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Discontinued - Video baby monitor


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Meet Lorex LIVE LW202, a wireless video baby monitor as versatile and connected as you are. The LIVE baby monitor is a breakthrough device for parents, families, pet-owners, or care-givers that need to stay aware of everything happening in their home. Live Connect is an easy-to-use portable video baby monitor that can be expanded to up to 4 cameras.

Model no.: LW202

Expandable Solution

This baby monitor can accommodate up to 4 wireless baby cameras

Night vision camera

Keep tabs on your sleeping beauty hours after lights-out.

Secure wireless connection

100% digital technology ensures a private and secure signal between the camera and handheld monitor.



Video Baby monitor Features:

  • High resolution image sensor for clear video
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery for portable use1
  • Automatic night-vision up to 22ft2
  • Secure, private Digital Wireless video & audio3
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio

Handheld Monitor:

  • Color 2.4” LCD Display
  • Compact design with rechargeable lithium battery for true portability1
  • Snap, store and share pictures and video with microSD™ recording4
  • Expandable up to 4 cameras5

Video baby monitor includes:

  • 2 x Wireless cameras
  • 1 x Handheld receiver
  • 3 x Power adapters
  • 1 x 1GB microSD memory card
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Manual


1. Rechargeable battery life up to 4 hours. Battery pre-installed in the camera. Power adapter included for continuous non-portable use.
2. Stated IR illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
3. Digital Wireless range up to 150ft indoors. Actual range may vary depending on obstructions.
4. microSD™ memory card and SD card adapter included. Resolution limited to 320x240, for viewing on handheld monitor or sharing on social media sites. Audio recording not supported
5. Local viewing on handheld monitor up to 4 cameras in auto-sequence mode (one camera at a time) or selectable single camera viewing. Additional cameras sold separately (model: LW2030AC1).










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1 out of 35



August 7, 2014

Location: utah

I LOVE this baby monitor! I recommend it to all of my friends with or about to have a baby or small child!

2 out of 35



September 20, 2013

Location: Georgia

I love this monitor!!! I have had one for going on 4 years and it finally wore out after using it every night since our purchase. It was a no brainer for me to buy another since we have another small child now. I am only giving 4 stars because the only reason my first one broke is because the USB port came loose, otherwise it would have lasted a lot longer!!!

3 out of 35



April 27, 2012

Average video monitor. Some hiccups but overall good camera for price

I like this baby monitor but it needs a few tweaks. The picture quality is good but at night, it switches back and forth between night vision and normal light. Resetting the camera doesn't always work which brings me to my next point. When turning the camera on it mades an incredibly loud noise which doesn't help when u just put a baby to sleep. I have to muffle the speaker. Lastly, the camera mount isn't easily detachable. So if you mount it to the crib or wall you can't easily transfer it to another room. The mount has 2 holes horizontal to each other that you place screws in. It would be easier if they were vertical and the bottom hole had a drop out so you could easily detach instead of having to unscrew first. I got the camera on sale so I can't really complain. If these 3 issues were fixed then I would give this monitor 5 stars.

4 out of 35



April 27, 2012

Average video monitor. Some hiccups but overall good camera for price

I like this baby monitor but it needs a few tweaks. The picture quality is good but at night, it switches back and forth between night vision and normal light. Resetting the camera doesn't always work which brings me to my next point. When turning the camera on it mades an incredibly loud noise which doesn't help when u just put a baby to sleep. I have to muffle the speaker. Lastly, the camera mount isn't easily detachable. So if you mount it to the crib or wall you can't easily transfer it to another room. The mount has 2 holes horizontal to each other that you place screws in. It would be easier if they were vertical and the bottom hole had a drop out so you could easily detach instead of having to unscrew first. I got the camera on sale so I can't really complain. If these 3 issues were fixed then I would give this monitor 5 stars.

5 out of 35

Chris Sawatsky


April 10, 2012

Location: Canada

Excellent for the price, good overall

One thing that drives me crazy is this thing DESTROYS my Wi-Fi in the house, like barely usable on any of the 11 channels. On my laptop I can at least use 5.8 GHz but 2.4 GHz is slowed down to a crawl. I'd imagine this would affect 2.4 GHz phones if I had any.

I like that the handset battery is a fairly common cell phone battery available for < $10 on eBay

night vision works very well, camera is clear and sound is good. At first I was disappointed with the build quality, but I was comparing it to a blackberry or iPhone that costs 5x as much. I've dropped the handset a number of times; it still works 100% so I have no complaints.

The photo taking is of questionable value. I use the exit date on photos for keeping track of when it was taken, but this device does not write a date (it doesn't even have a date set in it) the photos are quite low quality.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this product but I would make sure to mention the above concerns to anyone looking to purchase one

6 out of 35

Michael DENNISUK "cc coach"


April 7, 2012

Location: trenton, michigan USA

Very Nice!!!

The Loraex LW2004 Baby Video Monitor is outstanding. Our first grandchild is on the way and we ordered this for our daughter and son-in-law. They set it up with ease. The picture is crystal clear. The sound is great. It has a number of functional plusses. It appears to be the gold standard!!!

7 out of 35



April 2, 2012

This Monitor is Great!

With LIVE View it has you covered no matter how busy things get. Audio and visual indicators help keep you aware at all times. Bright orange and green LED lights light up when sound is detected. Even in a noisy room, the lights will catch your attention so you won't miss a thing.

8 out of 35



March 31, 2012

Bought it for my sister,

I bought this baby monitor for my sister and her newborn twins. Works perfectly! It’s definitely the way to go if you have multiple babies or even toddlers in the same room.

9 out of 35



March 30, 2012

Great video, terrible audio

Got this as a Gold Box deal based on the 'unbiased' Vine reviews. The video quality was better than expected for the price. The night vision works surprisingly well, and unlike some other reviewers, my video does display in color during day-mode. The controls seemed intuitive to me. The stand on the camera has a ball joint and can be rotated to sit on the dresser, and if in the correct position will not fall over.

I carried monitor around my house and placed it as far away from the base unit as possible and had no signal drop-outs.

The reason for the 3-stars is the audio... its terrible. It does pick up noises very well, but the sound is very 'tinny' and words are difficult to decipher.

10 out of 35

Tracy S


March 26, 2012

Location: RI

Even better than I expected

I have a toddler & twins due next month so I wanted to keep an eye on everyone at once. So far I've only used 1 camera for my toddler & I absolutely love it. Our bedroom is downstairs & across the house so when he wakes up upset I love that I can soothe & console him before even getting out of bed by using the 2-way audio. I also love that you can take & save pictures on a memory card (for proof when the stinker climbs out of his crib or when the twins roll over).

I've had to return the product because the handset wouldn't work unless it was on the charging station but once I get the replacement & I'm able carry the handset around it'll be perfect.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

11 out of 35



March 17, 2012

Great image quality, controls aren't intuitive

This is the third baby monitor we've tried and in terms of image quality it's far superior to our other monitors. During the daytime the colors are vibrant, crisp and very clear - it's almost like you're right there in the room. At night, the image quality is likewise better than our other monitors. It was very easy to setup. I did it myself in about 2 minutes, which is saying a lot because I am not very technical when it comes to assembling baby equipment.

I don't think this monitor is perfect though and here's why: the controls are confusing. Yes, reading the manual/experimenting does remedy this somewhat and it wasn't much of a bother because I have a toddler and am actually sleeping at night. But when I think back to the newborn days? Or the days when sleeping 2 hours at a time was a miracle? I don't think I could have dealt with figuring this thing out. Back then I wanted (and needed) a monitor with intuitive controls even a sleep-deprived new mother could figure out. This monitor has a large button in the middle that needs to be clicked just-so in order to achieve the desired results. Annoying as a well-rested parent. Incredibly frustrating if I was in the newborn stage again.

12 out of 35



March 14, 2012

Location: USA

Great Gift for New Parents or Dog Owners

The Lorex LIVE View is an awesome baby/animal monitor, presently $199.95 at Amazon. It's very easy to set up. The handheld monitor is great although I wish it were a bit smaller--like a Droid Phone. The controls are easy to use and the rechargeable battery is great too. Unfortunately, I wish the battery lasted a few hours longer. The LCD screen is very clear. The intercom allows you to speak to your baby/animal from anywhere in the house. I highly recommend to all parents.

13 out of 35

Karen Holtz "NJ Book Girl"


March 13, 2012

Location: Woodside, New Jersey

Gives Me Peace of Mind

This was almost too easy to set up. Take the camera and the receiver out of the box, charge them and you're good to go. They automatically pair up. The reception is very clear, both audio and video. I have the camera set up in my daughter's bedroom, with the USB charger permanently connected, so I never have to worry about charging it. The receiver, however, I move around the house, depending on where I am, and charge it during the night.

I have two children. A three-year-old boy and a nine-month-old daughter and oh how I wish I would have had this the first time around, because I was constantly checking on my son. If anybody was a Nervous Nelly, it was me.

But with my little girl, I can just look at the monitor while I'm busy around the house or at my computer and just seeing that she's alright and safely asleep gives me more peace of mind that’s all I can say.

14 out of 35

L. Marrott "Books&Amazon4Me"


February 28, 2012

Location: Northeast Ohio

Impressed, Great Home Monitor, Not Just for Baby

This is an awesome monitor and I think Lorex should consider taking the "Baby" out of the name because I can see how it could be used for many different things. One of the things I love is the portability of the screen. It's about the size of a cell phone and has very nice range. I was able to use it anywhere in the house and even outside in the backyard. My old monitor was like a very small old style TV monitor and not portable. I didn't realize how inconvenient it was until I started using the Lorex portable screen. I will say though that a feature Lorex might consider in the future is a screen finder signal like they have for cordless phone receivers because I have set the monitor screen down a couple times and couldn't remember where I left it. Aside from that, this unit has some very, very nice features. The screen is a nice size and the picture is incredibly clear, not at all fuzzy or grainy in any way. The sound detector is great, I especially like how it lights up when the screen is off and it detects a noise in the room. The talk feature is wonderful and has come in handy more than a few times. The night monitor is very good; I couldn't believe how clearly I could see even in darker conditions. They did an excellent job with this feature. I do wish the battery life was a little longer, but that is a minor, it will still work if you need to plug it in to re-charge. Its obvious Lorex put a lot of thought into this monitor and really did their homework to put in features that users would really appreciate and make this monitor really stand out among all the other choices out there. I am just so impressed and please with this monitor, in the end I am very comfortable giving it five stars and know I will be highly recommending it to anyone in a need of a home monitor.

15 out of 35

rbhatta "rbhatta"


February 27, 2012

Location: Sunnyvale, CA, USA

Works very well!

This Video Baby Monitor works really well and has multiple uses. The video quality is very good and provides both daylight and night vision options which is perfect for situations wherein the camera is monitoring your baby while asleep.

You have the capability to talk to your baby with two-way communication by push of a button -very convenient! The product also has potential for multiple uses just not for monitoring your baby. You can use this product to do surveillance of your front porch or your backyard at day or night.

The product has two main components: Here are my observations on those.

1. Camera - this is a Day/ Night camera with built-in speaker and MIC it is very light weight device that can be mounted using the included camera stand. The camera has one faint Green LED when used under daylight and bunch of Infra-RED LEDs (Dim RED color) under night vision mode. The Camera has USB Mini interface for providing power.

2. Portable Handled LCD monitor - This is as big as a standard size deck of cards and light weight device that you can use to view the video from anywhere around the house. The video quality is superb mostly due to the fact that it uses IPS (In-plane Switching) LCD screen and has good field of vision. It has touch sensitive buttons as well as push button directional controls with illuminated dial which light up whenever there is incoming audio from the camera. These both audio and visual indications are a big plus for this Portable Handled monitor. The LCD monitor has USB Mini interface for charging.

It also comes with two power adapters, one for the camera and one for the LCD handheld monitor.


[+] Good Video Quality, Nice IPS 2.4" LCD display

[+] Day/Night Vision camera - Big Plus!

[+] Audio and visual Alerts on the handled monitor

[+] Very good wireless range and works thru' walls


[-] The camera stand's ball joint is poorly designed.

As pointed out by few others here on Amazon, The ball joint is temperamental. The camera gets mounted by using a screw from the ball joint. It is not perfect. It wobbles and never seems to stand perfectly perpendicular.

Other than this one small issue (Hence losing half a Star) it is 4 ½ star product.

Please see the pictures that I have posted on Amazon for the full package contents and product images and thanks for reading my review.

16 out of 35



January 18, 2012

Location: Elkton, KY

Awesome!! Love it!

I have two small children and I absolutely love this monitoring system! I am able to keep a close eye on both children in their bed in their rooms! The Monitor comes on automatically when it hears a noise which means if one of my children is crying, the monitor will come on automatically! I also love the fact that the hand held monitor is wireless which allows me to go anywhere, outside or in, during nap time! The camera are wireless as well which means trips will be much easier for packing! I would highly recommend this system!!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

17 out of 35

Domestic Engineer "Sarah F."


January 17, 2012

Location: Hillsboro, OR

Good product awful customer service

I received this camera as a gift. When we received the camera and set it up to became clear that something was wrong with our kit. The monitor would not pick up a signal beyond ten feet. I called tech support and got amazing help. He told me that the antenna had not been calibrated correctly and they would send me a new kit (since they didn't know if it was the camera or monitor). He told me to email the proof of purchase (which I was able to get from my father who bought it) and email to customer service, and that they would process it and send me a new camera.

I called customer service 4 days later and the women whom I spoke with was rude and abrupt and didn't really listen to me, but jumped to conclusions about why I was calling. She told me to email the proof of purchase directly to her since she didn't know who got the general emails. I asked her to please let me know when the camera would be mailed, I also asked her again in the email I sent. I did not hear anything back. I called again after a few days someone told me that they had mailed the new set and I should receive it in a few days.

I'm still waiting for the new set, but from what I saw from the old kit the picture is great and the sound is just fine. I'm really looking forward to using this camera; I just wish that their customer service was a little more friendly and helpful.

18 out of 35



December 6, 2011

Great monitor for price!

We were looking for a new video monitor since the addition of our second son. This was PERFECT!!! Love that it came with two cameras already so we wouldn't have to purchase another. Also love the fact that it has the option for 2 more cameras (4 in total) if we needed it. It's great for what we need it for. The picture is clear and the sound is great! I even have it in my backyard while the kids are sleeping and it works fine!

19 out of 35



October 25, 2011

Good Monitor,

I have had my camera for only one month. If it works as well six months from now as it does today, I will change my rating from good to excellent. I purchased the camera so that I can work outside in my garden and observe my 98 year old mom who sleeps most of the day, but needs assistance when she is awake. The reception is good as long as I am in the area of the garden that is closest to the room where she is resting. Otherwise, I have to move the camera to a location that will get monitor reception.

20 out of 35

E. Kim


October 20, 2011

Good baby monitor with 2 way communication

I have been using a different baby monitor that uses only sound and I needed one with a camera. I bought this monitor and it has marginally good night video capability, which will always be the case, 2 way communication ability and a decent battery charge life of about 5 hours. It looks a little cheap for the cost and the micro USB charge cable looks like it may be a weak point in the design. Other than it being a bit expensive, it's a reasonably good baby monitor.

21 out of 35



September 29, 2011


We should have bought this in the beginning! However, we got an audio monitor that we also love. We decided to get a video monitor for our son (who has never been a great sleeper) when he started moving around in the crib. Sometimes he would cry because he didn't want to go to sleep, but sometimes he would cry when he backed into the crib and would get his leg stuck. We needed a way to tell the difference so that we didn't go in his room at every cry. This monitor did the trick. It was a breeze to set up once we decided where we wanted it. Another plus: although it plugs into the wall and runs off of electricity, it continues working even when the power goes out. Our audio monitor has to be turned back on manually once the power comes back on, which would wake our son.

I should mention that I am not crazy about the button that allows you to talk to the baby. My husband thinks it a great toy and talks to our son. He has scared him more than once.

The range on this monitor is not great, either. We have a large, two-story house. My son's room is upstairs, at the opposite side of the house from the front porch. We cannot use the monitor on the front porch. However, since our audio monitor has a very large range, we were not concerned with that when considering video monitors.

22 out of 35



February 16, 2011

Location: S. Elgin IL USA

Easy to use and flexible adjusting.

I bought this item for my newborn baby girl. I love the clear picture display and easy adjusting camera. The camera is also compact but works really well. I love the price and will refer to friends and family.

23 out of 35

Samantha Gardner


February 13, 2011

Location: FORT IRWIN, CA, US

Glad I got it!

I use it for an older child. Love it so far just hope it holds up under a lot of use. Works well picture is great and sound works well, there is sometimes a very low background noise but there is no major interference. Highly recommend! I researched for a long time and all the ones I found online had terrible reviews and were higher priced. At $189 I am very pleased with my purchase! I even bought and extra camera. I love the fact I can talk through it because when she is acting up I can talk to her through it.

24 out of 35



February 8, 2011

Location: Maple Valley, WA

Narrow FOV

What's great about it: Video quality and battery saving features

What's not so great: Field of view and placement is limited

I'm a stickler for quality,very few companies make quality products these days. That being said, this is a well made product, image is good especially in the dark, and refresh rate is near seamless. The signal gets weak at the farthest point in my 2000 sqft home but I can't tell a difference in the image. The only thing I don't like is the narrow field of view which makes mounting a hard choice. For example, from about fifteen feet away the bedroom door is about the only thing you'll see, and the farther away the object the less significant detail you can make out. If you put it on the crib the screen will show less then half of the mattress but the details are good. The only mounting option, I've found is mounting it at the top of the wall directly above the crib and then moving the crib to have the baby in the screen. Lorex put a lot of thought into features like two way talking, and VOX to save battery. It comes with a micro SD card for taking pictures which will hold enough photos to give a person carpal tunnel, but even with a larger card you can't take short videos. If you really want to play big brother you can add 3 other cameras to make up for the FOV.

I would recommend this to a friend!

25 out of 35

Terrance M. Bond "T. Bond"


February 7, 2011

Location: Bloomington, IL

great buy

We have now owned this for a couple weeks and LOVE it! Our kids are 2 and 5 and when they are asleep it is nice to be able to always see them. Also the distance is amazing. I am able to go across the street to get my mail or go out in my backyard with my puppy while being able to always check on my kids. The talking feature is wonderful too. It was well worth the 100 bucks. If you are not sure on getting it, I hope this helps.

26 out of 35

D. Griffin


January 29, 2011

Location: Durham, NC

Wow, what a nice gadget

We've had a traditional audio-only monitor for a while now, but our 6 month old is starting to move around in her crib. We've found her stuck in a corner a few times and thought a video camera might be a nice upgrade. We got this at a great price on Amazon's Deal of the day. I have to say, I'm blown away. It is perfectly dark in the baby's room right now, but we have a very clear view of her in the crib. I mounted the camera on the wall next to her crib. The camera flexes in every direction, so I was able to find a clear view of the entire crib. I'm really impressed.

27 out of 35

Leandro Castilho


January 21, 2011

Location: Brazil

Nice product

There's no need to be an expert to use this video camera: just charge both camera and monitor, synchronize them and that's it!

PROS: Very good image and easy to set up. Auto night vision feature works perfectly

CONS: There's a constant background noise, nothing that would really bother me except for the fact that it prevents VOX feature to work, as it is sufficient to keep turning the monitor on each time it goes off. Battery life could be better, specially using night vision (2,5h as stated by the manufacturer). Talk back function should have volume adjust, too.

The camera's power adapter presented problems on the 4th day of use. Sometimes it charges the camera, sometimes not. Until now I was not able to figure out what the problem is. As I brought it to Brazil, I guess it would cost me a fortune to return it to the seller, but I will try to contact customer service anyway.

28 out of 35

Daniel V. Reilly


January 15, 2011

Location: Upstate New York, United States

Not The Best, But Gets The Job Done....

Our Son was 18 Months old when we started using the Snap Video Baby Monitor. Prior to that, we were using an audio-only monitor. We use it mainly to keep tabs on him when he's napping or sleeping, since those are the only times that we're not there with him, and his crib is like a fortress, so we weren't afraid of him climbing out. As you can tell, our needs were fairly simple, and the Snap Video Baby Monitor met them quite nicely. The video quality is nothing to write home fact, there were times when I couldn't distinguish between Mickey and a stuffed animal, so if this were a case where I had to keep a close eye on a baby, like to see if he was breathing or moving, I probably would go with a higher-resolution camera. The audio quality is good, and the night-vision never failed to make me think my Son was starring in a preschool version of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY. Not a bad product, if your needs are fairly simple and straightforward. If not, I'd shop around for a higher quality monitor.

29 out of 35



January 12, 2011

Almost the Perfect Baby Monitor, January 12, 2011

We have owned this baby monitor for about 6 months now. It works amazing we tried a few cheaper video monitors were not happy at all due to static and interference. This is going to be your best option without breaking the bank on the VERY expensive ones. So far the video quality is perfect and has had NO static or interference. In low light the video goes to black & white instead of that weird green night mode like most of the others do so your baby doesn't look like a green alien with blacked out eyes! The sound is very good also, no interference or static. There is a button to take quick snap shots and it stores on a micro SD card (included). The pictures aren't high enough quality to frame but it’s fun to look back at the past ones and watch your baby grow before your eyes. There is also a VOX mode where if your baby is not making any noise the monitor turns off to save the battery and turns on instantly as soon as your baby makes a peep (plus you can set the sound sensitivity in case there is a mobile or TV making sound). Or if you want to check on your baby because they're being too quiet just hit the snap shot button and the monitor turns on plus you get a snap shot stored on the monitor of him/her to look back at. It will take 100's of snap shots since the resolution is so low.


Great picture and sound, no static or interference, no "green mode" in low light, can use up to 4 cameras with it, snap shot mode with included micro SD card and adapter, 2 way radio so you can talk to your child when you're not in the room, monitor and camera well-built and compact, rechargeable battery w/ dock for monitor, rechargeable battery on camera too, camera is wall mountable. There is multiple settings for the volume and picture. Monitor and camera use mini USB connection to power and charge (smart).


If you forget to turn on the camera before you turn on the monitor the monitor will beep at you saying "NO CAMERA FOUND" and wake up your sleeping baby (sucks). There is no output to hook up the monitor to a TV. And it would be nice if here was a belt clip and little kick stand built into the back of the monitor.


There are always going to be a few cons on anything if you look hard enough but none of these change my vote that this is a 5 star monitor. And none of the Cons have to do with the quality of the monitor, just requests for the next model.

30 out of 35



January 10, 2011

Great Baby Monitor - Very Impressed

I purchased this monitor expecting to be disappointed, as with all baby monitors I have used in the past. After lots of research and internal debate, I pulled the plug and purchased the Lorex Live Snap. First of all the setup was a breeze. I didn’t even have to read the instructions, it was so intuitive. I had three major concerns for any monitor I purchased: Security, compatibility with wireless network, and quality of night vision. The security issue is taken care of with the digital signal. No interference from neighbours or problems seeing other people's babies!

I set up the camera in the baby's room, took the handset to the living room and set it down next to two wireless laptops and a cell phone. The image was perfectly clear and the sound came through great. We have been using this device for 3 months now and have not yet had any issues with interference. We even took it with us on a trip and used it in two other homes with wireless networks and had no problems whatsoever.

Next test was night vision. I am amazed at how well this works. The image is clear (though black and white) but detailed enough for this paranoid first time mom to assure baby is breathing at any time in the night, with blinds closed, no nightlights, complete darkness.

Using the handset is pretty easy. It took us a little bit to adjust the volume and the sensitivity for Power Save mode just right but after one night of using it, we got the adjustments right and have had no issues. We hear the baby when he stirs and I press the camera button to check what's going on. For us, the display is MUCH too bright to leave on all night, even on the lowest backlight setting. Power Save feature is a must and we always use it. The option of only transmitting sound when baby makes sound is great (VOX). Anyone who has listened to the constant white noise feedback of other monitors will appreciate this feature. Others have mentioned it doesn't work properly for them. Maybe the camera is too far away? Ours works perfectly. If you don't like this feature, turn it off and the camera will transmit sound continuously. Finally, the ability to use up to four cameras on the same handset is fantastic.

There are a few issues that I don't find to be a problem but are worth mentioning. The lighting on the camera that makes the night time picture so great, is also distracting to baby if he doesn't want to sleep. I sometimes find him staring at the camera watching the lights. It's a trade-off that I am more than happy with for the ability to see him whenever I need to. Next issue; is the base is too light for the camera. As a renter, I am hesitant to put holes of any kind in our walls, never mind install a video camera, so I have the camera standing on a shelf above the baby's crib. The camera is too heavy for the base and unless I put a something on top of the base, such as a bottle of water, it topples over. I don't mind the water bottle solution but others might find this annoying. I never use the snapshot feature but I think the images shown in the marketing material are a little deceiving. At best it is camera-phone quality pictures. Again, we never use this feature so it isn’t an issue for us. For me, and compared to the junk that is out there for baby monitors these issues maybe warrant a loss of half a star since there is no perfect monitor out there.

We like this camera so much we will be purchasing more cameras for use with the headset. All of my parent-friends that have seen this have been amazed and want one. Definitely recommend.

31 out of 35



December 8, 2010

Location: Clackamas, OR

Great system

What's great about it: Picture and Sound features

What's not so great: Nothing

Just received the Lorex Baby Monitor and so far so good. Its seems to be working perfectly. I really like the function that I can talk to the baby from anywhere in the house and it comes out of the camera in her room. Nice feature. I wish Best Buy had the additional cameras that can hook up the one monitor!

I would recommend this to a friend!

32 out of 35



December 8, 2010

Location: Clackamas, OR

Great system

What's great about it: Picture and Sound features

What's not so great: Nothing

Just received the Lorex Baby Monitor and so far so good. Its seems to be working perfectly. I really like the function that I can talk to the baby from anywhere in the house and it comes out of the camera in her room. Nice feature. I wish Best Buy had the additional cameras that can hook up the one monitor!

33 out of 35

Jonathan T. Sweet


October 27, 2010

Location: CT, USA

Reasonably priced with some good features, October 27, 2010

Overall this is a pretty great unit, especially for the price. We had been using a separate baby monitor/web cam solution for a while and this really works out better.


- Uses a fairly standard mini-USB style connector for charging which means that you can actually charge using a variety of chargers (including a computer). This is very nice.

- Both the monitor and the camera use the same charger too.

- The camera also has a battery in it, so you can take them with you on a trip and you don't have to be plugged into power the whole time.

Create- The infrared night-vision is quite good.


- They added the ability to capture stills to an SD card, but they're really low resolution captures. It's a pretty useless feature in all.

- The monitor is fairly low resolution, I'm not sure if the camera's output is low, but the monitor on the baby cam is. They don't publish the resolution, but it's probably 240 x 160.

- The multi-monitor support is nice, but with the buttons so readily available, we're always hitting the button for one of the other monitors, which of course forces it to beep. It would be nice to be able to configure what monitors are available so you don't have to worry about it.

- When the camera is charging, there is a bright red LED that shines. It would have been nice if it had been placed somewhere on the back instead so it didn't disturb baby. Luckily it goes out after the camera is charged, so most of the time its not a problem.

- The audio has a little more interference than our previous monitor. It's not really a problem, but it is noticeable.

- It's nice that the camera has a battery, but it would be nice if the camera had a "quick disconnect". If you attach the camera to the wall, you can't remove it easily.


- With the USB connector on the camera, I'm curious if it will work as a USB webcam as well. I'll try it some time, it would certainly make this more usable when the monitor is no longer needed for baby duty.

In the end I recommend this monitor, especially for the price. There are a few things that I wish were better about it, but most of the issues are very minor.

34 out of 35



October 27, 2010

Location: Teaneck, NJ United States

Good quality and works well.

I found this monitor to be well made and easy to use. The instructions are very clear and complete and the units were easy to charge up. While the video image is not great, it is adequate for monitoring, as is the sound. It also works well in low light since it has its own infra-red light source and the camera is sensitive to infra-red. It is useful for monitoring anything, not just infants. It can be used to monitor anyone in need. I intend to use it to keep an eye on my house the evenings of October 30 and 31. No tricks for me!

35 out of 35

Nathan A. Edwards


January 23, 2010

Location: Jacksonville, FL USA

I am impressed!

My experience with video baby monitors is limited to one purchased about six years ago which, up until I received this product, I believed was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The Lorex "Snap" monitor is, as of the writing of this review, the greatest thing since sliced bread as far as video baby monitors are concerned. With the knowledge that all I can reasonably compare it to is an outdated model, I would like to explain why I am so impressed.

After opening the box, my first impression left me feeling that the screen on the monitor is too small. Having now utilized the product, I can confidently say that the screen is the perfect size. That is, the field of vision covers more than enough area and the smaller screen allows for true portability, which leads me to the next positive. This product is truly portable. While the camera/cameras can be mounted to a wall (and easily removed), the design allows for set up on any flat surface. The monitor itself is about the size of a large cell phone and, with its convenient charging port and seemingly long battery life, can be brought just about anywhere due to its wireless operation. The camera also provides a great picture even when the lights are turned off and it automatically transitions into night vision.

All of these points certainly make this product great but, in comparison with the old model, there are three features that really impress me. The first being the fact the audio monitor is two way. With the touch of a button on the handheld monitor, crystal clear audio can be heard through the camera just as well as it is being received. Another big advantage, to me, of the Lorex monitor is that it allows room for growth, enabling up to four cameras to be monitored on the same handheld device. While I have only utilized one camera with this unit, I like the fact that I have options if I need them. The final deal sweetener is a still photo function that saves spur of the moment images onto a removable memory card in the monitor. All in all, the Lorex "Snap" is a great product that I would recommend to anyone in the market for a video baby monitor.










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