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Wireless DVR Security Camera System with 2 outdoor wireless cameras



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Save $460.00 (70%)

Security DVR with 960H Wireless DVR Security Camera System with 2 outdoor wireless cameras

LW142W wireless security camera system from Lorex by FLIR

Protect what matters most with the L142W security system from Lorex by FLIR. This system features our 4-channel D3000 DVR. It also includes 2 VGA resolution (640x480) wireless security cameras. For the L142W, flexibility is the name of the game. The versatility granted by wireless technology makes this security system perfect for your home.





960H DVR supports up to 4 cameras



Two wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

FLIR DigiSummit

Remote mobile access with FLIR® DigiSummit app

Safe and secure wireless monitoring system

Stable wireless security video with SignalGuard

The secure video signal between your wireless security cameras and their dual receiver is constantly protected by our SignalGuard technology. If the signal strength drops (or the camera loses connection), SignalGuard will automatically reset the connection to maintain strong video quality. Conflicts with competing wireless signals have been minimized using next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) interference reduction technology.

wireless night vision security cameras

Wireless night vision security coverage

The LW2232 bullet security cameras are designed for 24/7 day and night operation. The automatic Infrared Cut Filter (ICR) works to ensure that true-to-life colors are represented naturally during the day and that black and white infrared video at night is as detailed as possible. They feature a night vision range up to 135ft / 41m - so you can be confident that your security cameras will be even during the darkest hours of the night.

Night Vision Range
Weatherproof wireless security cameras for year-round security coverage for your home

Wireless security cameras built for the outdoors

Safely use your two wireless security cameras inside or outside. Whether in a torrential downpour or a furious snowstorm, these IP66 rated weatherproof security cameras can persevere. Their high gain antenna ensures improved long distance operation (up to 500ft / 152m outdoor wireless range), allowing you to place the wireless cameras wherever you need them most.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

DigiSummit app from FLIR for smartphone or tablet enables remote connectivity to your security system anywhere in the world

Remote mobile access with FLIR’s DigiSummit app

The FLIR D3000 Series DVR is designed to work seamlessly with the free DigiSummit app. Once connected, you will enable remote monitoring of your security system from virtually anywhere in the world. View live camera feeds (or playback recorded footage) straight from your smart device or computer. With iOS®, Android™, and PC options, your security system will always be at your fingertips.

Works With

Professional security grade hard drive for security footage

Security grade hard drive pre-installed

Record footage to the specialty 500GB hard drive designed for surveillance. It will provide you with weeks (or even months) of reliable video. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs - record at a lower resolution or program scheduled recording times to maximize hard drive space. The intuitive interface with simple icons allows for easy and efficient security DVR programming.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

SignalGuard Technology

Continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detection of low signal strength.




Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 960H Super-Res (960x480) with Real-Time recording
  • 34% greater resolution than standard D1
  • True aspect ratio wide screen format, sharper, non-stretched image
  • Looping, HDMI, VGA, Spot outputs
  • CMS-D3 remote access SW, multi-site
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Fully PC/Mac compatible
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Supports 2x HDD (SATA, 2TB) up to 4TB capacity
  • FLIR DDNS service included
  • Supports USB 2.0 or eSata back-up
  • Auto Port Forwarding wizard for easy remote connection
  • Supports RS485 (PTZ), Audio I/O, Alarm I/O

Each D33045G Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × Power adapter
1 × Remote Control
1 × Mouse
Quick Start Guides


Wireless security camera features:

  • Real-Time (up to 30fps) wireless video with MPEG-4 compression @ 640x480 (VGA) resolution1
  • Extended bandwidth delivers smooth high frame rate video1*
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength
  • Next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces signal interference
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio (only applicable to model: LW2231)
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • 2 channel receiver for separate wireless video channels to your DVR minimizes cable clutter (only applicable to models: LW2232PK2B / LW22PK2B)
  • Long Range night vision range up to 135ft (41m) / 90ft (27m)2
  • Simple installation. No video cable required3
  • Weatherproof camera and power connectors for outdoor or indoor installation4
  • Easily connects to any surveillance DVR (BNC)
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range5
  • Vandal resistant camera design with cable pass-through mounting brackets

Each LW2232PK2B Includes:

2 × Wireless camera
1 × Wireless receiver
3 × Power adapters
4 × Antennas

1. At full signal strength. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance. 2. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object. 3. Camera and receiver requires a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included). 4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area required. 5. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.

* Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slowdown in frame rate performance.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 167


Location: Michigan

Got the system Sept2016 to remotely monitor my home when I'm at work. Video quality is excellent. Once the system was up and running, and sending me email alerts for motion, I discovered that I couldn't connect remotely. After hours on the phone with your fantastic tech support team, tweaking my wifi network and pc settings, still wasn't able to connect remotely. I then called my internet provider - Charter - and discovered that they have port 80 blocked for security (as do most of the other large ISPs in the US).

The solution I found by trial and error is using a program called "TeamViewer", a free remote desktop application which works with Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, & Blackberry. This allows me to quickly connect to my computer at home and view my security system feed, to check on things when I'm not there. I'm now able to view my system from my phone, tablet, and PC whenever I want.

Thanks for a great product and FANTASTIC support team!

2 out of 167


Location: Boca Raton, FL

This is my second purchase of the same camera within a month. This will be installed in addition to the previous on.e Installation is very easy and was completed in less than 3 hours. Most of the time spent on getting power to the unit. Good value for the price.

3 out of 167


Location: Essex ontario

this camera is exactly what I needed lots of memory with good video at a good price

4 out of 167


Location: Indiana

My friend asked my to install a couple of security cameras on his home and we decided wireless would be the way to go in this case. I had only ever worked with wired systems before so wireless was new to me. I shopped around and was astonished at the price point on this system. The feature set advertised seemed to do all I was looking to do so I decided this would be the system for me (or my friend actually.)

I have had some struggles with generic video capture cards to turn PCs into DVR and the fact you need to be a hacker to set those systems up. I was so happy to see the way this just worked right out of the box. The network set-up instructions were printed on a poster so I could even read it without glasses on. ;) The instructions were intelligent and appear to have been written by someone fluent in English (rather than a google translation - or worse - you know what I mean.)

The items were shipped "lickety-split" with enough padding for two shipments...

Everything worked right out of the box! Now setting up the network was the fun stuff but if you are no stranger to port forwarding then you will find this aspect a breeze. The only difficulty I had was discovering that "Alarm Out" meant "stop the beeping when detecting motion" lol - I guess the biggest complaint is that you cannot reformat the hard-drive via the remote interface so I will have to physically make a service call or talk the "client" through it - still...

I have yet to install the system in it's permanent location but after the test run I could not wait to get on here to say how pleased I am with my decision to go with Lorex.

Very helpful website too - thanks for that!!

5 out of 167


Location: Boca Raton, FL

Update on my review. Tech rep did call me back on the same day and resolved my issues. Cameras are working excellent. I have ordered another unit for my son too. Happy customer. If anyone trying to reach for tech help, it is highly recommended that you leave your number and they will call you back.

6 out of 167


Location: Boca Raton, FL

Both Camera's are communicating with the DVR very easily. However, when I tried to connect the DVR, I encountered MAC conflict. FLIR DDNS is coming up an error message stating that they have same MAC registered in their system. Not sure if this is a previouly sold unit. I created a ticket last night and so far no response. I called tech support and I was given a waiting time of 30 minutes and it has taken over 60 minutes as I am typing this review. Not a happy customer. Looks like this camera system is going back to Lorex. Also, their systems are not very user friendly. CD that came with the unit has no technical support. It is more of a marketing tool

We're sorry to hear you were having difficulty with the system. Our technical support team was happy to get this resolved for you.

7 out of 167


Location: Katy, TX

Resolution good. Can't manage to get connected online though. Otherwise easy to install.

8 out of 167


Location: Southport NC

I purchased this security system about 3 weeks ago, and finally got it installed.. Not the easiest thing to do, but it works as it should.. After seeing this for week or so now, I might have to invest in couple more cameras. I have clear vision in day light, and clear vision at night. ( I do have couple of night lights outside, and they help quite a bit.. I would recommend this system to anyone.. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because its not that easy to set up..

9 out of 167


Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

I purchase two of this unit without tech support is useless. I called before twice and leave my phone number as suggested never called back, today I called was on hold for two hours and just hang up after TWO HOURS and called back been more than an HOUR still on HOLD might send back this two units it if I can't set them up thanks god I haven't put them on the walls. Can not recommend this company for now without support basically buying a door stop for now without tech support useless product!!!!!!

Our technical support team was happy to resolve the issue for you. Our apologies for the wait time.

10 out of 167


Location: Oak Creek, WI

I ordered this product last week and it arrived yesterday. I went to install it today and found that the LOREX cameras are not fully compatible with the Flair DVR. The audio requires an adapter (RCA to BNC) between the receiver and the DVR for the cable to work. They did not include the adapters. The also did not include the HDMI cable or Network cable. Hours and hours on hold for tech support, still no resolution. How can they sell a package deal when the items aren't compatible or they don't include everything that is needed for the system to work.

Our apologies for the shipping error and any inconvenience this may have caused. Our sales team was happy to get this resolved for you. If you require any further assistance, please call us at 1-888-425-6739. Thank you.

11 out of 167


Location: Ajax, Ontario, Canada

I purchased this unit in July 2016. The system is excellent. Installation is relatively easy. The camera resolution is also excellent both daytime and night infra red. The only problem I have is that the wireless receiver has both BNC and RCA plugs. The BNC for the video signal and the RCA for the audio. The DVR only has BNC connections no RCA. I am still waiting for a response from tech support in regards to this problem. Other than this the system is perfect for my needs.

12 out of 167


Location: Lindsay Ontario

I bought this, as advertised, re" what's included.
BUT .... I got no: instructions for cameras or DVR.
The DVD for DVR does not work.

The tech support people emailed me manuals; and their attachments did not open.

In the box as advertised said: included Ethernet and HDMI cables; I have a saved web page as proof, but I did NOT get these items.
CHAT with sales or Talk with TECH support and: they say their product information says they do NOT have to provide those cables because: on their version of things those things are NOT included.

IF you try chat, they will send you cut and paste web pages to 'prove' what they are saying, and when you do this, the web site terminates your chat and you must start all over again with a new chat person, even if you say the name of the person you had been speaking with. IF you try and send them cut and paste of what web page you purchased from as proof you should have the cables I found I was cut off and could no longer chat. The system disallows you to re enter chat after so many times.

PHONE: the 30 minute wait was almost 3 hours. The call was VERY long, as the very polite and professional tech guy 'learned on the job' what I learned in my efforts to connect the camera receiver to the DVR: The receiver has 2 connectors that attach at a 'Y' that go to one wire to the camera; one end connector is a BNC, one is a MALE RCA. One wire is for audio, one for Video. There is NO possible way to connect the RCA male to the DVR.

I am told that I need to buy, somewhere, a female RCA adapter to BNC. Price in Orillia special order at Staples Business Depot: $56 we were told, with.

So: tech says they will send me wires (maybe)? long into future. For now the sale price of this system has cost me an Ethernet cable $27 and HDMI $27, now and adapter $56.

BUT> I still have NO instructions because:

EMAIL: My experience is that when the company reps email you the full instructions, the attachments do not work, and only the quick set up is visible, which is easy, it is accessing the 'computer aspects' of the DVR.

On the DVR, we finally accessed how to use default password and now that a password was created by us and saved the system will NOT recognize us even after days of video recording, which by the way looks nothing like all the video's.

I get excellent wifi signals: re: my router and otherwise questionable product from Lorex is half story below ground. The signal is being sent through concrete foundation/wood structure and one layer of top quality insulation, vapour barrier, dry wall. The router and the guess as you go product are situated right beside the router for Bell Internet, and the cordless phone base, and our electrical panel.

My camera #1 is 225 feet through dense evergreen cedars at the end of a driveway under hydro lines residential grade.

On screen through DVR to TV I see 4 bars and low as 2 seldom, mostly all bars.

The other camera is further away the wifi signal line goes through 40 feet of house , with interior walls, and about 200 ft away from house. It sits in front of a bee hive which proves honey bees work all night.

I cannot chat with someone and ask for a manger as to why I would have to pay for a return no matter the policy, as the chat person refused me a manager, and even argued with me to no end on her confusion as to why I would need an Ethernet or HDMI cable.
So....My driving to Markham Ontario from Lindsay Ontario is cheaper than mailing this system back to Lorex, who seems to have questionable business practice despite the good reference I had received from many people. Chat wont let me find out how to do that because the system refuses me access to chat and I do not have 6 free hours to pace waiting for tech to call.

The resolution is crap no matter how close or far, but wifi is strong.

Our sincere apologies for the difficulty you experienced. We were happy to assist you further with this. Please note, all documentation can be found under the Downloads tab of this page. Please email or call us again if you require further assistance.

13 out of 167


Location: Kelowna BC

There was no manual with the package of DVR and two cameras. I took a long while on line to find one. The CD is useless it is simply a link back to the FLIR hompage.
Unable to locate the Client software for PC to connect the system to the internet. Waiting now on support to see if they can provide a proper link.
Directions are often difficult to follow and incomplete. Camera resolution is not as good as hoped.

Please find links to all documentation and software downloads under the Downloads tab of this page. Here is the link for your reference:

14 out of 167


Location: Upper Marlboro, MD

Great product easy to set up had a small problem with the Wi-Fi called tech service and they took care of it. My only complaint was the wait time for technical assistance (1 hour 45 minutes) .

15 out of 167


Location: Charlotte, NC

Too good to be true. Don't be fooled. If you're an average consumer who sees the word, "wireless," and assumes this to be true, do not purchase. Opened up the box and immediately noticed the camera had wires. Nothing about this system is wireless, in my very basic uneducated in-surveillance-camera-consumer opinion. In fact, I have never seen so many wires in a box in my life. FLIR/LOREX response to this:

"The wireless technology has been created to transmit wireless data (music, files, video) between devices. Unfortunately, the technology to transfer electricity wirelessly has not been invented yet (at least for domestic use and long distances) and your cameras need to be connected to a power outlet in the same sense that your Wi Fi / wireless router needs a power cord to give internet wirelessly to your devices.

Since our cameras have no possibility of adding a battery pack you will need to use a cable to power them up. If your cameras supported a battery pack you would need to un-mount the cameras each time you had to charge the batteries and that would be quite often. The video feed will transfer wirelessly to your DVR, eliminating the need to run a cable from the DVR to the camera. Still, you need to have a cord from the outlet to a camera so it can turn on."

Fair enough and prompt response (thank you FLIR/LOREX). I did hook up the entire system to see how easy it was to do so and to see if I could make this work (as an outdoor camera per original intent of purchase). Setup was actually fairly easy and uncomplicated. Did require VGA/HDMI cord that they did not supply but we had laying around the house. Also need video input extensions if you don't want the DVR sitting directly underneath your TV (the cords were too short to reach a short distance of the DVR being placed in a TV cabinet for example).

16 out of 167


Location: New Jersey

Solid system that provides a good option for apartments or small businesses. It's not the best model available, but a VERY solid option for those looking for great security and piece of mind for a reasonable price.

17 out of 167


Location: Thiensville WI

Can't find User Manual for DVR itself.
CMS software downloaded to Mac hard to work with.
Can't figure out how to add additional IP cameras to DVR without Manual for DVR. No response so far from Tech support.
Audio outputs from camera receivers are RCA and inputs on DVR are BNC(?)
CD that comes with unit not compatible with Mac computer. Something says Manual there but not readable by Mac.
With no Manual can't figure out how to start and stop recording and view recordings.
Need to have Monitor to do settings on DVR, CMS software not capable of doing that near as I can tell.
Pretty disappointed so far. Wouldn't recommend to Friend unless miraculous turnaround.

Please find the full manual and software links under the Downloads tab of this page. Here is a link for your reference
You cannot add IP cameras to this system as this is an analog system so you must use analog cameras. Thank you.

18 out of 167


Location: Wisconsin

Great value. Set up was fairly easy and things worked well out of the box. Great distances (400+ feet) and decent resolution.
Wish it was easier to get manual or documentation as the cameras and DVR are made separate. Hard to access documentation on line.
Things are fairly easy to figure out once you enter the "00" code to unlock things.

19 out of 167


Location: California

I bought this system based on price and features. I needed a wireless system with audio capability. I've been overall happy with it. Can't get audio to play back on recordings, just on live play. But customer service has been working with me to find out why. Great conpany, good product!

20 out of 167


Location: Mccrory,ar

140 ft night vision with 3 leds I don't see time good picture.

The cameras actually contain 24 high performance LED's per camera. Night vision range is up to 140ft in ideal conditions. If you feel your cameras are not performing as advertised, please call our technical support team at 1-877-755-6739.

21 out of 167


Location: Arlington, va


22 out of 167


Location: Virginia

My foscam system never really worked correctly and I was fed up. Browsed the web... found Lorex had good reviews. Good system at a good price.

23 out of 167


Location: california

I purchased this product 2 month ago. part of order was missing. when i receive this product, i found out camera is not compatible to DVR. i reported this problem to technology and sale department. they did not take care of my problem. and more, connecting cable is missing, they did not send me two connecting cables. i requested they send them to me. they agreed to send me cables and created a ticket for me , and told me i would receive email notification when they send cables to me. until now, i never receive cables and email notification. it had been two months. because work is busy, i dont have time to argue with lorex. i just wait, wait,wait to install this system when i get cables. no one took care of it. the camera and DVR are like trash placed in the corner of garage. i have to said it is very bad experience with lorex.,

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are happy to have resolved this for you.

24 out of 167


Location: Ponce Inlet Florida

great product easy to set up had a small problem with the Wi-Fi called tech service and they took care of it

25 out of 167


Location: Kansas

My 2 camera L142W WiFi system up and running about a month now home use. No problems. Great picture quality. Hardware installed very easily. Setup on the DVR was easy. Set clock, DST, etc. Excellent night vision cameras even at long distances.
CMS-D3 Software was a breeze just follow along with the instructions step by step for port forwarding on your Router. All spelled out big bold and easy on their straight forward instructions. Read carefully and just take it one step at a time. Be sure you use YOUR DVR mac address not the one in the example. Duh!.. Only exception I found to CMS-3 installation instructions is that I had to change my DVR Admin password actually at the DVR itself as it wouldn't allow it through the CMS-D3 over my network. But you should change the Admin PW at installation any how. But not doing this right off and trying to do it while installing the CMS-D3 I kept me wondering if it was a network (my network) setup error as PW change kept failing.
I love the Digsummit App to my phone. No problem with this installation to my V6 Iphone.
This was a only two camera WiFi System.. So I will be soon ordering another wired Camera for indoor use soon, And there will be a 4th most likely in the future. So my only regret,...... I could just as well have bought a 4 camera system. I figured I'd try it out cheaply to see if system was any good. It is!
I helped setup this system for my neighbor. I liked it I bough identical system for my self.
I had and X-10 camera system running previously to my PC. before I purchase this system. It was old. This system is far superior. Much better cameras and video quality. Stand alone.

26 out of 167


Location: New Hartford, NY

A little difficult to setup but once I got it going it's been OK to use. Have sometimes gotten an "Out Of Range" notice, although the camera and receiver are not that far apart, even when indoors.

27 out of 167


Location: Mamaroneck ny

Easy installation of cameras. Technical support is great!! A wonderful picture. My biggest problem with the system is trying to understand how to extract the video I need, the manual seems to strongly support a hook up to a tv opposed to using it through my pc.

28 out of 167


Location: Montreal

This is a very stable product, works extremely well for remote monitoring and is features rich.

Best price vs. Quality, would definitly recommend and buy again.

29 out of 167


Location: USA

After trying a few other cloud-based systems that worked intermittently, this system is a snap to set up to record locally to the DVR. Our only quarrel is that the DVR seems to be finicky about what other devices are plugged into the outlet with it. We've had issues where the DVR won't turn on when the wireless receivers for the cameras are plugged into the same outlet. For that reason, four stars. Otherwise setup was fairly easy. The menu could be easier to navigate and more intuitive, but at the price this is the best we've used.

30 out of 167


Location: PA

Cameras were easy to set up is the only good thing. Camera mounts would not hold the cameras in position without making something to hold them in the ball and cup. Picture quality is great. Sent the wrong sound adapters for the FLIR 960 H. Sent male RCA to female BNC when it was the opposite, so I had to go online to order them if I wanted sound to work. DUMMM!

Then the FLIR 960 H came with no log in information. So how are you supposed to set it up. Dummmmm CD for support on as they send you top the standard FLIR main web page. No instruction manuals, no video tutorials. Had to goggle just how to log on. Then a difficult Wi-Fi set up. No asking for a webkey and password. Had to be placed on hold for 20 minutes and spend over another hour setting this up.

With todays technology a simple CD or DVD how to guide with a video how to would of been too easy. Also a webkey password would be a HUGE improvement to just use the bandwidth with a WiFi system . I have set up many Commercial Building systems and if you want to run Ethernet wire everywhere than its simple. Otherwise count on 4 hours install and 4 hours tech support, when it all could of been completed in 2 hours.

31 out of 167


Location: Vernon British Columbia Canada

For the price I'm happy with the product. Easy set up and decent resolution. I would recommend.

32 out of 167


Location: Austin, Texas

The product works great, the only issue is the directions to set up are not that clear. Took 2 calls to Support line to get it working. Support was excelent

33 out of 167


Location: Tennessee

The cameras were easy to set up and give a clear video. easy to view remotely from my phone.

34 out of 167


Location: swan quarter nc

easy set up great cameras, with night vision. wireless is the only way to go for easy installation. and is a great price for the set.

35 out of 167


Location: Virginia

I ordered this product last week and it arrived yesterday. I went to install it today and found that the LOREX cameras are not fully compatible with the Flair DVR. The audio requires an adapter between the receiver and the DVR for the cable to work. Of course, they did not include the adapter. They also did not include the cable that goes from the DVR to the TV OR the cable that connects the DVR to the router. I called the LOREX technical support. They said that they didn't even know if of Flair and that my DVR must be a very old model. The person I spoke with had a very hard time speaking English, which made everything difficult. He transferred me to a flair customer service who also did not speak English. She then transferred me to a flair technical support help desk where I finally reached someone who could speak English AND he was knowledgeable about the product. He helped me to figure out the issue with the missing adapters and the other missing cords. He put in a ticket for the missing items and transferred me back to customer service where another non-English speaking individual took over. He said it would take up to 14 days to receive these missing cords. This is completely unacceptable, as I am unable to install this system due to their bad quality control of their packaging. He said he would send an email somewhere to determine if they can expedite shipping of these missing items, but wouldn't say for sure. He said I would receive a call from someone about this today. We will see, nobody has called yet. So, at this point I give this a very poor rating and the customer service is a fiasco. I will probably have to send this all back and hope for a refund.

Our apologies for the shipping error and any difficulty you experienced. We are happy to have assisted you further as needed.

36 out of 167


Location: Philly

Good cameras, setting up the DDNS was difficult, forwarding the ports was confusing. The pictures are good for WIFI, night vision works well.
My issue is the WIFI at my house goes on and off sometimes, but that is not an issue with this company.

37 out of 167


Location: Phoenix, Arizona

The cameras work great and the installation is very easy. The only challenge is to run 120VAC to a location that you can plug in the cameras. The DVR setup was simple and plugged it into out router and can monitor the cameras via my smart phone or laptop. The pricing for the whole system is a fraction of what you would have paid just a few years ago.

38 out of 167


Location: tennessee

Had a real hard time getting ddns service activated but tech support was great, system works great only had 2 weeks but so far I love it only complaint is that I need 2 more cameras can buy whole system cheaper than 2 cameras seperate

39 out of 167


Location: Delmar, MD.

Installation of the system was fairly easy and straightforward. The DVR connected to my network with no issue. I have a 20" Acer monitor connected to the DVR which works great. I had a bit of an issue installing the cameras. I took me some time to figure out how to keep the camera in the desired position. The weight of the camera itself seemed to much for the ball joint swivel tightening mechanism of the camera. After tinkering for a while I got the camera positioned correctly. The system works great with my Windows 10 desktop and tablet. Unfortunately I also have a Windows phone and Lorex does not have an app for Windows. Just a couple things for improvement. You almost have to download the manual for the DVR to operate it correctly. In addition, a Windows 10 app would be beneficial.

40 out of 167


Location: California

Installation: Connections are easy to do because the instructions are clear, but it is tricky when enabling some features like notifications and motion detection,but once you get it it will keep working fine.

Cameras: Good quality image on day and night also wireless signal is strong.

Recommended enhancements: Notifications are done by email , I think they should be done through the app, extra work needed from the user on setting up the email account.

I think the solution is great because you get a home security package without spending a lot of money.

Giving three stars because I have to contact support a couple of times.

41 out of 167


Location: Rowlett, Texas

I needed some way to catch the people who were stealing my UPS & Fed X packages from my front door.

This system does the trick. It took me about 1 hour to hook up camera's and connect to a small TV with HDMI.

Very good picture in day light and good night vision. For the money it works well for my purpose.

42 out of 167


Location: Texas

purchased this as my old system could not record all channels simultaneously. Easy to setup, still working on the record settings. Did see some issues with it interfering with my wireless but after looking at the knowledge base and trying some fixes (setting my wireless to a single channel and separating the camera base and wireless as far apart) it has helped a bit.

Will probably get wired cameras for additions going forward.

Overall this is a great system for the price and I would recommend Lorex to my friends.

43 out of 167


Location: Calgary

I just got this in the mail - turned it on and the wifi in my house stopped working. Sadly I will have to return this product as we like our wifi.

I do have to give Lorex credit for their customer service though - I am sad I will need to return this due to the wifi issues.


Thank you for your feedback. Our technical support team would be happy to assist you with any issues you are experiencing and can be reached at 1-877-755-6739.

44 out of 167


Location: Garfield NJ

Great product

45 out of 167


Location: New York, USA

The L142 system came as a package deal. The price was very reasonable for what this system can do. It is very easy to install using the router that I have along with my computer monitor. I downloaded the app and now can view my home from a tablet. The picture is great during the day in color and at night it is in monochrome but still very viewable. I have two negatives, one they do not supply an instruction manual on how to use the DVR. I called tech support and they responed very quickly. The person from tech support was very helpful and answered all my questions. She then gave me the link as to where I could download a PDF file of the manual. The other negative is the camera itself, when I mounted it on the outside of my home would not stay in the postion I wanted it to be in. The ball joint or swivel after tightening as thight as I could get would not keep it in place. So I devised my own way of stabilizing it with and eye hook and zip tie. Easy fix, but this is something they need to address. The shear weight of the camera kept weighing it down. I would recommend this package for the value alone. Works great.

46 out of 167


Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Was not new in the box, scratches on the dvr were there should be protective plastic. I have two (2) cameras that the threads seem stripped and had to rig it to stay up,but they are working. I have pictures. Can't comment more till i give it some more time. Clear picture. I have a two (2) camera system, you would think you would get two (2) window stickers, only got one (1). Heavy cameras should have bigger screws, round bracket that the three (3) screws that go's into that holds the camera needs to be a-lot wider so you can get to them to put them in.

47 out of 167


Location: Sicklerville, NJ

I previously purchased a system with 4 wireless cameras but I felt I had a blind spot. Instead of purchasing a camera and another dvr for 8 cameras, I decided to buy this system with 2 cameras and a dvr. It was much cheaper. I am pleased with the quality of the picture and the equipment. Otherwise I would not have purchased another system. The only problem I have is positioning the camera and tightening it in position. I have two (2) cameras that the threads seem stripped but they are working. Other than that, it's a great system and yes I would recommend it not only to others but also to my family.

48 out of 167


Location: Pennsylvania

I purchased this system due to issues with an ex, who despite a PFA continued to enter my property when I was not home. Neighbors would see him, but he's take evidence substantial for court. I already had an internal security system, but then my car was tampered with in the driveway. That was when I decided to stop stalling and do it.

I feel so much safer whether I'm in the house and can't see certain areas outside, or in the yard...even at work, as I can access the feed from my cell. Well worth the money, excellent product!

49 out of 167


Location: North Carolina

Easy set-up and quick integration with PC and iPad. Solid operation. We're very pleased. So pleased, in fact, that we just bought more cameras for this system.

50 out of 167


Location: Dover, DE

So far I am extremely unhappy. I call on Sunday, only to find out that sales is open, but tech support is not. They are willing to sell you a product on the weekend, but not support it? I have two separate units that are not displaying video right out of the box. I will be sending both products back, and never ordering anything form Lorex again. I

Our apologies for any inconvenience. Our technical support team is available Monday to Saturday, 9am - 10pm EST at 1-877-755-6739. Thank you.

51 out of 167


Location: New York

I tried to make a purchase online however the website would not allow me to add anything to the cart. I was forced to call customer service and was tortured by the entire experience. Clearly their call center is over seas and was so loud i had a very hard time hearing the sales rep. Apparently she had a very hard time hear/understanding me because I had to spell my name, email, street, and town SEVERAL times. I was very close to hanging up but managed to calm down enough to complete the transaction. I really hope the product works better than their customer service.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced and we hope you are enjoying the system.

52 out of 167


Location: south

Seems to be a great product but it makes it impossible for me to use the internet/wifi . I work from home on the computer so I must return it.

Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear you are having difficulty and we have contacted you via email to assist. Please reply to our email or phone us at 1-877-755-6739 and we will be happy to assist you.

53 out of 167


Location: Edmonton Alberta,Canada

I bought this system for my rural home. I am very pleased with it. It took me about twenty five minutes to set up and start viewing.
The quick set up pamphlet that came with it was very easy to use. Using the mouse to set up the time, date and every else was easy. It has a great picture, night vision is so clear and bright, it is like daylight.
I am so happy with it I will be purchasing two more cameras to add to it.

Thanks Lorex, you make a very good product.

54 out of 167


Location: Aurora, CO

Ordered this 3 full business days ago (last week) and status is still "In Warehouse". Ok, shipping was free (ground) but come on, won't be here it in the 4 to 7 business days as advertised unless a NASCAR driver is driving the UPS truck. Can't rate the product because it's still sitting in their warehouse so that is the reason for the 3 stars. Will update once I receive it.

We apologize for the delay with your order. We hope you are enjoying the system.

55 out of 167


Location: Henderson, NV

When I first received my package the wrong cameras were shipped and I was concerned, based on most of the negative reviews having to do with Lorex's poor customer service. That was not the case in my experience though! Lorex was extremely responsive and I received my new cameras within a couple of days. I'm not the handiest of people and the installation was relatively painless, able to watch live on my phone, and a nice sense of security. The only issue I'm having is trouble getting alerts emailed to my phone when motion occurs, this is probably user error on my part and need to go back into the system settings to make a change or two. If not, I will contact Lorex and have total confidence they will be able to help me out. Overall a good product!

56 out of 167


Location: Connecticut

I just got this product, but I must say it is worth every penny from what I have seen so far. I have used IP cameras with NVRs, and at best the quality was fair, the ease of use and setup was OK, etc. This product makes those other ones look like a joke! The cameras included are definitely hefty and constructed well, plus the quality of the picture is excellent. The DVR unit itself is excellent and everything together make this into what I would say is a "semi-professional" unit.

Picture Quality is excellent
Wireless Range is very good
Easy to use and setup.
Storage for weeks.

Adding an extra wireless camera costs almost the same as buying a 2nd unit.
Data entry without a keyboard isn't quick
On-screen help would be useful (hard to know what some settings are)

Overall, I would highly recommend this unit.

57 out of 167


Location: Reno

Customer Service is wonderful. Picture is great, the alarms work well, but I wished the alarm was on the app as well. App needs help. Their instructions really could use an overhaul. Very out of date and not user friendly. They need to get a complete novice to look over what they wrote. It is more for someone who has knowledge in this and they don't tell you that the version they are using is for a stand alone monitor. If you put this on a PC the menu is different. Also tweaking the system to your needs, no instructions, need to flip through and see what happens or call for help. You do need electricity at every camera, which means, drilling through walls, etc. They need to make a battery operated camera etc. When I did call, I had to get a whole new Gmail account in order to receive alerts.

58 out of 167


Location: Washington DC

I'm very happy with the system we bought! It was relatively inexpensive, easy to set-up, and works like a charm. A few weeks after installing it I noticed that one of the cameras seemed to be stuck in a night vision mode, i.e. it looked very dark even though it was daytime. So, I called customer service & they answered right away and gave me 2 quick solutions to try: 1. shine a flashlight directly into for a minute or two 2. try unplugging and re-plugging the camera...It worked!

59 out of 167


Location: Southern VT

We like the product and proves useful in our rural vt home. We especially like the ease in connecting it to our WiFi, tablet and cell phones for remote viewing. Unfortunately in about a week all WiFi and Internet connections were lost. Numerous attempts to reconnect proved unsuccessful until we shut down the entire system, the dvr, wireless receivers,cameras,uninstalling the WiFi, cell phone and Internet connections. After the reboot and reconnect everything appears to be working . . . but it's only been 4 days. We had another issue with one of the remote receiver's antennas. Although ultimately resolved by customer service, it took 3 attempts to get through. The third time I was on hold waiting for a rep to help me for over 35 minutes. The process took an additional 20 plus minutes to address. Lorex definitely needs more customer service reps. to assist folks like me. The rep we had tried to help as best be could, was courteous and pleasant but the process he had to go through (which is not his fault) was definitely cumbersome. Would I recommend this product to someone else? Yes, but with reservations. It remains to be seen whether or not we need to do another total reboot of the system. I don't want to have to endure another customer service phone call. I'm giving 4 stars for product and 2 stars for customer service protocall, not the person who helped me, he got 4 stars.

60 out of 167


Location: brooklyn new york

These systems are incredible, the octopus cables for the video and audio are great, no more trying to get your fingers in the bnc slots. the picture is incredible and the flexibility with wired or wireless cameras is great. The Lorex software and device id setup is a pleasure. What more can I say. Just keep innovating. Great Job. Oh yes, support is also the best!

61 out of 167


Location: Houston Texas

I live in an older home that probably has lead paint under many many coats of paint and I adjusted my cameras closer to the base DVR and the wife and I love the system. For the price (NO COMPETITION)if you want to hard wire have fun it's not as easy as you think

62 out of 167


Location: pittsburgh,pa

DO NOT ORDER FROM LOREX! They will scam you out of your money!! Ordered a system 5 months ago and after months of phone calls and tickets opened and escalation to management at Lorex they refuse to replace the defective equipment they sent me. Now I am stuck with $220 dollars worth of useless crap I cant use.

We apologize for any difficulty or inconvenience you experienced and have sent you the replacement equipment. We hope all is working well for you now. Thank you.

63 out of 167


Location: berkeley, ca

power supply failed in wet conditions... haven't asked for replacement yet. unfortunately, bugulary occurred before i figured out why camera stopped working

also, website says they are open "today" to take calls... but closed on sundays. not complaining they are closed, but truth in advertising is important.

So... reloaded Stratus software today... established connection to extra camera... access timed out and connot connect to DVR. Keeps giving me "network connection failed", so rebooted DVR.... finally connected after 10 minutes of re-trying.

The quality of the lower resolution cameras kind of stinks. I would skip the cheaper models and aim for higher resolution cameras.

Lorex seems to have a pretty good platform, but it is indeed challenging to sort out the marketing lingo from the technical specifications.

64 out of 167


Location: Vancouver bc

System is very easy to setup. Night vision isn't great.

65 out of 167


Location: Montreal

Installation was super easy. We hooked it up using the diagram provided and it worked right away. We then had to download the manuals to figure out how we want the recording and event monitoring to be set. That wasn't as easy, but it does work as described. I looked at many other systems and this one offered the best solution for the price and also the least risk for having our cameras hacked on the interenet, which is something we were worried about!

66 out of 167


Location: Comox, BC

I had earlier purchased a Lorex wired system which is working well but there were a couple of areas of my property which I was unable to monitor easily with a wired system. This wireless system was easy to set up and make connections. The setting up of the remote access was more challenging but I finally got it working and am able to check in from anywhere on my phone or laptop.

67 out of 167


Location: San Diego

Great camera system just installed it last night. Just need to get the remote to work. I didn't have time to play with it last night. But so far I like the system.

68 out of 167


Location: Los Angeles

The product itself is okay. The hard drive is good but they sent me the wrong one. The cameras are crap! They are okay in daylight with poor focus though, and worthless at night. You can only see a decent 10 feet then it is all just grayed out. Customer service here is pitifully poor! No matter who you want to contact you are on hold for hours and no one answers, and they do not call you back if leaving a call back number. I was finally contacted by email once I wrote a terrible review and this person took care of my hard drive problem, sending me a different but comparable product. Thank you for that! Unfortunately my other issues with this company were still unresolved, and after 1 month of waiting, I finally got a notification that my "ticket" was finally addressed and then within minutes they closed the ticket. I know they will not publish this review as they did not publish the first one, but it makes me feel better knowing I wrote it to hopefully help others to purchase better cameras if they do publish it.

69 out of 167


Location: Toronto, Ontario

The systems are very good. The night vision works very well. The support helps us to get the passwords working.

70 out of 167


Location: Pittsburgh

Great wireless product. Easy to setup and use especially when using the Lorex ECO Stratus app on your phone to have realtime image feedback when installing and positioning the cameras. My Wireless transmitter is in the basement and no issue getting strong signal outside.

71 out of 167


Location: Irving Texas

I am setting up the system and it is working very well. I do recommend it highly.

72 out of 167


Location: Boynton beach fl

Was ship fast easy to install but the only thing is the hard drive does not work .place a call to technical support and they will send a new one ..will see how long and if it works ?
The camera has good video and cleans pic I can only give them a three star because it did not work out of the box and have to wait for a replacement !!

73 out of 167


Location: San Antonio TX

Date : December 22, 2015

Great product! Easy setup & install. Awesome Technical service representatives - very knowledgeable of products.They are 5* but the customer service end is only a 2* as you can get them had to call Canada for sevice Would recommend this system. Would purchase more LOREX products.

74 out of 167


Location: Collingwood Ontario

I think they are great, clear and good range
We a lot of downtime because of wifi but Bell sent us a new modem and it is constant 95% of the time now

75 out of 167


Location: Georgia

Great product! Easy setup & install. Awesome Customer/Technical service representatives - very knowledgeable of products. Would recommend this system. Would purchase more LOREX products.

76 out of 167


Location: Wa

I bought mine month ago and was easy to set-up and is working well. Plan on adding two more cameras soon. Would recommend the product to anyone.

77 out of 167


Location: San Diego

I have not installed it yet, but so far so good all looks well. We will see once I install the system.

78 out of 167


Location: ny

so far camera is about 1 month old and it already stopped working. called for warrenty hold time 30 min. left my number to be called back and was never called back. would not deal with them again!

Thank you for your feedback. Our sincerest apologies for any difficulties you experienced and hope the replacement camera is working well for you.

79 out of 167


Location: 12alfons

Already had one Lorex system > liked it so much I bought another.

80 out of 167


Location: Virginia

Awesome pricing for high quality security!

81 out of 167


Location: Colorado

System easy enough to set up initially. Some issues with internet and monitor setup. Customer support was helpful.

82 out of 167


Location: Pennsylvania

Had this system for about two weeks. I had a smaller Lorex monitor system with two wireless cameras and it has been very durable and reliable. Setup and installation was rather easy, although I do have some technical ability. I like the many options to configure when and how to set the recordings and alarm options. The only thing that I find missing is a way to lower the alarm (motion) detection buzzer sound. I want the alarm to sound even overbite but not too loud to keep others awake. This cameras don't have an audio ability which my other cameras had. The motion event setting is rather sensitive but I am experimenting as there are 6 different sensitivity levels available.

83 out of 167


Location: California USA

My first system. Set up was pretty straight forward. ( Just run to an electrical outlet, no video line to install ) .. The cameras are of good quality and night vision is impressive. The system has been up and running about three weeks with no problems. I would highly recommend this system. function and operation of the software and system. This is the easiest surveillance system I have ever used. Great wireless range and the image is awesome. Connectivity from my phone is so simple. I can see my home from anywhere.

84 out of 167


Location: California

This unit was actually listed as 1TB, not 500GB which is 1 reason why I bought it. I have a screen shot to prove it but Lorex denies it. I called their customer service and was on hold for over 1 hour on 3 different phone calls. Finally got a rep who couldn't help me. In a nutshell their customer support is a JOKE! They dropped the price $50 on Black Friday after I purchased it in the morning but they refused to help me. I bought a 2nd one and tried cancelling the first order but they would not cancel it even though it was only a few hours ago and was not processed as yet. REALLY?! So much for their cancellation policy. Will never use this company again! I'm chatting now with one guy who just keeps giving me excuses and is no help at all. Now back to the unit. It is OK but would help if the instructions came with it. Had to finally download and once I finally found the application that worked with my MAC I was finally able to set it all up. Still trying to get the DDNS account info which they are supposed to email after registering, but again nothing. The cameras are great during the day but very fuzzy at night. The range is not what they list but I do like that I was able to download the apps for my iPhone and iPad and that works well. Overall the full unit is just OK. The company needs training in customer service and I do feel like this product was misrepresented. Again, I have a screen shot showing that they list it as 1TB. Shame on you Lorex!

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for any difficulty you experienced. Our customer service team was happy to resolve the discrepancy for you.

85 out of 167


Location: 4855

Bought these for my sister-in-law for a little extra security , I hope she feels like , I do .

86 out of 167


Location: Irving, Tx

I like the system very much and will ;like it more when my replacement DVR arrives. Someone was to contact me today and that did not happen.

87 out of 167


Location: Las Vegas Nevada

Great product cameras in color by day and b/w by night great system and the customer service is also great in helping out with the system to get you on line. I now looking at more camers to add to the system. Thanks lorex.

88 out of 167


Location: California

Had the system about 2 weeks. A camera failed that was under warranty and now I am trying to get a replacement. For the last week I have been waiting for a response. So far, nothing. Really piss poor customer service.

Thank you for your feedback. Our apologies for the delay. We hope the replacement is working well.

89 out of 167


Location: groves tx


90 out of 167


Location: Toronto

Bought this system 3 weeks ago because of 2 key features: remote view by smart phone and instant Email alert. It's easy to set up after reading the instructions online. The cameras provide clear view day and night. The recorded images on DVR are very sharp, and the hard disk can last long when it's set on motion recording only. The only problem I have encountered so far is the transmission of signals from the cameras to the wireless receiver is often lost, causing loud beep sound on DVR though the distance from the cameras to the receiver is less than 10 metres. The customer service promised to send me a replacement for the wireless receiver. Hopefully will get it very soon so I can put the system up running.

91 out of 167


Location: California

This product was easy to set up and all 4 cameras are working in sync with no problems, hick-ups, etc. I was on a cruise recently and checked in on my home while away via cell phone. I have one camera in the home and 3 outside.....Very pleased!

92 out of 167


Location: San Antonio , TX

This is the easiest surveillance system I have ever used. Great wireless range and the image is awesome. Connectivity from my phone is so simple. I can see my home from anywhere!!!!!

93 out of 167


Location: Peterborough, Ont

Oh wow! Easy setup, everything worked right out of the box. Better picture quality that I had thought, after reading some reviews. Nice compact size, great for my Condo. More extensive features that I had expected. Very pleased! I would definitely recommend this, in fact, I did and they bought one also!

94 out of 167


Location: alberta

easy install, good WiFi range and i have had no connectivity issues at all.

95 out of 167


Location: Pine Mountain Club

An excellent system for our needs. We do not need to be around for it to capture anyone attempting to meddle with our home. We had received a threat from a young neighbor which caused us to purchase system. Pretty easy to follow set up instructions and we can monitor from any of our electronic devices home or away.

96 out of 167


Location: Western Oregon

Works well and like the quality of the pictures. I needed tech support and their help was great.

97 out of 167


Location: Deltona, FL

I really like the idea of the wireless cameras. Too bad I still had to run power to the cameras. The quality of the transmission is very good. The night vision is awesome. My wife is very happy about our purchase. I like the idea of being able to see my surveillance cameras via my Android. Nice.

98 out of 167


Location: Tennessee

Bought my system 4 days ago. A LH040 wireless system working great. I'm not very computer Savvy but was able to get my desk top & I pad up& running with little difficulty. Good system.

99 out of 167


Location: Northern Ontario

Easy to setup, requires a power source near each camera. PVR software need a bit of work! Camera IR works like it should. Hassle free internet setup for remote monitoring ,just plug it in, get the app for your your iPad and that's it! Overall good value and functionality, it's a solid product.

100 out of 167


Location: Tennessee

Works well but remote viewing is complicated to install.

101 out of 167


Location: Arizona

Great system with excellent customer service and technical support. I love the fact that I can access my system on my smartphone anywhere, anytime.

102 out of 167


Location: Austin, Texas

This system was relatively east to install but then again I am a Techie. I had the 4 camera system up and running to my HDMI connected 720P TV Monitor by my Broadband router with multiple Wi-Fi Access points (802.11b,g). I connected my PC-Laptop, iPhone and IPad with monitor and screen capture (pics) relatively quickly after I registered my system with Lorex and created a DNS account. My daughter easily connected up her Android phone and was up and running in minutes. The video quality is as good as I expected for the price since it is not HD quality. The Night vision capability is great (better than I expected). This system is great as long as it is not active 100% of the time since it severely affects my Wi-Fi connectivity data rate. I typically turn off the complete system (including the two wireless 2x connectors to the DVR) during the day when I am using Wi-Fi or my wireless speakers. My only issue is when I have all 4 wireless remote camera connected, my Wi-Fi bandwidth dropped dramatically to the point of failure to certain Wi-Fi Access Point connections (I have 4 Wi-Fi systems on my property for coverage). Even though Lorex uses Frequency-hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) to move between frequency bands in the 2.4GHz to 2.48GHz Wi-Fi range, I could see some of my Wi-Fi access points drop out entirely as the FHSS kicked in. My Sony wireless speaker system absolutely dropped out since the FHSS wireless took over the wireless speaker freq range (Also uses FHSS). My recommendation for future systems is to use Sub-GHZ frequencies for wireless connected cameras. This will eliminate the wireless interference with Wi-Fi systems and wireless speakers. Additionally, the Sub GHZ freq will increase distance for the wireless cameras to be connected. Overall I am satisfied with the system for use when I am not on my property or during the night while I am not using Wi-Fi.

103 out of 167


Location: Philadelphia, PA

This surveillance system was relatively easy to install, and in the few days that it has been operational, it appears to be working as intended. It would have been nice to have an instruction manual included for the price, as having to use the Lorex website and making repeated trips to the locations where the DVR was set up was inconvenient. While I appreciate the need for a "green" approach to reducing unnecessary paper waste, sometimes an old-fashioned paper owner's manual is essential. Other than this minor complaint, I am thus far pleased with my purchase.

104 out of 167


Location: Denver CO

I'll be using this as a temporary monitoring system for my halloween yard haunt so it won't be in use year round, I found most home security systems don't have an option to hook up to a TV for monitoring (wi-fi/smartphone use only) so I'm happy to have found something that will work for me. I'm giving it 3 stars only because I'm unsure about the longevity of the system, or how it will work with my lighting, my only wish would be having audio, but thats minor.

105 out of 167


Location: Simi Valley

Easy to install. Performed as advertised.

106 out of 167


Location: Morgan Hill

This my second system. Both systems are working well. It is so nice to be able to see what's going on at a house that may be empty. This system offers a good bang for the buck.

107 out of 167


Location: Alabama, US

Once you get it set up, this is a decent home security system. There are plenty of configuration options for almost any need, but, unfortunately, the included documentation is light on details and the web-based manual is missing important setup information. For example, to configure the system to record based on motion alerts, I had to reference the documentation for another system on my own. And support was no help, as they closed the support ticket I opened without comment or answer.

108 out of 167


Location: Salem, VA

LH040 - Eco series 4-channel system with wireless cameras - We have had this system for less than a week so far. Setup was fairly easy, we were viewing live video from the cameras very quickly. Each pair of wireless cameras communicate to the DVR via a wireless receiver which is hardwired to the DVR. The cables are not very long so you may need to place the DVR in a place to allow proper positioning of the antennas. The DVR also requires a hardwired connection to your router, so I had to install the DVR near my computer desk instead of near my HDTV like I wanted. (I have run a long Ethernet cable over to my HDTV.) The wireless cameras each require connection to power, they are each equipped with AC adapter with about 25ft of cable. So this may affect where you can easily mount the cameras without electrical work. It will take some time and electrical work to get all the cameras mounted exactly where I want them. Viewing the live video is the easiest to accomplish and works very well, playback of recorded video is the part that is lacking for me. As other reviews have stated the playback speeds do not seem to work and it appears to actually playback in slow motion. The search and playback options are slightly different between using an external monitor versus viewing from a smartphone or computer. I like the playback options using the external monitor because it provides the events in a list format. We also had some issues connecting to the DVR via smartphone, but I suspect it was due to trying to make multiple simultaneous connections, using one at a time seems to work reliably. This system is Stratus (Cloud) enabled so the DDNS setup is not required for remote viewing from the internet, but you will need to create an online account with Lorex and register the product warranty. Changing the camera recording options was fairly easy. You can setup the recording options for each camera independently or make them all the same. I had to do some research regarding the email settings, but eventually got that working. The email sends a single date/time stamped picture at some point after motion is detected, sometimes this captures what caused the motion and sometimes does not. (I haven't tried playing with the motion detection sensitivity setting yet.) An unexpected, but nice feature is a buzzer (alarm) sound from the DVR which can be set to sound when one or more cameras detects an event (motion). So far this system has provided everything as advertised and has all the features we had hoped for from a system in this price range, we are happy with it.

109 out of 167


Location: Arkansas

This is my first security camera system. Out of the box I attempted to read the installation instructions step by step. These instructions lack a lot to be desired to say the least. I had the cameras operating within about 30 minutes but couldn't get the included mouse and remote control to work. I also couldn't get the motion sensor to send myself an email. I contacted tech support and the person informed me that my satellite internet service didn't have enough upload speed to handle the email notification and most likely wouldn't allow remote viewing on my smartphone. The issue with using the included remote control and mouse is only available if you connect the dvr directly to a monitor. If you connect the dvr to your router and view it thru your computer and existing monitor, it disables them. This is not a deal killer for me. I have tried to view my recorded video on 8x speed and it will hang up but I can view it up to 6x speed and it works fine. The control panel is a little confusing but after playing around with it I have it "tweaked" the way I want it. Otherwise I am content with the video quality and am extremely happy with the IR (night vision) distance at night. Just keep in mind, if you don't have true hi-speed internet, this system won't perform at its best.

110 out of 167


Location: Wisconsin

Like other reviews, instructions received were not for the model we purchased, was told by salesman video was 1080 since there wasn't anything on outside of box - it is 960, mouse and remote didn't work - tried different batteries (maybe this was a refurbished item), unable to change the date and time through the Ipad app - emailed tech support - did receive an email back after I returned the item, it stated we needed to call their support number, it did slow down our netowrk some but not huge amount, camera quality good

111 out of 167


Location: daleville, al

well, so far, it does not send any emails to me, i cannot fast forward to view playback, each second during playback takes 3-15 seconds or more, only after i download files to my computer can i actually watch what was recorded at real speed. yes, it was pretty easy to install and get it up and running, but it seems like it would be more user friendly if i could view what was recorded, in real time, before i decide what i want to download to my computer!

112 out of 167


Location: California

Great home security system. Was very easy to install and cameras work well both day and night. Nice feature to be able to watch from smart phone, computer, or monitor.

113 out of 167


Location: Michigan

This product is great, having the ability to view the camera's from my iPhone, iPad or computer is great. The night vision works well and give more viewing distance at night than I expected. Overall very happy

114 out of 167


Location: New Jersey, USA

I really like this product!!! I am a first time security camera buyer and I chose this product because it is indoor/outdoor, wireless video feed, reliable wired power supply (much better than battery powered units) and hard drive recording instead of costly monthly cloud storage fees. Great product and easy setup!!!

115 out of 167


Location: Lake FOrest

I was given this system for Xmas. Easy to set up, but getting e-mail notifications set up is not working. I sent an email request for help getting this set up and 8 days later I still haven heard anything. I have, however, received numerous e-mails from Lorex, but no answer yet about getting e-mail notifications... I would give this 5 stars if I could get the email stuff set up.

116 out of 167


Location: panama city home

LH040 nice system not bad to set up once you figure out what the instructions are trying to tell you once you find the manual on line(should have one included ) yes you get e-mail notification of motion BUT if the thieves steal your DVR you have no record except what is on you smart phone (1 picture) was told no way to back up video even by cable to USB flash drive/another hidden DVR /computer. yup back up- but its manual when you want to back up you do-does not automatically do a back up system would work great for a work place when just trying to monitor people and your watching the video as it happens -or restricted area where you see it then go there not good for hidden cameras when motion is sensed the DVR beeps/loud still have not figured out the sensitivity scale or motion watch areas I do not have separate monitor so had to read instruction on internet unplug monitor plug in DVR and back and forth I'm 67 and not tech savvy took 2 weeks to get it set up and running would I buy again ==probably not

117 out of 167


Location: Minnesota

I was surprised how easy setup was for this product, I had it up and running in about 40 minutes. The most time was spent mounting the cameras as they require access to a power source. The picture from the camera is nice and clear. The reception from the cameras is pretty good. I have had some issues with my camera mounted on my garage, as it appears the signal does not like traveling through the aluminum garage door. I had to relocate receiver to a closer room. Nice feature of email alerts and remote viewing. So far so good. I am looking to purchase more cameras to add to system.

118 out of 167


Location: Spring city tn

Out of the box there was some difficulty, but after call tech support we found out that the remote receivers were bad. After we acquired the second on setup was a little easier. The main problem I have is there is really no user friendly instructions on how to use the software, ie: recording and playback.

119 out of 167


Location: Spring Cuity TN

Out of the Box I had a little bit of trouble, I had to return the system because it had two bad remote receivers. On the second go round it was so bad. I contacted technical support twice , and had great support from them. the system is still to new to me to give it my honest opinion. So far so good. I only wish they would have had better friendly user instructions. I would recommend this system to anyone wanting a wireless system. Im realy thing about taking it back and buying the system with sound.

120 out of 167


Location: US-NC

I got this system for Christmas and just installed last week. I am very happy with it so far. Installation was simple, hard thing is to figure out where the cameras go, and I didn't have to pair them. As soon as I plugged in the dvr, the image came up without doing anything else. The picture is very clear day and night. The only issue I have is that my wi-fi connection slowed down tremendously. I have done some research and found that I need to change my router's settings to where the router's channel is not set to automatic. I will set my router's channel to either 1, 6, or 11, since they are not supposed to overlap and hopefully that will fix the wi-fi problem. At least I have a dual band router and my 5GHz still works fine.

121 out of 167


Location: saskatchewan

Easy set up, took a little bit of figuring to set up email notifications. The range on the cameras is a little bit weak for the distance I have them from the receivers but still works. Over all I am happy with the system.

122 out of 167


Location: Spring, Texas

These cameras are very clear and very very easy to install. Was up in running in a few hours. The signal strength is good also. I have the 4 cameras installed on my entry points of my home and could not be happier. The software took a little googling and getting used to but very easy to use.

123 out of 167


Location: ON

Unhappy with set up. The web site suggested doesn't take me anywhere! No manual either. Where do I get a pdf manual? Initial setup appears to work for video. How do I access the additional features, home page etc.? Now it "beeps" when I walk thru the camera. How do I turn that feature off? How do I get to the main menu? Do I use my laptop & it's mouse or do I need to use the Lorex mouse and a monitor connected with HDMI cable? Quick setup checklist needs a LOT of work & improvements.

124 out of 167


Location: Texas

I had been looking for a wireless system for a year or more and had done some reading om what was out in the market. I chose the Lorex because because it seemed to fit my needs. Price was good DVR and cameras fit my needs. It was easy to install and picture was clear. The really only problem I have has was trying to contact sales. (don't try calling or opening a ticket > never received a reply or return call). On the other hand the tech department has been more than wonderful. The only thing I wish Lorex would of done would be to supply a User's Manual with the system. The instructions are really lacking on alot of details.

125 out of 167


Location: Texas

I purchased this product back in May have been very pleased with it. I did have to return one Camera back to Lorex due to the color went out. After i registered the product and submitted a copy of my receipt i had no problems returning the defected camera and received a new one within 7 days. I also purchased this system for my daughters house.

126 out of 167


Location: Arizona

Purchased this system a few days ago. The directions were not as clear as I would have liked, especially since this is the first security camera system I have used. Some parts of the application (on computer/phone) do not exist--my application does not allow me to choose a specific time to view from the recordings, only allows me to choose a day and then I have to (slowly) fast forward to get to a later time. Another complaint is that the applications to view the recordings always time out, and I have to reselect the cameras I would like to view instead of automatically being able to view them all on their preselected screens. However, overall I would recommend this product as the clarity of the cameras (including the night vision) and overall quality is good. I am unsure if this is offered by a different Lorex product, but going forward I would purchase a camera that allows me to rotate the view from the phone/application.

127 out of 167


Location: Choctaw, ok

Great system and works great. Allows wife to watch her barn and horses.

128 out of 167


Location: iowa

nice simple set up have had cold weather issues , and 1 camera out of range " just changed port seemed to work after that "

129 out of 167


Location: Greenwood, NS

Very impressed with the ease of access installation and the internt accessability. Mobil app is also very impressive. Would highly recommend it.

130 out of 167


Location: St. Louis

Great system. When I was checking out wireless systems I came across this one. The price and reviews I read convinced me to buy. I'm glad I did. System was very easy to setup. Picture quality is awesome. We have 12" concrete walls here and the system has had no problems with signal strength. In fact a friend of mine has another brand system that he paid 3X more for and our system is as good or better at picture quality and wireless range.. The system has already paid for itself by helping with a shipment problem we had. When we had a question, support got right back to us and was very helpful. I would recommend this system and Lorex to anyone.

131 out of 167


Location: Florida

This system was extremely easy to set up. Pairing of the cameras was immediate and the wireless range has proven to be good throughout the three weeks I have been using it. The system performs reliably and the remote access has been good, though the interface is a bit clumsy. Using my iPhone, I find it necessary to connect to each camera individually. They do not show up automatically as they do when I am home on my local network. A major omission is the lack of an included manual. The DVR menu is quite complex and in order to learn it, it was necessary to download the manual (which is not very easy to find) on the Lorex web site. A suggested improvement is to work on the DVR user interface. It is reminiscent of early Windows apps. Finally, while the images from the cameras are very clear, they are far from HD quality and of course they are not advertised to be. This is not a system for anyone who would need to decipher fine details (such as a license plate number) but is great for those needing easy setup and reliable performance.

132 out of 167


Location: San Diego Area

After an small incident, I research a new system to replace an old Logitech system that had seen better days. We never believed someone would be brave enough to enter our backyard with a Great Dane and a St. Bernard that have free access to this area. Especially with the Dane as she growls and barks at strangers, but I guess her age has made her more docile. I decided on this system and was really happy at how easy it was to set up and get operational. Still have a few minor adjustments to work on to get it fully dialed in. Very pleased with the system, with one issue. The email alert system doesn't work for us. Tried many different ways to set it up and then called tech support. Was on hold for about 40 some minutes, bit frustrating. After talking with the tech, I found out that the alert system really only works with AOL and about fifty percent of the time with a Google email. I did try setting up a gmail account, but still had no luck with the email alerts. Once they fix this issue, hopefully sooner than later, I will be 100% satisfied. Currently debating to purchase a second system to be able to have eight cameras covering other areas of our property, but need to install a few outside outlets first. One thing to note, as they recommend not using indoors looking out thru a window, the camera works well during daylight hours but only reflects the IR light back at the camera at night basically blinding it.

133 out of 167


Location: Richmond, BC

Well... I bought the LH040 Nov 10 and set it up Nov 13 One wireless camera work great the second one is not working. It is "out of range" even at 15 feet away unobstructed. I completed a "problem ticket" the same day and as of today, Nov 15 evening with promise somebody will get back to me within 48 hours, I only receive an offer to extend the warranty if I complete this review!!! I am happy with the working wireless camera, iPhone and iPad apps, but unhappy with the still non-working camera and the poor after sale service

134 out of 167


Location: Dallas, TX

Great Product! The setup of the DVR and synchronizing the cameras are easy. The part that takes up the most time is planning the location of cameras, running secured electrical conduit and junction boxes, and installing the cameras. Converted outside electrical outlets to secured electrical outlets to conceal and protect the electric to the cameras. The iPhone and iPad apps works great on wifi and cellular external networks. For PC, IE webpage works great, to administer cameras and DVR. Impressed with alert features via email. The radios to the cameras affected my wireless network due to the radio frequency it was using. I had to modify and lock down the wifi network channel from "auto" to a different channel/frequency in the AT&T Uverse gateway router.

135 out of 167


Location: Alabama Gulf Coast

I have just installed this system and it was much easier to do than my prior wired one. Video quality is just as good as the HD wired unit I had before, and the connection to smartphone and tablet much far better. I am pleased so far with the system. I have a camera set at my pier 200+ feet away and it works fine. I have some problems with fast playback.

136 out of 167


Location: Arizona

My first system so no comparisons. I'm very happy with the product and it's performing as advertised. Listed below are the issues I encountered. - I set up on a weekend and so didn't have support and was forced to figure it out for myself. Not a bad thing for me but you may want to plan accordingly. - It took a while to figure out how to access the management interface. A basic (or maybe a little more than basic) knowledge of IP networking was needed to get to the admin menu. - No real documentation with the product. Doc links to the website are wrong - you have to find it yourself. The actual documentation - PDF manuals - is very good once you locate it. If I'd had this to start with, say if the links were correct, the above may not have been issues. - The video traffic eats up your wireless bandwidth. I may need to get a second router to run my non-Lorex devices. I strongly recommend downloading the documentation first thing:

137 out of 167


Location: CA

Yesterday bought this from best buy, took sometime to set up, range good, but main concern , this slow down my entire wifi network on ATT uverse, I will call tomorrow to custome serv, Sure, very poor directions to get started One question- should this dVR be connected to wireless router or the ATT uverse box..? I connected with ATT box , Will update

138 out of 167


Location: US

I am overall impressed with the product. Pro: -Easy physical installation -Camera performance is adequate -Distance of IR at night is good -Easy to setup DVR -Mobile app is easy to setup w/ QR code - Mobile apps on iOS and Android -No wireless performance issues. Cons: -Lens is too narrow. Had to really work hard to get basic coverage due to the lens having poor wide angle characteristics. I'm used to higher end cctv (Bosch, Pelco) and was a bit let down by the narrow field of view. -User interface on DVR is clunky and the fields need beeter in menu explinations of the settings. -Mobile app requires restarting fairly often to bring up Camera live feed. -Footage sometimes has video compression artifacts (motion blur) even at 30 fps. -Wireless add-on receiver is hard to mount and has short cords so it has to sit very near DVR making a messy install. All in all it does what it says on the box and is fairly simple to setup. The mobile apps work and installation is reasonably easy. For the money the lens should be better. The mobile app needs polish but is a really good start (everything works the majority of the time).

139 out of 167


Location: Edmonton

The hardest part was locating the camera installation points where access to or setting up secure power points for the cameras could be done. Otherwise it was fairly easy to get going by just following the one-sheet quick setup page included. I setup the wireless receiver for one set of two cameras first and then went to mount the cameras. Expected I would have to perform the sync process afterwards but when I got back inside the house the receiver was already getting live video from both cameras as soon as power was supplied to them, no syncing was even necessary. I have to agree with others that the operation of the PVR takes a while to figure but once you got that done it works flawlessly. This is totally unlike my D-link Cloud system which was 4x more expensive, much more complicated to setup being individual pieces you have to hobble together. I've never been able to get the PVR part of the D-link system to function at all and that box alone cost $500 just by itself. Comparing the two I'll take the Lorex over D-link any time for price and performance even though it takes a little effort it's a much better system and easily expandable as well provided you don't try to stretch the wireless distances to much. Maybe a wireless repeater option would help, Lorex guys??

140 out of 167


Location: Niagara Falls, On

Purchased this system recently and had it up and running - after a call to the support centre - in short order. Wanted wireless but was concerned about signal strength from inside house. I have these cameras mounted outside and they monitor the back and side yards. I've had no trouble at all and I am very pleased with the picture quality. I can honestly recommend this product. I intend to purchase a couple of more cameras to add to my system in the near future. I originally purchased DropCam Pro but returned the cameras because they 1) do not allow for storage - you must subscribe to their cloud service and I'm not willing to pay $300/yr for each camera and 2) they cannot be used outdoors. This is the best system I've found for the money!

141 out of 167


Location: Lake Orion Michigan

I had an independent contractor quote me a price, different brand camera and DVR and installation! For the same price as his " one" camera installed I got 4 ! They were very simple to set up, install and the quality is outstanding! Could use longer power cords to camera in some cases but overall I highly recommend Lorex! Now time will tell as I sit here in Arizona looking at my home in Michigan! Thanks Lorex

142 out of 167


Location: fayetteville nc

I got this unit to have on the house. It was easy to hook up.Was not told that you have to have router and hard line internet. mit have to get a modem too.

143 out of 167


Location: Loudonville, Ohio

Just purchased these for my mothers house. Easy to install & great picture. I have the 8 camera 2275's at home, Would recommend both systems

144 out of 167


Location: Loudonville, Ohio

Just purchased these for my mothers house. Easy to install & great picture. I have the 8 camera 2275's at home, Would recommend both systems

145 out of 167


Location: jersey city

the best thing i ever purchased ! i have bunch of dogs and i keep monitoring them inside and outside ! very easy to set up and good quality picture!

146 out of 167


Location: Phoenix

Well what can I say I am one who can fix thing but with this one I did not have problem except I had to reinstal app on Iphone ,so far all is fine ,and I would recommend this system.

147 out of 167


Location: Baltimore, MD

I am very happy with this system. It is simple to set up, and satisfies all of my security camera needs. I am already planning on expanding from two cameras to four. I did have some interference with my home wireless network, but, Lorex support helped me solve the problem. Very happy customer here.

148 out of 167


Location: Independence, KS

System is fairly easy to setup. Set up with PC, don't like the changes it made to my PC. Downloaded instructions, apparently go with Monitor, because I can't figure out how to backup and fast forward. Talked to support on phone, couldn't understand very well. Submitted a request for assistance, it has been 1 and 1/2 days and haven't heard from them. Probably will end up purchasing their Monitor.

149 out of 167


Location: NY

This is the only Security system I have purchased so I don't have any other to compare it to. As far as the hookup it was the simplest thing I have ever hooked up. Within minutes I was online and up and running. I love the features and I can go back to what ever day I want and see what was setting the cameras off. If I was going to recommend a purchase of a system I would grab this one. I'm now going to get another one for a different location I like it that much.

150 out of 167


Location: st-paulin, qc

Excellente caméra excellent service connection et utilisation simple

151 out of 167


Location: Florida

All I can say is WOW. Wireless is the way to go outside--all you have to worry about is power. I have one camera that is not in range, but hope to fix it by moving the receiver to another side of the house. The images are crystal clear, even at night. The installation of the actual programs was easier than I thought it was going to be. I was viewing my cameras on my iPhone, PC and laptop in no time. The set-up was pretty easy and somewhat automatic. The instructions were numbered, step by step, and easy to understand. I did not have to contact the support center at all. I did a lot of research online and am glad I chose Lorex.

152 out of 167


Location: New Hampshire

I purchased the 4-channel, 2-camera set up and installed it myself. I'm an engineer (so have a basic understanding of systems) but I'm not terribly handy, so I was pretty happy that it was as easy as the reviews stated. However, the instructions that came with the system were not terribly helpful. But thanks to the internet, I found what I needed to know. I placed each camera close to a window, so I could run the power cord through the top of the window to an indoor outlet. Probably not ideal, but it was the easiest way for me. The signals at the cameras are strong and the color image in the day is very sharp. IR image at night is not terribly sharp but what I really want is to monitor my dogs and my house during the day while I'm at work, so it good for what I need. You do have to hard wire the DVR to your internet router (originally I thought it would access my wireless internet), so I had to buy a long ethernet cable. The camera signal does interfere with my wireless internet, but I called Comcast and they told me how to change the broadcast channel on my wireless gateway. Changing to a different channel did help, but didn't completely fix the interference problem. So in the end I decided to dig out my ethernet switch and hard wire my laptop along with the security DVR, so that signal interference wouldn't be a problem. All in all, I really like the system. I think it is a good system for the can find better but you will pay for it. And it does what I need it to do. My only concern is that the they state that the cameras are weatherproof, but then the instructions recommend that you place them in a sheltered location. I put one on my front porch and the other under the soffit, so they won't get rained on directly, but they will get wet. I do hope they are truly weather proof. Time will tell.

153 out of 167


Location: SugarLand, Texas

This system was easy to install and has all the features I was looking for. I've had a couple of instances that I needed some help, called customer service and they were very helpful. The cameras are very clear during the day and the night video is acceptable. I connected to a spare computer monitor I had and it works well. Wireless signal has about a 75 ft limit and then starts to drop out frequently. I recommend purchasing this product to anyone.

154 out of 167


Location: FLORIDA

I love the product but unfortunately, one of the receivers is faulty and shuts down intermittently thereby causing the system to beep incessantly until I shut it down completely. I have on numerous occasions attempted to contact technical support without luck. Even tickets opened on the website go unanswered for days. When I finally spoke with someone, he wanted me to troubleshoot further. More delays....They promised a call back but did not follow through. I did what was asked but still going through red tape. I am appalled with the lack of customer support. I now have a $600 unit and cannot use it. Shame on you Lorex!

155 out of 167


Location: Toronto, Canada

Researched a number of different systems prior to purchasing the Lorex brand. The ease of installation is masterful, any non technical person can follow the instructions for a fast and easy installation. Picture quality is exactly what I was looking for, night vision video and pictures are impressive. Purchased this one for my home and will be heading back to the store to purchase the identical unit for the cottage. Very impressed with this system.

156 out of 167


Location: FLORIDA

Pros: The total length of camera power cord and adapter was sufficient. Once cameras installed, DVR and camera pairing performed without issues. The day/night picture clearer than expected. Cameras very sensitive to motion. Iphone app works as advertised. Easy installation with provided quick start guides. Package contains all needed equipment to protect property. Cons: Concrete block degrades signal substantially. lorex DNS motion notifications did not work. Camera housing all plastic. The Pros certainly outweigh the Cons. I am happy with the product.

157 out of 167


Location: Caney, Kansas

This is our first security system, so wasn't sure what to buy. Went to Best Buy and saw the LH040 Eco 4 camera system. It looked like it would do what we wanted. I downloaded the complete user manual an am glad I did, it made installation very simple. We had no trouble connecting to the internet, laptop, and 2 smartphones. Have good viewing from all 4 locations I needed to cover. Looks to be a good system.

158 out of 167


Location: Virginia

After a minor theft from my yard I decided to get one of these. I needed something that would be wireless, fast to install, and available from the store so I would not have to wait for delivery. This system delivered on all fronts. I have been very impressed with the picture quality so far though I only have one camera set so far. I do wish the mobile app and PC client we're more user focused.

159 out of 167


Location: Orlando

Easy to install! Camera works great! Mobile app works when it wants to.

160 out of 167


Location: Sac, California

My first system. Set up was pretty straight forward. ( Just run to an electrical outlet, no video line to install ) .. The cameras are of good quality and night vision is impressive. The system has been up and running about three weeks with no problems. I would highly recommend this system. CONS: I set the system to function separate from my computer so I not familiar with the pc software. The LH040 systems requires you to keep signing in on every screen to make any change or operation. After setting the alarms, there are no emails to my smart phone. It would be a GREAT help to attach a DVD for function and operation of the software and system. There are beginners out there.

161 out of 167


Location: Ne

very easy to install picture quality is great olds thing I would recommend is that they put a printed owners manual in the box.

162 out of 167


Location: mississippi

so far so good. Have had this camera up and running for a few weeks now and haven't had any problems. Waiting to get the cameras properly installed, as right now they are in temporary locations to assure they worked properly. Easy set-up, overall happy with the purchase!

163 out of 167


Location: Virginia Beach

After researching video surveillance products online, I decided to purchase the Lorex system. The set up was simple with plug and play technology. I did have to call tech support several times to make sure the setting were correct. So far the system performance is excellent.

164 out of 167


Location: Jay

Pros: This system was easy to setup. Reception range is great. Picture quality is good for both day and night. The iPad app is great. The Android app is decent. The client PC software is decent and much easier to fully program the system than dealing with the cheesy mouse only operation directly with the DVR. Remote live viewing works well. Cons: I have yet to get it to send me an email when motion activates it. The 2.4 Ghz signal of the cameras pretty much kill my 2.4 Ghz wifi. Luckily I have a dual band router so 5 Ghz still works for my newer devices. Being able to play back exactly the motion activated recordings are fairly cumbersome from any of the interfaces. They could have made the connections easier by having a single power supply for the DVR and the receivers. As it is there are three wall warts which makes for a mess behind the slim unit.

165 out of 167


Location: Houston

I wanted a system that did not require monthly fees for accessing images or recordings that I could access remotely. I also wanted a system that was wireless and expandable for additional cameras. I found this model (LH04045GC4W) at Best Buy and purchased it without any research. When I got home, I did not open the box until I researched it fully. Unfortunately, since it is a new system, I couldn't find any significant reviews, so I took a chance and opened and installed the system. Here are my findings: Pros: Wireless cameras (except for power cord) Works well at night High quality picture Real time (small lag) image viewing (and prior recording access) on PC, Laptop, iphone, ipad ( I used this feature a lot while vacationing) Good range on wireless cameras Moderate Set-up (Suggest you download the full manual and read thoroughly before installation. The manual is excellent!) Easy set-up on ipad & iphone Easy to mount. Hardware included. Easy to find the right angle. Cameras can tilt, angle and twist to find the right view before tightening the brackets. Hard drive can be upgraded to larger size Opportunities for Improvement: Cannot add additional cameras. No live support on weekends. Camera's included in the package are not audio enabled. Expensive. Set-up can be arduous if you don't review the full manual first. Overall, I'm happy with the system and find myself checking it often when I'm not home.

166 out of 167


Location: Strasburg

Never installed a security camera system. I found the instructions to be great. Set up on my computer, iPad and my iPhone. Now I need to add more cameras. Great buy for the money. For everyone else, stay away from the security companies and be your own. Jun 9 2014, 20:37 EDT

167 out of 167


Location: US

I did a lot of research before purchasing the LH040 system. It is a very well thought out package and is quite easy to set up. There is also plenty of documentation available about the product and setup details. I did not have to contact the support center once. The system does exactly what is says and the images provided are very clear. I am very satisfied with the purchase and recommend it.



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