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Wireless Camera System with 6 Cameras and 8 Channel DVR



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Wireless Camera System with 6 Cameras and 8 Channel DVR

L166W wireless security system from Lorex by FLIR

Experience the alternative to a wired security system with this simple and clutter-free wireless bundle from Lorex. The LW86W system features our DV700 Series digital video recorder (DVR). It also comes with six VGA (640x480) resolution wireless security cameras. The LW2232 wireless security cameras use FHSS Digital Wireless Technology to provide excellent image quality and clarity while making sure that the signal is always secure. Avoid running video cables and simply place the cameras in those crucial locations requiring security coverage. Once installed and powered, simply turn them on and your wireless security system is ready to go.





1080P DVR can support up to 8 cameras



6 Wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

Lorex Stratus app for your wireless security system

FLIR Cloud connectivity keeps you connected to your property

Connect to your wireless security system to our innovative FLIR Cloud app to watch live views (or recorded footage) of your property from virtually anywhere in the world. See exactly what is happening in and around your home right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Just download the free iOS®, Android™ or personal computer app, scan the QR code on your DVR and start viewing your system securely online.

Works With

Wireless security cameras with night vision keep you safe through the night

All-night protection

Rest assured that you and your property are protected throughout the night - the LW2232 wireless security camera from Lorex comes with a night vision functionality that can see up to 135ft / 41m in the dark. An automatic infrared cut filter (ICR) works to ensure that true-to-life colors are represented naturally during the day and that black and white infrared images at night are as detailed as possible.

Night Vision Range
Weatherproof wireless security cameras for your home or business

All-season wireless security cameras

The LW2287B wireless security cameras are IP66 rated (weatherproof) and can persevere through the most unforgiving climates. Even high-powered winds, torrential downpours or full-fledged snowstorms are no match. Their high gain antenna ensures improved long distance operation (up to 500ft / 152m outdoor wireless range), so you can place your wireless cameras wherever you need them most.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

heavy-duty HDD for security recording

High-capacity security grade hard drive preinstalled

Lorex uses security grade hard drives that are precisely tuned for the high workload demands of security monitoring. The 2TB hard drive preinstalled in the DV7082’s DVR is extremely reliable and can safely store weeks (or even months) of security footage. Extend recording capacity by tailoring the DVR to record only at scheduled times or by motion-triggered events.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

FLIR Cloud Connection and Apps

FLIR Cloud will help simplify and organize your life by keeping track of all your security cameras from anywhere in the world on any iPhone®, iPad® or Android® devices.




8 channel, analog HD 1080p security DVR:

  • True high definition 1080p recording on all cameras1
  • 24/7 security-grade hard drive
  • Continuous, scheduled and motion recording
  • PTZ cameras supported, remote control through App1
  • H.264 video compression2
  • HDMI cable included for simple connection to HD TVs3
  • Accurate time stamps with NTP & daylight savings time
  • Click and drag digital zoom in live view and playback
  • 2 video outputs (HDMI & VGA) to connect multiple monitors
  • Instant USB backup of live video from selected camera
  • Automatic firmware upgrade
  • 3-Step remote view with FLIR Cloud4
  • PC and Mac compatible5
  • Instant mobile viewing on smartphones and tablets5
  • Advanced apps with live viewing, playback, video recording, and snap shot
  • Mobile push notifications of motion events and email alerts
  • Dual streaming to conserve bandwidth

Each DV7082 Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × HDMI Cable
1 × Remote Control
1 × Power adapter
1 × Mouse
1 × Ethernet Cable
Quick Start Guides

1. Compatible with Lorex 1080p and 720p wired HD cameras only. For a list of compatible cameras, please visit
2. Recording time may vary based on recording resolution & quality, lighting conditions and movement in the scene.
3. HDMI output (1920x1080) HD for high definition multi-channel live viewing only. 1080p recording resolution is limited to a maximum of 1920x1080 per channel. Image quality and resolution is dependent on the type of camera connected to the DVR.
4. Requires a high speed internet connection and a router (not included). A minimum upload speed of 1Mbps is required for the best video performance. Up to 2 devices may connect to the system at the same time.
5. For the latest list of supported apps and devices, please visit


Wireless security camera features:

  • Real-Time (up to 30fps) wireless video with MPEG-4 compression @ 640x480 (VGA) resolution1
  • Extended bandwidth delivers smooth high frame rate video1*
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength
  • Next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces signal interference
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio (only applicable to model: LW2231)
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • 2 channel receiver for separate wireless video channels to your DVR minimizes cable clutter (only applicable to models: LW2232PK2B / LW22PK2B)
  • Long Range night vision range up to 135ft (41m) / 90ft (27m)2
  • Simple installation. No video cable required3
  • Weatherproof camera and power connectors for outdoor or indoor installation4
  • Easily connects to any surveillance DVR (BNC)
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range5
  • Vandal resistant camera design with cable pass-through mounting brackets

Each LW2232PK2B Includes:

2 × Wireless camera
1 × Wireless receiver
3 × Power adapters
4 × Antennas

1. At full signal strength. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance. 2. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object. 3. Camera and receiver requires a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included). 4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area required. 5. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.

* Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slowdown in frame rate performance.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 171


Location: Indiana

This was really easy to install. The only problem I had was a few cameras went black and white after a few weeks. A technician stayed on the phone with me until they came back to color.

2 out of 171


Location: Irmo SC

I've had the system installed for about a month , works great. Was a little worried about the VGA picture before I ordered but very happy now. Installation was not that hard, I'm electronic challenged and I could do it. For the price you cant go wrong.

3 out of 171


Location: Sun City Grand, AZ

I love the system, have 2 of them myself, plus now one neighbor has 2 and another just purchased 1. We are all set up and enjoying our systems. I have an old pad that I have set up to view my remote location and a monitor set up to view my current location. Flawless so long as the internet stays up :)

4 out of 171


Location: Washington State

I love this system, I bought 2 of them so I could have one at each house, then told my neighbors, one bought a system which we will set up next week, the other bought 2 systems the same as mine and I will help him set his up as well. The range of the wireless cameras is great, my furthest camera is about 450 feet away.

5 out of 171


Location: swansea, illinois

Lorextechnology has the worst customer service in the history of mankind and I should say the world. Pre-hominid species were probably more conscientious and responsive. I forewarn the world, don't do business with this company. It's a terrible, vicious trap. A hallmark of any truly professional commercial organization is an effective customer response program. Lorex is entirely derelict. It takes on average three hours to speak to an agent. And they make promises they will not honor which I'm sure they are aware of during conversations. I'm in the process of pursuing legal council for the return of equipment items recently purchased, box essentially un-opened. They've been giving me the bait and switch run-around on the return and reimbursement process. They're not professional. You don't do business with those with whom you can't place real confidence in.

Our apologies for any difficulty you experienced. Your return has been processed.

6 out of 171


Location: Maine

Got the new wireless cameras and DVR and had all six cameras up and running in 3 hours. I was concerned about the length of the power cords to the cameras when I purchased the unit. They did turn out to be long enough so I only have to run two outlets closer to the cameras. Currently running them with an extension cords. Did have some issues with one camera out of range, trying to go through two buildings so I had to move it closer and a clearer sight line to the DVR and receivers. Did not have to call support for any issues so far, seems to be user friendly and using the directions provided did not have any installation issues or DVR viewing and navigating issues. Picture quality is very clear in the day light and the night vision gives me the full coverage of all areas with good quality. The DVR is a little on the noisy side, would be the only small issue I see with the package. All around very happy with my LOREX purchase and would recommend this product to any one that does not want to run hard wired units. Planning on ordering two more wireless cameras soon to add some coverage inside also.

7 out of 171


Location: Palm Beach, Fl

Product meets expectations, except two hard wired cameras were sent in place of wireless. To set the system up on my PC , it required a professional computer company. Also, I purchased a 3 year warranty at time of system purchase, LW86W. When the warranty was registered, the Warranty only shows 1 year, please have this corrected. warranty # LWR-18082016-00046, Order # L481349.

Thank you,

8 out of 171


Location: New York

I purchased this hoping that it will be an easy install. I was on the phone with someone for tech support for over 3 TIMES, ONCE TO TELL ME I COULDN'T SET IT UP WITH A MAC COMPUTER. ANOTHER TO TOLD ME SOMETHING ELSE AND ON THE 3RD TIME WITH TECH SUPPORT FOR OVER 4 hours and they Couldn't solve the problem. THEY SAID THAT IT WAS A SETTING WITH MY VERIZON INTERNET AND LEFT IT AT THAT, I NEEDED TO CALL VERIZON TO SWITCH A SETTING- WHICH VERIZON WOULD NOT DO. I AM SO ANGRY THAT I WASTED MY MONEY ON THIS. I AM NOT THE ONLY PERSON THAT HAS VERIZON INTERNET AND PURCHASED THIS PRODUCT. THEY SHOULD KNOW HOW TO SET IT UP OR WARN THE BUYER. VERIZON WILL NOT RELEASE MY PORTS FOR ME TO BE ABLE TO UTILIZE THIS PRODUCT- WHATEVER THAT MEANS. WORST experience EVER. I HAD TO HIRE A professional IT person for $165 an hour to fix it and pay a yearly fee for a DDNS address. (which he did by setting up a DDNS that actually worked not the DDNS lorax tried to set up that didn't work.

Our apologies for any difficulty or inconvenience you experienced. We have offered to have a senior technical support agent phone you to get this resolved, please reply to us at your convenience.

9 out of 171


Location: Healdsburg CA

I purchased the LW86W about 3 weeks ago, a DVR with six wireless cameras. The installation was easy and the system performed well right out of the box, I had the whole system up and running in less than 4 hours. I did download the very complete support manual but I have only had to reference it for a few items. The wireless cameras work very well and I get good clarity on the furthest camera which is about 100ft away on the other side of the house to the DVR. I initial thought the DVR was recording all of the time but after talking to support determined it was just a cooling fan. The local view and remote view options for the camera work very well and load relatively quickly with good clarity. I have read that some people feel it slows down their wireless network but this is just when you are doing remote monitoring and in my view is to be expected similar to the impact if you were downloading other high volume content such as movies. I have owned other systems from other companies but the ease of remote access and the clarity of the cameras on the Lorex system is in my view superior. I would strongly recommend this system to anyone who is looking for a 6 to 8 wireless security camera system.

10 out of 171


Location: Washington

Having issues getting my order. I placed the order on July 9th (Saturday). As of July 15th according to their customer service it has not been shipped. Customer service says that the order is in their warehouse waiting for UPS to pick it up. When I use UPS they are always promt when picking up an item. I can't recommend this product to others because it hasn't been delivered.

Our apologies for the delay with your order. We hope you are enjoying the system now.

11 out of 171


Location: Montana

We purchased this for our buisness and it has worked wonderful since we got it! Very pleased!

12 out of 171


Location: Homestead, Florida

Installation of the product was straight forward, the hard part of installation was finding the right power strip. I would recommend a 10 outlet power strip for the wireless receivers and the DVR. Once installed the system has performed flawlessly. I would recommend installing in a room that is not near other equipment that works on WIFI as it does interfere with WIFI. My system is installed near my computer but I have Ethernet that I use to my router plus an Ethernet cable for my laptops. I can switch from my computer screen to my Lorex screen easily or if out and about can bring the cameras up on my smartphone. I wish there were better instructions on setting up the smartphone app. I am happy with the system.

13 out of 171


Location: Aurora

Since purchasing this system I have been pleased with the installation and initial performance. The manual is quite large (188 pages) so I didn't print it. So far it has met our requirements of a security, surveillance system. I expect it will continue. Tech support was helpful when I had problems logging in to my account.

14 out of 171


Location: Virginia

System worked good for about 5 months. Got very noisy and now one of the six cameras is not working.
Contacted customer service and they say they will replace the DVR but it has been a while and nothing accomplished yet.
It has been more than four weeks since the initial help/customer service ticket was submitted.

Our apologies for the wait. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

15 out of 171


Location: sweetwater, texas

upon ordering this system, I have enjoyed this system. this system has worked without any problems. I would recommend this product to anyone. I have also seen another person in town have this same system and they like theirs as well.

16 out of 171


Location: Maryland

We received our order quickly and setup was easy. Though our purchase is pretty new, we are loving it!

17 out of 171


Location: Iowa

Initially the set up was a breeze and everything was as simple as could be. The first cameras were installed and working quite quickly. Unfortunately the DVR stopped working while I was installing additional cameras. It took me around four hours to trouble shoot the device to determine it was not working. After an one hour call with tech support they agreed that the DVR was malfunctioning and that they would send a replacement. This process has not progressed as timely as advertised and communication has dropped off from Lorex.

If this product worked as it did initially, I would have given this a 5 out of 5. The image was crystal clear in dark and light and as I indicated the installation was very, very simple.

We apologize for any inconvenience and are happy to have resolved this for you. Thank you.

18 out of 171


Location: 141 Amelia Dr. Fort Mill,S.C. 29715

Fairly easy to install after having to add electrical.. Would have been nice to have a booklet on the DVR. WE have 4 of the 6 installed. Would recommend to others. Verify the extended warranty that is free. Thank you.

19 out of 171


Location: Alberta Canada

Received my 6 cameras and 16 channel DVR on Mar 17, looked it over and read directions for 3 days planning where to set it up. Fairly easy setup but you lots of plugins for receivers,DVR, monitor and wifi. Easy setup on smartphone, everything is working good. Would recommend system to other people. Thank you to Lorex techteam for a bit of help Phil.

20 out of 171


Location: California

First thing I noticed when I recieved the product was that it didn't match the picture I ordered...cameras were black and not silver not a big deal but the dvr was also silver and not black which we wanted black to match the rest of our entertainment systems. Icalled lorex and they assured me I received the right product and it was an upgrade from the picture. Installation was pretty easy but I was really hoping for full wireless. Each camera still needs a power source so luckily where we placed ours there was a power source but we had to drill through the house to get to them. The dvr is a little noisy with the fan but not too bad. Picture quality is pretty good considering what it is and the price. Everything worked first try instructions were easy to follow. I would recommend this product.

21 out of 171


Location: California

I purchased the system Model LH161600 for my new home, I like it, it is easy for installation
I would recommanded to my friends

22 out of 171


Location: Cincinnati Ohio

Ordered system in January 2016 and received it within 6 days. Checked out each camera before installing and each camera worked great and image was very good. Setup using quick setup was very easy. After I installed al 6 wireless cameras I discovered a BIGGG problem. When I the cameras were turned on my internet service was not adequate enough to power the cameras along with other devices in home. Called provider in increase bandwidth to the max which only 20Mbps in my are not near enough to run the cameras. Needless to say had to send system back. I liked the system and wish I could have kept it. Going to reorder a wired system probably a POE where only a Ethernet wire is required.

23 out of 171


Location: Arkansas

I just received my Lorex 6 camera system. Very easy to set up. Everything so far has worked great right out of the box. Great picture quality from the cameras. I think I made a good investment.

24 out of 171


Location: MS

Great Camera Systems for the money highly recommend

25 out of 171


Location: Quebec

Not happy at all of image quality, contacted Lorex Tech Services and had very good service from Nadia who came to same conclusion as me...after over an hour on phone trying to solve problem...image abnormally blury , also , dvr is noisy on start up like if a fan was sticking and screeming she suggested to upgrade or exchange and refered my ticket to custumer service , who were supposed to call me in the past phone at all from them .Also have a problem to register warranty from another camera system bought earlier .So it's very hard to give a good review. I hope to hear from them before this year ends.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the wait. Our customer service team was happy to assist you. Should you require further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739.

26 out of 171


Location: tucson az

Product is good price very easy set up wish it had a portai monitor to view instead of app fur to spoty WiFi app want work only neg is that the connection in dvr are to many plug in back for DVD and cam signal connection it to connectors are yo bulky also does not worn u that u will need to buy splitter power cords or u will need a ton of surge protectors

27 out of 171


Location: Keene NH

System installed quite easily.
Good video.
I am disappointed that 1 of the cameras is on the edge of range, and keeps loosing connection. I will move the dvr.

The wireless receives do not fit into the dvr due to too many in a small space. Bad design! I have contacted tech support to see if there is an extension "shaft" to solve the problem.

Next challenge will be the connection to cell phone and remote computers. Check back in a few days for that review!

28 out of 171


Location: Quesnel

This product was ordered on the 30th of November 2015 and it arrived within 2 weeks. It stopped working within one day of using it.Granted that these things happen(mind you I have to buy another LCD monitor and another VGA cable while troubleshooting), the problem I have now is with 'the not so helpful customer service’. I have called several times and I was told that they will ship a replacement and this has not happened as at today(11th January,2016) and nobody is giving me any explanation on what is going, all I keep hearing is that they will escalate it after calling more than 3times. I will ask for a full refund if I do not here from them in the next two days.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the delay after the holidays. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

29 out of 171


Location: central Michigan

Easy to install. Quality product. Great picture from cameras. Only had system for a couple weeks and have already recommended it to several friends and family.

30 out of 171


Location: s. w. Missouri

Very easy install, works as says, app for phone is a breeze. picture quality even on a zoom in is crystal clear awesome. I have nothing but good to say about this system, range and all. only bad is if mount in window at night you are not gonna see outside but you will see reflection off glass, whether it be a curtain or the led's on the camera as they are bright. overall very impressed. I may have to move 2 outside but not big issue.
customer service, sales be prepared to be on hold for 10 hours. this only thing pisses me off about an american product,star rating is on system only not on support/Sales for extra extension cables as cannot purchase locally.

31 out of 171


Location: EVERETT WA

Great system. Easy set up. HD quality is tops. Good value.
Completely ruined my wifi. Need to buy additional equipment.

32 out of 171


Location: Charlotte

I bought this about 3 week ago. I just finish install it and totally LOVE IT with all capability this camera is awesome. Totally worthy. One thing the problem, they apps really need improvement on connection. When I try use it away from house it took long to connect my DVR, beside that is PERFECT!!!.

33 out of 171


Location: Texas

Wanted a surveillance system for the house, couldn't be more please. Very easy to set up, Camera's have very good picture, even at night. Would recommend this system to anyone wanting a affordable and easy system to install.

34 out of 171


Location: NW. Ontario

I just wanted a surveillance cameras with simple set up with no gimmicks of what they advertise, and sure enough I got my moneys worth! So far so good, set up was just simple, we're totally satisfied and their operators for any help are just right there.

35 out of 171


Location: Louisiana

Very satisfied with the system. Easily set up only problem had put outlets near the camera. Need to have Manuel with the cameras so u could trouble shoot without having to call lorex technical

36 out of 171


Location: NY

So far, so good. I replaced an older Lorex system. I was a little nervous about getting an open-box product but it came as a deep discount and shipped like brand new. Hooked it up in minutes as I already had 8 existing cameras. I love the fact that I can see these cameras on my iphone

37 out of 171


Location: Spring Hill, FL

I did a lot of research on this product before purchasing from our local Sams Club. Mostly good reviews, and as usual, some bad. Installation was very easy. I love the fact that I did not have to run wires from the cameras to the DVR. But, please understand that you MUST have a power source for the cameras. Two cameras covering the front of the house to catch inconsiderate dog owners who would not pick up their droppings. Quality of the video is very good for this price range. I was able to view the live video on my computer, Ipad and LG phone. Some reviews say it will interfere with your wireless network if you are using 2.5 ghz. I avoided this situation by changing my wirelss setting in my router to 5ghz. No problems with the wireless network. If you are looking for a good wireless camera system at a very good price, this system should fill those needs.

38 out of 171


Location: Augusta, GA

This unit has been up to my expectations. I did have trouble setting up my mobile. Lorex tech James was able to trace it down and got me online. It was no problem with the unit whatsoever. It was still recording locally and all systems were available to me. I am so confident that I will be adding two more cameras in the near future.

39 out of 171


Location: Rotonda West,FL

I purchased this product on 10/31/2015. I am computer illiterate. Today I called the lorex tech support and talked to David who helped me to set the system up on 2 laptops and an android tablet. He stayed with me for over 2 hrs. and would not hang up until everything was working perfectly. Where can you find like that in today's world? "Bravo Lorex" The cameras work great. Thank You David.

40 out of 171


Location: Southeastern Colorado

Very easy to install. Well thought out technology. Slipped right in replacing an old system that needed upgraded. Only challenge was connecting to a new phone system wireless internet so this could be viewed remotely. Good tech support on this complex solution. Very happy with this product.

41 out of 171


Location: Det Mi

Very easy system to install and get up and running ,picture quality is great day and night. Tech line is very helpful . Great product VERY pleased with this system.

42 out of 171


Location: Corpus Christ, Texas

I recently purchased the Lorex LH030 security system. Extremely satisfied with the system, it took a call to the tech support, but it was up and running after Laurel helped me with a small glitch. The only thing is that a users manual is not provided. It would help to have one to read to optimize all of the settings.

43 out of 171


Location: TN

Just set up a week ago. Picture is clean and crisp. Box says 45 minutes to set up. I spent 7 hours plus or minus, perhaps I'm slow, or perhaps I had a complicated install of the cameras on a large home. Each wireless camera needs to be plugged into an electrical outlet. One of the four cameras is not working, I assume due to its' distance from the DVR/Wireless antenna receivers. The camera is approximately 100' away, on the exterior. I have a double brick exterior it has to get a signal through. I hope to remedy the problem with the purchase of a Directional Antenna hooked to a 100' antenna extension cable which I will be able to run through the attic and place within 20 of the camera. The cable hooks to the Directional Antenna and to the wireless receiver that is located next to/at the DVR and is attached to the DVR. I anticipate that once I have it all hooked up and working I will be happy with the system.

44 out of 171


Location: pittsburgh pa

Extremely satisfied with quality of this product does exactly what my situation called for. I had trouble getting it to stay logged in on my phone but thanks to the excellent tech support stayed with me for the whole set up procedure. Went above and beyond what I expected from tech support. Very rare to get kind of help. Would purchase this product on there tech support alone. I would rate them 10 stars Got to talk to a live person right away., Thanks again to John, John G. and Lorie K. your the best i

45 out of 171


Location: Windsor, Ontario

Just purchased the Lorex LH030 security system with 4 wireless camaras. The picture quality is excellent. The set up was pretty straight forward and the couple of glitches I ran into were quickly solved by their knowledgeable support staff. I am quite impressed with the quality received for the price.

46 out of 171


Location: Sacramento, California

On Saturday, October 10, 2015, I purchased the LH030 Eco Blackbox 3 Series 8-Channel Security Camera System with Weatherproof Wireless Cameras from Home Depot (my favorite store). I have never installed any type of security system before. With this system I immediately installed the system myself. It was very easy and only took approximately 40 minutes. My only issue is the system does not come with a monitor. That was easy, because I purchased a new monitor from the military exchange for less than $100. Initially had problem with the mouse, however, the support guy (Richard F), had the mouse working in about 2 minutes. He really knew the product. The only item that did not work is the remote even with new batteries. I'm very satisfied with this product.

47 out of 171


Location: PORT ARANSAS,TX 78373


48 out of 171


Location: Calgary

I am very satisfied with our purchase to date. The online manual was excellent but being somewhat challenged tech wise i did need support. The support was excellent and they got me on the right track. This system met my needs to a T.

49 out of 171


Location: Parksville, bc

WOW!! Box arrived on time, and within a week, the whole system is up and running. Still learning the tricks and quirks, but not that difficult. Hardest thing was the port forwarding on the router, but after reading some more, and installing the port forwarding software, away things went. Lots more things to learn, but nothing too convulated. Instructions a bit vague in a few areas, but what came out of the box worked as per instructions. It's just the other stuff that wasn't explained very clearly

50 out of 171


Location: Lumberton NC

Very satisfied with the purchase and ease of installion.product is of high quality and I can view it online on my pc and also installed and can view on my cell phone. Thumbs up on a very good product

51 out of 171


Location: CA

Forgot to mention. I did not have to call support so if I can install these, anyone can.

52 out of 171


Location: CA

Was a little skeptical at first. Whenever you see "easy to install" it usually isn't. However, these cameras were very easy to install. Yes they need an electric source but in my case there was more than enough wire to reach a plug. I was also skeptical about night vision. Not anymore. The first night we tried it I had to go outside to ensure we did not have any lights on. Great picture. I would recommend this to anyone.

53 out of 171


Location: calgary AB

recently purchased this system, easy to setup but I am having issues with recording and found that the DVR is not working properly, the hard drive says no disk so it is unable to record any footage. Waiting on a response Lorex, Hopefully it is a one time issue.

Thank you for your feedback. Our support team was happy to replace the DVR for you under warranty. We hope everything is working well for you now.

54 out of 171


Location: Quebec canada

Easy To install, excellent tech support.

55 out of 171


Location: Memphis, TN

I am very impressed at the quality and performance of this system. Additionally, I'm even more impressed at the EXCELLENT technical service!! Overall, installing the system was straight forward out of the box. I had some issues to overcome due to decreased wifi performance--I have a LOT of wifi devices and ended up installing a dual band router and dual band wifi extender to keep my data throughput high. I would highly recommend this system.

56 out of 171


Location: nj

Good system, easy to install

57 out of 171


Location: New Hampshire

I really love the wireless camera. I can see inside my home and I do not have to be there.

58 out of 171


Location: Guelph

Great product. Easy install. Remote access and app access works well. I wish the receivers were little more powerful

59 out of 171


Location: Ohio

System works as advertised, for home security it's perfect. Reasonable price for the product, we are very pleased. We have had no interference issues with our other wireless systems. Glad we have it.

60 out of 171


Location: Toronto, Ontario

Pros: Great looking 4-camera set, Nice wide screen image, Good daylight and night vision quality, Easy to set-up and installed, 1TB hard-drive for videos storage, easy to used for searching recorded video, Easy to replace with another camera with out replacing the wireless receiver from a click of a button Cons: Weak wireless signal strength for outdoor used, Unable to setup 180 degree direction due to the wireless antenna behind of camera, 1 of 4 cameras LED die for night vision Although, 1 of 4 cameras LED die for night vision. I called customer service and they are pleased to replaced a NEW camera for me base on the 1 year warranty they offer from my purchased on 4 stars, because of workmanship quality

61 out of 171


Location: Southern California

After lots of research, I chose this 2-camera system because of the camera quality, plenty of VCR storage, and wireless comm to the cameras. After almost a month I'm very pleased! I bench-tested the system before hiring someone to install electrical outlets, and was immediately impressed with the strong signal and clarity, no matter where I placed the cameras outside. There's not much detail in the setup instructions, so I called Tech Support and got terrific help from Chris. Not only did he answer my questions but he stayed on the phone while I downloaded apps to my PC and smartphone, and pointed out features for me to explore. I'm very impressed with the wide-angle and clarity of the cameras. We connected the VCR to a small TV so when the doorbell rings I can quickly check to see who it is before answering. I did initial setup from my PC, and review playback on the PC, so have no need for the provided mouse and remote. I would've preferred a black or brown camera case, to blend with the dark trim on my house, but the camera only came in white. Please consider offering a color choice. The system performs better than I expected, so I'm 100% satisfied!

62 out of 171


Location: Philly

I must say setting this system up the way I wanted was beyond my means due to time restrictions, it took the electricians some time (5 Hrs) to put the 3 cameras out front and one in the back. Once set up and installed I had to download everything which stared out rough but then went very easily. When I say download I mean to my phone and laptop. The smart phone was a breeze. The laptop was a mess until I contacted customer service...they are really good, took care of it all for me. If you go to the website they say for downloading, you get a host of bogus sights. Customer service dialed into my laptop and did it for me. Very satisfied with Lorex's service.

63 out of 171


Location: Rural North Dakota

We love our new security system! We choose Lorex cameras because our phone company offered them with their bundle. We have been very impressed with the clarity these cameras offer. We installed them on our farm. We are unable to read license plate numbers with them, but it gives a clear picture of the vehicle.

64 out of 171


Location: chicago Burbs

I have this set up and want to add a few PTZ cameras. Which on can I use with this system.

65 out of 171


Location: Ottawa, Canada

Bought this 2 camera system at Costco.....excellent price. Fairly simple install. Very good resolution, love that I can watch live view (remote access)on my android phone any where any time. We now have piece of mind. Thank you for this great product. We plan on adding 2 more cameras in the near future.

66 out of 171


Location: Oromocto

I found it was very easy to install and run our Lorex LH030 Wireless system. The images are very clear and easy to distinguish objects and persons. It took only minutes to download and started everything on my laptop and tablet, which was awesome.

67 out of 171


Location: West Virginia

IThis security system works perfect . Thank you for the perfect answer for my security needs.

68 out of 171


Location: New Brunswick

It was pretty easy to install. Trying to figure out how the DDNS works as I have been unsuccessful at setting that up.

Please contact our technical support team and they will be happy to assist you with the DDNS set up. They can be reached from Monday to Saturday, 9:00 am - 10:00 pm EST at 1-877-755-6739.

69 out of 171



I purchased the LH030400 Eco wireless 4 cameras - I get "out of range" message with no image on & off. The hard disk (500 GB) is not sufficient. The night recording image is not good enough because you cannot see the face of the person around 15 meters away. Customer service and Technical support were outstanding.

Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team was happy to assist you.

70 out of 171


Location: Pa.

Very easy to set-up, and activate. Even the remote Android and PC connection was a breeze.

71 out of 171


Location: Mexico ity

Very satisfied with both the product and the customer service. Very easy to setup but when required assistance for a reconfigurationthe support was very good. Thank you.

72 out of 171


Location: Belmont, Wi

I purchased this for my business and was easy to install took Lee's than 20 minutes. I really like the ability to look on my phone and see what is going on when I'm not there. Thinking about putting one at my house.

73 out of 171


Location: NY

Pros: The cameras and setup are very basic and relatively easy to do. Picture quality in daylight and night vision is very good. Cons: When I received my system the HDMI cable was bad. I had to go and buy a new one. I called Lorex and after jumping through some hoops, they agreed to send me a new one. It has been over 3+ weeks and I have yet to see one, even though I was told one was on its way. Internet and email setup has been the worse, the two items I need the most. I am still working with Lorex Support to try to fix these items. When I did get a hold of tech support you could tell they were reading from a script which means they have little idea of what they’re doing. I have noticed in the reviews that quite a few customers are having these same problems. As for setting up for viewing on a monitor or your smart phone, well that is when things will go south real fast. There is no real user manual and if there is one on their web site, I hope you can find it, I couldn’t. Also, any online tech support is really lacking. The cheap mouse and remote are almost useless. User interface has a lot to be desired. If all worked as it should I think it would be a great deal for the price and rate 5 stars. Just not there yet.

Thank you for your feedback, we apologize for the delay with your cables. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with any set up issues you are experiencing. They can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

74 out of 171


Location: idaho

Very simple to use, plug and play operation. Online configuration was a little challenging but eventually I got it.

75 out of 171


Location: Dry Ridge, KY

Installation was very easy. better than I expected. With the four(4) cameras, I was able to cover all side views of our home. I am looking forward to being able to log on while out of the area.

76 out of 171


Location: Texas

Installation was extremely easy. All I had to do was plug-in, mount, and install apps. I still have not been able to get web viewing working, it works great with the app and PC client, just not over the web address. Great system.

77 out of 171


Location: Lake Worth, FL

Instillation was extremely easy, basic setup also very easy. System came on line as soon as it was turned on, only issue I am still having is viewing remotely, called Lorex support they said either my internet connection was to slow or it may be an issue with Windows 10. After reading other reviews may try calling back and seeing if another tech can give me other solutions.

78 out of 171


Location: South Lake Tahoe

Easy to install, clarity is fantastic. Could not get night vision to work on one camera; fixed it when I re-inserted the plug. Options to record just when motion occurs easy to set up, have not viewed yet. Still working on my remote access; it worked and then it didn't. Probably a set up issue but not sure. I would recommend.

79 out of 171


Location: goldsboro,n.c.

overal,very pleased with purchase,video quality is fairly good. Video quality would be much better if resolution was higher than 480p..swan sells an 8 camera system thats 720p for the same price,but they are wired units.....this system is much easier to install,but i find that the range claims of lorex to be very much exagerated...i have 1 within 15 feet of dvr/router,4 bars,another at 18 feet,3 bars,...third one at 25ft..1 bar....fourth at 35ft o/1 bar last one is only one behind wall no where near mfg claims,...wasnt for that 5 stars,tech help excellent quality of build very good

80 out of 171


Location: Pittsburgh, PA

This product is ok for video security, but is lacking in accurate documentation and the client software in very convoluted and hard to understand. The manual (if you can find it) does not match the actual software and when it does it does not explain very well. Client software will not work with windows phone or Samsung galaxy 10 tablet. Support is good as far as not having to wait very long, but not that great depending on who you get I had 1 of 4 people that were very helpful. email notifications only work with gmail account and you must set "less secure apps" setting which exposes you to hackers.

81 out of 171


Location: San Antonio, Texas

This product works really good. I thought it was really completely wireless but I needed to apply power to them. It still beat trying to run the cameras cable also. System is really great.

82 out of 171


Location: Louisiana

Great Product for the money and very easy to install. Had to change some settings for my wireless internet, but that was easy to do. Thanks for the great product.

83 out of 171


Location: Mississippi

Great cameras easy to connect with the Lorex app

84 out of 171


Location: North Carolina

Very good product for the money, work great. very easy to set up & use.great tech support team. work great with my I phone 6.

85 out of 171


Location: Downtown Los Angeles

After purchasing this DVR for one of my business, I loved it so much, I couldn't resist not getting it for my office. It's amazing. The user interface is easy to use. I really like the mobile app. It makes it convenient to check on things when I am on the run. I highly recommend this DVR for the price.

86 out of 171


Location: Michigan

I found the unit very easy to set up. As soon as the cameras were attached I had pictures. I like the record with motion feature ,makes review easy.

87 out of 171


Location: Utah

I have received excellent support for this produce from the tech support team. I had problems with getting the picture on my iPhone, but the tech support folks have been great. Everything is working great now. Had the system installed for about 2 weeks. Good pictures, even at night.

88 out of 171


Location: Ontario

Great system a Night vision clear day vision excellent and has kept unwanted people away

89 out of 171


Location: Springfield, MO

So far this has been a good system. Easy to install. You need to watch the installation location of the cameras for movement recording. I think they should include 1 PTZ camera as part of the package and 1 25' power extension cord. You won't get license plate recognition but you do get date, time, and can easily recognize faces. I would recommend this to anyone not wanting to run wires from all around their place.

90 out of 171


Location: PQ Canada

Great product, easy to install. According to the informations, the product was supposed to be fully compatible with Windows 8.1 but it does'nt work with Internet Explorer 11 (for DDNS connection). We called the support service and they ask us to put the in the list of compatible mode for Internet Explorer - finally resolved in 10 minutes ! Great product and customer service.

91 out of 171


Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

I like this system after a very difficult time getting it to work. After getting it installed I could view the cameras on a television with a HDMI cable connected but did not know how to set it up on my computer. I called lorex support and a technician took remote control of my computer and when he finished he said I needed to call my internet provider and have port 9000 or 1025 turned on in my wireless router. When I called them they said that it was not possible and that my router would not work with a security system if it required ports to be turned on. The next day I called Lorex back and a different tech answered the phone and said the port 9000 thing or 1025 thing was a wrong way to set it up, that they did not do it that way any more, and did it over for me by taking remote control of my computer, and since then it has worked real nice both at home and by getting onto the internet with a different wireless router. If it continues to perform like this I think it is great. I just had one terrible night of frustration getting it working. I did not find any set up instructions in the package other than connecting the wiring and plugging it in. What I seen the Lorex techs doing to make it works makes me believe that I would not have been able to do it anyway. It appears to me to be difficult enough to require a person trained on the system. However as I said before now that it works I really like it and would not give it up.

92 out of 171


Location: El Paso Tx

Excelent, I liked the easy way to set it up. I guess I made a very good desicion on buying it..

93 out of 171


Location: LA

The system is OK and works fine.

94 out of 171


Location: North Bay, Ontario

Easy set-up and installation as "Quick set-up Guide" is included with package. But NO INSTRUCTION MANUAL ! Wasted plenty of time on their website searching for an online instruction manual for this system without success. So sad, the DVR & cameras work great, but Lorex dropped the ball by not providing any instructions for customized settings. Would love to set for motion recording only, but NO instruction manual online or in the box!!!! So frustrating. No explanation for onscreen icons. What is "PTZ" or "Start SEQ" buttons for?? Gee, an instruction manual would help!!! Seems like a great product, but why not give instructions on how to use it to full potential???? I would have give 5 stars if an instruction manual was available.

95 out of 171


Location: South Florida

Good system, had trouble connecting it to the internet and it was primarily because the supplied ethernet cable (cat5) was bad directly out of the box. after replacing the cable, it connected instantly. Thanks again

96 out of 171


Location: Québec

System easy to install and stratus connection for Ipod and PC easy to install to use. Having difficulty installing the DDNS remote connection. Contacted technical support and I am optimistic that they will find a solution.

97 out of 171


Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

These cameras work great. They show wonderful picture in the day time and also get a clear picture at night. I defiantly would buy again and use in my home and business.

98 out of 171


Location: Honolulu

I bought this unit from Best Buy. I had the system set up in minutes. I am very impressed with the system. I bought the 4 Wireless camera system and DVR. I have the DDNS working, I have the port forwarding working so I can login from my home remote IP. I give the system a good rating.

99 out of 171


Location: Puerto Rico

Very easy to setup the hard part was routing the the cables. The clarity on live vision is poor with images blurry both on at home and on iPhone

100 out of 171


Location: Ottumwa, Iowa

We love our Lorax Security System. Would recommend it to everyone looking for a system for their house or business!!!

101 out of 171


Location: Mission, BC

I found the system a breeze to get up and running. Setting up my tablets and smart phones was also very simple by being able to just scan the QR code. One of my wireless cameras is 150 feet away and works as well as the one 30 feet away. System is great.

102 out of 171


Location: virginia

have had this system since Nov 14. have had no problems with it until recently but the problem was with the internet not with the system. while working through the problem we were on the phone with tech support for quite some time. this tech support is awesome. they were patient and very helpful. its nice to get a person who really doesnt mind doing their job and being helpful...thank you and we recommend this product.

103 out of 171


Location: Chilliwack

Good product and very easy to setup and install. The clarity on live vision is poor with images blurry but good quality on remote playback. Also increasing the viewing sped on remote playback doesn't appear to be any faster than normal speed.

104 out of 171


Location: victoria, texas

Easy to hook up. Wish they would have manual with all the options and commands on it. Some setup menu hard to understand. Make it easier to understand what each option does. Takes some trail and error to get it right. Overall I think I will be a good product.

105 out of 171


Location: valley stream n.y.

Got at p.c.richards. The camera kit is great. Easy to great on my pc and cells and tablet.the price was awsome ,tech support help was fast ,hold time on phone was about 5 mins.,they fixed all my problems and ansewed all my questions.THANKS LOREX

106 out of 171


Location: Utah

Good Video Quality, Easy setup and can monitor from any mobile device.

107 out of 171


Location: Midway Park NC

Awesome, easy-to-install surveillance system. I particularly like the mobile app on my cell phone that allows me to access the system remotely from anywhere.

108 out of 171


Location: Brooklyn

Great product ,easy to install

109 out of 171


Location: AR

Good product. Easy to install, and get connected to the Internet. Have a problem currently, but working with customer service to get it worked out. It's taking a lot longer than expected, and I am still currently waiting on a resolution. Otherwise, I'd give it 5 stars.

110 out of 171


Location: newark, nj

Great product, easy to install

111 out of 171


Location: Holmen, Wi

I purchased my system from Sam's Club, last fall before leaving for Arizona for the winter. I was able to watch the entire property from Arizona on my laptop. I could monitor time, temperature, outside and inside of my home. It made my wife and I very comfortable and secure that we knew everything was fine at home in our absents. I have had two problems with the system, but they were both handled effortlessly with the help of the Lorex Tech's, which are very easy to work with. I can not say enough about the service I have received from Lorex.

112 out of 171


Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I purchased the wireless system from Sams Club and it installed nearly effortlessly. I was concerned about reports of the wireless system sucking bandwidth from my existing home wireless network, but I have yet to experience any lag or performance issues, and I am also running a second pair of wireless cameras I recently added on. The Stratus remote connectivity feature is a bonus, making even the most inexperienced techie able to configure their system to remotely monitor their cameras from a mobile device or laptop. This has really given my wife and I peace of mind since we spend most summer weekends on our houseboat and this enables us to monitor our home after a string of break in attempts and vandalism last summer from trashy neighborhood kids and druggies living in subsidized housing down the street.

113 out of 171


Location: Dallas, Texas

We have 3 wireless cameras with the DVR. They work perfectly. I'm not very technical and I've been able to figure the system out We have had two power surges and I have needed to call Lorax to help me reset the IP address of the DVR so I can get wireless footage when we are away from the house. One thing that I would suggest is to put each camera and the DVR on a surge protector. Had I known that, I don't think I would've had these problems. However I did need to call Lorax tech support, and I can't even tell you how professional, accommodating and efficient they were!!

114 out of 171


Location: West Convia, CA

I purchased this DVR to replace an old DVR. I was pleased with the price. More importantly, I was happy on how easy it was to get remote connectivity to my phone. Lastly, the login interface is super user friendly. I will recommend to anyone.

115 out of 171


Location: gibson, la.

I live out in the country and am not capable of 1.of upload speed so I can't view my system remotely or connect to ddns.also it took 4 days until I was able to get thru to customer service or technical support, so for the price I paid (close to $1000, i expert better results and service. Also the input system( the mouse and key pad on the screen was hard to work with sorry I hope I still get the extended warranty

116 out of 171


Location: San Marcos, TX

I've owned several IP cameras and like the convenience of not having to keep the computer on while away from the house. This is my first Lorex product and I really love it. I have it set to record continuously so I don't have to worry about anything. I was familiar with port-forwarding and DDNS before so it wasn't a big deal but for those without this experience you will probably have to talk with tech support. The cameras are higher resolution than any I've had in the past and their night capability is great. My unit came with 2 cameras but I plan to upgrade with 2 more in the near future. My only grip is that the android app is very iffy. Sometimes I can see my cameras and other times it just cannot connect with the DVR. Another problem is getting the email to work so that will require a call since I would like to have that operational when I'm away from the home for extended periods. I subtracted one star because of the problems mentioned.

117 out of 171


Location: Gastonia NC

Ok where should I begin... 1. I bought the LH030 wireless 2 camera system. I love the quality of the image and the system itself. The directions have three different languages on each page which can be very confusing. 2. The directions for the quick setup does not have step one. 3. When you think wireless you think no wires, well guess again. Each camera has to be plugged in to an electrical outlet. That is hard to do if the cameras are going outside or positioned where an outlet is not handy. I have not been able to check the recording functions as of yet but if you do not have the manual you will be lost.

118 out of 171


Location: Florida

I'm very satisfied with the product, easy to install, very good quality (great color) and night vision is also very good. I like the different options of recording (continuous or sensor motion).

119 out of 171


Location: NEW YORK


120 out of 171


Location: home

I am very satisfied with the product. very simple to setup. planning to by another system. I love this product

121 out of 171


Location: Wyoming

I purchased this system about 5 days ago it took me only one day to install had no problems, came up with great images and a real great night image. Love the lorex system.

122 out of 171


Location: Massachusetts

Very simple to setup,just like setting up a computer for the first time. Installed EcoStratus software on laptop and tablet with no problem.Picture quality is great.Night vision is great. Very satisfied that I bought the system. Will recommend this product to people who might find it useful.

123 out of 171


Location: TX

The daytime picture quality is really good for the price, nighttime is ok. Tech support was very helpful to install as I was not familiar with the install on our network. Husband loves the fact that he can see our home on his Nextbook wherever he is located. Very satisfied to date.

124 out of 171


Location: Fairview Heights, Il

I am very satisfied with the product. I was not familiar with installing products such as this, however, the assistance I received from the customer service department was extremely helpful and the representative was very knowledgeable and courteous to me. A great help. Thanks.

125 out of 171


Location: Mexico

Very easy to set up. Tech support is very good, was needed to get connectivity established on a mac. Knowlegabale and patient

126 out of 171


Location: Newport, NC

I love my security system! I can view it on my PC or tablet from anywhere. I feel so much better having it and it was easy to set up! Lorex - 4-Channel, 4-Camera Indoor/Outdoor Wireless DVR Security System - White

127 out of 171


Location: Ohio

Was very easy to set up. Picture is good. Remote control does not work as well as it should so I use the mouse. Had trouble getting the unit to record on motion movement, but got it. I understand about not including manuals but I thought getting the information from the web site could have been easier. Did not get the DDN to work but the iPhone setup worked the first time. Only problem is that the wireless interferes with my wi-fi. I will try to change the channel on my router like the trouble shooting manual says.

128 out of 171


Location: New York

Bought this after all the high reading and rating I came across , very easy to set up and use , great picture in daytime,night is decent as well. Worst thing I had after about a month my dvr unit stopped working with the Internet . Lorex customer and tech support were very hard to get in touch with due to there hours of operation but I finally got a unit shipped out once I got threw to them . Now 6 months later I had a camera die out on me and again the customer service proves to be very slow and sloppy. Had called a week ago to get a replacement only to get a e-mail 4 days later ( after being told verbally one would be shipped out to me the same day) that I need to send them the defective unit first. Ordered a camera to replace its and I'm awaiting its arrival 10 business days later to find out it was shipped 1 day earlier again being told I'd have my product within 5-8 business days . Called them Thursday got sick of waiting on the phone left my number for a call back and have yet to hear from them , guess I shouldn't hold my breath . Really feeling like they drop the ball in the customer care end of things .... At this point if it wasn't such a pain to take it out and replace with a system that was a bit cheaper or more expensive I would . Very frustrating dealing with the horrible customer care

129 out of 171


Location: Iowa

When the box arrived it came with everything needed and the ease of hooking up was easy. The only issues I have had is setting up the e mail alerts. I had to set up a new G Mail account just for the Lorex DVR and have Lorex Tech support re configure items on both the DVR and my computer to be able to to receive the e mail alerts. That lasted about 1 day and now have to have Tech support look into why e mails are not coming thru again. The Picture that the cameras provide is clear in the day and not bad at night if with in 50ft of the Camera. For the Money I spent and ease of the Stratus QR Code setup I say well worth the money spent. If Lorex could simply make e mail alert setting up easier and the Remote control better for the DVR better I found you have to be with in 6ft of the DVR for the remote to work even with fresh battery's. So I give it a 3 out of 5 stars. I had the Lorex Tech load the Lorex Stratus system into my computer and ever since then I have Not been able to open the App I keep getting an Error " Unable to connect to Network " Being able to view the DVR on my I Phone is nice tho

130 out of 171


Location: Vancouver, B.C. Canada

I did some shopping around and found LOREX to have the best selection and value. .I found setting up my system was quite simple .I would highly recommend this product. I do however have two criticisms. First is that LOREX should include a wireless mouse with this product instead of a wired one, the price of a wireless mouse would cost the company about ten dollars more. Secondly and most importantly LOREX should disclaim that mounting a night vision camera behind glass ( windows ), the LED lights will cast a reflection on the glass that will cause the camera to record nothing but the reflected light .I contacted LOREX support and was advised that there is no available defuser to fix this problem. Support suggested to cover the LED lights with electrical tape. ??

131 out of 171


Location: Pennsylvania

So far product has done what we thought. Hard time hooking everything up! On phone with support for about two hours! They were GREAT! The only problem, still not able to connect on computers away from camera. Still have to work it out. Pictures great, sensitivity; picks up everything! Great distance of the InfraRed; can see everything at night! Would recommend for night vision distance.

132 out of 171


Location: 31548

Bought this system from Sam's club and to monitor exterior of home. Very brilliant picture in daytime and the night vision allows long range viewing. Installation was a breeze and easy to use. Found some animals at night I wasn't aware of and exposed one criminal to the loacal police. Very happy with this purchase.

133 out of 171


Location: Tela Honduras

great system one small problem system is installed in Honduras and I cannot get it connected to the internet . My router is a Motorola- 8313F made in China and cannot get it listed in the connection software.

134 out of 171


Location: Pasto - Colombia

Excelent Product

135 out of 171


Location: Foothill Farms,CA

I have the 4 channel system. It came with two cameras.I wish the HD quality was better ,but a good system for the price.It is nice that it is wireless and you don't have to run wires all through your house to connect to video.I recommend the higher HD camera systems if you really want a good picture.I suggest that Lorex work on that issue,however it may not be possible because too much data to send by Wi- fi.

136 out of 171


Location: Foothill Farms,CA

I have the 4 channel system. It came with two cameras.I wish the HD quality was better ,but a good system for the price.It is nice that it is wireless and you don't have to run wires all through your house to connect to video.I recommend the higher HD camera systems if you really want a good picture.I suggest that Lorex work on that issue,however it may not be possible because too much data to send by Wi- fi.

137 out of 171


Location: Mexico City

I bought this product after hard deciding if it would be the solution for my needs. After installing it I spent a few time understanding the configuration for remote management. Now after some weeks of use, I'm very happy for taking the right decision. I'm able to watch the cameras and even review recordings fast and easy through my smart phone, I simply love this solution and will recommend it to my neighbors.

138 out of 171


Location: Jax. Florida

1st bought this system in Feb.2015. It was easy to set up. Adjusted pictures with brightness, contrast etc. controls. A couple of weeks later one of the ports went out on the dvr. I called Lorex Technology, after determining the dvr had a hardware issue, I was sent a (that looked like new) replacement which arrived within a few days. It was in packaging just like the one I bought and looked brand new. There was also an issue setting up the ddns account which took a little time but is resolved. There are no problems watching the cameras on my smart phone. I am very happy with the system and the customer support during all of this. I will be adding more cameras if needed. When asked, I tell others the same thing I mentioned above.

139 out of 171


Location: Mississauga, Ontario Canada

This is my second Lorex system. The first was purchased in the 90's for a business I ran. After closing my business I set it up in my home so I could see and talk to someone at the front door from the basement. This system did not record. I purchased the wireless 4 channel system from Costco after 2 nieghbours were broken into. I had the system up and running in about 2 hours, and have viewing on my computers, iPads and IPhones. My unit only has 4 inputs but is the same model number.

140 out of 171


Location: Aransas Pass, TX

So far, so good. Worth the piece of mind. Cool to be able to monitor my home with my iPhone when traveling or not at home!

141 out of 171


Location: north carolina


142 out of 171


Location: Murfreesboro

These camera's work very well even when the weather is bad. We have a lot of wind and never have had any issues

143 out of 171


Location: District of Columbia

Bought the system from a local retailer about a week ago and set it up that same day. Had a little difficulty so I contacted tech support and they were super helpful. The system is excellent and the video clarity is very sharp. I got two cameras and plan to get two more in the near future.

144 out of 171


Location: Los Angeles

I need to desperately upgrade the surveillance at my business. I went with this system, and I am 100 percent happy. I am able to monitor my employees from my other office and from my smart phone when I am at home. And going with this system did not break the bank. I recommend this system for any business owner.

145 out of 171


Location: Mexico, Puerto Vallarta

Compre el sistema de camaras, es muy amigable. estoy totalmente satisfecho pues puedo conectarme de cualquier parte del mundo con pc, o celular. 100% recomendable. Lo que pueden mejorar es que las camaras se puedan direccionar hacia los lados, no solo arriba y abajo. Gracias.

146 out of 171


Location: Gibsonton, Fl

Bought a 4 camera system 2 months ago and was very satisfied with it. Decided I needed more cameras so I purschased another system with a 8 chanell DVR as the first one was only a 4. Very satisfied with the new set up as well. Took very little time to hook up and works as advertised. Very happy customer!!!!!!!!

147 out of 171


Location: MIssissauga, Ontario

I have purchased this system at Canada Computer's. Easy to set up. Great value for the money.

148 out of 171


Location: Atlanta,ga

Looking for a system to monitor our home , just for a piece of mind. Looked for several weeks and a lot of web sites. I came up with lorex a trusted system. Had trouble with the hook up with the modem but called for help, and they hooked up the system and went through it with me by hooking up to my computer and went through everything by camera to camera loading each one as I needed to to record , I told them I would need to hook up the other two cameras but I thought I could do it my self ! ( wrong ) lol so I called them back and with ease they did it again (GREAT SUPPORT ) LOVE THIS SYSTEM ! only problem is my wireless got a little slower ! calling them back today to fix that it they cant I will take it off the modem (its for seeing on the I phone app ) I don't need and use it the way I wanted to do in the first place not using my modem ! we will see but for the most part great picture day and night. Ether way going to get 4 more cameras in the next few months to complete this system. You can't go wrong with lorex love the wireless spite the modem mess up , and then we will see if it can be fixed !

149 out of 171


Location: home

I am very impressed with my lord security system. It has lived up to the advertising. Fairly easy to install. Great customer English speaking representative to help with phone app. I would highly recommend this product and I am already expanding my cameras.

150 out of 171


Location: Ohio

I purchased the system at Sam's club. It was relatively easy to set up and operate. I will be ordering 2 more cameras soon. I like the smartphone operations.

151 out of 171


Location: MEXICO

I bought a cctv LH030 in COSTCO, I want to recomend widely because is a excelent equipment.

152 out of 171


Location: Peoria, Az USA

This is our first security system. We purchased it from Sam's Club after reviewing and contiplating the system for some time. We recently only installed it. It came with two cameras but we have ordered 2 more. So far we are quite happy with it. We Installed the app on all our devices - mobile and smartphones. So far so good. We are still learning the operating procedures.

153 out of 171


Location: Usa

This is our first time getting a security camera. So far it has proved to be very helpful. We have only had it operating for a few days and we are still learning how it operates. We purchased it with two cameras but since than we ordered 2 more camera yet to be installed. We both have installed the app on all our mobile devices as well as my laptop.

154 out of 171


Location: Mrytle beach sc

I bought model LH030 hook it up I was very pleased security' wireless camera system I was pleased with tech surport and custmor service I ordered two more cameras

155 out of 171


Location: White Bear Lake, MN

I'm giving this product 3.5 stars. I do like the product, overall. It works well. The reason for "not being perfect" is that this system interferes with wifi internet a lot! I did not know that originally. Long story short, I bought both a new 5 GHz router and also a couple USB adapters for 5 GHz wifi internt, as the Lorex system drives 2.4 GHz wifi into the ground - dropping wifi speeds greatly. I suppose it's all working out well in the long run, as I do now have much faster wifi on 5 GHz. Just a "learning curve" that I had to go through, with some angst along the way. Otherwise though, the camera system itself, running on 2.4 GHz, does work well for what it is. I'd recommend it if one knows fully what one is getting into...

156 out of 171


Location: Home

I bought a security camera system Loren wireless lh030 Echo box hooked it up I am very pleased with the system so pleased I called and ordered two more cameras spoke to tech surport they wore not in a hurry to get off the phone and the person that took why order was the same way

157 out of 171


Location: Home

I bought a LH030 system hook it up I very pleased with the picture I called tech surport about changing some settings everyone was very helpful did not rush to get off the phone I was so pleased I went a ordered two more cameras

158 out of 171


Location: New Jersey

This product is exactly what I needed for my own piece of mind. I have a new family and live in a townhouse community. I can see all 8 cameras at once on my phone, tablet and computer at work. My wife can see who is at the doors all around the home and baby bedroom Great product

159 out of 171


Location: Beaumont,ca

Peace of mind right? Knowing what happened while you were sleeping or away is peace of mind. We had our vehicle vandalized on 2-14-15. Our neighbor called in the morning telling us what had happened. I walked over to the out security camera and it was all caught on the cameras. We, with the help of the community were able to get the vehicle and the plates all because we posted the video on facebook. Had i not had the cameras we never would have known what happened. Cameras work great. Very easy to install. One thing you may need to get is a signal enhancer so none of the cameras are stuck on a image because of poor reception. Poor reception is cause ld by wires in the wall from what im told. I submitted a ticket for support and i recieved my answer within a day through email. Im happy with the decision to get cameras. These do the job. Great pickup

160 out of 171


Location: Victoria, BC

Since installing my LOREX Wireless camera's (2) with an additional two (2) on order they have amazed me with both clarity and detail. The clarity of the camera especially at night is like as though you are watching it during the day. The detail also is second to none, and with initial concerns about using wireless camera's, from those who have tried other products, my concerns have been put to rest and would highly recommend the LOREX Model LH030400 to others. The ease of installation took only 30 minutes to have them up and running. That was due to the initial placement and running the power cable to an outlet as they are mounted to the exterior of the sunroom. Some drilling was required for the power cable, other than that the setup was smooth and easy for virtually anyone with no experience. Before I forget, you can watch the camera's on any PC, IPhone or Android while away and it also forwards emails to you if you set up the system this way. Hopefully they can get an app for Blackberry users soon

161 out of 171


Location: Boerne, Texas

I purchased this system about 7 months ago. Installation was fairly easy and it has worked perfectly for what I wanted. The system only had 2 cameras with it so I decided a month ago I wanted to complete the system by adding two cameras. I installed the cameras and they were immediately viewable on my system monitor. However, I couldn't view them through my cell phone any longer. I contacted Lorex support and got a young lady named Teri G. She spent a couple of hours on the phone and working through my computer but I still couldn't view them from my mobile device. She checked my Internet speed and determined it was far too slow. I upgraded my network speed the following morning but still couldn't connect to my Lorex DVR. Terri G. was terrific and refused to give up. She set me up with a DDNS url on the Lorex server and kept at it until she got it working. Just to be clear, the issue wasn't with the Lorex product. It was an issue in my router that was causing the request for connection to be rerouted. Terri figured it out and got me going. The cameras work perfectly and I can now access them from anywhere in the world. I am extremely happy with the service I received from Lorex and especially Teri G.

162 out of 171


Location: Colebrook, New Hampshire

This security system was very easy to install. The clairty of the the picture is very good. I have one camera outside in sub freezing temperatures and still works great. The app on my android galaxy phone eventually works with refresh button for the live view. Still need to play with some other functions to record etc...

163 out of 171


Location: Amite, Louisiana

This ws my first time using a security camera system. I purchased the Lorex Wireless LH030 Eco Blackbox 3 Series security system to provide surveillance tor my home. I wanted to be able to have a visual for my surroundings outside and when I am away. I had some difficulty with the Lorex Stratus App. I was not able to access it. I called tech support and Shanna the tech I spoke with worked with me for 2 hours to correct the problem. Lorex is diligent in trying to resolve any tech problems that you may have. :) We were unable to correct it even though she was dilligent about getting it to work. I called my Internet service provider and there was an issue with the Mac address for a new modem/router that I had installed. After correcting the modem issue, I was able to download the app on all of my devices, and the app worked fine. I still have difficulty loading the camera live view information on my cell phone when I am out of town. I have not tried to view it on my iPad and laptop yet. I am very satisfied with the clarity of images both night and day which the cameras provide. I plan to purchase two more cameras, because the system only came with two. It was super easy to install and the wireless works fine. I would give it five stars if it were not for the difficulty with the usage of the app.

164 out of 171


Location: Kentucky

this is the 4th system I have bought they seem to do the job well very pleased

165 out of 171


Location: Texas

Setup was fast and easy, I did have to get a dual band router but that wasn't too painful. The videos and pictures are good quality, the mounts don't give allow for positioning the cameras but I was able to make up for that with a little handy work. I needed to setup a new Gmail account to get the Email notifications to work, but all in all a good experience.

166 out of 171


Location: Home

Date : February 8, 2015 I recently purchased LH 030 Blackbox 3 Eco. the system was easyto install. I do not have any skills in setting up electronic equipment, but I found the instructions for setting up the cameras was easy to understand. When I had a minor problem, I was able to find the answer in the on line instruction guides. The picture from cameras is much better than I expected. I have one camera in the basement and I could see the basement without any lights on. I love having the ability to see the inside of my house from my iphone.

167 out of 171


Location: Nampa, Idaho

Recently purchased LH 030 Blackbox 3 Eco. Easy to install. The picture from cameras is much better than previous dvr. Only disappointment is that the motion sensor is triggered by headlights, even with the motion sensing area configured to a small area. This camera catches just enough off the light change that I really can't use this feature like I wanted to. But other than that the unit works for me.

168 out of 171


Location: eau claire,wis

Recently purchased LH 030 Blackbox 3 Eco.Was very easy to install,Excellent service on the Technical side. I am very pleased with this system, Free shipping was real nice and 10% off was great

169 out of 171


Location: Atlanta GA

Recently bought LH 030 Blackbox 3 Eco series (wireless). Was very easy to install. Can view on all wireless items linked to my router following fast and easy configuration. Watching and recording crystal clear, and vibrant colorful day time live video on my monitor/tv; as well as impeccable night vision. This tiny box ( DVR) has a huge memory for lengthy recording. Lorex technology is one of a kind.....unbeatable!

170 out of 171


Location: Ayer, Massachusetts

We recently moved into a new house and our insurance agent suggested either an alarm company or a surveillance system. Since I use these at work, I thought I would get one for the house. Within 24 hours of setting it up, we caught a coupe of guys checking out the property and trying the doors. It's nice to be able to give the local police videos of them. I'm happy with the system, it's everything I expected. The Stratus software works well too. Only upgrade I will probably do is replace on of the camera with a wider angle one.

171 out of 171


Location: B C NORTH

Is an easy set up and is user friendly. Nice and clearer than I would have thought. I recommend. Good quality for the price...



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