7  Using the NVR‎ On-Screen Display

Use the system’s graphical on-screen display to navigate menus and configure options and settings.

7.1  Using the Quick Menu

The Quick Menu gives you quick access to the system’s key functions.
To use the Quick Menu:
  • Right-click during Live View to open the Quick Menu.
  • The Quick Menu appears:

7.2  Adjusting Camera Image Settings

Use the Camera Setting menu to adjust settings related to camera picture quality.

7.2.1  Configuration Profiles

Using configuration profiles, you can customize your camera’s Day and Night setting. There are four configuration profiles, namely:
  • Normal: For typical camera conditions and environment. Select Auto under the Day&Night dropdown for optimal 24–hour performance.
  • Day: For optimal daytime surveillance. Select Color under the Day&Night dropdown to force your camera to remain in color mode always.
  • Night: For optimal nighttime surveillance. Select Black&White under the Day&Night dropdown to force your camera to remain in black and white mode always.
  • Switch By Period: For scheduling regular switch between Day and Night profiles. See 7.2.2 Setting a Day and Night Schedule for details.

7.2.2  Setting a Day and Night Schedule

You can schedule your camera to automatically switch between day and night mode. Follow the steps below:

7.3  Using the Navigation Bar

The Navigation Bar gives quick access to certain functions and menus.
    To open the Navigation bar:
  • In Live View, hover the mouse cursor over the bottom of the screen to open the Navigation Bar. Move the mouse cursor away from the bottom of the screen to close the navigation bar. The Navigation Bar has the following options:

7.4  Using the Camera Tool bar

The Camera Tool bar lets you perform quick functions for a specific channel on the NVR.
  • Hover the mouse near the top of a channel with a connected camera.
  • The Camera Tool bar opens at the top of the camera’s live display:

7.4.1  Using Instant Playback

Instant Playback is used to playback the last 5~60 minutes of video from the selected channel. You can also access Instant Playback in split-screen mode, while still viewing live video from the other channels.

7.4.2  Using Zoom in Live Display

Zoom in on an area of live video to enlarge a part of the image.

7.4.3  Using Real-time Backup

Real-time backup allows you to save footage from the live display to a USB flash drive (not included) or external hard drive (not included).

7.5  Using the Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard is used to input text or numeric values in certain menus.

7.6  Adjusting Camera Zoom & Focus

Auto-focus cameras (not included) have a motorized lens. The motorized lens allows you to control the zoom and focus settings using the menus on your system.
  • Click the AutoFocus button to automatically focus the camera at the current zoom level.
  • Click Default to return the camera to the default zoom and focus levels.
  • Click Refresh to refresh the settings shown on the system if someone has used the manual lens controls on the camera.