We love this monitor. The screen is so clear and we love being able to talk to the baby. I also like being able to turn the light on and off and play music.

80 out of 114


This monitor a great monitor! Our last monitor (different brand) finally died, and amazon was having a killer deal on this one. Have it a shot and it works awesome! The only thing I do sometimes complain about is that the lowest volume setting is still really loud. So we can't play the lullibies or anything at night because it'll keep us up.

All the nifty features on it is really cool!

It's a great monitor!

81 out of 114


We had originally purchased a Summer Infant Touch 2 from BRU and I was skeptical to open it. The reviews weren't the greatest and many people complained about it not working after a short while. It sat in our bedroom for about 3 weeks and one day I got an email that this camera was on deep discount on Amazon. I rushed to look at reviews and do some research and was surprised with the positive feedback.

My husband and I decided to give it a shot and I am so glad we did! We both love the camera. Everything from the two way talk, to zoom to lullabies has been great. I can't complain about the monitor whatsoever. In a few short weeks we will be welcoming our second addition and have already purchased the additional camera and look forward to seeing how multiple cameras work together.

82 out of 114


This is a nice monitor. Can really see what my 4 year old is up to when he is alone in his room. The only down side is that the volume is very low. We have to crank it to the highest level to hear when he gets up in the morning and even then we can barely hear him. We'll see how it does with a crying infant in a few months...

83 out of 114


My daughter was getting ready to have are first Grandchild. We thought a Baby Monitor would be a great gift. I was looking for an Audio Baby Monitor and was getting pretty frustrated by the lousy reviews. Then this showed up as a Deal of the Day. I researched many more units then ordered this one. I was a gift for the Baby shower. the day after it arrived she went into labor. lol the baby was at the baby shower. Anyway we gave this to her the day she came home and it has been a Godsend for her. Works very good the monitor is very detailed, easy to operate, and has not had any issues in the first month. So far it's been a bargain.

84 out of 114


It's excellent product with night vision camera great image with 2 way talk and nice range for big house great value can't go wrong with this

85 out of 114


Love this monitor! It has very cool features and a great picture. Much nicer than the one we had for oyr daughter two years ago. Would definitely recommend it to anyone!

86 out of 114


This is a good baby monitor, I got this monitor because my kids share a room and i wanted to be able to watch them. The picture on the monitor is very good, as well as the sound. The features are nice and my 4 year old loves that it plays music and asks for me to turn it on every night. The zoom can be a little touchy but over all it works well. I wish that you could move the camera around to look at every area of the room but this isn't necessary. The only complaint I have is that the base makes a strange noise at time that can be heard over the monitor, but turning it off and back on resolves this. Very good product, I have enjoyed it.

87 out of 114


Location: Mission, KS USA

My only complaint is the the picture is more black and white than in color. It stays charged for hours, and it shows the temp in the room (with alerts if it is too hot or too cold). You can talk into the remote for the child to hear you and it plays music. Monitors with a video camera are usually a lot more expensive. You get what you pay for but for the price, it's a good value.

88 out of 114



Bought this as the deal of the day for $80 and it was worth every penny. Clear screen, great night vision, awesome sound quality, and easy to use! So glad we have this to keep a close eye on our newborn son while we aren't directly next to him. Fabulous addition to our nursery!

89 out of 114


Location: Phoenix, AZ United States

This monitor was good for a couple weeks with a clear picture and nice sound quality. Now (4.5 weeks in), it suddenly has really crappy range (won't reach 50 feet across a couple rooms of our house) and it has this annoying beeping noise every other moment when the range cuts out so that it loses picture and sound. it's been 31 days since we ordered it, which means we missed the return deadline by 1 day - totally annoying. I don't recommend the item - it's not effective after a few weeks despite trying to re-start it and re-set the camera/monitor.

90 out of 114


Location: Elgin, IL USA

We were looking for a video monitor that will grow with our little one from peeking in on sleeping baby to monitoring tantrums so we can intervene if the room is being destroyed. Ha! This monitor seems to do the trick. The screen is a decent size. It captures image well: day or night, and it has a zoom feature we like too (although, that image can be grainy at times). I love being able to talk back to my child to soothe him without having to be right there instantly. Having the temperature show on there is a great feature too, so I know whether he might be cold or warm. It's definitely a good monitor so far & I'd recommend it.

91 out of 114


We purchased on the good box deal and just tried using last night. Although both doors were open and distance between our bedroom and nursery is only 20-some feet, the monitor kept showing out of range ... It even when out of range when at the bottom of the stairs - baby's room is at the top. I woke twice last night to hearing baby from her room vs. from the monitor. Hoping amazon takes it back.

92 out of 114


This is my first time buying baby monitor and I love this one great priece with a great product but there is is this tiny small thing if you live in a building with concrete walls it will do about 15 meters more or less but still Sure thing to buy

93 out of 114


Only real issue is battery life. For the most part it stays on the charger but, if it is in use more than 3 hours(camera on and off) it starts to quickly die. Other than that it gives great picture quality in night vision and standard.

94 out of 114


Location: Camp Pendleton, CA


I'm impressed with the quality picture this monitor has to offer. It is sharp image, especially compared to some other brands I have used. The daytime quality is obviously much better than the night vision. I love that I can see the movement of my son breathing while he is sleeping.

The music command is great when your baby needs something soothing. There are different songs that you can select from or you can even select the feature to speak to your baby and sing to them yourself.

I've had other brands recently that I had to give away or re-sell because the light on it was too bright but I do no have that issue with this monitor. The light glows in an amber color so it is soft and dull. It provides just enough light but not too much.

The sound is great and I don't think you'll ever need to use it on a high volume setting. I find it adequate while on 1 or 2.

The handheld monitor is lightweight and easy to carry.

The buttons are labeled with easy to read/understand icons identifying their functions.

The battery life seems to be good so far. I have accidently not plugged it in one night on a weekend around 10/11pm and it was still on at 6am.


-It barely has pegs/legs for a stand. I like to keep mine on the nightstand next to my bed and I used to always knock it down just reaching for it. Now I lay it on its back because it is too easy to knock over.

-The screen does not have a timeout/screensaver function. You have to manually turn the screen off so that it does not burn an image into the screen.


I've seen some reviews where other people have complained that they don't get a good range with it but I have not experienced this problem. My son's room is on the front side of the house and when he naps, I usually go outside and do yard work in the back of my house outside and haven't had any issues. To date I still absolutely love this monitor and now I plan on buying another camera so I have two views.

95 out of 114


By itself, this video monitor is great... much better with sound than our old Summer monitors. But it kills my wifi network with interference. My DIR-615 router had massive interference that made Netflix unusable with the monitor turned on. I tried getting a more powerful router - Amped R10000, but that also experienced significant interference on mulitple channels. You turn the Lorex off and I get great reception (~16 mbps on; with it turned on, I get <1 Mbps.

96 out of 114


Do not need to read instruction.

Very easy to set up and activate it.

Various Practical Functions except temperature alam. (you can see the current temp on the monitor and set up alarm but it is limited to control temp low and high. (I wanted to set the alarm at 72 (low) and 79 (high), but I couldn't)

Monitor is clear to see during day and night.

Sound is great (there was no delay)

97 out of 114


I read so many reviews before buying this monitor. We have a split level home and my 2 year old is a floor above us. I was worried about the range with this monitor. Our home is 2400 sq ft and we 'live' in every sq foot. We transitioned my son from crib to toddler bed and I was terrified with just a sound monitor. We have two cameras installed in his room and I feel so much safer with this monitor. I LOVE the VOX! My son sleeps with a white noise machine and we've had to get used sleeping with it too. With the vox on, we don't hear anything we don't need to hear. The picture quality is better than I expected for the monitor's price in comparison to others. I only wish I'd bought this sooner. It's given me great peace of mind and you can't put a price tag on that.

98 out of 114


Location: Long Beach, California

This baby monitor was almost too easy to set up. Take the camera and the receiver out of the box, charge them and you're ready to go. They automatically pair. The reception is very clear, both audio and video. I have the camera's monitor set up in my daughter's bedroom with the USB charger permanently connected, so I never have to worry about charging it. However I move the receiver around the house, depending on where I am and I charge it during the night.

??I really like that I can just look at the monitor while I'm busy around the house or at my computer desk and just seeing that she's doing fine and safely asleep gives me more peace of mind than I can say.

99 out of 114


Location: NY, USA

Not only does this have great picture quality (even in the Black & white night mode)they are both crisp and clear, very impressive and you can even zoom in (*it also displays the room temp!)and with the "Two-Way Talk" feature I can speak directly through the monitor's built-in mic.! This is perfect for Gramma (aka me!! LOL) as I worry more now that my hearing (and eyesight) isn't as good as it was when my kids were babies.

Another cool feature that I use to create "background sound" to prevent a rude awakening due to a phone ringing etc is the "Sleep & Soothe Sound" feature which has 5 background sounds from nature (the beach waves and rainfall are my faves) to help lull them to sleep.

My goodness, I can even add a "Lorex Baby Wi-Fi Cradle" (*this is bought separately) it is an accessory will transmit your camera's video feed online so you can also connect with a pc, smart phone, tablet etc and even take pictures and save on my devices (you'll need a microSD card for that but they are cheap these days, if you don't already have an extra one), you can also expand the view to 4 rooms at a time if you need that by buying extra cameras! I only need the one right now but I can see when they are getting into the toddler stage where this may be needed to keep an eye on them in all rooms that are open to them (I have an open floor plan)

I can also switch to a "power save" mode (It turns off screen and keeps mic on to hear your child's breathing sounds so you can monitor how deep they are sleeping w/out keeping the picture turned on!)I like that as if I am quick I can get back in there and rock the bassinet gently to get them back to sleep or turn them on their other side. I like the night light it emits, I find it just right for my older eyes.

There are loads of other features you can play with but these are the main ones that I am over the moon about!

Oh, forgot to mention the battery will last me all night (the book says up to 8 hours and I think that is pretty close from my experience, but I usually switch it off video to sound only when I go to bed) although I usually just leave it attached as I don't move it around often. If you keep it on video all night I would just be sure to keep it (the usb charger) plugged into the monitor to be safe.

FYI, It also feels nice and solidly made, not a lightweight cheap build like most things these days, it feels like it will last through many grandbabies (if I'm that blessed!) ;-)

100 out of 114


Location: Delaware

This monitor works great! Love everything about it. Nice features and easy to use. I'm using it while I watch my grandchild.

101 out of 114


This Baby monitor offers more features than most I've seen, the monitor has a built-in lithium-lon battey that once charged allow wireless use meaning you can walk around with it. The picture is clear and sharp in daylight, at night the camera has inferred LED's (invisible light to humans) that let you see in the dark, they do a good job but reach is limited so place your camera close to the crib or bed and you'll be fine. The picture in the dark is almost like looking at an Xray but the point is seeing in the dark. The monitor has a mic that allows you to talk via a speaker built into the camera, the sound of your voice might clam a crying baby making this a nice extra. I did find the range is limited but should be enough in most average size homes. I'm still learning about this item, things like recording video looks interesting but I didn't have a memory card that isn't provided so can't offer info about that feature.

102 out of 114


Location: Northridge, CA

Bought this when it was on sale around $70 and replaced my Infant Optics DXR-5. This monitor has a lot of great features for the price. I like how it shows the temperature and allows 2 way talking.

103 out of 114


We like it, day and night viewing is pretty clear. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is that it interferes with the wireless network in my house, i.e. phones, tablet, laptop do not work well when the monitor is turned on.

104 out of 114


Great purchase. Exactly as described! Very good quality and the night vision is great. Would most definitely recommend to friends and family.

105 out of 114


We never had a video monitor before and apparently we've been missing out on a lot of naughty baby action. I like this monitor. I would say, the quality of the video is not as sharp as shown on the product pages, but it'll do. You can even zoom in x2. There is a microphone on the camera so that you can talk to the baby - I don't personally use it as it freaks out my boy, but still it's neat. I love that I can silence the monitor completely while still being able to watch the baby, or vice versa. But my favorite feature is the temperature indicator. I always worry if the baby is too cold/hot in his room, now I know the situation.

Overall, a very useful and enjoyable product. I recommend it without any reservation.

106 out of 114


Nice picture, clear tunes, good range, easy setup. I am quite impressed with this item. To be honest I have only tested it with my wife because our son isn't here yet, but it works perfectly right now.

107 out of 114


This is the second Lorex baby monitor we've owned and the sixth type we've tried out, and both the Lorex's have worked out really well so far. The set-up is really easy; you just take out, plug in, and fiddler with it for a few and you'll have the hang of the device. The sightline is good - sometimes what the monitor can actually see is impaired on a few - and the resolution is nice. It also picks up really well. As another reviewer noted, the nighttime sight is good but you lose distance, so you have to set it closer. This has been the same with all of the monitors I've tried, and the picture on this is great during both times. We have a two-story place and that is sometimes an issue as well, but this did fine, picking up both upstairs and downstairs.

I've enjoyed the extras this monitor brings as well, like room temperature readings, the ability to add more cameras, the ability to transmit this to other devices (this is the first I've tried to do this, and I like it) snap n share, and others. I like my house cool and sometimes worry I leave the wrong vents open when worn down, so the temperature gauge helps and is pretty on. It deviates maybe 2 degrees depending, but gives a great baseline to check. The sharing technology is nice too, and allows me to photo when I think moments would be great. Streaming to other devices has a few uses, and is kind of cool too.

An easy, intuitive, durable model with a good picture and a bunch of bonus features. If you haven't used one with a digital relay, you really should try it out. It helps with everything, including peace of mind.

108 out of 114


Location: Millbrae, CA USA

The video cam comes with one camera and one viewing station. You can purchase up to three more videos for different rooms. The view of the crib is clear and audio is very clear also. You can zoom to view your baby from the viewing station. One of the neat things about this camera is that it has night vision and a thermometer reading for the room temperature. The night vision is high-tech and very handy for night viewing. Another cool aspect of this video cam is that the viewing station is portable, so you can take it with you to check the mail, sit on the porch, etc. while still observing your baby.

109 out of 114


Location: San Mateo, CA

We've been using this camera daily for the last 9 weeks for our baby. Works perfectly in our room. Night mode works great and in near zero darkness. The 5 different lullabies are great and our baby loves them... always put him to sleep quickly. The only issue we have is that the lullaby also plays through the monitor's speaker. We found that annoying because the lullaby can cover up our baby's little noise and we have to rely on watch the monitor to see if he's awake, unless he's crying loud and beats the lullaby.

Other than the little issue it's still a great product and works great for our needs.

110 out of 114


Location: Springfield, VA

I like the form factor of the LorexBaby WL 3520. Landscape mode displays a wider coverage which is what I need to see more of what the kids are doing in the room. Unlike those low profile spherical cameras that sit on a base, this camera can be tilted at a much lower angle because it sits higher on a stick. The kids sleep in mats on the floor so it was annoying that I needed to prop up the back of the old camera to tilt lower.

I have no problem with the signal strength. I live in a three-story townhouse with hardwood floors in between. The camera is located at the basement and I have the parent unit monitor in the kitchen. The resolution is good with a nice color contrast. Night vision works OK even it is completely dark.

I love the soothing sound effects. You can choose waves, rainforest, rains, etc., and you can control the volume and selection from the parent unit. No musical lullabye though. You can snap pictures and record videos but you would need to buy a microSD card separately.

Battery on the parent unit is a 3.7V, 1600mAh 504068. Baby unit need to be always plugged to run. Temperature is accurate 1to 2 degress plus or minus. It can be set C or F.


- expandable to 4 cameras

- large 3.5 inch color screen

- powerful battery that can last for hours

- two-way communication

- portability


- intercom is very difficult to understand on both ends. You'll hear your kid making all kinds of noises but once you start to attemp real communiction, it is a struggle.

- no inluded microSD card. Not even a built-in memory to shoot even a sample pic.

- when the sound effects are playing, the sound can also be heard on the parent unit which drowns out the sound of your baby's breathing.

- joystick is a bit annoying for navigating the menu

111 out of 114


Location: USA

At this price point, I was not expecting much frankly. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised. It turned out to be a very affordable and agile system provided you stay within my tested range of 100 linear feet, providing there is no radio interference. Homes with lots of walls and wiring within those walls will likely have reduced coverage. This product will likely work best in open floor plans.

The kit includes everything you need to establish a monitoring system. The kit comes packaged well. Build quality is more than sufficient for the purpose in my opinion. Setup is very easy since it does not require use of your home wireless network. Instead, it establishes a direct connection. Total time before I was up and running? About 10 minutes.

Do not expect high definition monitoring. However, resolution was more than adequate to monitor activity in a room. Camera viewing angle is also sufficient for monitoring a given space, though not exceptional and you will have to thoughtfully place the transmitter (camera) unit. There is a landscape mode, which helps with the situation but really does not resolve it and this limited viewing angle may be a deal breaker for some people with the intention of monitoring an entire room or large play area. The signal strength was more than adequate given our "unopen" floor plan.

Lorex provide other features such as soothing sound effects, temperature sensor, and a remote controlled night-light, and an intercom. While the sound effects were a nice touch, the intercom was not able to allow us to distinguish voices clearly and will not substitute for a walkie talkie. Lorex also made the system expandable to 4 cameras and provides a decent rechargeable battery that lasted 5 hours during our use. I should mention that the night vision on the camera was remarkably adequate at this price point and in my opinion you would need to jump another $100 to do any better in this area.

In short, I think many people will find this unit generally suitable. One note however, I found no method of being able to record audio/video, even with the A/V out jack. I prefer units with memory onboard.

112 out of 114


Location: ohio

Love being able to move camera without being in babys room. Wish the two way talk and volume was louder its Hard to hear over fans.

113 out of 114


Location: Eufaula, Al

It's slightly better than my previous Samsung monitor. The pan, tilt, zoom is wonderful to keep track of an active 18 month old. The motion track isn't as accurate as I'd hope but that may be due to the ceiling fan. The power save doesn't turn back on at any sound level, my husband and I have tested. I have a "ticket" in with Lorex about that. But it is slightly better than my previous monitor because I can search the room.

114 out of 114


Location: MCALLEN TX

I LOVE THIS CAMERA. We installed it in our 3 yr. old son's room. The motion option is awesome. You can use a micro memory card to store pics and videos. Love everything about this camera!!











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