Lorex Secure‎ App

Instruction Manual

Lorex Secure‎ App

For Compatible Recorders


1  Getting Started

The Lorex Secure app lets you view video from your security cameras on compatible smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the world over the Internet. Enjoy hassle-free remote access that is secure, reliable, and easy to set up.


  • See your recorder’s instruction manual to set up your security system.
  • Connect your recorder to your router using an Ethernet cable (included).
  • Upgrade your recorder to the latest firmware version.
  • Download the latest version of the Lorex Secure app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

2  Connecting to your System Using a Mobile Device

Connect to your system using the Lorex Secure app for remote access to your security system.

3  Lorex Secure‎ Setup: Initial Recorder Setup Complete

The first time you power up your system, you will be asked to create a new, secure password. Follow the instructions below for remote access to your security system after you have reset the default system password through your recorder.

4  Lorex Secure‎ Setup: First-Time Setup through App

Follow the instructions below If you are accessing your system for the first time using the Lorex Secure app.

5  Lorex Secure‎ Interface

Home Screen
iOS Devices:
Android Devices:
Single-Channel Live View

5.1  Camera Settings Menu

Tap any channel from the Home screen, then tap icon to open the settings menu for the selected camera.

5.2  Device Settings Menu

From the home screen, tap icon next to the device name / device ID of the recorder you would like to change settings for.

6  Creating Groups

Group multiple cameras from various devices using the Lorex Secure app. You can then quickly bring up the selected group of cameras in live view without selecting each camera individually.

6.1  Editing Groups

To edit a group:

6.2  Deleting Groups

To delete a group:

7  Using History Mode

History mode allows you to view recorded videos saved on your recorder’s hard drive.
Playback Controls:

7.1  Playing Multiple Recordings

To play multiple recordings within a desired time frame for a single channel:

8  Managing Devices with Lorex Secure‎

You can add, delete, or modify your devices in the Lorex Secure app.
To add devices in the Lorex Secure app, see 2 Connecting to your System Using a Mobile Device.

9  Creating a RapidRecap‎

RapidRecap gives you a video summary of all the motion events that your camera has detected over a predetermined period of time. The summary shows each occurrence of people and objects that passed in front of the camera on supported models.
  • You must enable motion recording before you can order a RapidRecap. See your recorder’s instruction manual for details on enabling motion recording. We recommend that you let the camera record for a minimum of 3 hours before creating a RapidRecap.

10  Viewing a RapidRecap‎

RapidRecap playback controls: