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Wireless cameras for home with audio and night vision


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Security camera system with 2 night vision indoor/outdoor cameras

LW1012 is an easy to install wireless cameras for home that works out of the box. Simply plug the receiver and camera in any AC outlet and connect the receiver to your TV. The camera is equipped with 12 infrared LEDs allowing operation in complete darkness.

Model no.: LW1012



Wireless cameras for home Features:

  • ‘EWT’ Eliminates Interference From Most Household Devices
  • Fast & Easy Installation - Plug Into any AC Outlet
  • Receiver Connects to any TV/VCR/DVD Recorder
  • Indoor / Outdoor Night Vision Camera
  • Built-in Microphone for Listening Ability
  • Camera Can be Battery Operated for True Portable Wireless Operation
  • Up to 300ft Wireless Transmission Range*
  • Night Vision Allows for Low Light Viewing up to 23ft (7m) from Cameras**
  • Receiver Automatically Switches View Between Cameras
  • Desktop, Wall and Ceiling Mountable

System Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless Receiver
  • 2 x Wireless Cameras
  • 3 x 9V DC Power adapters
  • 1 x RCA Video Output Cable
  • 2 x Camera Battery adapter Cable


*Maximum open space transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.
**IR illumination range of 23ft (7m) under ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.
This product broadcasts over public airways and its video and audio signals may be intercepted without your consent.








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1 out of 16


Great camera system. Very clear

This is a great wireless camera system. I put one of these cameras in my living room and the other at the back of the house so I can watch if someone is in the back yard. The receiver is small and very easy to use and switches between cameras or you can switch it to one camera. The only problem I have found is when the cordless phones rings it causes static in the picture. I guess that comes from one wireless device interfering with another, not a problem it only lasts a second or two.

2 out of 16


LW1012 Color Wireless Camera System

Product was just as B&H said it was. The battery attachment works great but you need to change batteries several times a week. Buy a very long extension for the AC adapter. Picture quality is good as well as the sound quality. It’s a great starter system to work in conjunction with home security system.

3 out of 16


It’s good... Thanks

Everything in this product is good and useful... Thanks again!

4 out of 16


Super camera system

What's great about it: the size and quality

What's not so great: none yet I've only had it for 2days

This system really is a sweet deal, price great, reception and sound good, I have one on the front of house, somewhat hidden and one in the back hidden in one of my bird houses, I have been researching systems and you can beat this one.

I would recommend this to a friend!


5 out of 16



Both cameras worked out of the box, one at a time. After unplugging camera 1, it never worked again. After I unplugged camera 2 three times and moved it, it never worked again. Good picture and sound while they worked.

6 out of 16


2 Camera Wireless Surveillance System

I use these cameras outside in my covered carport. The receiver is only 25 Feet from the cameras (next to a window) and the picture is "like black and white". At night, forget it! The picture is so granny, it's useless to record this stuff! Past ten feet (at night) the picture is "just black". I wanted this "wireless system" so I would not have to "drill holes" in my house. I'd recommend a "wired system" for anyone. A signal buster might get a better picture with these cameras. This "wireless system" would be OK inside an office or home, I believe. This system said the cameras would reach the receiver out to 300 feet, I'd say NOT!!

7 out of 16


Good inside

Pros: Accurate; Easy To Set Up; Compact

Cons: Low Quality

I think the cam is nice inside at short range, but I need a cordless cam I can see longer range, but it nice inside. If you know something I'm doing wrong then please advised.

8 out of 16


Going to buy another unit asap

There have been a lot of brake ins in my neighborhood so I bought this unit to add to my security system and I love it! Planning to get another unit after Christmas.

9 out of 16


Did not work as specified

From one room to the next the picture was great, but pointing to the driveway through two walls (within 100 feet) the picture disappeared. Also, the pic quality between the two cameras is VERY different; camera 2 seemed to work much better. I returned the item.

10 out of 16


Better Than Expected

Was very easy to setup. Pictures are sharp and clear. It was actually surprised at the range that I am getting with the cameras. My receiver location is the kitchen (middle north side of house) and the other one camera is on drive parking area on west side of house. There is a room and two walls in between. The picture comes in very clear from that camera. Also vision at night is very good. Cameras go into a black and white mode at night I noticed probably for better night vision. They work just fine for me. I wish it were more than a just a two channel as would order more cameras or another set, after seeing how well they work.

11 out of 16


Excellent Product

Very easy to install, good quality product!

12 out of 16



The cameras are very discreet with excellent picture quality. At night, though they can not be behind a window as the infrared fogs up the image. A little subtle outdoor lighting caries the nighttime range to at LEAST 30 feet! Could go much farther with added lighting. I wish the receiver would not flip between images and instead show both on a split screen, but the 4 second shots are pretty good. For the price, you CAN'T beat it!!!

13 out of 16


Lorex wireless cameras

Pros: very easy to set up, 9 volt battery compatible, great night vision.

Cons: slightly overpriced, extremely short battery life, short range.

The Lorex indoor or outdoor cameras can be used in many ways; I have built a UGV or unmanned ground vehicle by attaching this camera to the top of a remote control car. The night vision is also very great, you can see very far away in little to no light.

14 out of 16


Lorex wireless cameras

What's great about it: very easy to set up, 9 volt battery compatible, great night vision.

What's not so great: slightly overpriced, extremely short battery life, short range?

The Lorex indoor or outdoor cameras can be used in many ways; I have built a UGV or unmanned ground vehicle by attaching this camera to the top of a remote control car. The night vision is also very great, you can see very far away in little to no light.

I would recommend this to a friend!

15 out of 16


Great Product for the value!

Great camera system. The infra-red lighting at night is great. Clear pictures. I would definitely recommend it.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

16 out of 16


Great product for the money

Great for keeping an eye on the outside of the house.



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