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Wireless cameras with 60ft Night vision (4 Pack)

LW2110 Series digital wireless cameras are easy-to-setup add on wireless cameras for your security systems. The cameras are designed for 24/7 day and night operation and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. FHSS Digital Wireless Technology provides excellent image quality and clarity, while making sure that the signal is secure.

Night Vision Range


Heat Rating

122°F | 40°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

Camera compatibility


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Indoor/Outdoor Applicable

Camera performs both in outdoor and Indoor applications.

Wireless Range

Wireless operating cameras, no video cable required.

Secured Network

Secured video feed, so no unwanted viewers can hack into the network.




Wireless cameras with 60ft Night vision features:

  • FHSS Digital Wireless Technology provides excellent image quality and clarity
  • Built-in auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • Simple installation. No video cable required1
  • Connect multiple receivers to your surveillance recorder (DVR) to create a wireless surveillance solution2
  • Easily connects to a TV/Monitor (RCA) or DVR (BNC)
  • Night viewing up to 60ft (18m)3
  • Install camera indoors or outdoors4
  • Up to 150ft (46m) indoor / 450ft (137m) outdoor wireless range5

Each LW2110 Includes:

1 × Wireless Camera
1 × Wireless Receiver
1 × BNC/RCA Adapter
1 × Power Adapter

1. Camera requires a wired connection to a power outlet. Power adapter included.
2. Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slight slowdown in frame rate performance. Try to maintain at least a few inches of space between each receiver. 3ft extension cable included.
3. Stated IR Illumination range is based on ideal conditions. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object.
4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area recommended.
5. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.










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1 out of 57


Location: Calgary Canada

Wireless cameras LW2110-4PK
These camera's don't last very long. Right after warranty expired the camera's completely failed. Waste of money.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear your cameras didn't last long. Due to the number of years that have passed since your purchase we are unable to cover this under warranty. Our sales team would be happy to assist you with some of our latest models and extended warranty options. They can be reached at 1-888-425-6739, option 1.

2 out of 57


Location: waterbury,CT.

I found the site to be very easy to work with.

3 out of 57


Location: New York City

the product is perfect for monitoring and is easy to work with

4 out of 57


Location: Florida

The equipment was easy to hook up and the cameras have an excellent picture. The biggest problem I have is the ability to get the port forwarding to work. I have a summer home that I would like to keep track on but can't because the port forwarding will not connect to my router. The cameras work fine and the recording is working, just can't check on my system from another site as indicated. Called the 800 number but got someone who has difficulty speaking English. Didn't understand anything they were trying to help.

5 out of 57


Location: Hot Springs, AR

I've had mine running for about a month. So far, so good. Easy to set up, and the picture is good enough for my needs. I'm still working on the motion part, but with one camera viewing the back yard, I think I'm picking up every time a tree moves with the wind.
I had trouble setting up the wireless, but customer service / tech support was terrific and worked through all my problems. They were VERY helpful and friendly.

6 out of 57


Location: Fort Lauderdale Florida

I am very happy with this camera and the entire system. Wireless is not for every house, but it seems to be working for me. It is a little challenging if too many walls are between the DVR and the camera.

7 out of 57


Product connected right away without any problems. No connection issues subsequently. I just wish that it had audio!

8 out of 57


Location: New York, NY

the video is not really a good quaility. but if you dont care about that and dont wanna or you have difficalty to put wire. you should consider this camera.

9 out of 57


I work in my window-less basement and like to have a view of the outside, mostly to see the weather, but also to see delivery trucks and the occasional solicitor (I'm not running upstairs for a solicitor, but if it's a neighbor I will).

So, I've had an analog, 900 MHz camera for the past 6 years. I set a monitor above my desk and I can see it out of the corner of my eye. It's worked OK, but every time a plane flies over, or I move my laptop (near the receiver), or shift in my chair the picture flakes out a bit, like an old TV with rabbit ears. After a while this flakiness becomes annoying (it's hard to ignore because it always looks like something's happening out of the corner of my eye). So, I wanted to try this camera.

The results are... some things better... some things worse:

With the old camera, which had only 420x320 resolution (vs 640x480 in this camera), I could tell which of my neighbors was walking on the sidewalk across the street (50-75 ft away), or which one of the two grandkids (3 years apart in age) next door was running down the street. With this camera, I can clearly see a person, and could probably judge pretty well if the person was a grownup vs a young child. But, I couldn't tell you who the person was because the video quality is not as good.

The new camera is located exactly where the old camera was. It's indoors, facing out of a 2nd floor window at the front of the house. I'm in the basement, also at the front of the house. So, the signal has to travel maybe 25-30 ft, through two floors (I align the antennas to be parallel to each other). This camera reports 4 bars of signal strength.... should be great! Well, I don't get anywhere near 12 frames/second. It's more like 2-4 frames/second. The old camera was close enough to 30 frames/sec to look like true video. At 30 frames/second you can understand the scene much better (the mind combines many frames to discern better detail than resolution alone can provide). I tried the lower resolution setting... it did not help... it was twice as fast, but worse resolution and more blur (or data compression issues). I think this camera might be somewhat out of focus, but this is hard to tell... it might just be because of the slow update rate.

The brightness control also seems a little off. Interesting that their youtube video is from a southern house exposure, so the whole scene is BRIGHT. In this case, the AGC does just fine adjusting the brightness. The manual says that you need to place your camera where the whole scene is at the same brightness. Ummmm, that seems to suggest that you can't use it on a north or east or west facing wall of the house (where there might be big shadow areas). It's not THAT bad, but in my case, when 25% of the scene is in shadow, the bright part of the scene is way too bright, and the darkest parts of the scene are black (so, grays in the scene look fine, and whites and blacks don't show well.... for those geeks out there: it's like the dynamic range is not all that good).

But, the good news is that there is no flicker to the picture. Any frame that is shown looks as expected... no distortion. So, I think you either lose a frame update or get a perfect transmission of the frame. I can walk around my room, move my laptop, move the receiver, NO DISTORTION. And, the color is great.

Overall, for me, I think I'lll keep the camera. I can't discern my neighbors, but I can tell the weather, see a delivery truck, and hopefully be able to discern a solicitor vs neighbor as they walk up my driveway. Recently, I covered the LED lights (but not the light sensor) so that it will work (as well as it can) at night (I'm looking through a window so I can't have the LEDs blasting a light that will reflect off the window). Being an engineer, I may eventually dig into the camera and see if I can focus this a little better (probably a tricky and very risky process of adjusting the distance between lens and sensor).

10 out of 57


I bougtht the complete system with these camera's. These camera's did a great job until it rained. After it started raining they were useless. Both shut down and disconnected and never worked again. When I had a chance to take them off the poles they were on then one of them was half full of water and the other had gotten enough water in it to mess it up too. So don't buy these if you are going to use them outside. I'm going to contact where I bought them and see what they will do but I'm doubting getting any help.

11 out of 57


Location: Phoenix, AZ

System was easy to install and clarity was okay. Only problem was one camera did not function at all straight out of the box, but contacted Tech Support and they authorized the return. It's just a hassle because now the technician has to come back to install the replacement when it gets here. Also, two other cameras from the second system purchased for a friend keep locking up at night. Am still waiting for a response on what to do to fix this situation.

Would still recommend Lorex to someone else.

12 out of 57


Location: flint, michigan

The cameras lw2275 were very to installation and setup. So of the other thing about the system wasn't easy. No one told me you had to hard wire the internet to the dvr. But the system overall is just what I was looking for.

13 out of 57


Location: Brandenton, FL

Product information

This camera gives a bright, clear picture until the sun sets. The screen then goes grey. It does create a jumpy slow motion vehicle when one comes into view. Great for seeing what is happening though, wherever it is pointed.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

14 out of 57


Outdoor camera, with indoor plug, and only a few ft cable, kinda dum. WiFi is great, but u still have a cable! Image color is great, quality is decent, price is good.

15 out of 57


Location: Capitol Heights, MD

Cameras and Wireless receiver are plug and play easy to set up. The cameras resolution can be adjusted has good quality for wireless cameras. These are the best set of wireless cameras I have brought so far.signal strength does not drop as often if any. Lorex customer service and product Support is excellent had to get a DVR replace no problems.

I would recommend this to a friend.

16 out of 57


Location: sc

just recieved items, bought as reconditioned but items arrived in new boxes so to my benefit. so far items are great and fast processing and shipping. have used lorex prior with great results. this is a new system to install with dvr.

17 out of 57


We installed this camera above our front door due to break ins in the area (and Crazy Neighbors). We could see a lot of stuff that went on at night, and the night vision is pretty good. I purchased it because I thought is was going to be wireless, but you have to plug the camera in for it to work. Luckily we have a plug right underneath where we wanted it. I would buy another one if I had too. The only other thing I need is a DVR or some way to stream on my computer.

18 out of 57


Location: Canada

The most useless piece of hardware ever bought. Unless you are setting up these cameras in an open space with no wall what so ever in between the receiver and the cameras they are useless, i got less than 100ft

19 out of 57


Install the camera with 3 screws and plug it into an outlet. Hook up the receiver to your TV, Computer or DVR, plug it into an outlet and you are done!

I have mine installed 75 feet away and I have no problem with the wireless connection. Night vision is not that great, then again I'm using it to monitor a large area. I'm sure it's great within 10 feet. If I knew it was this easy, I would have bought a few of these with a DVR and have myself a complete surveillance system without the wires. Are there better cameras with higher resolutions? Sure, but you will pay a lot more for them. I give it 4 stars for my needs.

20 out of 57


Location: South Jersey

It's working good so far wich I expected since I have a set of 4 at my home that have worked fine for 3 years now. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a reliable fast easy install security weatherproof camera.


South Jersey

21 out of 57


The cameras were nice, and worked with the DVR kit. I ended up returning them but not because of the cameras, rather because I was not able to use the DVR kit as intended. I would get these again should I setup a security system.

22 out of 57


Perfect worked for our needs. We will be order three more cameras from the same vendor to increase the security and the price was excellent. Thanks

23 out of 57


great it is used every day and works great thinking about ordering more if the price is right as soon as they are listed.

24 out of 57


Love the camera and the range of the wireless. Wish the electrical connection was more user friendly. This is an outdoor camera with an indoor plug. Had to add plug a plug-in @ every location. Two bare wires would be more pratical.

25 out of 57


Location: so cal

A really great plug & Play product. You can literally plug the receiver into a common TV input jack - plug the camera into any wall outlet and you are in business with a real time baby monitor. I Got the 4 camera System - with the Lorex 10 day DVR. My installation involved an electrician - I know nothing about electricity - I am just competent enough to change a light bulb - barely. My wife wanted the converter box inside the wall with a dedicated plug. Got that done - had a few Tech Calls to make - A separate Modem and a Cable TV Router created a conflict. Lorex Tech recommended I contact my ISP Provider - they sent me an updated router modem combination - Back to Lorex Tech - All Issues resolved. Really appreciate the After Purchase Tech Support.

A Great Product

26 out of 57


Location: Michigan

Love the wireless cameras, delivery was fast as ordered.... I am very happy with my new cameras ... I will order more to be sure... Thank you Lorex... For making them affordable , and delivery as promised..... Sales staff actually answers the phone... East to reach support and other information......... Would suggest to others........

27 out of 57


Love the wireless capability. It works great and fits well on the places I put them I just hope no one can intercept my connection and see what I see :)

28 out of 57


Location: Indiana

Lorex makes some of the best wireless security cameras available. They do not interfere with other wireless products (i.e. internet, wireless phones, wireless doorbells etc.) They are easy to set up and use. The only reason I rated this 4 starts is that it does not have the night infrared distance available in their pricier lines of cameras, but use them in areas requiring shorter distances and you will not be disappointed.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

29 out of 57


Location: VNFHxCHJlvAAFB

(Electronics) I first bought the LW2702 wileress system. It would not carry a signal 50 feet through my vinyl sided 1/2 inch sheathed split level. I called Lorex and they wanted to send me a new system right away. In the mean time, I looked over their website snd found this. I decided to try this system since Lorex was so suportive. It is even less expensive than the LW2702. Four cameras, a 32 bit card and software that sends email alerts and a snapshot; plus you can access the system on the internet via a ddns net run by Lorex. THIS seemed to solve every concern I had; I did not just want to discourage and record, I wanted a system that would email us while we were on vacation and that we could use to call the police. I decided to put 3 cameras in the house in logical traffic areas. These will be set to alert us. The fourth will go outside to capture vehicle traffic in the drive. The software allows each camera to be programmed seperately; alert types, when to record, etc. You can also set up schedules for each camera alert and monitor function; for example, basement shop every night between midnight and 5 AM; bedroom hallway every workday from 8AM to 3PM; and all inside cameras for the two week vacation while leaving the driveway camera always set to record activity without sending alerts. Pretty powerful stuff. You neeed to precisely follow the instructions for setting up internet access which allows you full control of your monitoring system. It took a day for the internet to register my system domain; but it works. OK, the mediocre. Although Server 2000 is supported, it will not run on windows home server. Or, it must be installed on any 32 bit winXP or higher system. IT CANNOT run on 64 bit; needs a new card plus new software. There are is one irksome quirk, which is worked around by using internet access. The program window has NO minimize/size/maximize/close icons in the upper right corner. Also not present with a right click. It settles in the upper left corner of your monitor and CANNOT be dragged someplace else (like your second monitor with extended desktop). SInce you access your system via IE (have not yet tired Firefox), you CAN relocate the display and controls since you simply drag the IE window where you want. We live in a rural area with a lot of ground floor windows. I have always been skeptical of alarm company monitoring services. THIS system allows me to verify for myself what is happening and to call the police; or, since I have a computer based phone answering machine (left very loud so we can hear it thoughout the house) I can call the house and deliver a pretty creepy warning to whover is in the house. Each camera is provided with a 60 foot video and power cable. This works well for my interior cameras, but I will need an extension for my driveway camera. I only installed this last week; but I have tested it pretty hard and it works so far. Turns out I am glad the LW2702 did not work as expected; while it would have captured events the LW2702 cannot send out alerts nor provide the control of this system. The downside is that you have to run wires to your computer and you must have a computer that is always on and configured to reboot after a power failure. Plus, you can check the house from ANY computer anywhere in the world either with IE or the provided client software. AS far as I concerned, this beats paying a monitoring service $10 a month. I hope it continues to work.

30 out of 57


Location: Chicago, IL

little bit expensive, but the maximum of 30 frames of picture is good enough for monitoring. motion detector is working fine. this model does not come with audio channel.

31 out of 57


Location: FL

Cameras are plastic and appear cheap. so far they have worked fine. On a small screen the image appears clear. Double click to see the one camera only and it looks blurry. For the price of the cameras, they are fine and pretty much what was expected. One camera had moisture in it less than 24hrs after install, no rain or didn't get wet. Called and Lorex said they would replace if needed. Not a problem.

32 out of 57


Location: Hollywood, Florida

Great system for the price. Easy instructions and set up. I can view it from my compuiter anywhere. The wireless cameras are very clear and the night vision is better than expected without any light.
The only drawback was that it was a little challenging setting up a direct line of sight for all four cameras. In Florida almost all homes are built with concrete block walls, so I had to work at it for good connections between the cameras and the DVR. Also, be sure that there is an outlet close to each camera.

33 out of 57


It gives a good clear image over the distance I need [150 feet]. It was easy to set up. It also gives the signal strength.

34 out of 57


Location: WI

Easy setup. Horrible quality until Lorex replaced "split" power cords with individual cords. 3 days later one camera stopped working all together. Other 3 cameras flash all kinds of different colors. We had them professionally installed, and they are close to the receivers, so thats not the issue. Receivers are all spread out, so interferance between them, they all worked perfectly for 3 days. Still have all the same issues, with no help from Lorex. Hopefully they will come through in the end.

35 out of 57


Location: Arlington, VA

Easy to install, is like as shown in the web, technical specifications match as shown. I recommend this product.

36 out of 57


Right out of the box, this worked like a champ! I was surprised that it was so "plug and play", expecially having read others claims that it was so difficult. The range is great, too! We have the furthest camera about 300 feet from the base with no problems at all.

37 out of 57


Location: Chattanooga, TN

Awesome product, 4 pack was a great buy. Easy setup and good picture quality.

38 out of 57


Location: NEW JERSEY

The camera system works great and the tech support has been very good

39 out of 57


Location: Mississauga

The price was great. Clarity was extremely clear and the cameras were easy to set up. We originally bought 8 wired cameras and then changed our minds and bought 4 wireless to replace the wired ones,. Very satisfied

40 out of 57


I already had a few of the wired cameras, but I wanted to try one of the wireless cameras. It's easy to set up. Just screw the base in wherever you want, and plug in the electrical adapter. It is a little slower than the wired cameras, but still pretty clear. It's an option that may or may not work for you, but I think it's definitely worth it.

41 out of 57


Very nice Camera, easy to install and very clear picture

42 out of 57


Equipment arried, set-up in a blink of an eye and camera very good day or night. So easy to use, set-up.

43 out of 57


easy to set up, so long as you can install an electrical outlet within 6' of where you want to put it. nice picture and good range for the price. resolution is not quite good enough to read a license plate but can make out faces well.

44 out of 57


Location: Plano, Texas.

Wireless Digital Security Camera System                 

Plug and play. Very little interference.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

45 out of 57


Location: Lafayette, LA

Worry Free when away...                               

We have our Lorex system mounted both inside and outside of our home. The quality of the video is really good and it's very user friendly. I ran electrical outlets in our attic in a few different places so I would have a power supply for each of the cameras mounted outside (following local codes) and they have held up well through some really strong storms. It was pretty simple to also set-up the Internet service so we can view the cameras online as well. This also allows us to back-up any portion of the video from a foreign PC or laptop.

The night vision is great, but the IR lights glow like a stove-top when you look directly at the cameras. LOL!

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

46 out of 57


Good camera

I have been using these cameras for almost a year monitoring a remote location. They work fine unless you mount them too far away from the DVR. Then they disconnect and often won't reconnect. In my case, the range seems to be about 50 feet or less if there are a lot of walls between the camera and the DVR. Of course, you also need to be able to run a 12V power supply to the cameras.

For distant placements, I'm switching to wired Lorex cameras.

47 out of 57


Location: Anderson, SC

Exactly what I needed

I was able to rely on an excellent sales/technical team at Lorex and get the system that fit my needs. Product, price, and service (then and now) could you really ask for more?

48 out of 57


Location: Union County, NJ

Great purchase  

Easy to install, just needed someone to coordinate location and distance to cameras and main unit. Customer service helpful, they would call back if you left a message on voice mail.


49 out of 57


Location: Brockton MA

Best thing we did  

We are very pleased with this purchase. There is only one thing since it is wireless the camera do tend to lose connection from time to time we just have to unplug them and and reconnect them and then they reset. Everything goes back to normal.

50 out of 57


Location: ELGIN, ILL.

Great wireless system

I use this wireless system for home, love the fact you can simply look at the Cameras thru the web!  I have a four camera system now and plan on buying four more wireless cameras to a total of 8-Cameras. Great night vision too.

I give this system an AAA++++.

Thanks Lorex. :-)

51 out of 57


Location: Kansas City

Great Camera

Works great. Easy Setup. We are pleased with how this camera works.

I would recommend this to a friend!

52 out of 57


Location: North Carolina

O.K. for the price                                           

Not a true outdoor camera and when they say max range "line of sight" they mean it. No windows, trees, glass, brick, wood, or drywall. If these barriers are in the way they will substantially reduce the signal. Best use is inside close to receivers. I am using these cameras under soffits or some kind of shelter right next to the receivers otherwise they will get moisture in them and fog up the lens. The software is pretty good and allows multiple permutations with regard to communication off site, movement and sensing options. They just need better/sharper image cameras that are moisture resistant. Night vision is better than most. I am happy with that.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

53 out of 57


Location: IL

Nice System                                          

Bought system to be used for surveillance on farm.(Barn to house, 250ft) Works as described. The range is very good if you have line of sight. Range is ok through anything but metal. I don't think this system would work at all even with short distance if you have a metal barrier. But it's wireless, and [$], so it can't be a commercial grade wired system. All in all, if you want an economy system, and are not worried about specific details, this is it.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

54 out of 57



Great camera. Easy set up, connection and installation. Great night vision and online monitoring. Perfect for the not-so computer savvy.

I would recommend this to a friend!

55 out of 57


Location: Fresno, CA

Great camera

What's great about it: Quality, easy set up

I was really impressed with the clarity of this camera. It lost is signal once and needed to be reset. However, the quality seems great.

I would recommend this to a friend

56 out of 57


Location: Grass Valley, Ca.

Not too shabby                             

Fairly easy to set up, works fine with my Swann equipment (DVR) good picture. Has to be a pretty open line of sight for the camera and receiver to pair up. Very nice night vision. Would not work with camera outside of house, had to use as inside camera.

Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

57 out of 57


Location: Hartford, CT

GOOD BUT NOT GREAT                                            

It is a good unit for the house. It is not so good if you need to see in detail. Like a face or a license plate. Not so hot in darkness. I give it a middle grade.



Wireless range extender antenna


Security surveillance microphone


English security decal


French security decal



Spanish security decal









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