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Wireless Security Camera Systems

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless home security monitoring

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Lorex has the perfect security system for you

The best home security systems

With a wide variety of professional-grade video surveillance systems available, Lorex has the perfect security camera system to fit your home or business security needs.
The best security camera features for home security systems

Professional security features

Lorex security camera systems include plenty of cutting-edge features such as infrared night vision, motion activated recording, and remote connectivity.
DIY security systems from Lorex saves you time and money

Easy security system installation

As a DIY security camera company, Lorex provides customers with top rated security camera systems that feature simplified installation set-ups.
The best HD security systems available

HD systems

Both DVR security camera systems or NVR security camera systems will provide you with stunning high-quality footage that leaves nothing to the imagination.
shop Lorex for the best wireless security systems on the market

Wireless Systems

Enjoy a simple and clutter-free wireless security camera system that offers many of the same features of a wired security system. Use up to six wireless cameras on one security system.
See why Lorex has the top-rated security systems

Security system reviews

Unsure of the best security system for your security needs? Browse each security camera system product page to read what others are saying about Lorex video surveillance systems.
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