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Wireless camera with audio



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Long range wireless camera with audio and 100ft night vision

View your world with the wireless freedom of the LW2275 digital outdoor wireless camera. With easy installation, place the camera in those crucial outdoor locations without the need to run video cables, just simply power up the camera and receiver and you’re ready to go.

A built-in signal warning alerts you if the camera is out of range from the receiver. Capable of plugging directly into a DVR, or TV, or RCA monitor, and with features such as; FHSS Digital Wireless Technology providing excellent VGA image quality, a built-in microphone for listen-in audio, and long range night vision of up to 100ft, this advanced weatherproof wireless security camera is ideal for the home or business. The LW2275 wireless digital security camera, the wireless way to stay aware.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

Night Vision Range

Camera compatibility


Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
ECO Series
Edge Series
Blackbox Series
D1 & 960H DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LHV1000 Series
720p HD DVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR200 Series
LNR300 Series
1080p netHD NVRs
Analog DVRs including ECO, Edge and Blackbox Series DVRs
LNR100 Series
LNR400 Series
1080p HD NVRs

Night Vision

View video during the day and with night vision at night.

Indoor Outdoor

Camera performs both in outdoor and indoor applications.

High Performance Real-time Video

The camera transmits high resolution video signal in real time at 25 frames per second

SignalGuard Technology

Continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detection of low signal strength.




Outdoor Wireless Camera Features:

  • High Resolution outdoor wireless camera for indoor/outdoor use1
  • Pure flat lens produces high resolution video
  • AIS image sensor and exclusive IR technology
  • 100ft IR Night Vision2
  • Auto infrared light filter ensures accurate color reproduction under any lighting condition
  • Durable metal weatherproof housing ideal for indoor/outdoor use
  • Easy installation with metal stand
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio
  • Compact receiver is easy to install and operate
  • High gain antenna ensures improved long distance operation of the wireless camera
  • Micro receiver plugs directly into the back of a surveillance recorder (DVR), TV or monitor3
  • Convenient signal strength indicator
  • Connect multiple receivers to the back of a surveillance recorder to create a complete wireless surveillance solution
  • View in VGA resolution for high quality video or CIF for real time observation
  • Safety warning feature notifies you when out of range
  • Quick installation
  • FHSS digital wireless technology provides excellent image quality and clarity
  • Built-in infrared filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • Simple installation. No video cable required
  • Easily connects to a TV/Monitor (RCA) or DVR (BNC)
  • Night viewing up to 100ft (30m)
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio
  • Install camera indoors or outdoors
  • Up to 150ft (46m) indoor/450ft (137m) outdoor wireless range

Each LW2275 Includes:

1 × Wireless camera
1 × Wireless receiver
2 × Power adapters
1 × BNC adapter

1. Not intended for submersion in water.
2. 100FT night vision at optimal environment setting with ambient lighting.
3. It is not recommended to install more than four wireless cameras in the same environment.










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1 out of 65


Location: USA

I have 14 Lorex Cameras since 2012. My wireless camera stopped working. I ordered LW2275 camera as its receiver does not interfere with my WiFi routers. Lorex sent LW2297B instead without informing me despite when I ordered LW2275, it indicated it was IN STOCK. I called on 8-11-2016 to return it immediately, after speaking to Customer Service in Philippines and explaining several time their mistake. Still I can not get response from them. That is what we get when you out source services.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We sent you an upgraded version due to inventory. We were happy to assist you in resolving this.

2 out of 65


Location: Front Gate

This camera never worked correctly. It does not focus and has no sound. I've tried everything to get it to work and have just decided it's $112 junk!

We're sorry to hear you're having trouble with your camera. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you. They can be reached Monday - Saturday, 9am - 10pm EST at 1-877-755-6739.

3 out of 65


Location: Arkansas

This camera is easy to install and has a great HD picture. Recommend for all to purchase.

4 out of 65


Location: Jacksonville, Florida

I ordered two cameras and a different model that was compatible with my model. The original ones stop working. It's seems that there technology can use refinement. The wireless and wired production are ok but don't last very long. Also lens on camera get's obscured so you can't see very clearly after time.

Thank you for your feedback. Our sales team was happy to assist you. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

5 out of 65


Location: WV

I have a complete unit with dvr, monitor, and 4 of these wireless cameras. They are installed indoors and never show on my monitor in color. It's always black and white except from time to time for brief moment they show up in color. I believe that is when the sun actually shines at them through the window. Other than that they seen to be good. But color would be great. I also don't know how to use them for audio, there was no instructions for that.

6 out of 65


Location: Myakka City

Customer Service is a joke , been on hold for hours, no answer
Submit a ticket another joke wont let you submit without warranty info which is not available
Ill search else where for a better company

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-877-755-6739.

7 out of 65


Location: CA

Ok camera....not bad in the daytime but it is choppy (not a great frame rate) good audio. Just ok at night as well. Not clear enough to identify a person even in ambient light. Decent low end camera but I am looking to upgrade to something better.

8 out of 65


Location: New Jersey

The camera has been installed for about one week. Picture and sound are clear. I have three other hard wired cameras that have been working well for over a year. Recommend this product. I will update after the wireless has been in use for awhile.

9 out of 65


Location: Seattle, WA

This camera worked great for the first 3 months and then just stopped working. We called customer service and talked with Michael, who was great. He said we would have a new camera shipped within 3-5 business days. It's been 8 business days (11 days total) and I had to call customer service for the 5th time only to be told they are going to escalate my ticket again. They don't know why they haven't gotten a tracking number from the warehouse but asked me to wait 2 more days so they can research. We went from thrilled with their customer service on the first call to being very frustrated with customer service. I'd just like to get a functioning camera back up again as soon as possible. Hopefully the new camera will arrive soon and will work more than 3 months.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced. Our customer service team was happy to resolve this for you.

10 out of 65


Location: Southern California, USA

When the camera works it is awesome, the problem is keeping the connection. I live in a normal home and this camera loses connection constantly. We have moved this camera all over the home hoping to help the connection, all to no avail. I contacted Lorex numerous times and still have the same issues. They offered to replace the camera, at my shipping expense, because they felt the receiver was defective. Hmmm, defective receiver yet I have to pay to ship it back?! Really?! I am so not happy with this purchase and would never recommend this camera to anyone, not even my worst enemy.

Thank you for your feedback. We are happy our customer service team was able to come to a satisfactory resolution with you.

11 out of 65




12 out of 65


Location: Chattaroy,WA

Great picture clarity if you can find a "sweet spot" for uninterrupted reception. Wireless range is minimal to maintain connection. ...approximately 50' or less on a hardiplank sided home.

13 out of 65


Location: Albuquerque

Great camera, night and day. Only gripe would be the LED lights seems to burn out for some reason. could also use a longer better range.

14 out of 65


Location: Dover, Pa.

Just recently purchased two additional LW2275 wireless cameras for my system. Really like the night vision aspect of the system. I now have six cameras and I am delighted with the results. One thing for your information. While checking the new cameras for operation before installing outside. I placed them too close to the DVR system. It kept knocking out my number one camera. Stating it was connecting, but no picture. Disconnected new cameras and number one returned. I guess they were too close and causing interference. Wish the DVR had one TB instead of 500GB. Not enough. Still happy with the system.

15 out of 65


Location: West Virginia

I have numerous LW2275 cameras. I enjoy the night vision range and the picture quality.

16 out of 65


Location: Il.

I have 4 cameras and they seem to be doing well. I think I need a booster for one of them need to call. My house is 100 yrs old & has old radiators and pipes and thick stucco walls. I have better reception from far side of garage than on front of house. I had one camera go out early last yr and Lorex took care of it no problem. easy to set up. My friend has 4 on his house and pleased with them also.

17 out of 65


Location: Los Angeles, CA

We were very happy with the resolution of the camera even in total darkness (we thought we may have to install lighting). After the 15% discount and a very good price on the recording DVR, the system has worked out well for us.

18 out of 65


Location: Rochester ny

excellent camera very easy to hook up lf I can do it anybody can do it l will buy more

19 out of 65


Location: California

I decided to purchase a camera system after making significant upgrades to my home. I first purchased 4 cameras, then realized that 2 more were needed due to the configuration of my buildings. A later patio addition again necessitated still 2 additional cameras. All worked well except for one of the first ones which had a connection problem. I contacted Lorex and the problem unit was replaced. No hassel, no problems. Though I fully understand that only a minimum number of wireless units are recommended per system, mine all work fine. Excellent daytime pictures; good night views. But you do have to keep the spider webs away from the lenses.

20 out of 65


Location: Temperance, Michigan

Camera worked with ease & as described. Day & night both work very well. There tech support is very good.

21 out of 65


Location: Minitonas Manitoba Canada

I have had two cameras for a year and did have issues (LED lights) with one of them that was replaced recently...Last winter we had lots of -30C to -40C temperatures with -50'sC with windchill and they never missed a beat .However,i did wrap a thin layer of insulation around them covered with a cut off sleeve of a sock so it seemed to work...Both had issues with the LED lights but daytime pics were good...Hope the replacement keep working

22 out of 65


Location: Bonita, CA

Within a year this cameria started having to be reset every morning. Called support India was no help. Purchased a new camera, I will try again because I have the receiver and other Lorex cameras. The picture on the new camera is much clearer than tho year old cameras.

23 out of 65


Location: WA state, USA

We purchased 2 of these cameras, and were so happy with them that we now have four. The setup is very easy. We have 3 of the cameras out in or near the barn and pastures, which are quite a distance from the house. If I want to ride and no one else is home, it is great to be able to call my daughter who lives 45 minutes away, and she can watch me ride and ensure that I am safe. It is quite amazing what critters we can see at night. We did have one camera fail, but Lorex immediately replaced it. Good customer service.

24 out of 65


Location: florida

bought a system with 4 of these cameras before a year was up had to replace 3 of them.after installing them 1 more went bad and was replaced.Now the system has gone out of warranty and 1 more has gone bad.They replaced one of theLW2275 cameras with a LW2281 which is working fine.I be leave that they have a big problem with the LW2275 series and that is why they sent the LW2281.I have a bad taste in my mouth from these lore products and don't recommend any of them.The customer service is horrible!!!!

25 out of 65


Location: Austin, TX

These worked perfect for my home. I had to make sure the DVR was in a central location but have had no major problems. Occasionally I will loose connection, but it is because none of cameras are in the actual line of sight and with masonry walls. I may get an range extender if it becomes an issue. The daytime vision is sharp as a tack. The night time vision is pretty good, especially for the money. I know there are better and more expensive systems out there, but for my house these cameras work perfectly. Easier to install than hard wired, however, you need a power source. Two of my power sources are going directly into the garage and that makes it pretty simple. The other two were a little tricky but ended up working out well. I have a backup camera in case one goes out but so far so good.

26 out of 65


Location: Austin, TX

So far so good. Almost a year of solid performance. I have 4 installed total and I really like the quality of the cameras. Sure there are better more expensive options out there but for a simple home covering the four corners of the house these work pretty well for the price. I leave the audio on so I can hear what is going on outside and hear someone approaching the door or the meter readers waling between the houses. It is a great piece of mind and I have a central location s all the cameras get pretty good good reception for wireless. In a 2200 sq ft home I can record without interruption and these work great for my needs and it was one hell of a deal for good piece of mind.

27 out of 65


Location: Roanoke VA

I own two of these cameras . They perform well at the price point although, they are prone to moisture fogging when mounted in the open. Recommend mounting in sheltered areas out of dew and frost areas.Internal condensation due to temperature swings seems to be the cause. If they are mounted in a shelter environment they perform as well as one could expect without paying a greater price. Signal strength is good and picture quality is fine to excellent if you keep lens glass free of dirt and spider webs.

28 out of 65


Location: Washington state

Excellent resolution day and night, if signal strength is good. Easy installation at all angles. Only concern is limited range if walls are a factor; had to relocate several cameras closer to maintain signal reception.

29 out of 65


Location: Texas

This camera is great. Easy set up, Rugged case, good picture.

30 out of 65


Location: Canada

It is an excellent wireless system ,The sound quality is good, easy installation, I recommend this system.


31 out of 65


Location: Florida

I purchase the LW2275 wireless with audio a few weeks ago and mounted on one of the columns of my front gate 250 feet from the house and as soon as I plugged in the unit started transmitting.
The image and sound are very clear, the wireless receiver is connected to a 32 inch HD LCD television.

32 out of 65


Location: COLORADO

Bought this to replace a much older model which went dark during the very below zero recent weather. Resolution on the new camera is just great. Very easy to set up the wireless.

33 out of 65


Location: Louisiana

Bought this camera to replace another wireless camera that had stopped working. Started working as soon as I connected it to the DVR. No syncing issues at all. Working perfectly so far!

34 out of 65


Location: Kissimmee, FL

Great deals on great systems for DIYer's.
Good Quality

35 out of 65


Location: Brentwood CA

I researched several products before settling on the Lorex line. My choice came down to the great level of capability that the Lorex system provided at a terrific price. The cameras were very easy to install and operate. I am very pleased with the Lorex Client 11software that made it a breeze to set up and operate my system. The options available for customization allowed me to tailor the system specifically for my needs. The quality and clarity of the cameras is great. I especially like the night vision and wireless features. I would recommend this product wholeheartedly.

36 out of 65


Location: ny

just tested it so i have no comment yet on durability.

tested it from my barn which is 100 feet from the house and also approx. 30 feet lower elevation from the house. the transmitter is attached to my dvr inside my house.

picture and resolution was very good. a lot better than i expected. my barn is 400 feet from the road and 100 feet from my house so running wires underground between the two with my other wires is to costly to do. with the cameras resolution it will give me an economical and practical solution to what i want.

not going to give it 5 stars as it doesnt connet to lorex ping, since i have 3 wireless lorex ip stream cameras inside my house. you would think that lorex could create a master web app to link all cameras. but i like the lorex cameras i decided to buy the outdoor wireless and hook them up to a dvr system. hence i am building my system around lorex cameras, though i will have two systems, one is lorex ping and the other using a defender pro dvr. i will have to buy a different brand for my wired outdoor house camera for the entrance as none of the lorex cameras have operating temps in the negative degrees. recently it has gotten negative 13 before windchill at my house.

37 out of 65


Location: POMEROY


38 out of 65


Location: Georgia

I received a 8ch ECO4 Stratus DVR and 4 wireless cameras for Christmas. Very easy setup. One camera is in my barn 300 feet away with no special antenna. Excellent picture day and night. The IR is great. Two of the cameras monitor both entrances to our farm and are powered by solar. I have this connected to our router and with the client software I can view from any computer. I haven't tried to connect remotely or use a phone/tablet, yet. We did have to upgrade our router to dual band because there were too many devices competing for the 2.4Ghz band. The cameras run on this band and the wireless computers were very slow when the cameras were running. After adding the capability to have the 5ghz band and adding USB adapters to the computers to take advantage of the different band everything was running better than ever. We purchased directly from Lorex and one camera was going down in the recent cold temps. Lorex immediately sent a new camera and I will send the defective one back. Great customer service and great tech suppport. Very happy with my new system. I will be adding more cameras in the near future.

39 out of 65


Location: Tacoma

The wireless technology is nice instead of running cables all over the house.

One camera died two months after purchase. We are still waiting for a call from technical support after creating a ticket, as the hold time when we call is an hour and a half.
Even though they are wireless, they require AC power. You will have to run power to every camera.
There is no wireless sound capability.
One camera goes into night mode (no color) when it is cloudy, which is common in this area.
Don't expect to identify a person or vehicle license plate more than 20 feet from the camera.
Even a bit of light from the windows at night causes one camera to blur in and out.
Don't use a porch light in the camera area, or it causes the camera to blur.
The receiver unit fan is quite loud.
My neighbor bought a Swann cameras and they are a lot nicer.

40 out of 65


Location: Illinois

Night vision is great on this camera. Audio not so much. Had to turn up the volume extremely loud to hear. Camera stopped working after five months.

41 out of 65


Location: Rocky Mountains

I bought the wireless 2 camera System and added 2 more wireless cameras later. Great system, cameras, and warranty. I took out the old system (different brand) and was AMAZED at the difference, especially the IR night vision. I did have an issue with one of the cameras, and it was replaced free of charge. I love the features, with the motion sensors you can turn on or off, The phone interface, where you can recieve alerts when something trips the motion sensors and the Live view on your phone also. I have a monitor hooked up to the main unit, and can view LIVE on my computer and iPhone also. Reception is much better and further than my old system, and Stucco doesn't seem to affect it. The quality is better than the cameras we have at work.

42 out of 65


Location: Phoenix, AZ

This product was easy to install and the quality of the picture is very good.! I am very glad that I purchased the system! When we recently had heavy rains, the cameras were partially covered and I was concerned that they might become damaged somewhat by all the rain. They performed flawlessly - great coverage! I was skeptical at first on how wireless cameras would work (2-story home), but I am very happy with their overall performance!

43 out of 65


Location: Laval, Quebec

Very easy to install. The camera is outside and the day and night is good

44 out of 65


Location: Toronto Canada

Excellent daytime colour and detailed picture.
Nightvision is also outstanding. My camera is mounted on garage and I can easily see across the street at night.
I only wish it had lower cold weather operating temp., but with global warming that might not be a problem!
The only negative at this time is the need to place this outdoor camera in a sheltered spot.

45 out of 65


Location: WA State

The camera has a beautiful picture, but go's in and out at times. It seems to be the receiver not quite picking up a strong signal. I would recommend this product because of the picture quality and set up is great.

46 out of 65


Location: Michigan

This product started right up out of the box! I simply plugged in the antenna to the DVR and ran outside and hooked up the two cameras to a power source (front yard and back yard). It instantly came on-line and once I figured out which sound jacks to use I was fully operational. The cameras are about 150 feet from the DVR (antennas) receiver and the picture is strong. I like the strength signal that is generated on the DVR screen so I could make some minor adjustments to improve the signal. the sound is clear. I would recommend this product to everyone.

47 out of 65


Location: Glen St. Mary, FL

Great Outdoor Wireless Camera !

I wanted to replace an older wireless camera that I was using that was constantly getting interference from my home network router and even the microwave oven and dryer when it was in use, not to mention the not so clear and very limited night vision. I did a lot of research before I purchased this camera and all the reviews were very positive and I was particularly interested in the night vision as it said 100 ft. So I decided to give it a try . I am very glad I did. The night vision is awesome. I can see all sorts of critters walking across my backyard at night. I use the rca jacks to input to an external video capture device running on an older windows xp computer. Everything works great . I record every night and scan through it the next day. I can't believe how clear the video is. Signal strength is 4 bars and I get zero interference with any network or other electrical devices. I highly recommend this camera.

48 out of 65


Location: Los Angeles

I was impressed with how easy it was to install the wireless camera and have it start working. Once I installed the camera in it's location, installed the wireless receiver on both the camera and the DVR, turned everything on and I was good to go. The picture is great, day or night. I would highly recommend the product

49 out of 65


Location: New York

From the original purchase, all the way installation I didn't run into a single issue. With the directional antenna that I purchase separately, the line of site range is about 400' with a solid 4 bars of signal.

I was very impressed until I ran into issues with Night Vision. After calling Lorex and reporting the problem, they immediately sent out a replacement which I have not received yet but am extremely confident that they will do what ever it takes to add to the list of happy customers.

Well worth the investment both in time and dollars.

50 out of 65


Location: Connecticut

Bought these cameras almost a year ago. Easy to setup and they looked well made, and both produce very good images. However every once in a while they will black out, and I have to reboot the receiver that is plugged into the DVR. Also a few weeks ago one of the camera images started to degrade(fade). No big deal, sometimes electronics fail, and I still like these cameras and the price.

I called Lorex(they were very nice and it was still under warranty) and got a RMA# and sent the camera back a few days ago. I will see what happens next.

51 out of 65


Location: Chicagoland

These are very nice cameras for the money. Transmission through brick walls does not seem to be an issue. Picture can be a little choppy if you don't have full reception bars, but night time vision is very good. Spend the additional dollars for a nice camera, you do get what you pay for....

52 out of 65


Location: new gretna

product works great but still doesnt work on smartphone. hold time on phone for tech support is way to long

53 out of 65


Location: Metairie LA

Started with a 2 camera LW2110 wireless set with receiver and all cables, etc. Very easy to hook up and enjoyed it so much I purchased to more LW 2275 wireless exterior cameras with sound to give me 4 pictures on a screen. Simple to hook up and they all work very well. In fact I just found out yesterday my friend, who had hers hooked up and hard wired by a professional company, does not have the quality pictures as mine has and they are not in color during the daytime. Very satisfied wilth LOREX , their products and the people whto work there. It might take a little while to get into their Tech Help but once you get there they are very knowledgeable about their products and do not waste your time looking up answeres, plus they speak English.

54 out of 65


Location: Baton Rouge La

Very easy to set up and go, Good Video from wireless camera

I was able to watch monitored surroundings in about 15 minutes from the time that I opened the box. The camera half of the kit is very well made, not quite industrial quality, but well above the typical plastic web cam models. Of course it is a security camera, and not a web cam. As such it is enclosed in aluminum, has an additional aluminum sunshade, and the mounting swivel support is steel. The receiver portion is plastic, but it is meant to stay indoors. The basic hook up is on camera: 12 dc power supply, antenna, and a pairing button. On the receiver, antenna and one umbilical cord which has three plugs on the end; 12 dc to power connector, audio, and composite video signal. Once you plug in the power to both components, they automatically synced up and I got an excellent quality signal on my composite monitor. So the basics work extremely well. There are provisions for changing the 640x480 VGA signal to 320x240 on the receiver, this simply looks to be a digital crop to the center of the picture. You can also set up the receiver to scan up to four camera full screen sequentially, or put up four small pictures from each on the screen at the same time. The composite video output can be recorded on a VRR or DVD/HD recorder. Here are some more first hand observations.

The range is advertised as up to 400ft. With multiple walls the best I could do was about 200ft. About exactly the same as my 2.4Ghz cordless phone. Not coincidentally the camera uses the same frequency (frequency hopping for security). There is a signal strength meter on the screen, but basically when it dropped from 4 bars, it then went to nothing almost immediately.

The camera contains a microphone. It is not very sensitive. Talking from 10 ft away could barely be heard.

The camera is night vision (up to 40ft) capable. There are 30 IR leds surrounding the lens. They glow dim red when night vision engages. It works very well in total darkness, but the red glow is easy to see. The night vision is in black and white.

The viewing angle is specified as 58 degrees. 5.8mm f2.8 lens. It is not particularly wide, and you very well may need multiple cameras for adequate coverage. Focus looks good at all distances. Quality of the video is excellent.

55 out of 65


Location: Des Moines, IA USA

Simple security with room for expansion

The set-up is incredibly simple. Just plug the power supplies into the camera and into the receiver, screw on the antennas, and plug the A/V cables into some kind of monitor/TV. My camera was already paired with the unit, so I didn't have to do anything else. Pairing the wireless unit with the camera, or another camera is simple, just push 1 button on the receiver and a big yellow button on the camera and it's good to go. They claim the pairing function securely connects your camera to your receiver so that no one else can grab hold of your camera's frequency, but I have no way to test that. I'll just take their word for it. The unit comes with a small arm stand for the camera, and a couple screws to mount it. You might need extra screw mounting pieces if you want to mount it into something like brick, though. Regardless, set-up and installation is a snap.

The image is very good in daylight. However, the night vision is only "acceptable" quality. The far-red LED lights create a bit of a halo effect around the center of the camera's lens. So everything in the center of the image looks clear at 20-25ft or less, but the stuff on the periphery of the center of the image is a little darker and fuzzier. Still, you can see what's going on. Also, be sure to note that you can see the red LED lights of the camera. This is good if you want everyoen to know that you have a camera, but if you want a more stealthy hidign spot for your camera, it's definitely going to give it away. The mic works well at about 25 ft or less, but after that it definitely tails off.

56 out of 65


Location: Santa Monica, CA

Easy setup, Sturdy Construction, Excellent Video

What I like most about this Lorex surveillance system is that I had it up and running within minutes. It's no more complex than plugging in basic RCA cables to a VCR or DVD player. Anyone can handle it, no sweat.

Given the simple cable interface, the Lorex can be hooked up to any device with RCA inputs -- a DVD recorder, VCR, surveillance DVR or even a computer's second monitor or portable DVD player if you like. Advanced users will appreciate the BNC connectors for higher end equipment.

It's important to note the sturdy construction of the camera itself. It's an external camera housed in heavy duty casing, not cheap plastic. This will easily stand up to the elements, birds or even a rock flung directly at it. It's no cheap toy, this is the real deal. But the camera isn't overly bulky or obtrusive. It's a good compact size while still significant enough to deter on sight alone. It's about the size of a soda can, though not as big around. The mounting brackets are also solidly constructed to support this sturdy cam.

The camera lens is encircled by 30 infrared LEDs that come on automatically for superb night vision, giving clear visibility at least 40 feet with virtually no external light source. No joke. I have this mounted on my garage pointing at my back door, and with the lights off, I see everything clearly. Very cool.

57 out of 65


Inexpensive outdoor Wireless Camera

Very Nice Wireless Camera.

After several days of computer research on wireless security systems and cameras I choose the Lorex for the metal weatherproof case, and good night vision. I already have several networked computers running Vista and XP SP3 with TV Video Cards, so I thought I would purchase an outdoor wireless camera system or components to capture movement, intrusions, etc. and to monitor my home from the internet when on vacation or visiting my children out of town. I found the Lorex 2201 to be a good compromise of price versus quality. My ATI Radeon X 1300 Pro TV Video Card did not recognize the Lorex LW2201, but it would play fine hooked to any TV with RCA inputs. I purchased a Dazzle USB Video Capture device and it worked fine on my computer. Using Digi-Watcher software downloaded from Tucows, I can monitor this camera as well as two other Logitech USB Quickcams, record any motion, let it send me e-mail of the motion, and even post pictures to a hidden website every minute. Night vision works to about 30 to 40 feet, but details are not clear enough to identify faces.

58 out of 65


Location: Chicago, IL USA

Very good for its intended purpose

I live in apartments with windows facing the parking lot. For some time now, I have thought about hooking up a webcam of some kind and pointing it out the window towards where I parked. The logistics of running a long USB cable from my computer to the appropriate window prevented me from doing it that way. A wireless WiFi webcam might be the perfect solution, but not everyone has a WiFi network (and these cameras can be a bit pricey).

The Lorex LW2201 is an interesting compromise between legacy equipment (old fashioned cameras) and modern wireless technology. The camera itself is designed to be usable outdoors, meaning it is in a rugged metal enclosure complete with an adjustable hood that slides forward to cover and protect the camera lens. It is a color camera, but in low-light conditions, it clicks in to "night vision" mode and the image goes to black and white. A ring of infrared LED lights around the lens light up, allowing you to see an image even in complete darkness. There are no wires -- the camera has an antenna that attaches to the back, and a power cable that plugs in to an AC adapter. Bolt the base somewhere, run the power cable, and you are set from that side.

Elsewhere, a tiny receiver -- about the size of a deck of playing cards -- can be plugged in, and an antenna is attached to allow it to receive video from the camera. Video and audio outputs come out of the receiver (cables are included) and then run to a monitor or TV, or in to a recording device. If you just wanted to keep tabs on your car overnight, you could use a cheap VCR and let it record in 6-8 hour mode.

Overall, setup of one camera to the one receiver is very simple. The receiver can support multiple cameras, and can be set to flip between the cameras (full screen), or split the screen up to display four images at a time. I cannot comment on those features, as I only have the one camera. A button is pressed on the receiver to get it in to a scanning more, then you have to press a button on the camera within 30 seconds to let them sync to each other. It seems easy enough.

The camera does have sound, so if it is mounted outside, you can hear a bit of what is going on, but don't expect miracles. It's not quite as sensitive as a home movie camera typically is. So, overall, you have wireless color (in light) or black and white (in darkness) video with sound, transmitted to a receiver within a few hundred feet.

59 out of 65


Excellent performance ,

I have two of these Lorex cameras and am very impressed. They were easy to set up and the quality is comparable to commercial grade pro

60 out of 65


Wireless camera, 

I was a little disappointed that the camera had to connect to electrical connection. I assumed that the camera would be totally wirelessly connected.

I haven't installed yet. Have to install electrical box for the camera.

But, tried the camera temporarily from an electrical connection and it worked on the TV.

Would be nice if it had a connection link to the PC and TV.

61 out of 65


Location: United States

Excellent System

It did exactly what I needed to do. I did get a dazzle dvd capture cable to use my usb on my computer. It's excellent to use and I set it up to only record on motion.

62 out of 65


Location: NY United States

A Great wireless Product ! 

Overall, this product is very good. We bought two of them for our home, and they work great together. We were skeptical of the wireless reliability at first, but as long as they aren't more than around 150 ft. away when inside (the cameras are outside, and the receiver is inside), and about 300 when outside (both are outside, without wall interference) they work great. The day and night vision is also good, as we can see all the way across the street, about 100 ft at night, and even further during the day(not always 100% clear, but still good). In my opinion, it is great camera and is best used when connecting to a Video capture card and a computer, we used a Dazzle DVC 100, so that all video can be archived, and looked at later.

63 out of 65



I purchased this to record from exterior location to interior location. I knew that the transmission wasn't optimal through an exterior wall, but thought the higher quality one would suit the purpose. It does work, but as it is running through a wall, the frames per second are about 1 or 2. Quality is not as good as I thought, either. However, it isn't a $500 camera, so I think it is still a fair and decent option.

64 out of 65


Location: Missouri

Good Quality

We have had this camera system installed for about 1 month. The color picture quality is very good. The night vision (although a shorter distance than during daylight) provides a nice view of our driveway during the night hours. For the price, this camera is a very good value and we would purchase again.

65 out of 65


Location: Mt Carmel, IL

Good Pruduct

Good reception, good picture, ok sound. The camera stays in night mode in my house because of low light, so that means black and white picture, but that is fine, night mode works very good, even in pitch black. The day mode works fine outside, just not inside; my house is just too dark. The sound is not great but, you can hear what is going on. Don't get me wrong it is not bad; just don't expect movie camera quality sound. Over all, I was impressed, outside it worked from about 300 ft. away, inside, it works anywhere in my house. But i do have fairly small house. It is a good product. I would recommend it to anyone. The only thing that I did not like is the power cord for the camera is not really out door quality.



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