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Live View Series video baby monitors


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The Lorex LIVE View delivers safety and style all in one convenient and attractive package. Simple to set up and easy to use, these are the best video baby monitors for any family. The included LCD handheld monitor features a 2.4-inch screen, feather-touch controls, a rechargeable battery and a stand that doubles as a belt clip. Place the wireless camera anywhere in the house to keep an eye on what matters to you most. You can also add up to three additional cameras, so as your family grows, the LIVE View grows with you.

Model no.: LIVE-View-Series

Two way talk

The baby monitor allows you to hear your baby and talk back

Night vision camera

Keep tabs on your sleeping beauty hours after lights-out.

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras



Baby camera with audio-enabled alerts

Listen to your baby

Never miss an important moment with visual alerts that keep you abreast of the current activity in the baby's room. The LIVE View video baby monitor helps to keep you aware at all times. Sleep mode turns off the LCD screen for use as an audio monitor, letting you rest comfortably as you monitor your baby overnight, and helps extend battery life.

baby monitor with two way audio

Talk to baby

Quickly attend to your angel thanks to our talk-to-baby intercom system. This handy feature connects you and the baby, allowing mom and dad to communicate with their little one with just a click of a button. Now you can comfort your child with your soothing voice from any room in the house. Caregivers can also set up alerts that notify them whenever the baby makes noise. In other words, our Live View baby monitor act as your extra pair of ears!

additional baby monitor cameras


Both of our one-of-a-kind cameras come with great night vision. This incredibly useful tool turns on as soon as the lights turn off so you don't even have to think about it! You'll be able to see your baby every night in crystal clear black and white footage. Why risk waking up your sleeping beauty when you can keep an eye on your child using the portable monitor?


  • Advanced 2.4” vivid view LCD monitor
  • Secure and private digital wireless signal1
  • Automatic black & white night vision2
  • Talk-to-baby intercom
  • Visual and audio alerts
  • Extended battery life with power save mode3
  • Feather touch controls
  • Counter, wall or ceiling mountable camera
  • Handheld monitor stand doubles as belt clip

Video Baby monitor features

  • Watch Baby Day or Night. Make sure baby is safe any time of the day or night with automatic night vision.
  • Talk-to-baby Intercom. Comfort your little one with the sound of your voice.
  • Stay Aware. Sound and Visual indicators help keep you aware at all times.
  • A Safe, Sound Sleep. Sleep Mode dims the LCD monitor to let you get your rest, monitors baby overnight, and extends battery life.
  • Protect Your Family's Privacy. The digital wireless signal is safe, secure, and will ensure your family’s privacy.

1. Range up to 150ft/50m indoor, 450ft/150m outdoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.
2. Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
3. Battery life: Up to 4hrs, 7hrs with power save mode. For over night operation use included power adapter.










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1 out of 28


Location: Bc canada

I'm having trouble with this unit after 18 months of use. The battery will no longer hold a charge and constantly says charge battery when not on the charging dock. The infrared lights on the camera work intermittently

2 out of 28


I was able to get this for a fantastic deal for cyber monday last year. I was worried it wouldn't be good quality, but it's fantastic. The only issue is that when you turn the camera on, it makes a loud beep. So, make sure you turn it on before you put your baby down to sleep. You can also turn the screen off and just have the volume on. The buttons light up for how noisy it gets, so if for some reason you can't hear it, you can see the green lights turn red.

3 out of 28


Location: Michigan

We have been so impressed with this monitor. Somehow I made it 5 children without a good monitor but am so thankful to have this one for our sixth. It was super easy to set up, works great and even picks up at my neighbors house if I am over there. Thank you for a great product!

4 out of 28


Location: Sumner WA

All in all, this is an awesome system!
Only draw back I am having is getting it set up so I can monitor from my pc. I have a new win*8 dell loaded pc but cannot seem to get it to connect. It works from our Iphone no problem. My pc is in the kitchen and we use this for everything including TV. I really need to be able to us a pc at home and away. I refuse to buy a tablet to make this may get returned.

5 out of 28


Location: Elna1H9BX

Simply put this gate is fantastic. We covrented a living room into a large playroom for our child. The challenge was once he became mobile we had to find some way to try and keep him in that room. The two door openings are a 48 inch double door (two half doors) opening and a 78 inch entry way into the dining room. I searched high and low trying to find a gate that could fit the 78 inch opening. I tested out a bunch of the options at the local stores and was extremely disappointed in the quality of many of the major box store brands. I am a mechanical engineer so perhaps I was expecting a bit much from a baby gate. When I finished my online research the Kidco Auto Close Configure Gate ended up at the top of the list for meeting all my requirements (metal gate, secure wall fastener, easily removable, one hand operation and price). I was not disappointed on any front.The gate is easy to install and was up and in use in under 30 minutes. The gate itself is metal and feels solid once secured to the doorway. It has four mounts that are screwed into the doorway (or wall) and the entire gate can easily be removed from and remounted in a matter of seconds (great for when you have friends coming over and don't want people having to open and close a gate. The hinge joints between each of the sections are a great feature. It really lets you adjust this gate to fit any kind of opening. The auto close feature with the magnetic catch work great and it truly is one hand operation which is not the case with a lot of other brands I tried.We loved this thing so much we actually bought a second for the 48 inch door. In that case we purchased two 9 inch extensions and just didn't use the two 24 inch extensions that come with the gate. We are getting ready to order a third to close off a section of the patio for a summer play room. After two weeks of using both gates we couldn't be happier. I'm pretty sure most people looking for a baby gate, especially one for larger openings, won't be disappointed.

6 out of 28


Location: california

I was initially skeptical about this monitor but it was very easy to set up and the picture is very clear. Although this product is supposed to be a two way audio is does not seem to be, it is just a one way audio. For the price I tis a great buy.

Cons - getting in touch with tech support is not easy, they still have not contacted me regarding the two way audio issue I am having.

7 out of 28


Location: Washington DC

Overall, we have mixed feelings about this product, however, we want to give it a try and wait to see what happens. So far It has a good quality image, simple menu, and it's easy to set up and begin using it. On the other hand, connection between the camera and screen tends to get lost plus the night vision tends to go on and off without a reason. Finally, the quality of the product seems cheap, however, what can you expect for the price you just paid.

8 out of 28


Location: Colorado

This has been a great monitor for us so far. The speaker in the monitor went out though, so there is no sound. We have only used it for 3 months. But we contacted customer service and we are to send it back for them to fix...fingers crossed it will work once we receive it back!

9 out of 28


I have a climber...and she's little, so I worried about her getting hurt. I have this in her bedroom and when she's starting to put that leg over her crib, I can press talk and tell her to go back to sleep. I also tried the motorola video monitor and I couldn't tell the blankets from the baby, it was so blurry. With this one, it's so clear and in the daytime, I can see colors in her room just fine. At night, I can see her moving and I can see her face clearly. This has been a great video monitor. I just wish I had discovered it earlier with my first baby!!

10 out of 28


Location: FL

I really like this camera the screen is a decent size and the picture quality is really good. The audio is not great, but picks up on the smallest sounds which is good when you want to be able to hear baby whimper as well as cry. The talk back feature is very nice even if your voice is very LOUD when using it. My only complaint is my video screen was defective and the automatic night to day feature was malfunctioning causing my screen to switch back and forth. I have contacted Lorex to fix the problem and so far they have been very efficient in responding to my query. Hopefully I will have a new screen in a matter of days.

11 out of 28


This thing works great, day or night. The hand set feels a little cheap, but it has lasted just fine for the last year.

12 out of 28


Location: Tennessee USA

THE Baby Monitor I Would Recommend

In 20 years of mothering, I've used all sorts of baby monitors and the Lorex LW2004 Video Baby Monitor has to be the best by far.

Combining video and audio over WIFI, Lorex is the contemporary way watch keep watch over infants and toddlers when you can't be right there with them.

It?s super easy to install with just a couple of steps. Audio is crystal clear. Video displays sharp images in daylight or night time mode.

I absolutely love this video baby monitor and highly recommend it to any parent looking for such a device. It may be considered a bit pricey on the whole, but it's well worth every penny.

13 out of 28


Location: trenton, michigan USA

Very Nice!!!

The Loraex LW2004 Baby Video Monitor is outstanding. Our first grandchild is on the way and we ordered this for our daughter and son-in-law. They set it up with ease. The picture is crystal clear. The sound is great. It has a number of functional plusses. It appears to be the gold standard!!!

14 out of 28


Location: Central USA

A blessing to all care givers!

I LOVE this baby monitor! It was crazy easy to set up, and it has worked perfectly from the very beginning!

I am a grandmother who not only cares for the little ones, but fills in as a homeschool teacher with the older kids. It's such a blessing to be able to concentrate on schoolwork and relax knowing that I can see everything going on with the babies.

It does sometimes flip between color and b/w, but I don't see that as a major issue. I absolutely LOVE the night vision! Who hasn't wanted to check on the kids without having to open the door and wake them?

This would be a great gift for the grandparents who keep the kids over the weekend!

15 out of 28


This Monitor is Great!

With LIVE View it has you covered no matter how busy things get. Audio and visual indicators help keep you aware at all times. Bright orange and green LED lights light up when sound is detected. Even in a noisy room, the lights will catch your attention so you won't miss a thing.

16 out of 28


Bought it for my sister,

I bought this baby monitor for my sister and her newborn twins. Works perfectly! It’s definitely the way to go if you have multiple babies or even toddlers in the same room.

17 out of 28


Excellent baby monitor

I purchased this baby monitor when it was on sale as a Gold Box deal. After seeing all of the negative reviews from people who also purchased this product as part of the Gold Box deal, I was very eager to receive the product and test it out for myself. After the first 3 hours, I'm very pleased with the product.

The monitor did beep when I first used it, but that was just because the battery was low. It took me 2 minutes to figure this out. The problem is that the battery indicator looks full when it is actually almost out of battery. It is only full when you see the multiple bars.


1. Extremely clear color picture. Resolution and picture quality was excellent.

2. Low light and night vision quality was excellent.

3. The reception quality was perfect. I have Wi-Fi and a cordless phone system and there were no interference at all.

4. Look and Feel of the white plastic on both the camera and the monitor was great. It reminds me of my white iPad 2. I completely disagree with the other reviews that it felt like cheap plastic.

5. The stand for both the monitor and the camera works well. It had a simple, minimalist design. Again, this reminded me of the Apple products that I have. This over all "look and feel" was the reason why I purchased this monitor over the others.

6. VOX (voice activated sleep mode) works exceptionally well. The monitor and volume is turned off until the camera picks up noise. The monitor was completely quiet. I used this for hours, and there were no beeping sounds like some reviews stated (again beeping occurs only when the battery is low). Keep it plugged in at night and you're okay. You can change the sensitivity of this, and in my test it picks up the slightest sound, which cases the monitor to turn on. I like the camera button that easily turns on the monitor for a short time when it is in VOX mode.

7. The buttons on the monitor was extremely intuitive to use. I have to disagree with the other reviewers who had a difficult time. It took less than 2 minutes to figure out all of the features on the monitor without even reading the manual.

8. Compared to my first video baby monitor 6 years ago, this is a huge improvement in technology.


1. It can be a bit difficult to get the right angle for aiming the camera over the crib. Lucky for me, I was able to put this on a tall TV stand that was converted over to use in the baby room.

2. The intercom feature was poor quality because the audio on the camera isn't very good. This is where I would agree with the other reviewers that this is more likely to scare the baby.

Overall I give this a 5-star review because it has all of the features that I'm looking for, it works extremely well, and it reminds me of the iPhone/iPad with the clean white design.

This is my first product review on Amazon, so I hope it helps others who are concern about the negative reviews on the product.

18 out of 28


Location: USA

Great Gift for New Parents or Dog Owners

The Lorex LIVE View is an awesome baby/animal monitor, presently $199.95 at Amazon. It's very easy to set up. The handheld monitor is great although I wish it were a bit smaller--like a Droid Phone. The controls are easy to use and the rechargeable battery is great too. Unfortunately, I wish the battery lasted a few hours longer. The LCD screen is very clear. The intercom allows you to speak to your baby/animal from anywhere in the house. I highly recommend to all parents.

19 out of 28


Location: Austin, TX United States

Value goes up as price goes down for this monitor set

Most everything about this set is solid, the picture is better than expected (especially the night pic); the talk feature is great for parents or even if you're watching your dog in the yard. Everything feels pretty well-made (LCD monitor is a bit light, but we'll see) and this is that rare product that not only does what it should do well, it will surprise you with other uses (watching boiling pots, or birds in their nest, or or or...).

The main negative is that the battery lasts only four hours on full and seven on save-mode. After a while those numbers will be much lower and that's just too little time for a full night's sleep/not sleep if an outlet isn't nearby. The ball joint is also a little finicky but tighten it hard and it should be fine. But other than those things this is a good little unit that's bound to end up in a lot of households.

And if Lorex is smart, they'll market this as the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift! Which it pretty much is! Though they really do need to provide longer battery life. But as the price keeps coming down on this (dropping about 10 a week for a month now, presently at 120), the value does go up. For less than 100 this would be a very good deal indeed, but it's still a fair price right now.

20 out of 28


Location: Woodside, New Jersey

Gives Me Peace of Mind

This was almost too easy to set up. Take the camera and the receiver out of the box, charge them and you're good to go. They automatically pair up. The reception is very clear, both audio and video. I have the camera set up in my daughter's bedroom, with the USB charger permanently connected, so I never have to worry about charging it. The receiver, however, I move around the house, depending on where I am, and charge it during the night.

I have two children. A three-year-old boy and a nine-month-old daughter and oh how I wish I would have had this the first time around, because I was constantly checking on my son. If anybody was a Nervous Nelly, it was me.

But with my little girl, I can just look at the monitor while I'm busy around the house or at my computer and just seeing that she's alright and safely asleep gives me more peace of mind that’s all I can say.

21 out of 28


Location: Northeast Ohio

Impressed, Great Home Monitor, Not Just for Baby

This is an awesome monitor and I think Lorex should consider taking the "Baby" out of the name because I can see how it could be used for many different things. One of the things I love is the portability of the screen. It's about the size of a cell phone and has very nice range. I was able to use it anywhere in the house and even outside in the backyard. My old monitor was like a very small old style TV monitor and not portable. I didn't realize how inconvenient it was until I started using the Lorex portable screen. I will say though that a feature Lorex might consider in the future is a screen finder signal like they have for cordless phone receivers because I have set the monitor screen down a couple times and couldn't remember where I left it. Aside from that, this unit has some very, very nice features. The screen is a nice size and the picture is incredibly clear, not at all fuzzy or grainy in any way. The sound detector is great, I especially like how it lights up when the screen is off and it detects a noise in the room. The talk feature is wonderful and has come in handy more than a few times. The night monitor is very good; I couldn't believe how clearly I could see even in darker conditions. They did an excellent job with this feature. I do wish the battery life was a little longer, but that is a minor, it will still work if you need to plug it in to re-charge. Its obvious Lorex put a lot of thought into this monitor and really did their homework to put in features that users would really appreciate and make this monitor really stand out among all the other choices out there. I am just so impressed and please with this monitor, in the end I am very comfortable giving it five stars and know I will be highly recommending it to anyone in a need of a home monitor.

22 out of 28


Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Works very well!

This Video Baby Monitor works really well and has multiple uses. The video quality is very good and provides both daylight and night vision options which is perfect for situations wherein the camera is monitoring your baby while asleep.

You have the capability to talk to your baby with two-way communication by push of a button -very convenient! The product also has potential for multiple uses just not for monitoring your baby. You can use this product to do surveillance of your front porch or your backyard at day or night.

The product has two main components: Here are my observations on those.

1. Camera - this is a Day/ Night camera with built-in speaker and MIC it is very light weight device that can be mounted using the included camera stand. The camera has one faint Green LED when used under daylight and bunch of Infra-RED LEDs (Dim RED color) under night vision mode. The Camera has USB Mini interface for providing power.

2. Portable Handled LCD monitor - This is as big as a standard size deck of cards and light weight device that you can use to view the video from anywhere around the house. The video quality is superb mostly due to the fact that it uses IPS (In-plane Switching) LCD screen and has good field of vision. It has touch sensitive buttons as well as push button directional controls with illuminated dial which light up whenever there is incoming audio from the camera. These both audio and visual indications are a big plus for this Portable Handled monitor. The LCD monitor has USB Mini interface for charging.

It also comes with two power adapters, one for the camera and one for the LCD handheld monitor.


[+] Good Video Quality, Nice IPS 2.4" LCD display

[+] Day/Night Vision camera - Big Plus!

[+] Audio and visual Alerts on the handled monitor

[+] Very good wireless range and works thru' walls


[-] The camera stand's ball joint is poorly designed.

As pointed out by few others here on Amazon, The ball joint is temperamental. The camera gets mounted by using a screw from the ball joint. It is not perfect. It wobbles and never seems to stand perfectly perpendicular.

Other than this one small issue (Hence losing half a Star) it is 4 ½ star product.

Please see the pictures that I have posted on Amazon for the full package contents and product images and thanks for reading my review.

23 out of 28


Location: FL, United States

Great baby monitor solution with high-quality video,

I have tested out this product and found it to be one of the best video baby monitors to date. We had twins and there was always something going on in the nursery and yet we never found a great video monitor. This would have easily fit the bill. I highly recommended!


24 out of 28


Location: New Jersey, USA

Excellent Monitoring Device!

The Lorex LIVE View Baby Video Monitor is a high quality system that is easy to set up, easy to use and provides virtually everything needed to feel secure and have peace of mind about what is going on in a room in your house when you're not in it. If you have a need to monitor your baby or to know what's going on in the basement when your kid has friends over or to know what your dog does in a room when you're not in it, this product works great.

The Lorex comes with an LCD handheld monitor with soft-touch controls and a vivid 2.4" color screen, a wireless camera, a stand that can be rotated in most directions and also serves as a belt clip, and a rechargeable lithium battery.

The LIVE View handheld monitor is really a neat device. It provides orange and green LED lights that light up to alert you when sound is detected, and even in darkened rooms the lights allow you to be aware of all that is going on. Further, the LIVE View screen and scan button enables you to clearly view any activity from different angles in the room. The monitor not only lets you see and hear what is going on, it also allows you to talk to the person in the room via its two-way intercom.

And if the above features aren't enough, the monitor provides a sleep mode and night time viewing capability. That is, by keeping the audio alert on and the visual alert off, the LCD screen turns off automatically. However, the screen will light up when sound is detected, thus providing the audio and visual alerts needed to be on top of things even when you're sleeping. Plus, the monitor features nigh time viewing, as the camera will automatically switch to black-and-white in low light conditions; thus, being able to be aware of situations at all times of day or night.

Although, the instructions say that the system allows you to add up to three additional cameras, I don't see them being available for sale on Amazon (or elsewhere) yet.

If you think you have a need for this type of monitoring, I'd highly recommend you consider the Lorex LIVE View LW2004.

25 out of 28


Location: MD USA

Works, and it's Multi-useful


* Attractive, slim design.

* Nice color display.

* Monitoring unit is rechargeable, and has a stand/belt clip.

* Sleep mode to conserve battery works in tandem with audio monitoring which turns on monitor unit with freeze-frame picture when audio is detected.

* Configurable audio sensitivity.

* Can add 3 additional cameras and monitor them using scan function.

* Controls are easy to use. Touch sensor controls around a directional ring, with OK button in the middle. Setting up audio monitoring volume, for example, is super easy.

* Provides black and white video in darker conditions.

* Can be used to monitor ... well, anything you put your mind to. For example, put it downstairs as a burglar alarm, or to watch for kids coming back late.

* Intercom function lets you talk back.

* Secure frequency-hopping ensures no snooping from neighbours.


* The universal ball joint and screw-in attachment for the camera is not easy to tighten. That is, after tightening them, it may still flop around a bit. You may need a pair of pliers to tighten it enough.

* The screw-in attachment: you have to rotate the entire camera or the mount to screw it in. Not terrible, but inelegant.

* The monitor cannot lie flat if attached to the power supply - you'll have to stand it up. The stand seems kind of thin, but I guess it will do the job.

A recording feature would be nice for other uses, but for baby monitoring, it's not really needed.

26 out of 28


Location: Iowa USA

Just like being there!

I find this camera set up to be the next best thing to being in the same room. I must confess something though....the "baby" I monitor with this camera is my large computerized telescope! However I think that all my experiences with this would be the same for anyone else monitoring their baby. I operate the scope from a separate room and I wanted this so I can see my scope and make sure it moves as it supposed to when commanded to do so. This camera gives a very sharp image of the telescope and as you might imagine...this is done in a very dark room! The picture I see is color in daylight and black and white in the dark. The audio makes it possible to hear the sounds the scope (or your baby) makes when moving across the sky (or the crib)and to make sure that it sounds right. It was very simple to set up and has AC power packs to plug in for stationary use but the monitor also has a rechargeable battery to make it cordless so you can keep it with you as you move around from room to room. Both units seem to be well made and attractive. They are very thin and streamline. The instructions mention being able to communicate with additional cameras to view from other angles but so far Amazon doesn't seem to offer additional cameras. I can see where having a couple more hooked up might be advantageous so hopefully they will eventually. Although the name of this monitor would make you think it is only suitable for monitoring children I think it has many other possible functions to help make the invisible visible! All in all I think this unit is a quality piece with many possible uses and I recommend it for anyone needing to see what's going on in an out of sight area.

27 out of 28



This is an easy to set-up and easy to operate baby monitoring system, with both audio and video. The 2.4 inch screen on the hand held monitor provides a clear picture both day and night, and the adjustable volume control allows you to listen to audio from the camera. With the talk feature on the hand-held unit you can speak to the baby through the speaker system. You can also adjust the brightness for clarity. The hand-held unit is lightweight and small with an attractive design, it measures about 4 ¾" X 2 7/8". Once charged the battery life is up to 4 hours, and 7 hours while in power save mode.

This model comes with: 1 handheld monitor and 1 camera. The system is built so that 3 additional cameras can be added. Once additional cameras are added a scan feature can be activated allowing easy flow from one camera to another.

Nice equipment for security and peace of mind.

28 out of 28


Location: MS USA

Fantastic Unit for keeping an eye on virtually anything!

I will start off by saying the picture on this system is crystal clear. The colors come through perfectly and are very vibrant, making it easy to see clearly. Setup was an absolute breeze - I always mention this because I hate it when I get new electronics in that take forever to figure out just how to get them hooked up and turned on. This is of the super easy variety. Another big plus about this is that the crystal clear picture is perfect with almost no light. It's amazing that picture quality can be that great without a bright light shining on the target. I looked at the view screen and thought I didn't realize that something was in the room. I turned to look and I was unable to see the details of the room with the naked eye but the camera could pick them up.

Another great feature of this unit is its talk feature. You can mute this feature when needed as well. As you walk around and listen with your portable handset video monitor, you can choose to speak to the camera unit and it will magnify through the room. It comes through loud and clear. And I did have a good laugh when I had them close so I was able to hear myself. I thought it sounded a little like auto tune (so I couldn't resist having a few moments of fun with that). It's really a great feature whether you need to give your reassuring voice to baby or put some kids or even your pups back in line if they get a little out of hand. You can add more units to this system and there is a scan feature on the video handset that will let you go through them.

This really is a quality unit with exactly the needed features (and not a lot of extras that you would never use and would just end up making the unit confusing). I highly recommend it for any monitoring you need to do. It's easy to use and has amazing video quality, and the talk feature is such a great idea so that you have the option to handle certain situations without getting up and going into the monitored room. Definite recommend.



BNC security coupler


Security surveillance microphone










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