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Dual Touch Screen Video Baby Monitor with Two-Way Audio


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LorexBaby Sweet Peep Duo Dual Screen Touch Video Baby Monitor

Experience the flexibility of dual monitors – place one in the bedroom and one in the living room, or give one to your spouse for an extra set of eyes on your bundle of joy. The LorexBaby SWEET PEEP DUO™ is stylish, compact and portable, making it the perfect addition to your growing family.

Touch Screen Navigation

Touch Screen Navigation

Configure settings and features for your video baby monitor with the tap of a finger. The Sweet Peep duo features two monitors with touchscreen navigation that mimic the intuituve, touch-based nature of a smartphone or tablet.

Clear night vision technology

Crystal clear night vision

A baby monitor is only as good as its night vision. Rest assured that Sweet Peep duo offers you the best, the clear black and white picture lets you see every little move your bundle of joy makes, even when it's pitch dark! The camera features a built-in nightlight that softly illuminates your child's room, helping your little angel feel safe and return to sweet dreams.

Talk to baby intercom

Two-way talk

Sometimes there's nothing more comforting to a child than the sound of mom or dad's voice. Using the indispensable two-way talk feature, reassure your tot or toddler that you are still there. With the Sweet Peep duo, you're always just a fingertip away from your little one!

Add additional cameras to view on the portable monitor

Versatile and expandable

Like the baby monitor itself, the camera's base offers you incredible flexibility. You can practically rotate it any which way. In addition, the compact monitor features a belt clip that doubles as a stand. Sweet Peep duo can grow with your family, add additional cameras and view them all on one screen. This is ideal for parents with multiple kids and pet owners.

The SWEET PEEP DUO Includes:

  • 2.4" Portable LCD Monitor x2... so you can hold your little one comfortably in the palm of your hand. Enjoy bright, crisp vision by day and night. Includes two monitors!
  • Touch Screen Navigation... Configure settings and features for your video baby monitor with the tap of a finger.
  • Crystal Clear Night Vision... the clearest black and white picture let's you see every little move they make, even when it's lights out!
  • Two-Way Talk... while you catch up on emails in the home office, sing your baby to sleep using the monitor's high-sensitivity microphone.
  • Built-In Nightlight... the wireless camera has a built-in nightlight to softly illuminate the room and help your baby relax into a sweet sleep.
  • Crisp Sound... you won't miss a beat when you can tune in to every baby breath.
  • Portable and Compact... the Sweet Peek duo is small enough that you can easily take it with you to grandma's house or anywhere else you bring your little one.
  • 450 ft Outdoor Wireless Range... this feature ensures that your family is always in the comfort zone.
  • Accommodates up to 4 Cameras... tots, toddlers and tweens. As your family grows, add three additional wireless cameras and keep an eye on everyone.
  • Up to 7 Hours of Battery Life... with the power to go all day and all night, you will always have a reliable pair of eyes and ears in the nursery or playroom.


    Baby Monitor Features:

    • Dual 2.4” Portable LCD Monitors
    • Touch Screen Navigation
    • Crystal Clear Night Vision1
    • Up to 3.5 / t hours battery life2
    • Crisp Audio
    • Two-way Talk
    • Soothing Lullabies
    • Nightlight
    • Room Temperature Alerts
    • Up to 450ft Wireless Range3
    • Expandable Up to 4 Cameras


    1. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
    2. Battery life: Up to 3.5 hrs for monitor with video/audio ON continuously. Extended battery up to 7 hours in VOX mode.
    3. Range up to 450ft/150m outdoor, 150ft/ 50m indoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.








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    1 out of 57


    Location: Vancouver

    After receiving a defective BB29, one monitor stopped working, and contacting the online customer service, Lorex sent me a replacement unit. They provided prompt response and things are back up and running again. Thanks!

    2 out of 57


    Location: Cleveland

    I purchased a Sweet Peep Duo monitor from the Lorex online store. It was immediately faulty and then stopped working after a couple of days completely leaving me with a small baby and no monitor. I understand that these things happen, but the worst part has been the terrible treatment I have received by Lorex. Their customer service line is always busy, with waiting times of constantly >30 minutes. In actual fact, it can be several hours that they expect you to wait on hold. I selected the call back option, they called me back 2 weeks later. Finally I got through to someone and spent 104 minutes talking to a man about how I could get the monitor replaced. He constantly put me on hold and tried to argue out of replacing the faulty unit. I hadn't even asked for a refund. It has now been nearly 3 weeks and I still haven't received the replacement unit. I need a new, working monitor for my baby. What a terrible company and product. They obviously don't care about customer service or child safety. Avoid their terrible products and even worse customer service.

    Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and for the longer than usual wait times.

    3 out of 57


    Location: Ottawa

    Ordered and was indicated it would arrive Sept 6. It's Sept 12 and no product.
    Spent 57 minutes on the phone (44 of them waiting) to be told no product in stock.
    When asked why it was on the web to order was told it would be fixed as it is not available.
    Very unhappy and will not order again AND I was a customer from before.
    No idea how camera works as I never received it.
    Service - You blew it!

    Our apologies for the error with your order. This item sold out unexpectedly.

    4 out of 57


    Location: Yukon

    I enjoy that I can quickly settle my child by talking through the mic instead of getting up every time and going to his room. So handy!

    5 out of 57


    Location: Montreal

    We had a baby audio monitor since our daughter's birth, but now that she is more mobile, we wanted to keep an eye on her during her naps so we could react quickly when she wakes up (she sleeps in our bed). This monitor is perfect for that purpose. The screen is small so it's hard (though not impossible) to check that she is breathing, for example, but it is exactly what we needed in order to know when she is starting to awaken. And the lullaby feature, that I never thought I'd use, has proven to be really effective when used at the right time : if I see that she is emerging from deep sleep and there is a risk that she wakes up, I start the music and four times out of five, she goes back to sleep!

    It is important to know that there is no way to turn off the screen in order to have the audio only, nor is it possible to completely cut out sounds and use the video feature alone. It doesn't bother me right now, but maybe if my daughter was sleeping in her own bed and I'd use this monitor at night, I would like to be able to shut off the screen and use the sound feature only.

    Overall, though, I'm very happy with this product!

    (I don't know yet how the battery will react over time, as I have read that many people had bad experiences with their monitors. To avoid this problem, we put a battery in one of the monitors, and we keep the second one plugged but without battery in it in the room where we spend most of our time, so it gives us a spare battery for the first monitor!)

    6 out of 57


    Location: Jeffersonville in

    This video baby monitor works great. You can watch, listen, and talk to your child even in complete darkness.

    7 out of 57


    Location: florida

    it is perfect for us

    8 out of 57


    Location: Calgary

    I am very impressed with this monitor. Did lot of research before I bought it and after using it since 1 month I found monitor is perfect for what I was looking for. Great picture quality, night vision and also bonus lullaby optin. Very satisfied with Lorex product. And one more thing great monitor for 80$, it's more cheaper than any other brand monitor .

    9 out of 57


    Location: Seattle

    Works pretty well. Haven't used it a ton yet. Battery isn't great and reach is decent. Great price for camera and two monitors. We returned another model and kept this one.

    10 out of 57


    Location: Grand Rapids, MI

    This is honestly the best $75 bucks that I have ever spent on a baby monitor system. I mean you get 2 screens for that price. We have one set up in our kitchen, and one in our bedroom. The thing that is weird is you can use it to talk to the baby. (WEIRD LOL) the music is a cool feature, but I never use it. I have since bought 2 others. So I have 3 systems and they all work flawlessly.
    One for the cottage, one for hope, and one for a friend. The friend loves it.

    11 out of 57


    Location: Canada

    I like this product, I got it on sale.i don't think I would pay full price for it but worth what I did pay. It is staticky and that doesn't make me happy. The screen is a good size and the night vision it good too. Sometimes it does lag but not a big issue. I do like the 2 hand held devices and the touchscreen is great! I just wish when it was on vox mode it didn't make loud beeping notices when it cuts in EVERY time!

    12 out of 57


    Location: Littleton, CO

    Worst product I have ever gotten and TERRIBLE customer service! Monitor will not stay connected and every time it disconnects it alerts you by beeping continuously! We did no have a far range at all so should have worked fine. Also, you cannot turn the sound completely off, so if you have a sound machine like we do, be prepared to listen to it ALL THE TIME! I submitted a help ticket to return the item in December. It is now January 12 and just got a response BUT they thought I bought the item in MAY so didn't want to let me return! I bought the monitor in December!! I had to call and be put on hold for 30 min before I could talk to anyone, then it took the customer service rep 20 min to process the return! I don't know about you, but I don't have that kind of time to sit on the phone when I have 18mo!

    Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. We were happy to resolve this for you per your request. Thank you.

    13 out of 57


    Location: Washington

    This little camera is awesome. I bought it to keep an eye on my grandchild while I tend to my goats. It appears to work wonderfully. I love that I can see him as well as hear him. Now I can attend to my chores and know that the baby is safe. I even set the camera up to watch the Seahawks game while I was in my basement without television service. It worked great!! Watched the game and heard the commentary. Many uses and so far no complaints.

    14 out of 57


    Location: Calgary, AB

    Seems to be decent so far. Battery life could be better. I'm hoping that the batteries don't bulge like some of these reviews indicate.

    15 out of 57


    Location: Canada

    This product is truly amazing very good picture quality and sound. It can be glitch at times when using the vox mode where the screen and sound only turns on when the baby makes a sound. Sometimes it turns on even when the baby is not making a sound. Love the fact that it is small and compact to take with you if you stay over places. Very good for the price we paid.

    16 out of 57


    Location: Regina, sk

    The size of the screen on the monitor is amazing. We can literally see our baby breathing. Battery life is great and having the option to see two kids rooms at once is perfect. We are very pleased!!

    17 out of 57


    Location: manitoba

    I love this monitor! I had some issues with my old one, and Lorax was very generous and upgraded me to this one for free! And it shipped out in a week! Im very impressed with the crisp sound and clear image. The features on this monitor are way better than any other monitor in its price range. The pan/tilt camera works wonders when my little one gets up to go exploring in the middle of the night and the night vision lights on the camera are dim enough that they don't give off a distracting light in her room. Lorex's customer service is great and they went above and beyond.

    18 out of 57


    Location: California

    *UPDATE* I received a replacement within days of writing my previous review and am thankful to get it. So far so good, thanks for my replacement!

    19 out of 57


    Location: San Francisco, CA

    I have had this monitor for 14 months and have had some issues with it. The reason we bought and like this product is because it is 100% secure and encrypted. We have not been able to find another monitor that can claim this. And have really great customer service and accessibility. At the same time, the battery has been problematic. After a couple of months, the battery started bulging out and the battery would die after a few minutes after a full charge. Lorex quickly replaced it and it fixed the problem. Then, after a year of using the monitor, the battery stopped keeping its charge again and we would have to keep the monitor plugged in all the time, which was annoying. Then, at 14 months, the monitor stopped working. We have generally been pleased with the monitor and its features (like the tilt, range, and temperature) and are working with Lorex to fix the current problem even though we are out of warranty. I hope they can help us. Otherwise, it's pretty crazy to get a monitor that only works for 1 year.

    20 out of 57


    Location: Halifax

    My monitor battery failed and became swollen just over a year after purchasing the product. The customer service team went above and beyond to help me out. They ended up sending me a completely new camera and monitor, to replace my failed one. I am only rating 3 stars, simply because the camera failed after only a year, and had poor battery life for months before that. I'm hoping I just got a lemon and the new one will serve me well. Only time will tell. Other than the battery issue I have no complaints about this product. the night vision works extremely well and the picture quality is great. Has many nice features and, when it works, is a fantastic baby monitor.

    21 out of 57


    Location: California

    OK, so let me start by saying I ordered the monitor with 2 cameras but I received 2 packages containing one camera and one monitor in each. So I thought alright, I will use one monitor for backup...well I needed it and now I need a back up for my back up. The battery in both monitors expanded and the back cover came off. I continue using it but it doesn't keep the charge for more than 5 minutes, so I have to walk to each room with the plug to keep it going. I called customer service in June 2015 then again in July 2015 I called back to see the progress of my request to get a new monitor,they said they were working on is now Sept 3 and I still don't have a replacement. What a pain in my butt to carry around the cord plugging it in to every outlet just to keep an eye on my baby. I really really need a replacement, PLEASE. Other than this ridiculous wait, the monitor is very clear and toggles nicely between both my kids rooms.

    Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for the delay and inconvenience this may have caused. We hope the replacement is working well for you.

    22 out of 57


    Location: Missouri

    I really like this monitor and camera. I hadn't have any trouble with it until the battery started to swell and it wouldn't hold a charge at all. It eventually swelled so big it tore apart the back of the monitor. I called customer service and told them of the issue and I was promised a new monitor would be sent out. I waited and waited and I hadn't heard a thing from this company. So I called back and had to explain again what happened they promised someone would get back with me within two days. Two days came and went heard nothing. Basically I called about 8 times and had to repeat this process over a month time period and nothing happened. So I finally wrote a review and a service rep got back with me within days and sent me a brand new monitor along with a new camera. Which I really appreciate! I am hoping this one with last a lot longer. Overall the product is good but the customer service wasn't great to deal with. They did make it right in the end! Based my stars on the product aside from battery issues and customer service.

    23 out of 57


    Location: Steinbach, Manitoba

    very disappointed in this product. I have had this monitor for only about 16 months and have had the battery expand and not hold charge THREE TIMES!!! the first time customer service was great, I got a replacement right away and every time after that it has gotten worse. I am currently waiting for a new battery and it should have been here almost 2 weeks ago. I have said I just want a refund now cause I'm done giving this monitor chance after chance and nobody seems to be listening to me as I'm just told to wait every time. So I am beyond annoyed right now which is really to bad as the monitor was amazing when it was working. Great picture, great sound quality, everything was just amazing and I love it... Minus the constant battery issue. (I asked if it was something I was doing wrong since it has happened 3 times now and keep getting told no, so I'm blaming the monitor)

    Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for the difficulty you have experienced. We are happy our customer service team was able to come to a resolution with you.

    24 out of 57


    Location: San Antonio

    I've had this monitor for 18 months -- it was perfect for the first 15 months, then the battery expanded and pushed the back off the monitor - Lorex has promised to send another battery out, which if they do, will earn the 4 star rating I'm giving them -- before the battery issue, it was great - the visual clarity is good even in the dark, as well as the audio - and I like that the temperature function is there as previously we lived in a winter climate where it might get cold upstairs, and now we live in a hot climate, it can overheat upstairs where the baby's room is. All in all, apart from the battery we were glad with this purchase and are looking at lorex for security cameras too.

    25 out of 57


    Location: Missouri

    Because I had some problems with my monitor, the Customer Service Agent replaced my camera with the pan/tilt camera and a new monitor. That was very generous. The pan/tilt camera's temperature sensor is accurate, which is awesome. And the new monitor has better battery life and the touch buttons work. I just hope that it lasts. I've heard that the batteries don't last after 6 months or so, but who knows. The range is still great and the picture is clear. The only thing that still bothers me is that sometimes it doesn't pick up her noises until she's really crying. I like to help my children when they're whining, and not in full cry.

    26 out of 57


    Location: Vancouver, BC

    We picked this monitor because we would like to view both of our kids in different rooms. We like it. But now I personally think that the higher priced camera might be even better, which allows you to tilt and control the camera to view wider ranged area, especially when your baby is more mobile and be able to move to the area that the camera wouldn't see originally. We have used it for about 8 months, and recently found that the battery has swelled so big that it pushed the back open. After contacting the Lorex, we were offered a replaced battery on the way. Hope to receive it soon. The current battery doesn't last long either after charge, definitely not 4 hours as advertised. So far we are happy with the customer service for prompt responses.

    27 out of 57


    Location: Michigan

    We just received this model as a replacement because our battery expanded on our other lorex monitor. So far we are happy with this one and are hopeful it lasts a long time. Even though our previous model was under warranty it took several months to get a replacement. I had to call regularly and push to finally talk to the right person. If I hadnt invested as much as I had I probably would have given up. I'm hoping I don't have any more issues.

    Our apologies for the delay in this matter. This is not a typical wait time for replacements. We're pleased to hear you are happy with your system now.

    28 out of 57


    Location: Riyadh, KSA

    The product works well, all that's missing is a Windows Phone app and better battery. It seems lots of customers are having battery issues, I ended up taking mine out so it doesn't ruin the casing and the device still works perfectly. The range is good, picture quality is also well, night time is amazing.

    29 out of 57


    Location: MI

    The only option available is the $129 kit (2 receivers and one camera) and supports up to 4 cameras but comes with only 1 - seems like a good deal but for one extra camera it costs almost the price of the entire kit - seems a little unreasonable - need to give customers the option of 1,2,3 or 4 camera kits or offer the customer extra cameras for a reasonable price. I give the menu a 60% user friendly rating. It's touch screen but the UI can certainly be improved. Overall I like the product (I really do) and would recommend it to others as long as they don't need more than one camera or don't mind paying a sky high price for each additional camera. I rate it 3 stars. Missing one star for the UI and one for the extra cameras issue.

    30 out of 57


    Location: Columbus, OH

    Pros: Good range, you can turn the video off at night or to conserve battery, camera can be turned via the handset. Cons: Battery started to expand and lose power after several months, causes interference on some wireless headsets, button placement it non-ideal (light, sound effect, and talkback buttons are easily bumped), picture quality is mediocre.

    31 out of 57


    Location: Vancouver

    So far so good! We've been using the monitor and one camera for about a month now. I regret not buying this sooner! The temperature sensor gives us peace of mind during the current heat wave.

    32 out of 57


    Location: Salt Lake City, UT

    I have only just received this monitor but I love it! My baby is 9 months old now and I am kicking myself for not ordering it sooner. I can see my baby crystal clearly and yes I can see her breathing, didn't believe it when other people said it. Easy to use, High Quality, less expensive than the ones you will find at the baby box stores and I feel like it works better. I love the private connection which I feel is a must because with other baby monitors I have heard people can see each others kids, not cool on any level with me and doesn't happen with the Lorex private connection. So far I am 100% satisfied and I have no complaints or improvements to make. Lorex has made me a happy, better rested momma and that is priceless!

    33 out of 57


    Location: Edmonton, AB

    Very good product, works well and clear picture. Battery doesn't last very long, but other than that, I have zero complaints. Thanks!

    34 out of 57


    Location: Chilliwack BC

    I was upgraded to this device when the one I originally ordered was out of stock. This was an amazing upgrade! The camera works great, the monitor is awesome. Simply Put, I couldn't be happier! Definitely Recommended!

    35 out of 57


    Location: alberta

    This product is wonderful. Super easy to sync cameras and picture quality is great. I will never use a different monitor than Lorex!

    36 out of 57


    Location: New jersey

    Great baby monitors! The picture quality and sound are perfect. The only issue is the battery doesn't last long

    37 out of 57


    Location: Elk Grove, CA

    I love this camera/monitor set but the battery doesn't hold the charge like it should. I have the 4.3"screen! You can see your baby very well!! I love that you can talk to your baby as well and see the temperature. Aside from the battery issues I've had, I love this product.

    38 out of 57


    Location: NC

    The monitor and cameras have been very good to keep track of our two kids at night. The picture and sound quality is good and the range on the monitor works into our backyard. The only issue that we have had is the battery starting to expand.

    39 out of 57


    Location: Michigan

    Fantastic Product! Did extensive research on video monitors and this one rated best value overall. I was especially pleased with its lower EMF reading; VERY important to us. All features and video quality are awesome. Such peace of mind!

    40 out of 57


    Location: Windsor Ontario Canada

    This product was working great, but it stopped working properly only after a few short days. The Battery never lasted even close to 7 hours, maybe 3. We mounted the camera on the wall, set it at the perfect angle but it would slip down so all I saw on the wall on the screen. The light adjustment on the camera stoped working, the nightlight mode never worked and the sound indication lights stopped working. Very dissipointed seeing as I only bought it 3 weeks ago!! The canera part still works and that's the most important part, so that's what we are using.

    41 out of 57


    Location: Windsor, ON

    My wife and I, are happy with the with the monitor. We got this model because of the two wireless camera's. One for our toddler and one for the new born. Its very nice to check in on both of them. We have had the unit for a couple of months now. The only issue we are having is the battery pack not lasting more then 30 minutes, once you unplug the monitor. When we first got it, we could go a few hours; unplugged with the screen on fulltime. Now we are lucky to get 20 minutes. Lets hope I get my new battery that is covered under warranty. Otherwise we are very pleased with the our Lorex units. :-)

    42 out of 57


    Location: Calgary

    I purchased this monitor for my toddler and twins. In theory this system should be great but I keep receiving broken cameras! The first time I received the system, 2 out of the 3 cameras were broken (the camera was snapped off of the base). I called Lorex and 2 replacement cameras were sent to me, only for me to receive another broken camera! Hopefully the next shipment will be an unbroken camera. VERY frustrating! So far it's been close to a month and I am still waiting for a fully functional baby monitor system. If you plan on ordering this style of camera, leave enough time for the process of dealing with receiving broken merchandise.

    43 out of 57


    Location: New Hampshire

    I have had this monitor for less than a year and have had the same problem twice. It starts off with horrible static, then it produces no sound at all and now the battery dies after being unplugged for less than 5 minutes. The first time they sent me a replacement monitor and this time they keep saying they will get back to me. I live in a large two story home with three children and not being able to hear them if they need me is not a good feeling. The customer service is horrible. The product is less than ideal and for the money I spent I am furious that no one cares to get back to me to at least help solve the problem. We are looking into buying multiple security cameras for our home and business, but after these experiences we will be buying else where!

    44 out of 57


    Location: FW, TX

    We love our Lorex monitors! The only issue I have had is that the battery life wasn't good and then the battery finally went dead altogether where I couldn't even unplug it. I called customer service and they are replacing the battery pack so I'm happy! Thanks Lorex!

    45 out of 57


    Location: Canada

    We love our monitor!! It's the 2nd one we've used through lorex and would never buy another brand! Picture quality and sound are top notch! Allows us to rest easy being able to check in on our little ones whenever. Very easy to work. And shipping was very fast! Was here in 2 weeks!!

    46 out of 57


    Location: Lehi Utah

    I reviewed this product right after I got it and I absolutely LOVED it. However, now, less than a year after getting it, I am not having an issue with the device staying powered on. The second it gets unplugged, it starts blinking at me telling me the battery is going to die. Sure enough, within minutes, the battery will die. I have submitted a ticket as it's still under warranty and NOBODY has responded to me. Lorex, your customer service is CRAP. I am highly disappointed in this entire ordeal.

    47 out of 57


    Location: Long Island, NY

    For the money, very good product. The night vision is very good, which is probably the thing I was most worried about. The battery in the monitor stopped holding a charge but they were able to send us a new one without much trouble. If you plan to mount the camera on a wall I'd recommend not using their wall anchors, very cheap. Other than those two things, I would recommend this product

    48 out of 57


    Location: NC

    Very reliable. We had an issue with the battery, but had the unit quickly replaced after contacting Lorex technology. We recommend this product.

    49 out of 57


    Location: Québec

    Excellent product so far , its very clear and very clear vision. I even bought another gift for my brother.

    50 out of 57


    Location: Tacoma Wa

    We love our monitor!! It has a crystal clear image day or night and I love the temperature monitoring as well. I didn't know I'd use the two way audio at all but it's been a life saver in a two story house with a toddler I need to keep in his bed! Only reason it's getting 4 stars is the battery life, wish it had more! Otherwise wonderful product!

    51 out of 57


    Location: McKinney, TX

    Our 2nd Lorex baby monitor. We really like it so far. Good picture quality. Wish the monitor had a longer battery life. Lorex has wonderful customer service and, for that reason, we will be a lifelong customer.

    52 out of 57


    Location: Jonquière

    Vraiment pas chère et sa fais super bien je peut voir mais enfant même quand ils dorme

    53 out of 57


    Location: Ohio

    Love this monitor for so many reasons and it has been great for 9 months. Until the battery expanded and blew the back off the monitor. Seems faulty and unsafe. Trying to work with customer services to get a replacement but it's a slow process. Hope nothing happens before I get a new one, while I am still using this faulty one.

    54 out of 57


    Location: New Hampshire

    Everything works as advertised. Very happy with the purchase especially for the price.

    55 out of 57


    Location: New York

    Great monitor and easy to use. Perfect for up to 4 cameras. The second camera was broken when it was delivered, but customer service at Lorex is amazing!

    56 out of 57


    Location: Toronto

    Very nice monitor, love it, I have 2 kids, so this one works like a charm, just worry about the battery as it does not looks like last long enough without charging. Anyway, a good choice for 2 or more kids.

    57 out of 57


    Location: Holland

    We have used Lorex babies monitors for the last 3 years and have been so happy. I love this monitor because you can use up to four cameras. It is simple to navigate and offers a lot of features. I was also drawn to the price because it offered me the same features other brands did but without the huge price tag.









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