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Wireless Surveillance Camera System with 8 Channel DVR and 2 cameras



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Wireless Surveillance Camera System with 8 Channel DVR

LW142W wireless security camera system from Lorex by FLIR

Protect what matters most with the L182W security system from Lorex. This system features our D3000 Series 960H digital video recorder (DVR). It also includes 2 VGA (640x480) resolution wireless security cameras. This wireless home security monitoring system is designed to exceed your expectations and will provide you with excellent video quality, day and night. Quickly connect both wireless cameras to the DVR using the dual wireless receiver without the need to run video cables.





960H DVR supports up to 4 cameras



Two wireless security cameras



Maximum night vision



Maximum capacity 1 x 4TB hard drive

FLIR DigiSummit

Remote mobile access with FLIR® DigiSummit app

View security cameras online with DigiSummit app from FLIR

DigiSummit app enables remote access to your security system

The D3000 Series DVR uses DigiSummit, FLIR’s innovative cloud connection service. This app will quickly connect you to your security system using your smartphone, tablet, PC or Mac. View live camera feeds and playback recorded video - no matter where you are in the world. This app also makes it easy to save snapshots and video from playback or live viewing directly to your device.

Works With

Wireless security cameras Black Firday sale with Lorex

Night vision security footage for around-the-clock coverage

Rest assured when night falls with Lorex’s superior night vision technology. Your wireless cameras feature a night vision range up to 135ft / 41m. Their automatic infrared cut filters (ICR) work to ensure that true-to-life colors are represented naturally during the day, and that black and white infrared images at night are as detailed as possible - so even during the darkest hours of the night, you can be confident that your security cameras will be there for you when you need them most.

Night Vision Range
Weatherproof wireless security cameras for all-year security coverage for your home

Weatherproof security cameras built to last

The LW2232 wireless security cameras are well-suited to handle either indoor or outdoor installation. Whether in high powered winds, torrential downpours or full fledged snowstorms, these IP66 rated weatherproof security cameras can persevere. Their high gain antenna ensures improved long distance operation (up to 500ft / 152m outdoor wireless range), allowing you to place the wireless cameras wherever you need them most.



Heat Rating

122°F | 50°C

Heat Rating

Cold Rating

14°F | -10°C

Cold Rating

Professional security grade hard drive for security environments

Store footage on a security grade hard drive

Record in real-time to the D3000’s 1TB security certified hard drive designed for surveillance. It will store weeks (if not months) of footage. Customize the recording settings to fit your needs - record at a lower resolution or program scheduled recording times to maximize hard drive space.

DVR Digital Video Recorder

Security DVRs connect to BNC cameras using RG59 coaxial cables and they compress and store video footage captured from security cameras.

24/7 100% Duty cycle hard drive pre-installed

The hard drives are designed to work in a security environment, including simultaneous recording & playback from various streams.

SignalGuard Technology

Continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detection of low signal strength.




Digital Video Recorder Features:

  • 960H Super-Res (960x480) with Real-Time recording
  • 34% greater resolution than standard D1
  • True aspect ratio wide screen format, sharper, non-stretched image
  • Looping, HDMI, VGA, Spot outputs
  • CMS-D3 remote access SW, multi-site
  • Mobile Apps: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Fully PC/Mac compatible
  • Pentaplex operation
  • Supports 2x HDD (SATA, 2TB) up to 4TB capacity
  • FLIR DDNS service included
  • Supports USB 2.0 or eSata back-up
  • Auto Port Forwarding wizard for easy remote connection
  • Supports RS485 (PTZ), Audio I/O, Alarm I/O

Each D33081T Includes:

1 × DVR
1 × Power adapter
1 × Remote Control
1 × Mouse
Quick Start Guides


Wireless security camera features:

  • Real-Time (up to 30fps) wireless video with MPEG-4 compression @ 640x480 (VGA) resolution1
  • Extended bandwidth delivers smooth high frame rate video1*
  • SignalGuard Technology continuously monitors the wireless signal and automatically reconnects upon detecting low signal strength
  • Next generation adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology greatly reduces signal interference
  • Built-in microphone for listen-in audio (only applicable to model: LW2231)
  • Auto-mechanical infrared camera filter achieves accurate color reproduction in varying lighting conditions
  • 2 channel receiver for separate wireless video channels to your DVR minimizes cable clutter (only applicable to models: LW2232PK2B / LW22PK2B)
  • Long Range night vision range up to 135ft (41m) / 90ft (27m)2
  • Simple installation. No video cable required3
  • Weatherproof camera and power connectors for outdoor or indoor installation4
  • Easily connects to any surveillance DVR (BNC)
  • High gain antennas provide up to 165ft (50m) indoor / 500ft (152m) outdoor wireless range5
  • Vandal resistant camera design with cable pass-through mounting brackets

Each LW2232PK2B Includes:

2 × Wireless camera
1 × Wireless receiver
3 × Power adapters
4 × Antennas

1. At full signal strength. Limit number of obstructions to ensure best performance. 2. Stated IR illumination ranges are based on ideal conditions in typical outdoor night time ambient lighting and total darkness. Actual range and image clarity depends on installation location, viewing area and light reflection/absorption level of object. 3. Camera and receiver requires a wired connection to an electrical outlet (power adaptors included). 4. Not intended for submersion in water. Installation in a sheltered area required. 5. Maximum wireless transmission range. Actual range dependent upon building materials and other obstructions in path of wireless signal.

* Using multiple receivers in close proximity to each other may cause a slowdown in frame rate performance.

All trademarks belong to their respective owners. No claim is made to the exclusive right to use the trademarks listed, other than the trademarks owned by Lorex Corporation. We reserve the right to change models, configurations or specifications without notice or liability. Product may not be exactly as shown. Images are simulated.










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1 out of 66


Location: London, ON

This is my first experience with a wireless security camera system, but like all the other Lorex products I use...set up was a breeze! The wireless cameras were detected and displayed without issue. I set up the cameras with "line of sight" over 150 ft and the cameras had constant full bars. I also performed some tests with a couple of walls between receiver and camera and the signal remained strong. One thing to keep in mind...the cameras do require a power source. I highly recommend this product.

2 out of 66


Location: Canada

We recently purchased a L182W Wireless security system. We have owned a LNR400 for just over a year. The performance of both systems has been everything we expected. We use the systems at our home in Belize, and having the ability to view online while we are home in Canada is priceless to us.
Each time we have technical questions or problems in setting up our system, the Lorex technical support team has been fantastic. Even though we have a MACpro Laptop, and their ability to access our system is limited, they are very good at providing clear instructions and demonstrating patience with someone that is not very tech savvy!!
We have been very happy with our Lorex products and service, recommend highly.

3 out of 66


Location: New Jersey

I cannot truly rate this product. While my order as asking me to review the product above because it has the same model number as that which I received, the truth is I did not receive the product or the cameras displayed above. So, I will only say this, I have had my system, which does not look like that above, even if my order says it should be, and one month in and I have a non-functioning camera.

I have read Dmarie's review from one month ago, and will attempt to add more to this review after I deal with customer service. Aside from the one bad camera, the rest of the system works well.

4 out of 66


Location: Ceres CA

Look I've sent a lengthy review in spelling out all the problems and issues taking my time and the system just freezes! So I guess it won't let me. I will try to sum everything up in short see if it will help. Since I bought the MT2110 series camera system everything has had to be replaced, I've sat on hold for hours at a time and no call back or a couple week later call from their "so called return calling system"! To bad I can't seem to let everyone really know the problems I've had as the system just keeps freezing when I try and post. If you want a headache and feel the need to fight for equipment that will probly fail as soon as your warranty expires then buy some products....

5 out of 66


Location: NC

One camera did not work right out of the box. The two that were installed are working ok. I still have one to install. There is no customer service to speak of. I requested a return for the camera that did not work. I received a Return authorization number and nothing else, no shipping label or even just the returns address. I waited 2 weeks and finally called. After three attempts with a wait time of over 30 minutes, I tried the option to have a call back that never came. When I finally waited it out, 1 hour 9 minutes on hold, I was given the return address with the statement that the shipping label would be emailed within 24 to 48 hours. Well, you guessed it, I'm still waiting for the shipping label.

Our apologies for the wait. We were happy to assist you with this.

6 out of 66


Location: Coram NY

I am very pleased with the Lorex products. The wireless camera's were easy to install. The d3000 system is a good buy.

7 out of 66


Location: Yucaipa, CA

This is my second effort at posting a review. I wrote an rather extensive review that didn't post because this crappy website timeout.

So, the conclusion of my first review: camera good, documentation bad, customer service ugly, website crappy.

Hey Lorex, now will you extend my warranty another year?

8 out of 66


Location: Livingston , Texas

I got this & set it up , DVR works great , the camera's 1 of 2 got mosture in it , it got too where you could not see ,still waiting for replacement .

Thank you for your feedback. We hope your replacement is working well.

9 out of 66


Location: San Pablo, CA

My DVR was Upgraded to a LHV21081T for no extra money when they had a internal problem. Took care of this very quickly! Still came with LW2110 camera's. The picture is fairly good. Easy set up. I have ordered a LW3211 camera that has better resolution.

10 out of 66


Location: Oceanside CA

I was shopping for a replacement CCTV DVR and came across this unit which was compatible with my cameras. When I found out it was made by LOREX/FLIR I was sold. This unit was more than I expected. It was very easy to set-up and connect with my computer and phone. I recommended Lorex/Flir to our church whose is now going to be buying a system from them real soon. Thanks for making a great product!!

11 out of 66


Location: VA

Purchased this for the in-laws. They are "off the grid" for about 6 months of the year and wanted some piece of mind for their home. Install was pretty simple. Just needed to run the power wire to a electric outlet. Overall signal to receiver is pretty good. A little sensitive on the motion recording, have the setting on level 1. Needed some Tech support for setting up DDNS and email notifications. Tech was very helpful and solved the problem quickly. Overall gets the job done.

12 out of 66


Location: Tennessee

Love the unit. Easy to install had to down load manual on DVR, Quick Start page made installation easy. Had to have technical help to set up email notifications.

13 out of 66


Location: Tenneesee

I am very impressed in the simplicity to connect the cameras to the DVR, Computer & smart devices. The pictures the cameras relay are extremely clear. I would recommend this device to anyone interested in a home security system!

14 out of 66


Location: Edmonton,Alberta,Canada

I bought the L182W on sale when it arrived it did not take long to set up the cameras work great I day time and night .yes I would recommend this system the wire less cameras is great.

15 out of 66


Location: Calgary

I like the product for the price I paid. However, the video resolution is not that great.

16 out of 66


Location: Northeast USA

hello. I'm sure this part will get edited out. But I was promised an extension of six months warranty if I fill out my warranty form. I did and have not yet received confirmation of six-month extension. Now I get this email asking me to write a review and I'll get an extra year of warranty. But what's going to happen to that? I guess it remains to be seen.
with that in mind, I just love this system. You can add areas and sensitivity to your motion detection which record 24 hours a day it's just fabulous fabulous It's a Wonderful system and although I get a glitch on One camera once in a while hopefully it's nothing.I just love this system is all kinds of crazy stuff you can do with this thing I never thought possible. Joe

Thank you for your feedback. Your review and warranty registration are tied to your account on our end so we will know the warranty extension will apply.

17 out of 66


Location: NYC

Our DVR recorder died recently and we needed a new one. We looked over our options and we are very pleased with the results of our 8 Channel DVR, the two extra wireless cameras that came with the system are an excellent addition. The whole system was very easy to install. I did it in just a couple hours. I had to call a Lorex technician and they were completely helpful. I definitely recommend them. My only complaint would be the wireless cameras do not have enough length in their power supply cords. I have to order extra length. Also the distance from the camera to the DVR does make a difference in signal strength.

18 out of 66


Location: Florida

Had the L182W system set up and operating in less than an hour. Did take some extra time to locate and install the cameras in the best position but overall a good experience and will look at getting more cameras.

19 out of 66


Location: Bethlehem

Bought this as a add on to one I already have. Had a little trouble setting up but tech support was great to help me. Great system at a great price

20 out of 66


Location: Toledo, Ohio

This is the second unit i have purchased from Lorex, Now i have one at our cottage too. Great products, great prices.

21 out of 66


Location: Phoenix, AZ

This L182W DVR unit with 2 cameras is a great find. I also initially ordered an additional 2 cameras, but I can still put in 4 more cameras making a total of 8 cameras. I am very pleased with the equipment. It was easy to install - just follow the instructions. I did have a problem with a compression ring on one of the cameras, but Customer Service helped me with a replacement. Also, the Technical department was very helpful with the phone app. I am looking forward to many years of good service from this setup. I would highly recommend it!

22 out of 66


Location: Bethany Beach, DE

This system is great! It was easy to set up and use.

23 out of 66


Location: New Jersey

This Product was excellent and especially plug and play model. Very easy to set up any where in home/office/outdoor.

24 out of 66


Location: San Leandro, California

We really like our brand new l182w and lw2110 and l19le12b system after long research of other security systems. The signal is pretty strong and the picture is amazingly clear. Wireless system - this is the only way to go, no long long cables to install. I needed help on setting up the Dns portion to monitor remotely and the FLIR tech people were very knowledgeable and helpful, kudos to them. This is our second security camera from Lorex.

25 out of 66


Location: florida

I have three lorex dvrs and 12 cameras. It is awesome. I see every corner of my house. They are all in color and at night I can see all. I will only buy a Lorex product

26 out of 66


Location: Southwest FL

Received Model L182W in a very short period of time. I have not installed the system yet(Christmas holiday is very busy) I will add to my review when installation is complete

27 out of 66


Location: Ontario Canada

I bought this system from Lorex and installed it, the wireless cameras are working good ,the signal is strong ,the picture is clear.I will get 2 more wireless cameras when is on sale .

28 out of 66


Location: arozona

This is the third system I have purchased from Lorex and I am completely satisfied. I have upgraded from a 4 camera system to an 8 camera system. At the time I was installing the new system you were converting your software all I was getting was 404 server error at which time I called your technology department and they were excellent with the workaround and set me up. You must have an excellent training program for your technology people

29 out of 66


Location: Medicine Hat, AB

Very pleased with the cameras.

30 out of 66


Location: Edmonton

After researching various systems we settled on the |Lorex system because of the simple installation and quality. The wireless system works like a charm and I will be installing another 2 cameras aa later date.

31 out of 66


Location: Savannah, GA

As much as I had read about these types of systems including large name brand companies I was discouraged and afraid to even try this system for some time. I finally needed one for a new office location that I wasn't confident was safe. When I opened the box and reviewed the instructions it was very straight forward and very simple to install and use. I plan on buying this same system for my home and my parent's home and I would definitely recommend it for anyone else looking for an economical and easy to install system!

32 out of 66


Location: Toronto

Bought the system from Costco. Hardest part was the camera places. Finally got all connected but instructions were not as clear as I wanted so I phoned the help line and got excellent support. Had to do this twice and both gave of their expertise and time to help out. It is now running and wireless was the only I could go. After a two car robbery off my driveway I had to put in some surveillance and warning systems. I feel more secure that it might prevent further misadventures.

33 out of 66


Location: Phila Pa

Outstanding! I tried 2 other brands of wireless cameras- 1 came WITH ALOT of wires, the other, their app for my phone would only pick up 2 of the 6 cameras. So when I got the Lorex system.....I was like, no, it can't be this EASY to set up and work. UP & RUNNING in 25 minutes!!! The hardest part was figuring out where to put the cameras. I live in a big city and have it running constantly. No matter where I am for work (I work all over the city) all I have to do is open the app on my phone or ipad and I can see it all day or night. My only regret is that I didn't get the 8 camera system and do the inside of my home. I guess I'll just have to get another dvr and additional cameras. The EASE OF installing this and the quality of viewing and playback are WELL WORTH IT

34 out of 66


Location: Newfoundland

I was looking for a good but simple wireless camera system to install. This product worked right out of the box, fast and easy installation. Love the emails when it detects motion. This product was better than expected, love it so far and looking forward to adding an extra camera or two.

35 out of 66


Location: Calgary

Well if i can manage to set this up anyone should be able, so far got my camera inside, just need to put up the outside on the deck, please with it so far:) My only issue was I cant get the email alerts to work so I need to stay home long enough to get on with the technical guys and get it set up so if someone does enter I can get a snapshot of them (I think it has that capability) I can see both my entrances and no one is gong to get in or out anymore without it being recorded:) Feeling much more secure and safe.

36 out of 66


Location: Canada

It's reassuring to now know i'm protected behind my garage. I will add a motion detector to enhance the night visuals. Just the sight of the camera will deter the honest criminals hopefully .

37 out of 66


Location: Ky

I knew that I wanted a wireless system after reading how difficult it was to fish all the wires. It would have been great to not have to even run the camera power but that is a small price to pay to have such a nice system. Ease to set up and the tech support is top notch. I really love the clarity and night time capabilities. I have it protecting my whole outside perimeter and the remote view is awesome on my Android phone.

38 out of 66


Location: Red Deer

Wanted a wireless system greater than VGA and I did not want to run video cables throughout the house. This wireless system with 720p resolution just became available at COSTCO. I liked what I saw at their display so I purchased it. Very easy to set up at home as I only had to run power to cameras. Network setup was easy only problem there is no Windows 10 driver yet so I have hooked up the system directly to a video monitor. The smart phone app was also a breeze to set up and now I can view my camera's signal anywhere there's phone coverage. Daytime picture quality is great.

39 out of 66


Location: canada toronto

it is very good this one than before . so I brought it from Costco , but the camera just have 2 and I don't know how to buy adding 2 and how mouch it . can somebody tell me where can I buy it?

Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our sales team and they will be happy to assist you. They can be reached at 1-888-425-6739.

40 out of 66


Location: Calgary

The system is ok for a budget priced unit. I was able to get the system up and running without to much difficulty. The wireless camera's work on the same frequency 2.4 that most home wireless signals also use, This causes very slow connections to the internet on our tablets, phone and other devices using the same frequency. Some routers will broadcast of a higher band 5.0 which works great but has a sorter range resulting in dead spots around the house. There is tons of information on the Lorex website it is hard to find the details. The online manual is ok but there is no definitions as to what impact an option has IE pre record. Also if you are setting up a remote connection to your table or phone , you will need to set up port forwarding on your router. If you do not and your router changes the IP port number as sometimes happens when you lease renews, you will not be able to connect through your phone or tablet.

41 out of 66


Location: Northern California

We are very pleased with the functions of the ECO Blackbox and our 4 cameras. I installed the system and cameras myself with little difficulty. It took awhile to tweak my home wireless router to allow the device to remain in our network, but once done it has been a great addition to our home. (We were able to save an incident where a neighbor's home was burglarized and give a copy to the police) We also greatly appreciate the Mobile APP Lorex Stratus and the opportunity to check up on the home when we are away.

42 out of 66


Location: Augusta ga

Just purchased the two Wireless camera security system. It covers my open carport that I use as my second living room where I keep my golf cart and big screen TV. Love the system.

43 out of 66


Location: Williampsort, Pa

Camera's seem to work well in general and initial setup was quick but we encountered some difficulty. Firstly we experienced major interference with our wireless internet router. We are installing a new 5g router now and hopefully this will solve our problem. We are are also having some trouble with detection of certain types of motion on a few of the cameras and plan to call customer service once we develop a verifiable list of problems. It is possible we do not have the settings correct so I hesitate to condemn the system but we are certainly struggling. Better instruction details should have been included with the product as website searches for pertinent information has been cumbersome at best. TJ

44 out of 66


Location: Cambridge NY

The system works fine but at times it disconnects from the network and I have to reboot it. When I reboot it after about 2 minutes an alarm sounds for about 10 seconds and the HDD red light flashes. I can still connect remotely so not sure if this is a problem or not.

45 out of 66


Location: SAVANNAH

Took some time to install and get connected but after completion, the system works well. Have not tried remote visual on my Iphone yet! Expect it to work as advertised.

46 out of 66


Location: ontario

I am very pleased with this product and find it a great peace of mind for my home and family, cameras work great at night and colour picture is great during the day

47 out of 66


Location: Hicksville,NY

This is my second Lorex system. Liked the first one so bought one for my second home. Works great, easy set up.

48 out of 66


Location: Mississauga

For me, hooking up the system was very easy. Figuring out the software was not. Fortunately , the phone in support was excellent (Amdrew-Vancouver) . He managed to get the software on my apple computer. So now I have a choice, either use the Lorex mouse and Lorex unit, or my apple computer to see my camera views and recorded stuff. I'm not sure if I got better, more prompt customer service because I purchased my system from Cosco.? (The recorded message asked me where I bought my unit) I'm still learning about the system since I've only had it working for a couple of days now. . After scanning the QC code , I was not able to find a specific users manual for my purchase. Andrew found it for me stating that a similar /different product code was used. He downloaded for me (remotely).

49 out of 66


Location: Connecticut

I give it only 4-stars. First the CONS, which are fairly minor, then the PROS: CONS: (1) The mouse is MUCH too sensitive. A slight mouse movement equals a large screen movement. This makes "typing" into the on-screen keyboard very finicky. (2) No USB keyboard support to simplify username/password entry, so setup can be cumbersome. (3) DVR *ONLY* works with analog signals, will not directly support IP cameras, despite the usefulness of its LAN connection. (4) Cannot mask-out an area several pixels wide at extreme edges for the motion detection, causing some false triggering. (5) It took a few days to get a response from Tech Support. (6) The WEBsite form for customer Tech Support responses only allows three sentences each time, then simply ceases accepting input! This review, for example, would require about a DOZEN separate "comment" entries. (7) In night vision mode, a person less than about 10~15 feet from camera will have their face "washed-out" by excess brightness. (Auto AGC should compensate, but it doesn't.) (8) Video/control panel does not open in computer browser, it requires a specific app to open it in Windows. (Said app must be downloaded from the Internet, the one the DVR links to is non-Windows.) (9) Still cannot get Internet/remote access working, but inside our building WiFi coverage, it's good. (Could be router issues. Help files minimally helpful.) (10) Some of the included DVR wires are a little too short. PROS: (1) Fairly easy to set up the wireless cameras, and they have reasonable signal range. (2) Cameras have good daylight image quality and excellent night vision range. (3) Ability to define motion-sensitive areas is great, except for pixel-edges referenced above. (4) The apps for iPhone and Android work well. (5) The auto-record setup for motion detection is fairly straightforward, but I am a very tech savvy person... so it may be more difficult for laypersons. (The over-sensitive mouse is also a factor.) (6) Ability to watch live video on more than one device or computer, simultaneously, is useful. (Set to 5 FPS each camera, we have two cams.) (7) For me, setting the DVR system up with a fixed IP address on our LAN was fairly easy, but again, I am an IT/Tech person.

50 out of 66


Location: Valrico, FL.

The wireless camera's were easy to install. The clarity viewing it from my Android is great. I feel it is the best security system for the money, hands down. I have told many friends I work with and shown them the live feed. They want one too!

51 out of 66


Location: Keller, Texas

I bought this system and I'm satisfied with the performance. It is easy to install. The only down side is that the hard drive stopped working after 16 months. I was never able to do what it is stated in the LOREX support site to reformat the drive. When following the steps, the system never gave me the option to reformat the drive though the system recognizes the drive as being ok. I decided to order a new DVR box since price dropped close to the price of getting a replacement hard drive. This is the reason for my rating of 3 stars, hard drive crashed after 16 months and steps to fix the issue did not work for me.

52 out of 66


Location: California

Bought the Lorex black box 2 with two wireless cameras, unfortunately the wireless cameras interfer with my internet, i.e. slows the web pages to load up and greatly intefers with video streaming (Netflix), "buffering". I have to unplug the wireless cameras in order to get the internet back to par. Customer Service advised me that the best solution is to "hard wire" the system?????. Picture quality on the cameras are ok but I do get a "halo" around one of the cameras. Having downloaded the Lorex App on my LG Tribute I find that at times I am unable to access the pictures, I get a red circle with a diagonal line, it has been very frustating for me.

53 out of 66


Location: Rodeo, CA

After exchanging the old one with the new DVR, I still had the issue of loss of mobile /remote connectivity every few days, that had plagued the first one. While the original one could not be fixed by Lore Technology team, I have had better luck with the two tech support agents I spoke with this past month. I am happy to say that they were good enough to figure out the problem and set up DDNS connection. I have so far had no problem and am hoping this will be a permanent fix. I am giving it 3 Stars because I feel that overall the system and the general service from Lorex is not good enough.

54 out of 66


Location: Palm Bay Florida

Installed my new system in under 30 minutes and had my cameras set up and ready to go in a short time. Very easy setup and the picture quality is very good. I can see clearly the outside of my home day or night and would recommend this product to anyone wanting added security around their home. Haven't caught anyone yet doing anything illegal as we live in a gated community, but see UPS FEDEX and more , but over time will definitely be put to even better use.

55 out of 66


Location: Ste-Agathe

I am very satisfied with the product, against the system does not allow to capture images at distance called by the supplier. thank you

56 out of 66


Location: Peoria, IL

Bought this system at SAM's Club at a reasonable price but it has proven to be a great value. It is one of the best purchases I have ever made. It was simple and quick to install. The on-line viewing capability is fantastic. I travel a lot and it has given me the ability to check in from anywhere in the world.

57 out of 66


Location: Mo.

I really liked the easy install of the wireless system. I was out of the country a while I was gone I could look at all of my camera's on the internet. I found some one delivered a package, e mailed the neighbor and they picked the package up off the porch for us.. I look at the camera's often and my wife likes the extra protection as well. Don't forget to register your warranty I have a problem with image freezing on my camera's but Tech Support seems to be getting that taken care of for me. Overall I am glad I got them and will soon be looking for one more to fill a void in my view.

58 out of 66


Location: Harvey, LA

I love this system, it is easy to use, I bought it at Sam's Club and it was a very reasonable price. I would recommend this system.

59 out of 66


Location: Ohio

I bought my system at SAMs Club at a reasonable price for wireless cameras. The cameras are easy to install and have a great picture even at night. I liked them so much, I bought 2 more cameras to expand the system!

60 out of 66


Location: Ohio

I bought my system at SAMs Club at a reasonable price for wireless cameras. The cameras are easy to install and have a great picture even at night. I liked them so much, I bought 2 more cameras to expand the system!

61 out of 66


Location: Missouri

Seems like a nice system so far. Winter time has prevented us from installing outside but we have had lots of fun secretly setting the cameras up inside the house. Can't wait to install outside.

62 out of 66


Location: Calgary, AB Canada

Good product. Easy installation and still working in the Canadian winter. Not that friendly the way to set up the email notifications. But reading the manual you can figure it out easily.

63 out of 66


Location: California

I am most pleased with this setup. I can now see around outside my house and keep track of my pets' whereabouts. In case of emergency I can see what's going on outside without having to open the doors. I found a great guy to install the product for me and all is working fine. It's been running and recording now for a week - no problems. Thank you

64 out of 66


Location: Austin, TX

The camera was easy to set up for me using the quick setup guide. I am very impressed by the stability of the connections to each camera. I also isolated the camera network from my regularly used wireless network to mitigate against the bandwidth reduction observed by some reviewers. As a result, I do not not have any network issues since I installed them about 2 months ago. The only con I have was the delayed shipment by Lorex; it took over a month!

65 out of 66


Location: Vancouver, BC

I bought the ECO LH040 Series. We love it. Only issue is Lorex support... we bought it on Nov 10th and set it up on Nov 13th. One wireless camera worked great while the other had an "out of range" issue even at 15 feet unobstructed. We really tried everything to get it going. We did a "ticket" on Nov 13th. As of today Nov 17 we still didn't hear back from Lorex support. Drastic issue = drastic measure... we replaced the defective wireless camera on our own!!! Our system is up and running as it is supposed to be; Apps, Mac software etc everything is great. Unfortunately Lorex "support" bring my rating down to a "2" instead of a "5" as it make me sneak my issue back to the store...

66 out of 66


Location: Cabot, AR

Purchased system because of remote access and wireless installation. Had difficulty first logging onto unit. Mobile app would not take password. PC client software was not much better at first. Got both working after a very frustrating hour or so. The downloaded manual and lack of Lorex tech support were very aggravating. The cameras installed and connected very easily and quickly. Once the system was up and running it has good quality pictures and the LW2230 cameras work great in both day and night modes.



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